There are many genie and djinn family bloodlines. However just because you're born into it, doesn't mean you will inherit the powers.

My family's bloodline is ancient. So powerful that it's rare for one to not inherit the powers. The Xharnjin are one of the most powerful Djinns in the world.

My name is Charman Xarnjin and I am soon going to be 14 along with my twin sister cayenne xharnjin.

You could say ever since we were little, it was painfully obvious that I wouldn't inherit the powers in our family's bloodline. Yeah I'm the odd one out in our family, but, that doesn't mean they love me less.

They just pay more attention to Cayenne, and are more apart of her life than mine. Yeah... I have parental favoritism, and disappointment issues.

As the older twin they expected me to inherit the powers, because most of the time the case with twins (for both Djinns and Genies) one twin get the most power, mostly the older twin- while the younger twin has less to no power. You can say I'm a really rare case.

As for the disappointment part. Even without any powers they expected me to cause mischief here and there, making ingenious plans, plotting. Because while my sister got the powers, I got the smarts.

Anyway, they didn't expect me to be the quiet shy nerd with no social life, or any kind of mischief whatsoever. Especially with Cayenne being a queen bee, with too many friends to count, and countless of mischief and bad luck following her, which is why I pretty much keep her in line. Not only to keep her powers a secret, but also out of big trouble.

Mind you this is only middle school.

Which is where this part comes in.

"Oh my babies! graduated, and going to Elk Academy" Mom gushed, again, fixing my cap, again.

"And my baby, a valedictorian!" she gave me a kiss while, I groaned. This might be one of the rare times, where I receive more attention than Cayenne, and to be honest I'm not really used to it.

Though it might be because Cayenne is out celebrating with her friends leaving me the only one to fret over, but that doesn't mean I won't treasure this rare moment. I don't really have friends, just acquaintances sad I know. "Mom you don't have to keep fixing my cap, the ceremony is over." I swat her hand away when she went to do it again.

"Oh I know but I want to keep this memory alive, as long as I can." I groaned looking towards my dad for help. "I think she's had enough sweetheart" He states, mother sighs, but let's go.

My parents are total opposites in looks, and attitude.

My mother with an average height has curves, her gold locks contrasting her milky skin and bright green eyes, that always twinkles with mischief. Which matches her personality perfectly, she's very mischievous and loves to cause chaos. She also loves fashion and is a fashion designer in the mortal world.

My father is a skyscraper with his dark skin and black curly hair, his eyes a hard almond hue with a calculating gaze. My father is a hard man, with an aura that practically commands you to attention, his voice commanding while his eyes can freeze you in place. He's the only one who can keep my mother in check along with my sister, and his cold eyes only soften for two women in his life.

Yes two women. I'm not much of a daddy's girl as I am mothers. Cayenne holds both their heart, and their pride because although my parents don't say it, I know my father is ashamed of me and my mother, a little.

No powers- Yes I know as much as he does having no powers isn't my fault- but no social standing or influence, and no will to create mischief or chaos. Even without powers. Doesn't help he's our family leader, so I guess embarrassed would be the word.

Though I think he is proud of me for being valedictorian. I think. 

Anyway no need to hear me brooding- We've got the rest of this book- it's time to get to the important part.

"Oh I can't wait to go to the academy, I'm so excited!" My sister squealed in excitement. It was dinner, and she hadn't stopped talking about it.

It's king of getting annoying considering I'm dreading it. Elk academy was a high school, and college for magical beings: Genies, Djinns, Fairies, and so on.

We spent our time in the mortal world, living a human's life to learn their culture, before going on to learn about our magic in heritage. I'll explain more later, let's get back to a miserable family dinner.

Miserable for me anyway.

"I know, I know I'm sure you'll fit in just fine, and do splendidly." My mother cooed while my father nodded absentmindedly.

"I can't wait to rule the school." Cayenne sighed dreamily while I scoffed making her gaze snap toward me. 

"Is there something wrong Charman?" The table grew silent, their attention shifting towards me. I stiffened trying not to cower under their gaze.

"Just seeing common sense Cayenne, you're not going to a mortal school where you can just use magic to take out competition, you're going with other magical beings who can bite back just as hard while you're just a freshman." I retorted before going back to my food, peeking off to the side I could see my sisters eyes narrow at me.

