Fantasy And Reality Collide

Appreciation of Mother

This poem is dedicated to my mother, Brenda.

You are appreciated more than you know
my words and actions don't always show
The way that I feel about you is real
a bond was formed, an unbreakable seal

I'll love you through each and every year
I will always be here, so have no fear
maybe one day I'll be able to express
my feelings for you, with some success
always remember, Mother, come what may
I'm right beside you every step of the way

You stood by me through my surgeries
bandaged me when I skinned my knees
provided for me because I had nothing
and when I soared, you gave me wings
When I need you, you're there for me
just wanted to tell you so you'll see
how very much your love means to me
This is my appreciation of Mother, for eternity

Beautiful Easter Morning

It was a sad, dark Friday
when they took Jesus away
Leading Him up Golgotha's hill
causing His blood to spill

He was mocked by soldiers
and spat upon by scoffers
They wanted this man dead
put a thorny crown upon His head

A good man of many sorrows
subjected to so many horrors
He was beaten bloody with a whip
and sliced open by its lead tip
But, He still forgave them
because He died to save them

No sign of Him on Saturday
He rose up again on Sunday
witnessed by over five-hundred
declaring that He's not dead
It's a beautiful Easter morning
and I am no longer in mourning

Because God

Because God died for me
I know what love is
because God brought us
together as man and wife
I feel what love is
because God gave us children
I share what love is

He came to set us free
He died for you and me
and if we accept His sacrifice
He will give us a new life
But, if we choose to reject Him
and if we decide to disrespect Him
then we will be lost forever
separated from Him for all of eternity

It's much easier to choose to love
and place our hope in things above
To set our minds upon Godly things
and enjoy all the benefits He brings
as our hearts have a reason to sing

Dying to Fit In

Whether going to a doctor's appointment
or attending some other type of event
I always seem to run into those kind
with shallow hearts and ignorant minds
Those who glance but don't really see
ignore, neglect and try to exclude me

They ridicule me in public just for fun
never considering the harm they've done
Well-dressed, slim, pretty little misses
cast upon me their condescending stares
weighing me down with judgmental glares
As their cruel laughter fills up the room
echoing my despair and sense of gloom

They will be hard-pressed to ever know
tears in my heart, my face won't show
I won't even give them that satisfaction
so what if they don't see my attraction
standing tall and proud is my reaction
I only wish that I wasn't dying to fit in

Fantasy and Reality Collide

Please, don't give me the fantasy
if I can't have the reality
I don't want to be introduced to
happiness, if it isn't going to last
I don't want to know what I'm missing
if it isn't going to exist forever

Just let me be content to live out
my lonely, boring life and never
experience anything more satisfying
Not if it's only going to be taken away
from me, leaving me all alone again

It hurts too much to disrupt your
existence with the promise of love
and to rise high on feelings above
Only to have to come crashing back
down to earth, in an unbroken fall
whenever the romance begins to fade

Please, don't give me the fantasy
if I can't have the reality
Maybe one of these days, I'll find
some ways to bridge the distance
to make the fantasy and reality collide

Father Figure

This poem is dedicated to my father, Rickey.

I'm sorry I don't really know you
there's so much I wish I could show you
I want to make my Father proud
I want to say "I love you" out loud
wish you wanted me in your life
wish my Mother was still your wife

I see the image of a Father figure
but it's a mere substitute for you
I love you because you're my Daddy
not because you've given me a reason to
There's so much we'll never do or share
you may not want me, but I do care

Do you have a beautiful daughter and
does she look just like her Father
I guess you'll never give me advice
I guess you'll never share your life
Daddy, won't you change your mind
and please, stop leaving me behind

If you ever decide you want to see me
then you do know where to find me


Why doesn't anyone bother
to even ask me how I feel
Instead they only talk at me
and it has become so unreal

I do have a mind of my own
I do think my own thoughts
I'm responsible for my own actions
yet someone else steals the credit
for the ideas that I come up with

I have feelings, I feel so much
part of me they just can't touch
I have a heart that has been hurt
as if it were ground into the dirt

I have a right to laugh and smile
I have a right to be angry or sad
though some days are good or bad
in the end, my life is worthwhile

In the Raw

This is my life in the raw
I never feel like I ever fit in
waiting for my time to begin
I’m always left out in the cold
where is the hand that I can hold?

The stage was set so long ago
the story of my life, like a show
spread across a movie screen
for all of this whole world to see
Mired down in the mud of apathy
there has to be a way to break free

My mediocre days, with lazy ways
all of it blurs into some haze
lost within an impossible maze
Where next will I fix my gaze?
will I ever abandon the stoic phase?

People stare at me everywhere
try to intermingle or do I dare?
so they can only mock my despair
Oh, this is my life in the raw

It's Never Too Late

How can a writer not write
a singer not sing
a dancer not dance?

