… and He DOES exist!

When speaking about “god” many people cunningly try to get around that thought. But it seems that they do not really succeed.

n 2008 atheists in London wanted to advertise on London’s red double-decker buses that there is no god. But they failed because of the English advertising law that doesn’t allow any slogans that can’t be proved to be true, and none of the agitators could verify that there is no god. In order to solve that problem they took refuge in the slogan that there “probably” is no god. But their eventual message would consequently imply a probability of the existence of god. This has led a number of people to think about the ‘question of god’.

In Germany the atheists’ public bus campaign wasn’t allowed from the start. Therefore it was decided that anyone who wanted to spread such a message would need to send their own bus on an advertising tour around in Germany. The slogan in the German language was even sharper in tongue compared with the English: “There is [with utmost probability] no god.” As a thinking man, one may ask why these atheists campaign against something which, according to their conviction, doesn’t exist at all.

It is evident that nobody can prove that there is no god; but on the other hand can His existence be proved? If


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One thing is for sure — nobody can disprove God. But on the other hand is there any proof that He does exist? If the latter is possible, then the atheistic community is obviously mistaken.

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