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Chapter 1. The Past an Now.

   ??? -The story started over hundred an some years ago, when the Castle of the Great Family of super beast lived in peace.-

   ??? -They didn't know the danger that was to happen, when the youngest sister beast fell in love with a mortal man an risking the bloodline.-

  ??? -They did everything to stop her but she went to her lover an ran away with him.-



"Mother, what happens next, please tell me please" -a small little girl asked her mother- 

"I can't continue the story sweety, you need sleep so we can meet the new family that just moved in okay sweet heart" -Her mother told her as she drifted to sleep- 

"Okay mommy" -she said falling asleep-



~Five years later~ ~10 year old Skyler~ ~12 year old Kai~



"Kai you busy" - said a beautiful sound came from out side his house- 

"No, not at all, i'll be down" -A very adorable manly voice sounded down to her, it would give you the chills-

"Skyler, you colored you're hair again?" -He chuckles-

"Yea i thought bright blue and black mixed looked good" -She says smiling at Kai-



Skyler: I messed with his beautiful emo styled hair to the point he got playfully pissed at me. "You better run" an so she did, when he caught her they laughted and giggled together. -She is my best friend an always will be, she's always there when the preppy/Jocks were around.-



~6 years later~ ~16 year old Skyler~ ~18 year old Kai~



Skyler: I got up only to look at the time on my phone to see it's two in the morning. I groned. I didn't know if i should sleep or stay awake. While i snuggled the hell out of my life size wolf pillow. I keep looking at my phone like a lost Dino looking for oreos. I only looked at Kai's picture knowing i would never get someone like him. I started to drift off an fell asleep, before i knew it I was up right at morning. I heard my older brother walk past my room. Mother was already at work an my brother went with Kai's father to help with their big cabin in the woods an hour away. I went to fall asleep when someone started to call, i picked up "Hello" -Someone with a male voice chuckled- "You an you're pure soul will be mine" -Than the call ended, I couldn't message Kai, he was witth his family for his Eighteenth birthday.



   Kai's P.O.V.



Two day's ago i left didn't even getting to see Skyler. I was turning Eighteen an it would be my first Shift into a beast. 

~Next Day~

The family gathered around to watch me shift. I was screaming as the bones shifted in my body, it hurt so much. When i finished an there i was a complete black wolf an the only one. On the day of my birthday we went home, me still in wolf form because first shift lasted two day's. I wanted to see Skyler again but mother an father told me to keep my wolf form a secret from her. 

~Next Day~

When i woke up i was my normal self again but also a little scared of the beast i had become. I got dressed an went down to the living room, than desited to go over to see Skyler. When i got there i rang the door bell, when it opened all that was standing there was her mother with a look of fear. "Whats wrong?" -i asked her- "Skyler she's gone" -She said an my heart dropped even my wolf knew something was wrong.- "When did you last see her?" -I asked- "Last night before bed." -She Explaned to me.- "I promise i will find her" -Saying that gave her releaf. "Please bring her back safe" -She hugged me than she closed the door an i ran home. I yelled for mother an father, They came from the back yard. "Kai what's wrong"-"Skyler is missing an we need to find her". -I told them, they seemed just as more concrened than i was.-



Skyler's P.O.V. 



After mother went to bed i climed out of my window an went to the woods, I wanted to be free an i had this weird feeling inside me just wanting to be free. I stayed out there for hours an fell asleep by the water. ~Dreaming~ I was alone in the woods were i was, it was dark an Kai was there with me. "Don't worry you're first shift will be okay i promised." Than he kissed my cheek, my lips, than with the pull from his lips i could feel the pain an the shifting of my bones, I felt Kai lay his hand on my cheek. ~End of Dream~



Kai's P.O.V.



My family looked thought the streets while me an the guys looked throught the woods. We looked all night, i told the others to head home. I than shifted an went on the search for her. About an hour in to my search my wolf started acting weird saying Mate, Mate, Mate, Mate. My heart started racing as i raced to were my wolf was pointing till i came out to the river, i looked to my left than looked to my right an saw her there, she was sleeping up right againest a tree. 



My wolf continued to say mate which of corse made me smile. I shifted back to my normal state (of corse with my pants on) an with that i walked over to her an bent down placing my hand on her cheek which she smiled in her sleep. I picked her up an headed home with her also calling father about finding her. When i got there i layed her down to rest in my bed. I than left my room closing the door an walking down to the living room to talk to my father about what happened than decited to to go to my room an go to bed.


