Ebb & Flow

Onward, outward, embracing the blue horizon
Breathless, entranced with wonder and awe
The song of the wind, melodious and sweet
The kiss of the spray, the touch of the sun
Falling now into the cool reprieve,
Which washes away all worry and grief
Lovingly, the sky smiles down upon you
Gently the waves rock away the cares
So many new islands to discover
So many new inlets to explore
Most cherished are the ones within your soul
A gift from an endless deluge of light
Reflections of self and beauty abound
From within and without, all is God’s work
Filled with the absence of trials and pain
Empty, the vessel awaits renewal
And so it shall come on the crests of the ocean
As it has come, an ebb and a flow
From the heart of God, to the heart of man

My Stunning Error

I now realize my error in how I have been trying to live my life. All this time, I have been looking for a way to go whilst feeling worthless and depressed. I was wrong. I realize now, that is not the answer – I don’t have to go on feeling worthless and depressed. The question I should have been asking myself is how I might instill in myself, love, gratitude and acceptance for who I am. That is the road I now choose with which to go on.

God’s Words

Silently, I watch in awe at this spectacle before me
What are these words I am hearing?
What is the message I am to receive?
It is alien in nature and terrifying to behold
Others would bask in this warm embrace
Living for these very utterances
It is sweet and kind and affirming
It is love and respect and protection
It is painful and impossible to believe
But it is here and will not be quieted
I must not allow it to be
This is my chance, my hour, my reprieve
I struggle to overcome the lies
Which threaten to pull me under
To keep me from salvation
To entrap me again, this time forever
I choose to live
I choose to thrive
I choose to believe in the one who believes in me


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 18.12.2009

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