This is what  all of the characters (in my book) look like to me!

Note: None of these drawings are owned by me, give cridit to @CascadingSerenity of Denvert art

Cats of the clans



leader: coldstar (45 moons) A dark silver she~cat

deputy: treefang (37 moons) A dark brown tabby tom, with tree green eyes

med cat: willowgaze (39 moons) a sleek tortoiseshell she~cat

med cat app: featherheart (18 moons) a silver tabby tom


warriors: lilyfur (27 moons) silver she~cat app: windpaw, stonefeather (tom 24 moons) dark gray tabby tom app: palepaw, stemfoot, (15 moons) silver tom with 1 red paw, robinface (36 moons) Redish tortoiseshell app: sootpaw, midnightfall (34 moons) black tom with white on the tip of his tail and nose app: lightningpaw, wihtepelt (13 moons) a wight she~cat, ivyeye (22 moons) brown tabby she~cat with ivy like colored eyes, scorchingecho (17 moons) a flameing red tabby tom, dappledpelt (49 moons) tortoiseshell she~cat app: hardpaw, littleheart (12 moons) white with a little black heart shaped birthmark, snowfall (she~cat 16 moons) white she~cat with a bclack muzzle app: deerpaw, mousepelt (49 and 1/2 moons) light brown she~cat with bright yellow eyes, bloodfang (19 moons) very Dark gray-brown tom with red eyes and yellow teeth , flamingpelt (tom 26 moons) Flame red tom

apprentics: windpaw (6 moons) A white she~cat with a fant bit of gray on her back, palepaw (7 moons) a pale she~cat, sootpaw (10 moons a dark gray tabby tom, lightningpaw (11 moons) a light yellow tom, hardpaw (7 moons) a tan tabby tom with hard fur, Deerpaw (7 moons) a tabby she~cat, Stormpaw (6 moons)

queens: spottednose (26 moons) silver spotteded she~cat mate: stonefeather kits: leafkit (1 moon) tan she~cat with leaf green eyes, patchkit (1 moon) dark gray spotted tom, and furnkit (1 moon) a silver she~cat webpelt (29 moons) a dark gray tabby mate: Scorchingechokits: Fallingkit (5 moons) a tabby tom

Streamfeather (25 moons) silver tabby she~cat mate: midnightfall kits: Nightkit (just born) all black with white at the tip of her tail and weedkit (just born) silver she~cat, Cheataclaw (45 moons) mate: unknown kits: dead


elders: braveheart (142 moons) a dark brown tabby tom and swiftstream (she~cat 43 moons) silver and blind she~cat






leader: thunderstar (70 moons) a dark gray tom with yellow eyes

deputy: dustpelt (47 moons) a brown tabby tom

med cat: patchleaf (she~cat 27 moons) a tortoiseshell with green eyes


warriors: furnstone (65 moons) a silver tabby tom with pale green eyes


app: cloverpaw (9 moons) a gray tabby she~cat






leader: stormstar (93 moons) a dark gray tabby tom

deputy: cloudheart (27 moons) a gray she~cat with white spots


warriors: lionfur (28 moons) a orangelamed tabby tom app: patchpaw a patched black and white she~cat






leader: redstar (tom 67 moons) a red tabby tom

deputy: leaffeather (45 moons) a pale brown tabby she~cat

medcat: junebarry (37 moons) a gray tabby she~cat with blue and green eyes


Coldstar and Stormstar


Coldstar is the dark gray she~cat

Stormstar is the light gray tom


They are brother and sister

Treefang and Bloodfang


Treefang is the light brown tom

Bloodfang is the dark gray-brown tom


they are half brothers

Midnightfall and Robinface


Midnightfall is the Black and white tom

Robinface is the black she~cat with redish orange spots and some white


They are brother and sister, this is when robinface finds out shes having kits but she might die diring the kits birth. Midnightfall is there for her.

Lilyfur and Windpaw


Lilyfur is the blue-silver she~cat

Windpaw is the white She~cat


they are mentor and apprentice

Ivyeye and Sootpaw


Ivyeye is the brown she~cat

Sootpaw is the gray tom


They are half brother and sister

Stonefeather and Spottednose


Stonefeather is the dark gray tom

Spottednose is the silver spotted she~cat

Leafkit is the tan she~cat

Patchkit is the dark gray tom

Fernkit is the silver she~cat


they are mates, with there 3 kits




Featherheart is a silver tabby tom


Medcat app/ Medcat


Scorchingecho and Dappledheart


Scorchingecho is the flame red tabby tom with one eye

Dappledpelt is the sitting tortoiseshell

Whitepelt is the white she~cat

Cheetaclaw is the orange-brown spotted she~cat with the wonds

Flamingpelt is the red-brown cat hiding in the bushes


They are all friends but Flamingpelt






Palepaw is the pale she~cat

Patchpaw is the black and white patched she~cat


They are half sisters



Spottedkit is the tan she~cat with spots

Cheetaclaw is the also the tan she~cat with spots but is Spottedkits mom

Scorchingecho is the flame red tom

Dappledpelt is the tortoiseshell

Deerpaw is the brown she~cat sitting and criyng

Hardpaw is the tan tabby tom sitting next to Deerpaw

Bloodfang is the dark gray tom behind Scorchingecho

Lionfur is the orange-yellow tom

Patchpaw is the black and white patched she~cat


They were all friends but lionfur, patchpaw, and bloodfang they where only just when it happened

Fallingkit and Stormpaw


Fallingkit is the brown tabby tom

Stormpaw is the gray tabby she~cat


They are in love with eachother

Willowgaze and Streamfeather

Willowgaze is the dappled she-cat

Streamfeather is the silver tabby she-cat


They are as close of friends like Fireheart and Graystripe are

Jaysong and Whitepelt

Jaysong is the blue-gray she-cat with pearl blue blind eyes

Whitepelt is the white she-cat


Jaysong and whitepelt love eachother more than a friendship 

Thistletail and Frostmoon

 Thistletail is the pale brown tom

Frostmoon is the blue-gray she-cat

Streamkit is the pale blue she-cat

Cloudkit is the black and white she-cat

Dovekit is the silver tabby she-cat


They are mates with there three girls. Thistletail is a loner, and Frostmoon is too... they join Streamclan during a fire.

