Some South American Wildlife and Their Story.







Scenes of Some South American Wildlife




Anita Punyanitya Niovember 2016



Please scroll down right to below, even after blank patches…..right down to the end of Page 8 where you will see the cousin of the badger.



Monkeys, small some be, aboud in lots of countries all over the World……..of various types…..ion different continenets.

This beautiful fox relative to the British fox has a long history going back 3 billion years in South America ….…whereas the British fox relatives stem from 300 years ago since arriving as a small present.






Even this moose type of South America is related to the North American moose or reindeer.

An armadillo…unique this!


And you though there were platypuses only in Australia!!! This is a South American relative or original brother or sister. Read the shifting maps of the past few billion years of all sorts of parts of the continents of the Earth being linked up……where the wildlife grew freely. South American and Australia as continents were once united. So when the continents split and shifted apart and away from each other, the animals grew independently in each continent. Maybe this South American drawing/painting above is of an extinct species by now…looking just like a current Australian platypus.




A fox going by another local name…..a fine, bushy tailed one, this….but still related to the English fox.






Photos down below all the way to the badger’s relative.

A small bear, similar but much smaller than the larger bears found all over the World on the different continents.




Map of South America


Here’s a cousin of the badger…this one living in South America as a wildlife species of 9 thousand million years of ancestry.


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Prehistory speaks.

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