"Well I'll just have to bite ten times harder because I won't stand for anything else but being on top."

My father smiled a little for a split second "Precisely the Xharnjin's way, I'm sure you will make us proud Cayenne." I held in a snort, glaring at my food.

Of course.




The Charman Journal

There are different type of Djinns and genies. You can tell their class by their aura, and the color that surrounds them when they use their magic. 

Also by their magic dust. Whenever a djinn, or genie makes a wish you can see colored dust as they do their signature move; whether it's waving their hand, or snapping their fingers, dust residue is left behind.

Starting with the genies. Light yellow is the least powerful, going on to green, blue, and the rarest, and most powerful- silver.

As for the djinn, yellow is the less powerful, followed by dark green, and purple, to the rarest, and most powerful, gold.

Of course it all depends on the bloodline, and how strong the magic within it is.

This is why my father is classed a purple djinn along with my sister- a reason why she has it in her head she's going to rule the school. My mother however is a dark green djinn, she was from a lower blood line before she married my father.

Anyway, there are also the unmarked ones.

Yep you guessed it- the ones who didn't inherit any powers in other words, moí.

You could say they are servants to djinns, and genies, however genies and djinn aren't the only ones who don't inherit the magical gene.

So yeah, we could be one big happy mixed family, of different creatures and heritage. Although they could learn the art of witch craft- which is not easy from what I heard- and become a witch, who are somewhat magical, just not magic from the blood but the things around them. I don't know- don't really know much about witch craft but hey, I love a challenge.

Just as much as, I love my parents being proud of me, for something worthwhile, worthy of their name.


"Bye darlings love you!" mother gave me a kiss, father gave one to cayenne before they were waving us off.

"Make trouble, and call us if you need anything- other than bailing you out for punishments. If you're doing something bad you should not get caught! Okay?" Such parenting skill don't you agree?

Though it is great parenting skills for a djinn.

And so here I stood at the gates of Elk Academy, summer vacation couldn't have gone fast enough.

Now I said, I would explain more than just the basics so; Elk academy is both a high school, and an optional college for supernatural beings and bla bla bla-

A child spends half of its life in the human world, to learn all they can in human cultures. They say you best learn when you're young experiencing it. Or you just keep making the same mistakes, but you would be an idiot to keep doing that, even for a child.

After middle school comes high school, where the magical journey begins. Yippee!(Not.)

Most develop their powers, and whatever urges comes with the magic baggage before high school (Puberty and all) which is why they are taught to control themselves, by their parents, or whatever other people. Besides it's best to learn sooner than later, and more hands on because you can learn from the many mistakes you made before, and not do them again. Hopefully.

Now we should get to the many, magical creatures that reside here in Elk high. Let's make it interesting, and make it light vs dark, ranked from most powerful, to the not so powerful.

Let's begin.

Phoenix versus dragons

Do I even have to say it? Fire. The hotter it is, the more powerful. It's also convenient to make strong and lasting weapons. Most people try to kill them for their flame, so their population isn't so high.

Light fairy/ fere versus dark fairy/ fere.

Fairies -which are the girls by the way- are exceptional in magic. Unlike witches their magic comes from their blood, their more exceptional in making charms or charming a person. Both light and dark fairies gain an elemental power depending on how powerful they are, or get. As you can guess you do not want to mess with a dark fairy unless you want to be hexed.

Feres are male fairies and warriors. They can charm, and use any weapons as well as making anything into a weapon. The rare and powerful ones get special abilities that can help them in battle.

Elves versus Trolls.

I know you think of tiny, or giant people but no that's not the case. It's probably because they can both shape shift, and some of their ancestors thought it would be fun to mess with the humans back then. (From what I heard anyway) They are also, both skilled at making weapons.

I know I haven't said other abilities other than shape shifting, but it's just enough for them, because they can shape shift themselves, and any part of their bodies into anything.

The protectors of the night- vampires versus werewolf.

I don't need to explain this do I?

Vampire; super speed, drinks blood, a live blood detector- they can seriously tell who's child you are just by tasting your blood. Oh, and let's not forget glamour, they make you see something that is not.

