Normal day at school.

Alexis Woke up the next morning, Got dressed in some skinny jeans and a T-Shirt. She walked downstairs to see her Mother making Pancakes. ''Thank you Ma'am,'' Alexis said to her mother. ''Your Welcome Darling,'' Replied her mother. Alexis quickly ate because she wanted to get to school early, Alexis was always the 1st one at school, She was popular, She had friends, She was a cheerleader, Capton of the cheerleading team, Always got good grades.

After she ate, She darted out of the house and ran to school. She walked in - This time she wasn't the first, There was a boy, Glasses, Asma,Nerd. ''Nerd..'' Alexis mumbled to herself. She walked to her locker, That's when she reconized him - He was the school's loner, No friends, Straight A student..Nerdy. She felt bad for him because he never talked to anyone, He got picked on everyday, Alexis wasn't like the other cheerleaders - She was nice, She never picked on anyone Nor bullied someone, She wanted to talk to him. She walked over to him.

''Hi, It's Uh, Matt I think?'' Alexis said nicely. She could tell he was suprised, No one ever talked to him unless they were bullying him. ''Uhh, It's actually Matthew but you can call me Matt if you wanna'' Matt replied. Alexis was very stunned, He had a deep voice - Not nerdy, But manly, Strong voice. ''Cool, Well, Um, Your nothing like I expected you to be,'' Alexis stated. He gave her a confused expression, But he shook it off. ''Why? Do you think im what people call me?, To be honest I could stand up for myself anytime I wanted too but it would probably make it worse,'' Matt said, Trying to make eye contact with Alexis, Once their eyes finally met, Alexis felt something in her stomache - Butterflies. Alexis didn't even kno Matt, Nor liked him, Or so she thought.

''I don't believe them, And why don't you stand up for yourself, It would probably get them to stop harrasing you,'' Alexis stated. Still looking in his eyes, His sky blue eyes - They were beautiful. ''I-I don't kno,'' Matt said, Leaning in. Alexis leaned in, Too. But they got interupted by Alexis's friend, Kat. ''Oh my gosh! That is disguisting! Don't even talk to that nerd! You have a reputation to mantain!'' Kat said, Pulling Alexis away from Matt by her arm. Once on her feet, Alexis jerked her arm away. ''Don't talk about him like that!'' Kat just shook her head and pulled Alexis into a classroom. No one was in there yet.

''What?'' Alexis asked, Annoyed. ''You can't talk to him! He's a nerd! If you like him, Get over it!'' Kat said. Alexis jerked her arm away again, Kat was one of her, Oh so many, Fake friends, Only her friend to be popular. ''I'll talk, To whoever the h3ll I want too,'' Alexis said, Walking out of the classroom and to Matt again. She sat down next to him.

''Sorry about that, She's crazy.'' Alexis explained. He nodded his head in understandment. They talked until it was time to go to class - They had the same class. Matt walked Alexis to the classroom and they sat down in their normal seats, Mr.Mclain started talking about math problems.
''Math Sucks'' A kid shouted from the back of the classroom, Sure enough it was Byran - The so called ''Bad Boy'' Of the school - All he does is diss the teachers and bully innocent little kids - Alexis hated him.

''Be Quiet Byran!'' Alexis said looking over her shoulder to see him smirking back at her. Alexis rolled her eyes and paid attendion to the teacher.


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