DANNY!" Mother yelled. "I'm getting out of bed mom." I yelled back. "ok breakfeast ready in 20mins!" she called back. Alright so about me... um... im 17, have blonde hair, and my three bestfriends are --- Krystal, Ryan, & um Aaron :)! So my hobbies uh there Skateboarding and shopping :.

17 mins later :D

"GET DOWN HERE DANNY!" Mom yelled "Comming but I dont have my cloths on yet" I yelled back. "Then get them on!" she called. So i got my cloths on and brushed my teeth...

"Comming mom!" I said running down the stairs to the living room...

I sat down at the table and ate my eggs. "Sweetie have a good day at school." she said as I walked out the door.
I got on the bus and sat by myself in the front.(I hate being the first one on the bus O_o) Krystal got on the bus after me so she sits right by me. "Hi Danny" she said while sitting down. "Hey Krystal" I said almost half asleep.
Here are the pictures of my friends(NEXT PAGE)





Those are my weird friends. On with the story...

"Alright so I saw SMILE last night and well its funny" Krystal said. "Cool what time is it on today?" I asked. "I dont really know but i might be on at 7:00" She said. "Ill try to find it on my tv tonight" I said. "Hey why dont we wait till we get to school so we can talk with Ryan and Aaron." She said. "ok ill sleep" I said yawning.

Bus drives into drop-off lane...

"WAKE UP DANNY!" Krystal said while shaking me.
"Ok im awake, stop shaking me" I said while sitting up. "Ok, Come on" She said. "Coming" I said while getting up and walking off the bus. "Hey, look Ryan and Aaron :D" Krystal said while pulling me towards them. "Sup guys" Aaron said. "Nothing really" I said sitting in the court yard, under a tree. "Cool" Ryan said. Ryan took Krystals arm and led her someplace secret(There Dating BTW). "So......" Aaron said. "What do you think they're doing?" He asked. "Probably kissing of some sort :P" I said laying down on the fresh looking grass. Aaron layed down next to me. "Hey so have you heard about the valintine roses?" He asked. "Yea, Red is for LOVE, Pink is for CRUSH, and White is for FRIENDS." I said. "Who you giving yours to Dan?" He asked. "All ya'll guys, but one will get a pink :D" I said. "Who you sending yours to?" I asked him. "I dont know I only give out Pink roses :" He said uncomfirtably. "Cool" I said


"Gotta go, bye Aaron" I said running to get to my first class. "Bye Danny" He said while sitting up and walking toward class.

"In Class(Science)"
Teacher: Mrs.Gilburt

"Hi class." Mrs.G said to us. "Today we'll be learing how to be a Hero to our community."

" The rest was GIBBERISH"

"Before i new it i was out of school!"

I called Ryan, Aaron, & Ktystal. "Hey guys come over now! There is something I gotta show you." I said through the phone to them all.

People get to Dannys house

"Hey guys goto the couch and sit down!" I said when they were taking there coats off. "kk." Krystal said while sitting down.
I turned on the tv to SMILE.
Reporter saying "Breaking news, For all you Emo's... New lip rings went on sale and lip spikes to!Go online or to Goal(store at mall) to get some random colors. New CONVERSE in Green, Black, Hot Pink, and Pool :D. Enjoy Emo's...

"YAY! Converse for all of us :D!" I screamed just loud enough for my mom to here.

"DANNY! Whats going on down there!?!?" SHe asked with a scream. "Nothing Mom." I yelled back. "Ok do you mind if I go on your Patio?" Aaron asked. "No, but its dark." I responded. "Ok, um feel free to come out here." He said walking out the cleer glass door. "Im going to go out there with him, i dont want him to be alone." I said walking out the door. Aaron laying down on the fresh wood patio. "Hey Dan." He said. "Hey Aaron." I said while sitting down on the wood next to him.I layed my head by his. He lectured me to move close to him. "The stars look so pretty tonight." I said looking up at the sky. "Yea." He said mumbleing somthing I couldnt understand.I was thinking about the stars,and then every thing went blank. That when I saw what I was doing O_O. I was kissing Aaron, I know I have a crush on him and all but why now did I have have my first kiss in the most romantic place on earth. "Sorry." I said but it only sounded like a faint whisper. "Its fine, Dan, but why did you kiss me." He asked as he turned over on his side looking at me. "I dont know, my brain is diffrent, you know that." I said. "Yea i know that but-" "Because I Love you, Aaron." I said as tears rolled down my cheeks. Aaron pulled me close, I snuggled up to him, as if I were a two year old. I fell asleep with his muscular grasp around me.