And werewolves, super strength turn big and fury, love fresh meat- best trackers alongside vampires but unlike the vamps who use blood to track, or essence, they use your natural smell and, compulsion which is different than glamour. Compulsion is when you control one's mind, not control like a slave, just for a few minutes, or hours of following commands without question. I've only heard of a mortal controlled by a werewolf for up to one hour the most.

It helps for when someone stumbles onto them when they shift. Bet it's not pretty.

Light witches versus dark Witches

You know most about them. Their spells and potions can be deadly especially.

No, no pointy hats and maybe flying broom, I hear some still use it for transportation, but the skies are dangerous.

Basically the balance of light and those who serve under genies are the phoenix, light fairies and feres, light witches and elves.

For the balance of darkness and those who serve under djinns; dragons, dark fairies and feres, dark witches and trolls.

As for vampires and werewolves you can never really put them in a spot. Their unpredictable, with all the bloodlust, and beasty tendencies. While some are good, and have a conscience some don't.

Oh did I mention Elk academy was located in the parallel magical universe Elerora?

Yeah this is going to be so much fun.

Note the sarcasm.



Chapter 1

High school

What comes to mind of when you think of it?

Nerds, bullies, jocks, cheerleaders, popularity, the outcasts and all the different cliques.

Well speaking in general terms high school sure has different cliques though they’re not all the same nerds and jocks or emos. It's all these people that come together to form a group of friends because as much as it’s awesome to have someone with the same interest with a whole group it gets boring eventually. Sure you can hang out with each other at some time but not all the time.

So cliques in high school would be a variety of people with different interests or in this case different magical creatures which is the case with magic balance academy. 

There are different cliques but not consisting of all the same magical creatures but all with similar yet but different interests and personalities. But as much as many have tried every century to bring the whole school together there has always been two main cliques or should I say sides.

 The light and the dark. Djinn and Genies don't get along dark fairies and light fairies and so on.

Heck they both sides have their own team to play against each other and no I'm not talking about football I’m speaking of full out duels. Not to the death though as much as many would like.

Every semester there are two dual competitions between the light and the dark as they try to best each other.  Sure it’s kind of stupid they go against their own peers but if it helps with them quench their bloodthirsty thoughts towards one another I have nothing against it.

I do not want to get killed by a light creature in my sleep just because of centuries of grudges and rivalry thank you very much.

Of course this school as any high school also has drama and outcasts.

Guess who the outcasts are? Yep the Unmarked ones.

We all know how regular high school students treat them except here their more dangerous and can curse you, burn you, claw you open and so on. Great life.

Hell it’ll be even worse for me, I’ll be a freak among freaks because no Xharmjins have ever been unmarked.

Which is why I’m not looking towards high school life. So what I’m in a magical world yippee doo, I want to go back to the mortal world because obviously I’ll fit in more there. That’s saying something but no my parent disagreed.

In a way I’m glad, I get to learn more about the magical creatures and our heritage than reading about them in old books.



After settling in my dorm, which I don't have to share because of my family's name- thank god- I put on the uniform provided before heading for the dining hall where a mandatory dinner will take place.

The uniform had a black button up blouse- signifying my bloodline is from the dark side- and a vest that was a light green showing I’m a freshmen. I had a gray pin in a lamp shape signifying I was a djinn- funny joke I know the genies have it too- The gray color signifying I was an unmarked. Completing the look was a leather brown miniskirt under which I wore shorts.

Class begins in a week and I’m not looking forward to it.

But for now it’s time to do one thing I hates most.



Dining hall should be an understatement more like dining mansion. It’s like my parents mansion time ten.

Understandable considering all the students that attend every year. The dining hall was no less than crowded as students and professors alike milled around having conversations or introducing themselves.

Though it was painfully obvious of the segregation as the ones with black button up shirts were on one side and the whites on the other. The only ones who are not so separated were the professors which you could see mingling around.

I made my way towards the freshman table seeing many in green vests which will soon be green sweaters as winter is approaching. Spotting my sister I made way towards her finding her surrounded by girls who seem to be in aww of her presence.

I rolled my eyes. Of course, she probably would have told them who she really was right now, let’s hope she holds up to the promise she made before coming here.