As soon as i got into bed an layed down an not even a minute of laying down Skyler began to snuggle me softly like a pillow an soon after i fell asleep with my arms around her. During the night i woke to her crying she must have been dreaming. She started to talk in her sleep "Kai please it hurts, my bones are shifting" Than she became quite, as i pulled her closer as she lached on to me tight. "Kai, i miss you. When you coming hom......" She didn't end her scentince.



When i woke i found myself snuggling Skyler againest my shirtless body, she was on top of me. I rolled over laying her down softly while i got up an went down to the living room started chating when i heard a strange sound from my room. 


Skyler's P.O.V.


I woke after who ever it was left, i got up an kicked open the two door's an jumped off the what ever it was called my mind couldn't process. I didn't stop running. 



Chapter 2. In to the Woods.

I ran, ran, ran, till i clapsed, but got up an continued running. "SKYLER" i heard my name called as i got over to the big river. I jumped it than ran in to a cave to hide. I walked in an sat down hidden behind a rock. After moments of being there a voice spoke. "Skyler" it sounded like Kai but i was not sure. I got up an before i knew it the mans arms were around me, the man then turned me around an it was Kai. 


He wrapped his arms around me an snuggled his face into the nape of my neck, he continued an i was getting to the point of crying because i was happy he was back. He began to lick the nape of my nack an bit in to it which i let out a slight moan as if that felt like teasing before pleasure. He released an licked the blood away, why did i have this feeling with Kai. He than slide his hand to my side pulling me closer. "S-s-skyler i can't resist theses feelings i've had for you since we first met" As he told me a white male wolf came out of know were, i moved Kai an had pushed him to the ground and to be bitten on the arm as i let out a scream of pain as the i fell down with the wolf bitting very harder. I couldn't help but to proctect Kai.


Kai's P.O.V.


Once i Found her i called her name, while walking up to her. I picked her up turning her around. I snuggled my face in to the nape of her neck an i could feel her hug trighter about to cry. With that my body was heating up an i began licking the nape of her neck, she let out a moan an i just wanted to lose control when i bit into her neck marking her. I licked the blood that came after, i never knew i would have Skyler as a mate, i mean i was shocked. I wanted her closer so i slide my hand down to her side an pulled her closer. "S-S-Skyler, i can't resist theses feelings i've had for you since we first met" I told her, I heard something behind us.


Skyler moved out around me blocking the white wolf as i fell to the ground. I watch as the wolf took her down an bit into her arm letting out a scream that broke my heart. I shifted an tackled the wolf hurting them badly they ran off. I looked back at Skyler, she was laying there bleeding an the look of fear in her eyes. I shifted back an slowly walked over to her. "No don't come near me please" She said to me. "Skyler please trust me please" I said as i got closer, i got down an crawed beside her an placed my hand on her cheek. I kissed her forehead while taking a part of my shirt an wrapping it around the her arm to stop the bleeding.


She was crying because of how much pain she was in an i could feel it sence i made the connection to her with the mark. "Skyler were going to half to stay here to night" She didn't say anything but snuggling up to me. I moved her bright electric  blue hair out of her eye's an kissed her lips softly before she fell asleep. I watch over her all night while my wolf was worried.


Skyler P.O.V. 


 I saw it with my own eye's the beast, the wolf Kai was. "No Don't come near me please" I said "Skyler please trust me please" He said so i let him come closer an tend to my wound. I soon fell asleep with him holding me saftly closer to him. "Kai please it hurts please don't let me shift" He held me close "Just think wolf okay, i'll be here" He said as he faded away ~ End of Dream~ I woke up scared an sweeting, my heart was racing. "Skyler sweetheart are you okay"? He asked "Bad Dream that's all" I told him as i got up an walked out of the cave an started walking home. I only told Kai i was standing out for a few an would come back.


When i got home my mother saw my arm an took me to the hospital an stayed there for a few day's. Kai has been trying to call me but i just can't talk to him. It was Wednesday an i went to school, to my locker, grabbed my note books an went to class. "Hey, Skyler, how was you're weekend?" My best friend in the whole world asked me. "Alright i guess, I got hurt by a big dog, but i'm fine" I said to her. "Well it's Kai's fault for not being there when you need him" So she scolded him althought he was really there. I thought about it during class. The bell rang an i headed for my locker till i saw Kai an turned right around an started to walk away.


