Introduction to Financial Astrology : a basic guide to getting ahead and making better investments

Lets clear up one thing quickly - astrology doesn't do anything. Never has and never will. Astrology doesn't make us do anything and is not responsible for any of our actions. But its been noted that astrologers are able to look at certain planetary alignments and draw conclusions. This is beneficial if someone chooses to note the signs and take advantage of them.


So lets start at the beginning : the Maya, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Chinese and nearly all other ancient civilizations were aware of the orbit of the earth around the Sun and the Moon around the earth. We have identified record-keeping going back at least 5000 years and it's clear that planetary movement played a social role in time-keeping, festivals, harvests and agricultural events. 

History of Astrology


Ancient scientists placed great emphasis in the relationship between positions of the planets and medical conditions to a point that Hippocrates himself was a believer. Aristotle proposed that planetary movements were guided by divine influences.


The relationship between astronomy, medicine and forecasting was such a fundamental idea in medieval and middle ages Europe that universities such as Paris and Florence had chairs of astrology ("astrology" - information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying


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