“Promise me you won’t tell anyone I am your sister nor my last name.”

“Why they’re all going to find out anyway, are you such a whim you won’t face people criticizing you of you being unworthy of our family’s name.” ignoring the pang of pain I felt I pressed her more.

“Promise me Cayenne, I know they will find out sooner or later but I rather it would be later. You are free to do as you please and flaunt our families name around as long as you don’t include me. So?” She only scoffed looking up from her nails.

“Fine, now shoo I need to finish my nails. I need to look perfect before we arrive at the academy.

I rolled my eyes walking out of her room. Sometimes I wonder who the older twin is.


No I really do.

Anyway I made my way through the crowd towards my sister ignoring the sneers and looks of distaste that only increased when they spotted the color of my pin.

Wait till they find out who I am. Anyone would want to have the pleasure of ridiculing a member of a powerful djinn family.

My sister stopped speaking to a girl that was next to her wearing a dark green pin. A green djinn huh. With her green eyes and brown hair, it fits he

High school.

What comes to mind, when you think of the word?

Nerds, bullies, druggies, jocks, popularity, outcasts, and all the different cliques.

High school sure has different cliques, though they're not all the same. People come together to form a group, because as much as it's awesome to have the same interest with a whole group it gets boring eventually. Sure you can hang out with each other, but not really all the time.

Cliques in high school are variety of people with different interests, or in this case different magical creatures at Elk academy.

There are different cliques not consisting of all the same magical creatures, but all with similar yet different interests and personalities. However, there's always been two main cliques, two sides. The light and the dark. Djinn and Genies don't get along; dark fairies and light fairies; phoenix and dragons and- you get the idea.

Though some have tried every century to bring the whole school together, it hasn't worked out well, heck it made thing worst. When you disrupt identities and what they believe their purpose to be lines get blurry and things get chaotic.

Heck, both sides have their own teams to play against each other, and no I'm not talking about football, I'm talking about full out duels. (Not to the death though as much as many would like.) Though there is a game similar to football, except way more dangerous.

At the end of each semesters, there is always a tournament between the light and the dark. Magic, spells, wishes and weapons. Sure it's kind of stupid they go against their own peers, but if it helps with them repress more bloodthirsty thoughts and actions, I have nothing against it.

I do not want to get killed by a light creature in my sleep just because of centuries worth of grudges and rivalry, thank you very much.

Let's not forget about the outcasts, the lowest on the social and power totem pole.

Guess who the outcasts are?

We all know how regular high school students treat outcasts, except here, they're more dangerous. They can curse you, burn you, claw you open and so on. Great life.

It'll be even worse for me, I'm a freak among freaks, an outcast among outcasts, because no Xharmjin has ever been unmarked.

I'm not looking towards high school life. So what I'm in a magical world? I want to go back to the mortal world, because obviously I'll fit in more there. Also a least likely chance I'll die before I reach eighteen there than over here.

In a way I'm glad, I get to learn more about the magical creatures and our heritage instead of reading about it in old books. But dammit I like my life.

After settling into my dorm (which I don't have to share because of my family's name, thank Djinn) I put on the academy uniform provided: The uniform had a black button up blouse- signifying my bloodline is from the dark side, a light green vest showing I'm a freshmen, a gray pin in a lamp shape signifying I was a djinn- funny joke I know, the genies have it too- the gray color signifying I was an unmarked. Completing the look was a leather brown skirt under which I wore shorts under, and let's not forget my flats.

I paused in from of the door holding the doorknob as a flash of fear ran through me. In here I will be safe but out there I was exposed and the sooner someone can discover my secret. But it would bring attention if I was the only one not attending dinner.

"Come on Charman you're a Xharmjin, no fear remember?" I turned the doorknob and headed for the dining hall to the mandatory dinner.

Dining hall would be an understatement! More like dining mansion. It's like my parent's mansion, times ten.

Understandable considering all the students that attend every year, but still breathtaking. The dining hall was crowded as students and professors alike wandered around having conversations.

Once more it was painfully obvious, the segregation, as the ones with black button up shirts were on one side and the whites on the other. The only ones who were not so separated by color were the professors.

I made my way towards the freshman table hard to miss with the sea of green vests, which will soon be green sweaters with winter approaching. Spotting my sister I found her flocked by freshmen who seem to be in awe of her presence.