I wake up with the best sleep i've ever gotten, and Aaron was still there. He stared into my icey blue eyes, and I stared into his soft, purple eyes. He squeezed me tight then he stood up. He helped me up. "Um im going to get washed up." He said ruffling his hair. "Yea me to." I said running in the house and up the stairs. I got my cloths and i got a picture of myself to wanna see? O who cares here it is >>>>>>>>>v

Thats me and this is Aaron >>>V

I ran downstairs sat down in the royal crested chair my father made for me.(He is off on buisness and my mom and him are divorsed.) Aaron sat next to me in a blue chair that was a regular chair. "Wanna go shopping for those converse and cloths?" I asked him eating my egg and cheese taco O_e TACOS!!!! "Sure, but what about the others?" He said. "We'll get them some to." I said. "KK, lets go." He said getting his striped hoodie on and his GOAL shoes. We walked out the door and started walking toward the mall. "How was your sleep last night?" He asked. "Good, why." I said. "Just the feeling that because you sleept with me! And my night was good to." He said while laughing. "Yep, best night sleep i ever had." I said chuckling. "Me to, and maybe because you feel loved." He said holding my hand. "Maybe i did but, i feel way more loved at this moment."I said hugging his side. "That could be true you know, Dan." He said. All i know is that Aaron is about a few inches taller than me always had been, But i this its because i was a twin and i was the smallest. I see my twin Sophie every Month and guess what can me and Sophie switch parents please! Sophie is a cheerleader she is 5/7 and has the captian of the football team as her boyfriend not what i was hoping for but we are total opisites : I hate her, She hates me. "Whats wrong, Danny?" He asked. "Nothing just my twin sister and her outrageuos boyfriend are coming this evening." I said with a sigh. "Does that matter right now because all I wanna do is be with you." He said kissing my cheek. I blushed. "Me to but, my sister hates everything about emo :(. Never mind let enjoy this moment.


Sophies Boyfriend

"Your, so beutiful, Danny. Why did you choose me to be ur boyfriend?" He said. "Because, Im nowhere close to being like my sister who just asks boys out to have a boyfried and im in love with you ill always be no matter what." I said. "Haha, your just so funny." He said kissing me, with deep and long passion :D. He pulled away. "Lets go for six minutes without kissing, i bet i could beat you :D." He said giving me one last kiss. "Bet you could cause i cant resist you." I said hugging him.

4 Minutes Over :D
"Four Minutes, PAST, i cant wait any longer." He said swinging me over on his hand and kissing me deep with passion. He pulled back, and let me stand up. I wraped my arms around his side, he put his arm around me and kissing my head.
We walked into the mall doors and strted walking toward GOAL. "Here we are." I said walking through the doors. "Hey look ill get us the lip rings, do you want lip rings or spikes?" He asked me. "I want Lip rings." I said while grabing the Pink converse for Krystal.

****************SPEAKER: NEW LIP GLOSS****************
I grabed all the converse we needed and headed for the lip gloss. "YAY. Cherry blossem, Mocha, Strawberry, Coconut, etc!" I whispered as i picked up all the flavers and went to the checkout counter. Aaron set down four times all the colors of lip ring for us all. The clerk rang them up. "That'll be Fifty dollars." He said. Aaron gave him fifty two dollars for a tip and the clerk gave us the bag of the stuff.
We got back home
"Hey guys." Krystal said grabing her stuff out of the bag. "Ohh Strawberry." She said putting it on her lips. "Wow my lips are really pink :D" She said making kissy faces in the mirror. I dragged Aaron upstairs to my room. "Yes, Dan?" He asked me looking at stuff. "I love you :D" i said kissing him deep in passion so that he could feel how much i cared about him. He kissed back and held me tight.I lifted his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. He cradled me in a deep careful motion. He moved his hands up the back of my shirt careful not to remove it from my body. Soon enough i fell in love with that moment and befare i knew it it was morning. I felt good very good, good enough that i snuggled up to Aaron, then i noticed i was in my bra and my boyshorts :O and he was in his boxers :O.


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