The adventure of kingdom

I was in the airport i met my friend there but we went to the philippines but accident we fell into the island there is noone lived so we so we decide to live thereso my adventure is start my freinds make house and we caught the chicken, cow, pig, sheep & more to survive at the end when it is night time ZOMBIES! come out the cave so we need fight the zombies so we sleep next day we make our own kingdom so we make a boat but there is no tree we cant make a boat so we go to the another kingdom there is another 2boat and 10diamond so we go to the korean but my friend have big greed he steal 5diamond and he break the boat and he kill my friend and we will decide to killhim but there is friend colleague so we make a diamond sword and kill them  but my firend is all dead and i run the this island but zombies is come here but  kill it and i run but there is cliff so i dead you can think but i believe because the world dont have zombies and you will not greed is bad 

                                                                                                                       The end


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 09.12.2015

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jake jab steve ven and cab

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