I rolled my eyes. Of course, she probably would have told them who she really was right now, let's hope she holds up to the promise she made before we came here.

"Promise me you won't tell anyone I'm your sister, or my last name."

"Why? They're all going to find out anyway, are you such a wimp, you can't face people criticizing you? Of you being unworthy of our family's name." Ignoring the low blow, I pressed the issue, I was not giving up on this.

"Promise me Cayenne! I know they will find out sooner or later, but I rather it would be later. You're free to do as you please and flaunt our families name around, as long as you don't include me." I said firmly, she only scoffed looking up from her nails.

"Fine, now shoo! I need to finish my nails. I need to look perfect before we get to the academy."

I rolled my eyes walking out of her room. She can be such a prick sometimes. Hopefully she keeps her promise, promises mean nothing to djinn who just twist and morph it into the last thing you wanted.

Ignoring the sneers, and looks of distaste that only increased when they spotted the color of my pin I made my way to an empty seat. When the find out who I am, they'll have a field-day. Anyone would want to have the pleasure of ridiculing a member of a powerful djinn family.

I wanted to speak with Cayenne but I knew better than to do it in public, I always regretted it. Dear old Cayenne, always gives into peer pressure. Even from here I could see the glares and sneers along with looks of disgust send their way from cruel souls, long looks of pity and sympathy from the kinder ones.

As I sat down I realized without meaning to I made my way to the unmarked table, the one place where light and dark were not separated. It seems they ridicule the unmarked in many ways, the message that they were not worthy to even take part of the rivalry between the sides.

Either way it's fine.

Trying to settle down and breathe, I felt my hairs raise and instantly turned to meet the one that would trigger such reaction.

I met golden eyes. I blinked trying to see if I got it right. Yup those were gold eyes, glancing down at his pin I felt my heart skip a beat. A gold djinn.

The most powerful and rarest of them all. There is only one other family with a strong magical bloodline other than mine capable of producing one.

This olive skinned black hair, golden eyed boy, has to be a Dhaoryn.

He smirked a mischievous smirk his eyes sparkling mischief.

'I know your secret'

I blinked and looked down at the table. What the hell was that? It couldn't have been him... his lips didn't even move. I'm stressing myself out.

It was a couple of seconds before I felt my body relax as I sighed in relief, he moved on.

I need to watch myself around him, he's dangerous.


r. She stared at me in confusion distaste and anger as I walked up to Cayenne.

“I need to talk to you.” I looked around at the crowd of whispering djinns. “Alone.” Cayenne seemed in turmoil looking from the crowd of girls around her to me. She fake smiled at them all before a sneer overcame her face. I knew those actions all too well steeling myself for the words to come.

“Why would I want to talk to an unmarked like you?” laughs Jeers and sneers overcame the crowd of girls in satisfaction. Dear old Cayenne, always giving into peer pressure.

“Know your place reject now get lost.” The girl she was speaking to before came to stand next to her sneering at me.

I sighed as my sister mouthed later before making my way out of the crowd and towards the unmarked table. Even from here I could see the glares and sneers along with looks of disgust send their way from cruel souls and long with look of pity and sympathy by kinder ones.

The only others not separated from light to dark. The unmarked.

It seems they love to ridicule us in many ways to make it seem like were not worthy to take part of the rivalry between both sides.

Either way it’s fine.

Sitting down I felt a heated gaze on me different them the ones thrown towards the table.

Looking up I met golden eyes. I blinked trying to see if I got it right. Yup those were gold eyes, glancing down at his pin I felt my heart skip a beat. A gold djinn, the most powerful and rarest of them all. There is only one other family with a strong magical bloodline other than mine capable of producing one.

This olive skinned black haired golden eyed boy has to be a Dhaoryn.

He smirked a mischievous smirk his eyes sparkling only with one statement.

‘I know your secret’

The Charman Journals 2

There's a reason why no one recognized me as Cayenne's sister, much less her twin.

We're fraternal, and thank Djinn for that. Imagine being told she was the better looking twin when we both would have looked alike. I wouldn't put it past people, especially since she had a much "better" fashion sense than me. (What's wrong with choosing comfort?) They already compared us in every way in middle school, we just don't look obviously alike.

