Lost Britain Dog



Written By Ivan Kuo




There was a British dog in the 1970s.  His name was Kenneth.  Now let us begin the story of my adventure.  I, Kenneth, was one of the richest dogs of Great Britain.  In fact, I was the British King’s dog!  Until one day, the King and Queen left for a party.  A robber took me away and sold me for one million Russian Ruble.  My new owner was the famous Albert Einstein.  I thought I was never going to see the British King again!  Luckily, I was with Dogbert Einstein, a scientific dog.  He just discovered how to read words!  He taught me how to read, even though I thought it didn’t help.  Dogbert helped me get out of the house.  I traveled to the airport, hoping to see if the king came to get me.  I finally remembered that he didn’t even know where I was!  Thanks to Dogbert, I was able to read the signs in the airport.  One sign said that a plane would be leaving for Great Britain in five minutes.  I boarded the plane, until I realized I

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was hungry.  I looked around the plane for food.  All of a sudden, I heard someone shout, “Dog!”  The people on the plane kicked me off the plane with a parachute.  I landed safely, but I wasn’t in Great Britain.  I was in Greece!  The Greek people have never seen a domestic dog like me before.  One person claimed me as his pet.  People started bidding for how much they would pay to have me.  I knew this was trouble.  I started sprinting down the street as fast as I could.  Greek soldiers mistook me for a wolf and tried to kill me!  Just before the gate closed, I slid out of Greece while losing a few hairs.  Where was I though?  I was in Italy!  The chefs in Italy always gave me extra pizza and washed me.  They were so nice to me, but I knew in my heart that I had to get to Great Britain!  I went to France and stayed in Paris.  It was a really nice place to stay.  I went to the Eiffel Tower and




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thought, ‘Maybe if I could get to the top I would

be able to see Great Britain.’  I climbed up the Eiffel Tower, but I still wasn’t at the top.   I, eventually, thought I would never get to the top, so I decided to go down.  I looked outside and realized it would take another 4826 steps to get back down!  I decided I would go back up the Eiffel Tower.  When I reached the top, all I could see was France.  I started moaning and howling because I thought I would never see Great Britain again.  I knew I couldn’t lose hope though.  I had to keep going!  I made a large parachute using a blueprint I found.  I jumped off the Eiffel Tower and started gliding… Crack I felt something hit me!







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Time Period: 2002

Great Britain’s King’s Status: Alive

Missing Dog Found: No

Kenneth Traveling: Yes






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It was 2002 and I still haven’t found the king.  I calculated that it has been three dog years since I was taken.  I don’t know how I got here, but I remembered the last time I was shot down.  I saw a crate next to me that said, “Animals That Are Taken In Captivity To Die”.  I figured I was stranded on Mount Everest.  I was grateful that I was here because I could go to the top and find Great Britain.  I didn’t know what association brought me here, but it was sure nice of them to do this.  I even found a few materials!  They gave me an air tank, but I didn’t need it.  I started hiking up the mountain.  I felt a strange feeling that I was being watched.  I saw a giant shadow of a monster-like creature.  I hid in some snow and watched.  It was a giant yeti.  I came out and barked at the yeti, but there was no response.  I started attacking it.  Until all of a sudden, it threw me to the top while falling down.





Human’s Perspective

Of Yeti Fight










A helicopter goes around Mount Everest and finds a dog fighting the mythical yeti.  The news reporters on board immediately start recording the epic moment.  They see that the dog defeats the yeti.  Kenneth makes his way to the top and becomes famous.  Great Britain’s King is mourning for his lost dog.  His daughter calls him to watch the incredible news.  The king reluctantly goes to watch.  As they zoom in on Kenneth.  The British King sees his missing dog!  The king immediately starts the search for Kenneth.  Kenneth, on the other hand, found Great Britain and is currently flying on a hang-glider.  Both the king and Kenneth have bumped into each other on their way!  They have happy reunion.






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Kenneth and the King’s perspective


I was so happy to see the king again that I barked for joy.  Even though I was dirty, the king still hugged me.  We went back to Great Britain.  I had one of my luxurious baths.  We had a great feast with my family and the king’s family.  We all talked about how we missed each other.


The End






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Author: Ivan Kuo

Summer 2015



Texte: Ivan Kuo
Lektorat/Korrektorat: Ivan's Mom
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 02.08.2015

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