chapter 1: hardest of my pain

chapter 1

A Time Of Change

Was when my birth dad broke up with my birth mom and never came back again, so my birth mom jeanette had to adopt me because she lived in an old apartment alone with me and she worked in a hair salon then so she could not take care of me. She was heart broken when she gave me away but I think it was because she wanted me to have a good, long and healthy life. When I was adopted I was in a orphanage with this evil woman named Willa. When I was with her she used to throw me in the crib and squeeze my head with super tight hair bands and pinks bows stuck on my head. I could not touch anything or play at all what a sad life. But finally John and Amy came they were thinking of adopting me they had a 11 year old boy named Lucian. When they adopted me they tried to make me smile or laugh but I did not my fingers and toes were tight in a ball they tried to open them but they could not I was so quiet they snuck behind me and banged pots against my ear to see if I reacted but I really did not react at all I guess I was frighted. But one day when I was in the car I  

was one years old and they took off my shoes I let out a squeal for the first time and I smiled.



Part TWO

I was three years old I was with this persons house for day care her name was laretta she was evil as well but she made me sit by the door and when it open it SLAMMED on my body why would someone do that to a three year old but laretta was not all mean I remember she gave a beautiful kids china tea set. When I was in 1st grade with this woman named Brenda in the school named Rafael Hernandez School Brenda in front of me told the class that they should smack my face. This one girl named Kerima was really mean she hurt me physically a lot then my mom stupidly decided to invite her over to my house what a great idea no really because she broke my microphone and my drum set and they were really special to me

So Now You Know THE REAL LIFE OF ELLA CASCINO a torchered child


chapter 2: Standing strong

chapter 2

A time I stood up for something and imagining standing up for something

A time I stood up for something was when I learned about Wicca at Salem MA. Then the next two days I went to school I told my friends I was Wiccan which I was. I told them most of what I have learned in Salem MA. One of the main things I told them was that if your Wiccan then you are a witch. Which is true. Now some folks believe in Wicca but some folks laugh when they hear it. Well my friends were the folks who laugh when they hear it. It hurt my feelings because it’s actually a real thing witches do exist. There not the witches that have pointy noses and laugh evil. No no there the witches that are kind and caring and make potions that could help a person feel better. So what I did was I stood up for myself and my religion and said “I am a real witch and you don’t have to believe what I believe but that does not mean that it is not true so close you dang mouth and stop laughing because that hurts my feelings”. Look Wicca up online, a whole bunch of listings come up about the culture of wicca. So there I made my point. Thats the time I stood up for myself.

this is a real story.

Part two: A time I imagined standing up for someone!!!

It was at school and there were a whole bunch of tall kids in a tight circle I heard a voice saying stop and ouch. I went over to see what was going on. I saw that they were bullying this short african boy. So I went in and said “STOP you buckoes your bullying this boy why don’t you bully someone your own size. The bully said who. I said “me so I stomped on his toe and he was crunched over jumping up and down plus that day I was wearing high heels. So I grabbed him and sat him down holding him down and I took off my shoe and sock and said look at this bloody, disgusting mess do you want your face to look like this holding a fist in front of his face. He said no thanks in a very frightened way so I let go of him and he ran right out of his chair and never bullied again. So the short african boy said thanks for saving me. I said “ It was easy if you need help like that again come to me”. He said you know I could have scared him off myself. “Oh really” I said then why are you hanging on a jacket hook. He said I guess you're right by the way could you take me off the jacket hook please. I said “sure” so I took him off the hook. He said thanks and kindly walk away. By the way the short boy did have an accent. After that I ran and told the principal what the bully did and by the way the bullies name was hunter and the african short boy was named Atsuno. This is an imaginary story

chapter 3: finding my special friend


chapter 3

A time I met my bff

One day It was my first day in MHS I was nervous and I entered the classroom with my mom I was feeling weird because I did not know anyone so there was a teacher named James. He said hello how are your. I said “fine what do I do now”. He said find your cube. We sat on cubes in that classroom. So I found my cube with my name on it and sat on it. I looked at all the students in the classroom feeling sorry that I did not know anyone in that classroom then. We had meeting we went around in the circle telling the class are names and stuff we like the usual. Then we went right into work there was a girl named lily who was not understanding the work we were doing she looked sad and angry. So I thought go help that girl make a good first impression so I felt shy but she might have to but I did not really know. So I went over and said “hi would you like me to help you”. Because the teacher wasn’t doing a good job and who doesn’t teach a kid better than a kid. Lily looked at james he nodded yes go a head that look. So Lily said ok and we went to a table I helped her we were getting to know each other. Then it was recess time it went really fast from class time to recess time. I saw lily with this tall girl named Anais they were to so I went over to Lily and said “hi”. I said also said “hi” to Anais who I did not know and Lily, Anais, and I started talking then some how Lily and I walked away talking without saying anything to Anais. I wonder how Anais felt. Then me and lily started laughing at our conversations a lot we automatically became friends we called ourselves the giggle twins It was funny we even had a hand shake and everything else friends would do. Soon a couple days later it was like we were best friends like we have known each other our whole lives It was great. We did things together, like work, urban improv, sat next to each other, and everything else including hair she loved when I did her hair also when touched her nose and when I massaged her head it was funny cause she always laughed when I did all those things. We became great best friends it was really like we were giggle twins. I loved her like we were sisters. We have had so fights and serious fights that included dividing ourselves from talking or playing together but it always was ok. 3 years later Lily and I still see each other and are best friends still love her like a sister go to all of her birthday parties but she does the same for me. We had some great hang outs together. this is the time I met my BFF TLE

the end.

chapter 4: tough choices


Tough choices I have to make!

A tough choice is when I take a math test it’s so easy to get things wrong and no so easy to get things right when you're doing multiple choice I get nervous because on math test I always fail I think good things and try to believe in myself but it’s so hard and one of my hard choices I have to make is the answers I don’t know anything I’m doing and I always fail for an example what is five + four + 10

  1. 19
  2. 18

I will pick 18 and not 19 ooh wrong see I would fail I know it’s easy but imagine math in 6th grade or even 7-8 grade or even high school, and I fail it’s like I don’t know what’s the answer so I end up guessing or skipping the answer and failing math wow thats sad. that is one of my tough choices that I have to make.



Another tough choice that I have to make is that I want to have friends but I also hate myself sometimes and blame it out on some people that I want to be my friends. Also I do that choice a lot so I end up losing my friend and hating myself at the same time and the worst part is that I’m scaring my friends and losing them as well and when I get home I cry and or complain to my parents mostly my mom that I’m miserable and have no friends at this school then cry and hack, code, make websites, and watch TV. I really want friends but it’s hard to stop trying to hurt myself it’s not that easy to just stop but I don’t I say sorry and keep on doing it and then I feel worse and hurt myself more. Thats another of my very tough choices I have to make.



Another hard choice is when I’m at home and I have techy stuff to go on I don’t know which one I should go on and some of them are out of battery charge, so either go and charge all of them or use the ones that are alive and I don’t what to do because sometimes i’m to lazy so I don’t charge them and then when I need them they're dead so I can’t use them until they're some what charged. You see having so many electronics could be a bad thing you know I could just survive with a phone, tablet and an good windows computer. But i’m spoiled so I have more than just three electronics I have like 9 or ten and I’m gonna get another one which is an xbox. That another of my somewhat tough choices.  


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To my mom Amy and my dad john for being there for me and loving me.

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