While we both have my father's dark skin at the same height, Cayenne full of life and mischief has father's facial structure. I got mom's curves and my father's curl pattern.

My mind went back to the Dhaoryn. The Dhaoryn are the Xharnjin's greatest rivals, the kind you would fight but also marry for power. Shallow I know, but it's the way of the Djinns. Besides Elerora would freeze over before they actually agreed on merging.

He's a gold djinn, and by his dark green vest he's a sophomore so he has his powers under control, mostly. The power of a gold djinn are a mystery, and possibly limitless, but hard to from what I heard. But still no wonder my parents are a down about my no power situation, our ancestors are probably rolling in their graves while the Dhaoryn's are sneering in superiority.

Our families have always aimed for more power, more influence, destroy lives and rise above the genies.

They have been tied for centuries in terms of power and influence. But no matter. Though no matter how much they try to one up the genies light and dark must always be balanced, for good reasons but not everyone sees it that way.

There are those who turn their back on the balance. The unbound.

They barely have control over themselves, emotions or their powers. They are loose cannons, and can be even more dangerous than the most powerful, sane djinn or genie out there.

It's rare for the more powerful creatures, especially djinn and genies, to become unbound. The signs can be hard to read depending on what kind of creature they are- I mean can you tell if a dragon is becoming temperamental, when they already have a short temper and bipolar issues? I think not.

I don't know what the signs and results of other creatures becoming unbound, but I know that when a djinn becomes Unbound their aura and magic reserve (dust) turns red, while a genie's turns black. But, it's so rare that there has only been one gold djinn in history that became Unbound, and that almost ended in disaster. He tried world domination, both magical, and mortal from what I heard.




Chapter 2


Looking at the upper-classmen unmarked tables there were a few mixes in sides. It that grew the higher the grade, as if they stopped caring what others thought, and the feud as they went through the years. Maybe there is some hope, not much, but some for the feud to end.

Then again no one really cares what the outcasts think, only when you have an important role or a powerful position. Even then they’ll just undermine.

A boom! Echoed throughout the hall bringing silence as we all turned to the source.

The headmasters, one of the light, the other  of the dark. A man and a woman stood, one of them cleared their throat, cutting through the silence.

"Now that we have your attention-" The dark began. "-We would like to welcome you all to Elk academy." The light finished.

"You will make friends-" He started "-enemies" The dark cut in smirking "as well as allies."

"This is the beginning of your journey, through life, your destiny, in a whole new world. You will have regrets, make mistakes, but you will learn from them." The man smiled towards the freshmen.

"Just as long as you don't die from them first." The woman smirked seeming to be staring at the fresh unmarked. "So good luck to you all."

This is going to be a long year.

If I survive.

I gulped seeing some gazes turn towards us, with not so good intentions.

"Classes begin next week, you all have time to settle down and find your classes. Any extra curriculum, clubs, and special courses will begin after a month, however you can sign up now. Now as for you schedules-"

"How about we enjoy the meal first and talk school later. I'm starved." The woman sighed cutting him off, making him glare at her. "Besides, with all the chit-chat, I don't think we introduced ourselves." She smirked at him.

"Very well." The man grumbled. "I am Headmaster Gollum." A couple of cheers were heard from the light side.

"And I, Headmaster Lahara." The woman smirked as most djinns and other dark creatures cheered, then stopped as she held up her hand.

"Now let's eat, I'm starved, so no pranks during the meal, I will personally punish the perpetrators." She gave us all a dark smile before sitting down next to headmaster Gollum. Just as she sat, a gray mist appeared before going to each table, plates full of food were left in its wake before it disappeared.

As if never interrupted everyone continued their conversations, digging into their meals.

I looked down at the plate full with my favorite foods, before looking at everyone else's plates seeing many different, and similar meals.

"This is so cool, these are all my favorites!" The girl next to me stated as she drooled over hers before diving in. I never knew it was possible for someone so little to eat so fast, and so much.


"You all have one whole week to settle down, not only that but to get your schedules, familiarize yourself with the academy grounds- and find your classes locations, lateness will not be tolerated, even on the first day." Headmaster Gollum said sternly.

