new york

finally  we moved to new york its beautiful but not the best place to be but what can i say. i stood in front of our new house and as son as my mother unlocked the door i ran up the stairs looking around going to the biggest room when i got to the window i saw a guy with tattoos on his arms punching a boxingbag with his shirt off  he has a really good body and he is hot omg all of a sudden a knock was at the front door i turned for the window then looked at the window again but he wasn't there i ran downstair my mom was at the door i heard 3 people voices "here is my daughter taylor" my mom said holding my arms i shrugged her arms off me when i looked all the way the guy in the window was there and im guessing these to people must be his mother and father "hi this is my son brian" his mom said rolling her eyes at him "wassup" he said

at my room]

"lets make a deal" he said walking towards me pushing be against the wall "whoever falls in love with each other wins whoever doesn't wins" he said smiling shoing his dimples "deal" i said "okay than babe" he said smiling he walked down the stairs smiling "bye babe" i said while he walked out the door he waved goodbye my mom closed the door and started to smile at me i walked up the stairs shaking my head 

in the shower

i just got out the shower my hair was wet i had a towel wrapped around my chest i pasted the window but i noticed something i walked back to the window i saw a note on brian window said open ur window so i opened my window  and went to my draw taking off my towel and putting on my bra but my underwear fell so i picked it up but when i turned around brian was right behind me "omg close ur eyes" i cover my body he walked closer to me i pushed him than he turned around  i pulled my cloths on "what do u want " he looked at me smiling "you"

him and her

brian walked with me to school holding my hand when we got to school this girl me mugged me "baby who is she" the girl said  walking up to me " im his baby " i said we walked off i wondered who she was  but  i wasn't really caring because brian had first class with me and he kissed my  cheek when he went to sit with his friend


 this book is going to have another series


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