I was already had my stuff for next class. Till i was pushed to the locker by Linda the cheerleader. "So you think you can just spend you're weekend with my Kai, you think wrong bitch" She say's as she digs her nails in to me. "Listen up you little punk..... "Don't call Skyler that Linda" Linda turned an looked at Kai "I'm already taken by somebody" He says, while linda looks at me an grins. "Babe, Skyler come to me" He said as Linda's face turns angry. I stood with Kai my face in his chest. "But Kai babe i though we were a thing" She explaned "WE were never a so called thing Linda, stay away from me and Skyler got it." She looked pissed at Kai for what he said. He held me close an walked me to class. 


"Kai you didn't half to help me" I told him looking at my Myth book for next class. "You're mine an i will protect you no matter what, you're my mate Skyler" He says. Than my best friend Shadow pulled me away from Kai "Don't touch her if you're not a man to be with her in the line of danger" She says pulling me to our Mythalogy class. "You're no man to her" She say's looking back. I could see the anger in his eye's, but they softened when he saw me looking. When me an Shadow got to class we sat together. "Class meet Derek" I look over at Shadow an she smiled at me than wishpered "He's so you're type"-"Yeah right" I said back, we both laughted an continued to the lession that the teacher was giving.


She than came around an told us to pick from the baskets. When it was my turn i got vampire an Shadow got demon. We both smiled an laughted again. I began my search at the places were the books were. I forgot the name than got on my laptop an searched there too. Druring the whole time i was thinking about the woods. But i had to look into my project. After a few hours school let out an i walked to my truck. Standing beside my truck i was short an guys looked at me when they hear me change to first in to second gear because the truck is stickshift.  When i pulled out an started driving Kai got in front an i stopped the truck. "Skyler were are you going" he said looking at me. "Home" I told him as his friends came over pulling him away from the truck letting me pass.

Chapter 3. Snow White an the Seven Wolves (part 1)

 Once  i left the school i didn't go home i was traveling to my father for the weekend, away from everything that's been happing. 


Kai's P.O.V.


I could hear her thoughts, she was leaving for the weekend to her fathers. So i followed till i was stopped by other wolves. "What's you're business here" The one asked, "I'm following my mate to make sure she makes it to her fathers" I told them. Than a much bigger wolf came must be the Alpha. "What do you have to come here to watch you're mate make it safe" He said "I want Skyler to make it safe" The Alpha was shocked "lets head home an make a welcoming party for my daughter". He said taking off. I stood there in shock that he was my mates father, the great Alpha. I had no idea this would be such a big thing. Even for my father pack.


Skyler's P.O.V. 


Seeing my father after all theses years was going to be big for me. i was worried about two hours of driving down this forest area i came up to this big beautiful house. When i pulled up an man came out an so did seven other men my age. I parked the truck an got out. "Skyler welcome home, these are your brother's". He stopped talking than began talking again "This is Derek, James, Eli, Kyaba, Drake, Moon , and Wolf." He pointed to each of the boy's. They each smiled an one by one they all hugged me. They than welcomed me in, the boy's got to work cooking an setting up the room for me. They were sweet with my arrival home. I talked to my father about my reasons for coming. "Father i been having dreams about shifting, feeling the pain of bones shifting" I told him "Boy's get the shifting cages ready, you're little sister will be shiffting soon" Father said so i started thinking was he a wolf.


After dinner i went to bed having a new dream. "I want Kai with me too shift please- time on the clock say's 2:30 Am." ~end of dream~ I woke in a panic than noticed Kai was laying beside me. How did he get here. I heard growling at the door to my room, than slowly Kai hovering over me as if protecting me. 


Kai's P.O.V. 


I followed behind an waited till night than came though the window. She needed me because she was having a bad dream. Not long after she awoke from her dream, i felt her movement she was looking at the door hearing the growling sound. I of corse slowly hovered over Skyler to protect her from who ever was on the other side. I heard a soft sound that calmed me. "Kai please go to sleep please an don't worry about my brothers Kyaba an Drake" She said to me in which the growling on the other side stopped. I pulled her close an snuggled her, I than fell asleep. I woke up being thrown off Skyler an hitting the wall across the room.