"You can also use this time to find out more about any: clubs, extra curricular activities, and any special courses you are interested in." Headmistress Lahara added. "Now for the freshmen's." She clapped her hands, I jumped in surprise as the sound echoed loudly along with many other freshmen before lightning, with faint purple dust was sent towards the dark freshmen.

I stared in awe as the lightning multiplied, into smaller fragments, and struck students hands. I looked down out-stretching my hand just as one struck mines, I was in awe at the faint purple dust that lingered. Her aura, Headmaster Lahara is a purple djinn.

Then a black ruby formed into my hand, before it flew off my hand and unto my neck just as I felt a heavy sensation of- a necklace?

"Oh my...." I turned towards my neighbor to see her hand touching a ruby like mines, but red, and was on a choker around her neck which- wasn't there before......

"Nice." Another commented before holding up her hand, on her wrist a silver bracelet that wasn't there before containing a blue ruby. All the other dark freshmen also admired theirs, and their friends new accessories and rubies.

I looked down at my new necklace and instantly fell in love. A golden chain which reached the valley of my breast, the black ruby at the end, a gold handle curving around it, and two gold leaves at the bottom of the ruby. My mother and sister always said I was horrible at describing anything that has to do with fashion. In their face.

"Ahem." Gollum cleared his throat, fisting his hands in front of him. They began glowing a blue hue, before he opened his hands, many dragon-flies appeared from his glowing palm before going towards the Light freshmen. I watched as Light unmarked freshmen nearby gasped and squealed, as they also received different colored rubies in varieties of accessories.

"This is so cool." I nodded silently agreeing.

"These are your Elk rubies. They have many functions, like communicating. I'm sure you've noticed your phone don't work as well here-" many nodded, while others began complaining.

Headmistress Lahara raised her hand bringing silence. "Yes yes- teenagers." She rolled her eyes. "Consider these your new magical cellphones. Telepathic communication, and your own personal magical messenger bird, it also gives you access to the magical archives to look up information on anything- that is not restricted. You can communicate with anyone as long as they are in the magical realm. To communicate with anyone outside the realm will require special permission from either I, or headmaster Gollum."

Headmaster Gollum stepped in. "You are not permitted to use them in class unless your professor allows so. Now speaking of class, this information is for you all. After many, many suggestions and campaigns to move towards the 21st century, the council has accepted that electronics can be used in classes for notes, textbooks-" Cheers came interrupting him, but we're silenced by his glare. "As I was saying, electronics are allowed, but only if issued by the schools, and are from the magic world, not the human world." Several groans were heard by this.

"The school is providing these, for everyone." He held up a tablet, or maybe an Ipad, it looks different then the ones in the human world. "These are magical tabs, they run on magical energy, in other words infinite energy. You may use them as you like as long as you use them productively; you can take notes in classes with them, and submit your homework and projects. However we will allow no distractions in class. We have insured this by warding every classroom to block any uneducational sources, along with the school campus, during school hours. So no funny business, same with the Elk rubies, no telepathy during class hours." Most groaned at this.

Headmistress Lahara chuckled. "Ah to be young and a rebel." Her amusement quickly disappeared as she became serious. "Never remove your rubies, they not only confirm you are a student here, but they also help to keep you safe if you are ever in any danger. Only you can remove them, no one else, and they are unbreakable, resistant to any magic which might try to destroy, or remove them from your body."

"There are many more things you will need to know, but you will find out everything and get all the materials you need to begin the school year once you pick up your schedule. That will be all for now till the next Mandatory dinner at the end of the week.” Gallum stated.

“Oh and welcome- welcome back to Elk academy. Hope this year isn't too eventful." Lahara smirked.


If that isn't foreshadowing I don't know what is.

Chapter 3


A Xharnjin without power, ha! 

There were faceless students circling like vultures. 

I tried to escape and charged to break through their circle.

What a circus freak. 

I only got pushed around each touch feeling like fire before I was right back in the middle.

An abomination. Useless.

"I can still be useful without magic, I will show  you! You'll regret underestimating me, I'll prove all of you wrong!"

 A disappointment.

I had to admit, that hurt more than their touch and the anger couldn't even shield me from the pain.

