Not everyone has what it takes
To be a Caretaker
To put aside their own ambitions
In the name of Compassion for a Loved One

To bear the breaking
Of your own heart as you
Witness the pain you
Wish you could alleviate

To swallow the tears
That shed for their anguish
To make their final journey
A little lighter

To smile in the name
Of comfort
When the world feels
Like it’s falling apart

To offer an embrace
As a gesture of Hope
To keep holding on
In the name of Faith

To hold a hand
And remind them
They are not alone as long as you
Walk the path beside them

To keep going
When you feel all
Your energy’s gone
And still offer assistance

Because to you
There is no other choice
As difficult as the process may be
It is the Soul you were born with

To give Love so unconditionally
To reach into the far corners
Of your Being in search of scraps
To give for one more day

Not everyone has it in them
For if they did what
A different world it would be
One with far less suffering

Not everyone has it in them
To be a Caretaker
Not everyone has it in them
To Care.



Tag der Veröffentlichung: 03.02.2012

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