Stonefeather and Mousepelt

Mousepelt is the tan she-cat

Stonefeather is the very dark gray tom


Mousepelt was one of Stonefeathers crushs, he loved her so much but she was only in love with some one else and she was also pregnet with stonefeather's kits. She didnt know but when they where born one of them looked just like Stonefeather, the others looked like her and her mate was a white tom so it was easy to see there where Stonefeather's kits.


The worst kller ever... he kills: 7 cats intill he dies...

Coldstar and Dustpelt

They are in love with each other and dont care if they are in difrent clans 



Extra pics of the cats

The next pics are just some of the cats I listed already, but they are older or yonger in these next ones...

So there will be spoilers out there!

Coldflight and Stonepaw

Coldflight/Coldstar is the dark gray she-cat

Stonepaw/Stonefeather is the very dark gray tom


They are some how related

Coldflight and Cedarkit

Cederkit is the dark brown kit

Coldflight/Coldstar is the dark gray she-cat

Treepaw/Treefang is the tan tabby tom with leaf green eyes

Brambletalon is the red-browm tabby tom


When Coldflight gives away her brothers kit, saying its her own. unfortanitly Cederkit dies beacuse of Dustpaw/Bloodfang.


Stonepaw and Streampaw

Stonepaw/Stonefeather d the very dark gray tom

Streampaw/Streamfeather is the silver tabby she-cat\


Stonepaw/Stonefeather and Streampaw/Streampaw were in love befor Midnightfall happend

Bloodfang and lunakit

Bloodfang the very dark gray-brown tabby tom

Lunakit is the spotted brown kit


Lunakit is Bloodfang and Ivyeyes daghter.

Nightwing and her kits

 Nightwing is the black and white she-cat

Bearkit is the dark brown-gray tom with a white chest

Tadpolekit is the all black she-cat

Ceaderkit is the pale brown-gray tom thats looking at Tadpolkit

Dovekit is the white she-cat who is huging her mom; Nightwing


Nightwing is Midnightfalls kit, Nightwing is with her kits

Coldpaw and Midnightpaw

 Coldpaw/Coldstar is the dark she-cat

Midnightpaw/Midnightfall is the black and white tom


Befor Midnightpaw/Midnightfall became a warrio he liked Coldpaw

Goosetail and Rainfower

 Goosetail is the white she-cat with gray spots (The next medicen cat)

Rainflower is the gray she cat with rain blue eyes

Jaysong is the blue-gray she-cat behind Rainflower

Antpaw is the flame brown tom behind Goosetail


When Coldstar gose on her last life

Paleflower and Timberstep

Paleflower is the pale she-cat

Timberstep is the black tom with red-brown cest

Spiderkit a black and white tom

Sagekit is the pale spotted she-cat


Spiderkit is Midnightfalls dad... 

Coldpaw and Furnpaw

 Coldpaw/Coldstar is the gray she-cat

Furnpaw/Furnstone is the sliver tabby tom


Furnpaw/Stone loved Coldpaw/Coldstar intill he was sent away to Airclan, where he became mates and had Streamkit/Streamfeather than sent her to Streamclan

Patchfur and Jaysong

 Patchfur/Patchpaw is the white she-cat with black patches

Jaysong is the blue-gray she-cat

Ivyeye is the dark brown she-cat

Lionpaw is the yellow-oarnge she-cat

Coldstar is the dark gray she-cat behind Jaysong

Sootpaw is the dark gray tom

Weedpaw is the silver tabby she-cat next to Sootpaw


They where all in battle.

(and no Weedpaw is not Streamfeathers kit, she died of a car! She was reeborn into a difrent clan tho)


Deersong and Tadpolkit

 Deersong/Deerpaw is the dark brown she-cat

Tadpolkit is the little black kit


They are good riends. Tadpolkit is Nightwings kit.

Lionkit and Hardfur

 Lionkit is the spotted orange-brown she-cat

Hardfur/Hardpaw dark brown tom


Hardfur/Hardpaw became mates with Cheetaclaw and they had there first kit; Lionkit



Bloodfang and Ivypaw

 Ivypaw/Ivyeye is the light gray-brown she-cat

Bloodfang is the dark brown tom


They are futuer mates...

Dustcloud and Ivyfrost

 Dustcloud is the brown tom

Ivyfrost is the silver she-cat

Treefang is the tan tabby tom

Whitepelt is the white she-cat next to Treefang

Brightflower is the white she-cat with orange patchs

Frogkit is the dark gray tom

Lilykit is the silver she-cat next to Frogkit

Windkit is the white she-cat next to Lilykit


Stonefeather, Coldstar, and


Robinpaw and Dustcloud



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