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My mom died when I was twevle, she was high on crack when she killled herself and guess who would be the one who found her. I was in the sixith grade, when I came home from school to see my mother hanging there right in the door way, lifeless. She had slit her wirsts the amount of blood that was pouring out of her wrists made it look like a murdrer site. Being a child, coming home to give her mother her report card, then to find her dead like that didn't help with the nightmares I was already having.


After my mother death my dad became ten times worser than he already was, he beats me everday and blames me for my mother death. I could have lived with my mother sister but my father told her no, I needed to be with him, that's before he started to drink even more. Okay here's the scoop on my father he is a drug dealer not a really good one becasue he is alays giving way free stuff.


Life in Chicago is rough, especially when your from the south side of Chicago, you take even walk n=outside without the fear of being shot. Almost everyday their is a shooting or someone gets arrested just yesterday Pastor Thomas house got raided. Their is no one you can trust in Chiraq, the pastor selling drugs, the teachers aren't even teaching, kids aren't even in school their with their boyfriends and theier girlfirends.


I am so rude by the way my name is Diana, I am 15 years old and I am in the ninth grade, I go to the most ratchet school ever. I had the perfect naturaly tan skin,and I am Putero Rican, my hair is reaching my butt and it is black. All the black girls at a school hate on me becasue the wish they looked like me. Like I said my mom is dead, my dads a drunk and a drug dealer, sister is just like how my mo used to be and it scares me that oneday, one of her kids are going to find her dead. Me and her are the only children my dad have left my twin brothers were killed in a drive-by gang shooting last year. I know that it is not gang related becasue my brothers were to busy trying to make it out, to join at gang. The were in the car my dad just 'bought' them, but it turns out that my dad stole it, so long story short the were in a stolen tcar they didn't know was stolen, now their in a gang.


So really I have no one left my dad either going to get robbed and killed or drink self to death and my sister going to over-dose on crack. I baby sit in order to help out around the house with biils and other things we are going to need. I babysit for this rich couple in gold coast and they pay me really well, basicly right after school, I go to their house and I saved up about 2,000 dollars so far and I been babysitting for them since I was fourteen. 


Saving money in this house is never easy, becasue everything I save my dad ends up stealing it. My mother sister is this be time lawyer and her husband is a big time music producer, they have kids my auntie always wanted some but her husband never did. They own an 20 million dollar mansion in gold coast and four others in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, also 4 luxurish lofts in Houston, Atlanta, Maine, and another one in Chicago.


Their house has a totally of 20 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms and each bedroom was huge but not a big as the master bedroom. They all have a walk in closet and a huge bathroom, I have my own room their but I have not been going there lately.


Today, my dad is making me go because he is going to have company which means that he having his drug additiced friends over and her crack-head girlfriend. I sat on my twin size bed and pack my bags which I really didn't really need to bring anything because my auntie husband makes I get whatever I need and whatever I want.


"Diana, hurry up you're auntie is going to be here in like five mintues." My dad screamed from down the hall.

I sighed and headed towards the door, I don't even want to go there, but its going to be a good thing  becasue I finally get to sleep in a califorina king bed. My room in my Aunties house is the second biggest room in the whole house, my closet is filled with Loubtions, Giusppe Zanotti, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Fendi and alot of more expensive desingers.


My room was black,gold,and white, those are my favorite colors including red and pink. I heared a car horn beep and I knew that it was my Auntie, I said bye to my dad and headed out the door. I climbed into the back seat and said "Hi" to my Aunt and her husband they returned with "Hey."


We drove to my Aunties house which took twenties mintues by the time we got to my Aunties house it was 6:36pm. As soon as I gt steped foot into the house I ran right up to my room and jumped onto my bed, I love how soft it was, instead of my rock hard bed at home.


 I started rolling around on my egyptain cotton sheets, I gave my sheets a smell and breath in the sweet smell of Gain laurndy soap. Someone laughing brought my attettion to my room dooor which was being shut behind the person. I looked over to see my Auntie husband he came and stood in front of me, then kneeling down to where his face met mine. He started brushing my hair out of hair to behind my ear, staring me in my eyes, I tensed up on his touch. He started smiling and placed a kiss onto my cheek and then look me back in my eyes, pulling my hair hard "We are going to dinner tonight, so get pretty and be down stairs around 8 okay. Also you look beautiful, wear the outfit I bought you. No where fancy." He said that last part in a whisper while kissing my cheek again.


I smiled and said "okay." Before he left he stopped and patted me on top of head placing a kiss onto to it. As soon as he left I got up and got my remote to my t.v. I started wastching Degrassi until I looked at my Iphone 6 plus and it said 7:00pm so I decide to start getting ready. I walk to my closet to pick out my outfit, I had so many clothes to choice from.


Walking around my closet I found some white skinny jeans, a black v neck shirt, a black and gold north face hoodie with my Jordan retro grey 14's. I showered for 20 mintues, got and brushed my teeth, I pluged in my flat irons and went to go put on my clothes. Flating ironing my hair I heard someone enter my room, I kept flat ironig my hair, I looked in the mirror to see my Auntie standing there with an smirk on her face.


She had her hand behind her back, I turned around and smiled her. She started to talk" I have something for I been wanting to give it to you for a long time."


"This was your mother's." She said handing me a charm necklace.

"You want me to have this, don't you want it."


She shookedher heead 'Yes' and then turned me around towards the mirror and place the necklace upon me. Kissing my check she walked away, I put on some light make up, and sprayed on some of my Chanel perfume. Walking back into my room, I heared someone clear their throat it was my Aunties maid and she told me that my Auntie was waiting on me at the front door,.


I ran down stairs, and saw the front door open so I walked outside and got into my Aunties Mercedes G-Wagon. We are going to eat at Applebees, as usually the said I can get what ever I wanted, I was hungry, really hungry due the fact I have not ate in about four days. 


I just settled for the double crunch shrimp, and for an appetizers so hot wings, with an sprite. Our waiter was super hot, like four from divegrent hot, you can tell that he have a six pack from his shirt. His lips are so full and pink and delicious looking, I just waited to suck on them.


He was walking back over to bring us over drinks and I had a full view of his perfection. He is about 6'4, light skinned with tattoos(my type), and his teeth were perfect, that jaw line was to sharp I bet if you touch it it will cut your finger. I can feel someone staring at me, so I turned to see my Auntie grinning widely and moniting to tell me to look away. Just as did I felt someone kick me under the table and of course it was my Aunties husband.


I know alot of you are wondering why I don't call him uncle its becasue he could never ever be an uncle to me. The waiter put our drinks down and said he would be right back with our order, I decied to start an interseting converstaion with my Auntie about something that should spark her husband attettion.

"If someone is doing something wrong to you and you know its wrong and they do to. What should you do about that?" I said looking down.
"Why are you asking about that?" My Auntie asked in confusion

"I just wanted to now. Like would do you tell, what do you say, and what if you have something that could be taken away if you tell."

"Well, um you should tell anyway there is something that can be done. If they are doing something to you and you now its wrong and if you tell them you don't want it and then you done nothing wrong and you should always tell."
"Um, mmm, Okay, so even if you tell, nothing will happen to you."
"No its not your fault, its theirs, sweety nothing will hapen to you. Why are you wondering about this so much?"
"I just wanted to know, I have this friend who's going threw something."

Of course while I was talking to my Auntie I was getting death looks and hard kicks from my Auntie's husband, he didn't want his secert to be out. 


Just as always he pulled it together and changed the subject. Fucking Rapsit


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To everyone who has been threw something in the lives.

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