How can a dreamer not dream
an actor not act
a lover not love?

You can do and you can be
anything that you desire
if you persevere and try
to achieve what you aspire
It takes courage and faith
and it’s never too late

How can a painter not paint
a preacher not preach
a builder not build?

How can a speaker not speak
a teacher not teach
a giver not give?

You can do and you can be
anything that you desire
if you persevere and try
to achieve what you aspire
It takes courage and faith
and it’s never too late

As long as you're still breathing
As long as your heart's beating
Thank God, it's never too late

Lovely Miss Linda Sue

This poem is dedicated in memory of Linda Sue Cantrell.

Lovely Miss Linda Sue
what are you going to do
when everyone adores you
With such beauty as yours
men bow down to the floor

The feistiness of Bette Davis
and stubborn, I must say this
With the sass of Jacqueline Bisset
if they don't like it, then kiss it
With the grace of Veronica Hamel
right down to your tooth enamel
please, don't be ever so gloomy
your class is an example to me

With all my kidding laid aside
my admiration I cannot hide
With a harsh, stern look
you start my eyes wailing
With a sweet, kind word
you send my heart sailing
and you give so much love

One Halloween Night

One fearful Halloween night
I lay in bed so full of fright
Imagining some scary things
with all the chills that it brings

I thought of that serial killer
who was out prowling, on the loose
A tree limb brushed my window
oh, what a scream it did produce!

But then, I recalled the truth
I'd discovered once in my youth
Evil demons, ghosts and goblins
Jesus will solve those problems

So, I don't have to lie in fear
because I know that He's here
Jesus will keep me protected
my needs, He hasn't neglected

Bats may soar up in the air
wolves may howl with despair
Witches might fly upon brooms
but Jesus is here in this room

Only an Orphan Girl

This poem was inspired by the film, "Annie".

I skip along these old streets
worn dress and almost bare feet
I chance a glance up at the sky
as people hurriedly rush on by
They don't notice or call to me
instead pretending they don't see
I feel so invisible in this world
because I'm only an orphan girl

Mama died and left me by myself
inside an orphanage I'm shelved
I wish I knew who Daddy might be
sometimes I just feel so lonely
I don't ask for much to speak of
only want a family, to be loved
I feel so invisible in this world
because I'm only an orphan girl

Maybe one day, when I get older
things might be different for me
Perhaps then I'll be much bolder
so someone will finally notice me

Well, until I enter adulthood
guess I’ll just have to bide my time
scrubbing all of these dirty floors
and making all of these empty beds
I wish there was someone who cared
how I yearn for a sense of stability

I feel so invisible in this ole world
because I’m only an orphan girl
Yes, I feel so invisible in this here world
because of the fact that I’m only an orphan girl

Pieces of Myself

Cold and hungry, lost and out on my own
there is no place around to call my home
never a day when I feel wanted or loved
in a world where the homeless are shoved
If by chance I could somehow cease wailing
maybe then I'd have the courage to stop failing

The glamour's gone, the facade's worn thin
how can this loser ever hold up her chin?
once told so much promise and potential had I
now I sit here all alone on the streets and I cry
We broke the ice, spilled the champagne in Maine
pieces of myself float back and are gone again

I used to laugh with you and dance in the rain
only you could free me from all of this pain
you brought me happiness and we were so blessed
how did I ever wind up here in such a big mess?
I miss your haunting eyes and your special grin
right now I could really use a good, true friend

At last, you've come to take me from this sad place
back to the way my life was before I fell from grace

What Christmas Is All About

Over two thousand years ago
a baby was born; do you know
that He was both God and man?
He came according to the plan
just to reconcile us sinners lost
He sacrificed and paid the cost
but it was debt He never owed
and yet His precious blood flowed

In the beginning of all creation
God formed Adam and then Eve
whom Satan was able to deceive
into tasting the forbidden fruit
A separation thus followed suit
from the One Who gave us breath

So holy and so righteous is He
that in His presence we can't be
unless in Christ we place our trust
Jesus bridges the gap between us
so, just in case you have any doubt
that's what Christmas is all about

Who I Am

I may not walk with grace
yet I have a beautiful face
but, my own body betrays me
and I see the truth so plainly
Too short, not skinny enough
gaining acceptance can be tough
in a world where attractiveness
is judged by poor standards at best

Not everyone can be a size two
with a flat tummy and long legs, too
Whatever happened to those glory days
when an hour glass figure was the craze?
But, now the waif-girl look is the fad
a woman who starves herself half-dead

Nice curves to slide your hands around
not a tiny build, straight up and down
A 'real woman' will sometimes eat cake
while 'a girl' does what others dictate
Stand up and be true to who you are
I'm confident and proud of who I am


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Dedicated in memory of Linda Sue Cantrell and Douglas Lee Duncan

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