"It Always been you" this is the last thin Zayn Said to me before he climbed to his train. Which was already moving.

I have never seen him after that. It's been now ten years. I wonder how he would be. Will he ever miss me like I do.

" Shai Are you up there?" I was waken from my day dream by Brother John. "Yes I'm Here". I said looking down from our tree house. Well this is one place me and Zayn used to hangout.

"What are you doing up here. And Don't Say you Climbed here because You miss that Idiots ." He Said as he Walked in to Small Tree house.

"well don't you Miss him. He was your Best Friend" I said Looking in to his eyes. "Ofcorse I miss him. But Its Not Like he ever miss us. Otherwise he Would have called us in this ten years. So I Didn't Give a Dam thing About Him." I Saw the Pain in his eyes, he was trying to hide.

"I almost forget Dad Ask Us to Come. He Wants to talk."He Said Walking Outside. I Didn't waste a minute and followed him.

Mom and dad was at the kitchen. "Oh Darling Try this. Its Really delicious." Mom Handed over me a plate of Strawberry cookies, which she was making. I took a bite." Yummy.! its Really Good. Mom you are the best." I said Putting a handful of cookies into my mouth while john also joined me.

Dad Walked to Living Room asking us to come. He took his seat next to mom and facing me and john.

"You both Will be knowing that I have applied for the job in New York. Well I got Selected and has to be their on next week Tuesday. So we will be leaving next week. I know this will be big change for you all. We have to take this." He said as there is no other option.

I don't want leave, not I'm the middle of my college semester. It would be really difficult to adjust at this point. " Dad Could we at least wait for the end of my Semester." I Said Making my Puppy face. Knowing that his decision won't change. "

"Look Dear, now its been a while I was unemployed and Searching for a job. And we don't have much money left now. So we have to take this. As john also have finished his college he can start working their. And Don't worry I hope everything will go smoothly with your college. And it would be good. Big change, new start." He finished giving his charming smile. While mom and john started talking. So I was the only one, who was against it.

Actually, thing is that I don't want live this place. Because here are all the memories of him. And I can't lose them too. But I don't think there is anything I can do with memory. And may be dad is right, this change may help me to forget him. I have to take this. I cant always live in dreams. I have to live my life too.



"Shai wake up! You don't wont to be late on your first day of your new college." Mom Said Walking into my room. "Oh. I cant believe, its to day. Well I be down stairs in fifteen." I Said walking to my Barth room. I took a quick shower. And walked back to my room, with only my towel. I open my closet searching for the cute outfit for the very first day to my new college. I took my lucky red dress with blue jeans and white jacket. I make my hair, out mascara and lip-gloss. I was done. I walked into kitchen, mom already made my breakfast, started eating fast. "john will be dropping you. Now where he his. John, come fast you don't want your sister to be late." Mom called him from down stairs. He walked in to kitchen, he was wearing a black shirt with brown pants and red tie. Guess he is having a another interview to day. He have been to two more interviews.

This College is much bigger compare to my old college. I entered from the big gate to the college compound, making my way to the entrance of the building. I opened the door and started walking suddenly I notices hundreds of eyes on me. I didn't get this much of attention in my whole life. "Please shai. Don't make a laughing stock out of you" I whisper to myself as I walked forward.

I climbed stairs giving my full attention to the school map, searching for my class room. Suddenly I was hit by a giant. I started to pick my books which was all over the floor, suddenly giant lend towards me and help me with my books. "Sorry, I didn't see you coming." Giant said as he handed over my books. Our eyes met. He was having deep blue eyes with blond hair. Wow. He looks cute. "No it was my fault. I was searching for my class." I said with a friendly smile. "Oh. You're the new student; I can help you to find your class. Which room it is? By the way, I am Alex." He lends his hand for a hand shake. I took it without a second thought. "It's Room 302. And I am Shai Donals." He started walking and I followed him to my class. "Thanks Alex. I dint Know, why people make maps like puzzle. It's really difficult to read." He laugh revealing his perfect teeth and dimple. He is so hot. "So See Yah then." I Said as I Walked in to my class.

"Excuse me Sir" I said to get attention from my teacher who was busy teaching. "Yes, you are the new student right? Well I don't like coming to my class at this late." He said looking in to the watch in his hand. "Well, as it's your first day I am letting you go. But I want you to read this class room rules before you come to the next class. And huh students this is Shai Donals, She will be studying here from today onward. Now you may have a seat." He finished with a warm smile. I look forward searching for a place to sit. Most of the seats were full. I took my seat in second row near the window. "Hello, My Name is Susan." The girl next to me lends her hand with a cute smile. Her perfect black hair was stunning with her dark brown eyes. "Well nice to meet you Susan I'm Shai."

Our teacher was as a military supervisor. But it was fun. I and Susan came to our lockers as I still didn't arrange mine locker.

I used to decorate my locker always with his photos. Zany's photos. But this time I am going to take control over my heart. Well I cant do it. As dad said new start. I can't say I can't do without even trying. I want to do it different. For ten year his photo as been right in front of me. But this time I am going to try really hard to wake up from my dream.

Where I'm only person who is getting hurt and he didn't even know I feel like this. Its not fair for me. I have to forget him.At least I will try.

I took out his photo from my locker and put it in my secret box. Which I don't open often. I closed the door of my locker.

" oh my god."...........






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