I'm sure your family wouldn't object to me destroying you, in fact they might have even wished for it.

I turned to face the voice and tensing when I saw the Dhaoryn boy, his eyes glowed as the sun stared me down before I felt like I was being burnt alive...


I snapped upwards wide awake from my bed sweat coating my skin as I tried to catch my breath. "That damn dream again!" I clenched my bed sheets in frustration. It hadn't stopped since orientation and classes start tomorrow. I glanced at the clock, well they start today. I sighed and lay back down, eyes wide open.

I knew it was just my anxieties tormenting me. But they kept me awake, on guard and nervous. I've avoided as much people as I could and only went out to eat and to get things ready for my classes. Heck sometimes I didn't even want to step out of the room. 

Every second I wondered about the what ifs. What if they recognize my face from Cayenne’s and figure it out? What if a teacher calls out my name and I’m exposed in front of everyone? What if someone breaks into my room when I’m awake and finds out?

Then I realized that it’s probably happen during attendance and my anxiety almost turns into a full blown panic attack. I don’t want to be an outcast, but by avoiding my fears that’s exactly what I became. I doubt anyone knows my face much less my name since I’ve been avoiding everything that breathed. I didn’t even make one acquaintance. But then even if I did make friends wouldn’t it just hurt more when they turned their backs on me and became the faceless vultures?

I wiped the tear that escaped sniffing back my tears. It’s alright Charman, you dealt with it in middle school, you’ll be fine here. I mean you were valedictorian, best of the best! Sure there’s magic and an increased chance of dying but you’ll be alright. You always are.

I just wanted to go back home to the human world, it would be even better with my sister gone- even if I would have to deal with my parent's disappointment.

I didn't know how or when I fell asleep but I woke up to the worst noise ever, I couldn't make it out all I knew was that there was no way I could ever sleep through that.

"Alright Charman get up and out of bed, lets start this day..." I stared up at the ceiling.

"5 more minutes" As soon as I closed my eyes the noise resumed- damn magic. I groaned and rolled out of bed on auto mode as I got ready for breakfast.

I grabbed my tablet, shoved it in its bag before taking one last glance at the mirror. These bags need to be covered up….

I took a couple of minutes concealing the bags under my eyes and headed to breakfast. I went with the flow and observed everyone walking with at least another person, even the unmarked. I sighed and moved on.

I took my food outside and sat under my now favorite tree, it was close enough to the dining hall and with privacy as it was concealed by the rose bushes facing the dining hall. I looked up through the leaves at the rising sun. It wasn’t cold yet but it was starting to get a little chilly, I would need to find a winter spot to eat.

Next thing I knew I was sitting in my first class trying not to bite my lip in nervousness. It was attendance time and first names and last names were being called.

“Charman Xharnjin”

She called out and I felt myself sink. “Here” I answered and tried not to flinch as gazes were thrown my way and the whispers started. Some went as far to stare from my face to my pin.

Don’t listen to them Don’t listen to them Don’t-

“Was she always here?”

“I know right I haven’t noticed her anywhere all week?”

“A Xharnjin unmarked, who would have known.”

“No wonder she didn’t show her face.”

“Quiet” Our teacher cut through all conversations. “I don’t remember asking any of you to speak.”

The class fell silent as she turned and began to write on the board. “I am Ms Hart and I am your Magical History teacher, I am Elven if any of you are curious. Now we will be going over expectations for the semester, including the one mic rule.” She turned and gave us a pointed look.

As soon as the bell rang I was out the door hurrying to my next class. I stiffened when I felt the gazes and heard the whispers and cursed in my head. No telepathy in class my ass.

By the time I got to my Magical Artifacts class I was sure the whole school knew who I was by now. I walked in and made sure to sit in the back but on the edge and close to the door. I knew from experience what dangers the front of the class posed.

Again the process repeated. Attendance was taken, my name was called, whispers began. This went on all day, I couldn’t even bare to step foot in the cafeteria and found my way to the library reading up on some potion ingredients. So far nothing has happened, but it’s only been half a day and people haven’t had much time to really process what this means.

But I had enough to process what this meant. The bags under my eyes proved that. Once they realized what it meant that I was of high blood and how vulnerable I truly was….

Hell would break loose for me.


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