Top 5 Fashion Myths You Need to Get Rid Of

fIt is 2014 and majority of the women are stuck up with the age old fashion advice that are imprinted in their brains and in most of the fashion freaks' minds. To look trendy one really need to understand that fashion is something that changes as quickly as you blink your eyes. And keeping this in mind you have to make yourself flexible to adapt to the varying traits with that pace. No we are not asking you to follow every fashion trend blindly but we expect you to at least not tag on the trends that are passé to avoid making yourself look silly in the crowd out there.

The online fashion shopping world has altered things in the fashion market to a huge degree. It is tricky to manage with the radically changing trends every day. Nowadays, people fancy to shop over the internet for a variety of things including party dress as well. With the bombardment of information over the internet people often get puzzled about which point to follow and which to pay no attention to and building credibility also gets hard in such a situation.



Here are the top 5 women's fashion myths debunked:


1. Shoes and Handbag Should Match Each Other


Ugh! This is so 60's! No girls, not anymore. Adding up color to your outfit is what is in trend nowadays. So why be monotonous by wearing two similar colors? There is an array of bright and funky colors and prints available for both footwear and purses. Get a little experimental and pick up loud and funky colors to add punk to your outfit with subtlety.


2. Don't Show Your Bra StrapsWell this is a tricky one.



In fact extremely difficult . Showing off your straps isn't a terrible thing but you need to play safe and smart to make sure you don't end up crossing the thin line between looking sexy and being vulgar.


3. Maxi Dresses aren't for Short GirlsDon't get dismayed girls!


This is something whose origin we fail to recognize. In spite of knowing the reality that full length dresses or longer tops make you look slimmer and taller than your usual stats. Without worrying any further just slip into a maxi dress but make certain not to be dressed in something with big prints as they can spoil the party. Instead go for solid single colors.


4. Girls with Curves Shouldn't Wear Skinny Denims


If you can't show off your curves then you are doing your shape wrong and nothing enhances and flaunts those curves better than skinny denim. So do away with this inhibition and get into a pair of skinny denim and observe the difference yourself.


5. Don't Wear Everything Bright


Bright colors and neon shades are in fashion these days. Don't worry about what the yesteryears fashionista said. Those trends and rules are faux pass. Add color to your dress and stand out in the crowd.


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