"What the hell" I said looking up to see a boy, must be Skyler's older older brother. "Derek Leave him alone" I heard Skyler say just as Derek back handed her. "Derek enough leave you're sister's boyfriend alone." Skyler's father demanded. I watched as her father takes Derek out to the hallway to talk, i walked over to Skyler an saw the red mark on her cheek. "Skyler are you okay?" I asked her before she passed out. 


Skyler's P.O.V.


I woke to Kai asleep, while i looked outside to see the night sky, the beautiful moon an all the stars. "It's time" A random voice says, what does it mean. I got up an walked out to the backyard. What does the voice mean. "It's time" I said to myself. I went to get up, but fell to the ground, my bones felt like they were snapping. I screamed in pain till i remember to think wolf. I had no control over this form. I watched as this form ran rappied. "Kai help me please" I said aloud to my form. 


I woke to find myself in just my undergarements, I didn't have any memories of what happened. It was rainning an cold, I began crying for i didn't know what happened, and that fact i was alone almost naked. "Kai" i said softly "Don't worry, i been looking for you since yesterday when everyone saw you shift." He said. When he touched me his eye's widen. "Why are you so cold? How long have you been out here." He asked. I looked up "About five hours now i think" I told him "We need to get you warm now babe." He says concerned.


Kai's P.O.V.


Skyler woke up an went to the backyard. I watched her an so did her older brother Derek, When i heard a scream i looked down to see a wolf. "SKYLER" I heard Derek yell as the other brothers ran out to get her but she ran off to fast for them to get her. We began the search for her and her winged wolf form. I tryed to reach her by mind but she was out of control. "SKYLER" I yelled to her hoping she would stop. I shifted an began looking for hours till i heard my name and crying so i followed the voice an found her under a tree in nothing but her undergraments. "Don't Worry, i been looking for you since everyone saw you shift.I said to her when, i got closer to touch her she was so cold "Why are you so cold? How long have you been out here." I asked her. 


She looked up at me an said "about five hours now i think." She told me. "We need to get you warmed up now babe." I told her concrented. I picked her up an walked the two hours to her house an layed her in bed than talked to her mother about her father. The seven boy's were really her's, she told me the boys always wanted a little sister, Derek the oldest is most protective, but when she left an ran away she wanted her daughter to have a normal life. She continued with Derek of all of them was the most pissed and angry, he hunted Skyler's mother down to in hope take back his sister. I than asked her why Derek was like that, an so she answered with "Derek, althought not her mate, wanted her to himself, even if he did have a mate. He still in tends to do so, Becareful Kai, you must complete the mating process. I give you permission to do so." She told me. 


"But Ms. Alexandera i don't want to rush Skyler in to this" I told her. "Kai, do it not for me but for her safty from Derek, Kai she's you're mate, you need to do it. I know you been wanting to do this for a while since my daughter disappeared. I know it was her faith to be with you an to continue the pack Process. You must Kai. you must." She pleaded, I couldn't say no. 



Chapter 4. Snow White an the Hunt's Wolf ll

 Skyler's P.O.V. 


Derek was in my myth class today and having a brother in my class preteding to be young was weird. "Shadow this class just feels weird with Derek here." I told her as she nods in agreement. "Derek has these eye's that are so adorable those." She told me as i rolled my eye's in which meet his. He smiled at me, i than rolled my eye's. "Go ahead an continue you're reseach from last week." The teacherr say's to the whole class, I got up and went to the outside seating with shadow and used the laptop i brought from home. I was talking to shadow till Kai came out and sat a few seats away, than derek blocked my view. "So Little sis what are you working on for Myth class." He asked. "Vamapire's, Derek why are you out here?" I asked him. "What, i can't help my little sister with her project for class." He say's to me and shadow. "I dont need any help Derek nor does Shadow." I told him honestly. 


He laughted an left the outside seating an went back to class. Me and Shadow continued till the bell than we both walked to our lockers, putting our books away an got what we needed an parted way's to our classes. "Skyler" my name was called an my hand was grabbed. I looked behind me to find Derek holding my hand. "What do you want Derek" I said trying to get my hand back "Why do you act so curl to me baby sister." Before i could answer Kai pushed Derek away an began to walk me to class. "Kai you can't always keep her to yourself." Derek yelled down the hallway.

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