Chapter 1: (Monday) Cupids Bubbles

Hi, I am Veronique and I love Valentines Day it’s the day me and my friend Taylor can be cupid and co-cupid. It was fun to play as cupid and use bubbles instead of just arrows with hearts at the end of the bow. Anyways I was an only child but my friends were like my sister and brothers. So kick back and relax. I am going to tell you a story that is half-true. Also, listen very closely to hear the first two letters that start your name my friends.

Today was Monday, a week before Valentines Day. I could tell there was going to be many break ups and make up.

When I woke up this morning, I stood there, thinking and then my phone blinked with a text ring. The text conversation:

Taylor: Hey sleeping cupid 

Me: Just getting ready for school and trying to get dressed ah! I am going to fall.

Taylor: Aha, ha girl that is funny: D

Me: Yeah well, guess what?

Taylor: What?

Me: I got some heart bubble bottles!

Then Taylor called me. Then we yelled.

Both of us: Cupids Bubbles!

Later after our silly morning, we met school in the morning. It was cold in the morning. We met up by the counseling office. Taylor and I go Victor Azury Valley High. When we met, we walked around the school for a while until the bell rang for class.

“So girl how we going to do this this year?” Taylor said looking at her phone.

“I don’t know.”

“Yeah this is high school and it’s going to be harder to be cupid” she as she looked up to the sky.

“Anyways we got to get our valentines for Valentines Day who are you looking forward to being your valentine?”

“Someone back at home he is home schooled and who are you looking for as your valentine?”

“I’m not looking at anyone.”


“Well because I haven’t met anyone yet!”


Then the bell rang. We said our goodbyes and went to class.

When I entered class, I sat next to my friend Brenda.

“Hey” Brenda said to me.

“Hey Brenda how are you?”

“Good and you?”

“Eh…cool I guess so what are you drawing?”

She looked down at her drawing on her paper.

“I’m drawing a girl version of cat in the hat but in amines”

Brenda is awesome when it comes to drawing animas. She was good and her drawings were cool too. She can draw almost anything if you just asked her.

“Ok class we are going to the prep rally” Mr. Germy said.

“Yes!” the whole class yelled.
“So yeah anyways Veronique who is your valentine? I got Patrick,” Brenda said.

“I don’t yet.”

“How about Constantine?”

“Constantine? Who is that?”

“Remember the kid I said? The one that I straightened his hair yesterday.”

“No… I know who he is I just don’t know what he looks like I never knew who he is.”

“Oh… well why don’t you ask him to be your valentine I think you have him for 4th period.”

“I don’t I know I really like blind valentines.”

“Whatever I think you should ask him he is really funny and cool.”


After our conversation from coming to the class down to the gym, we found a seat on the bleachers. The thing I did not like about the prep rally is that nobody had spirit unless there was a mini game or cheerleaders (which is mostly the boys). The dancers were good to not get applause. The choir was to quiet and the band class was too inspirited. Anyways the rally began I was already getting a headache from all the talking and yelling in the gym. The band picked up there flutes, drums, and started to play. They were not so bad this time. My friend Suzuki Kiowa played the flute she was good but not really.

“Oh my gosh! Look he’s right there,” Brenda, said pointing into the band.

“Who?” I said looking around in the band “Suzuki?”

“No! Constantine”

“Oh…” I said lying back against the bleacher again.

“Ha ha look he’s dancing!” she said laughing.

Then I looked back at him he was doing the stupidest dance ever but it was still funny. Then I realized that this was the first time I have ever seen Constantine. He had weird hair that was puffed up (it was true ha!). He had a gray jacket that looked like his favorite jacket because I think there was one time that Brenda told me that he was always wearing that jacket.

After the prep rally, it was time to go to 2nd period Algebra the boring class. Mr. Sync always did the problems so fast no one could understand and he always came with some catch phrase to embarrass or making fun of the kid he chose to pick on.

“Get seated and get out your warm up paper,” the teacher said as he stood at the door keeping it open for the kids.

“Hi Mr. Sync!” Lana said as she entered class hopping with joy.

“Good morning”

“Hi Mr. Sync!”

“Good Morning Lana.”

“Mr. Sync why do you always say good morning and never say hi?” she yelled “hi Mr. Sync!”

“Good Morning.”

Lana growled. I did not know why Lana was not at the prep rally she was in the choir her voice is nice and soft. She is good singing.
“Get seated and take out your warm up paper and do the warm up that’s up on the bored.” Mr. Sync said as he walked to his desk.

“Hey Vero can I have a piece of paper!” yelled someone from the back.

Then I turned and saw that it was my friend Taylor.

“Yeah let me get it” I opened my backpack and took out my folder. I took out the paper got up and took it to Taylor.

“Here you go,” I said as I gave her the paper.

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

On my way, back I saw Alexis sitting by my desk.

“Hey Alexis” I said sitting down.

“Hey Veronique” she said with a tired look.

“What’s up with you?” I said curiously.

“I’m just tired.”

“Like always you know what? I should call you sleepy you’re always tired.”


“Ok lets gets go over the warm up…Gentlemen be quiet.”

As he went over the problem, I fell into my little world for a minute and snapped back to the real cruel world.

“Get out your notebooks or piece of paper to write down these notes” the teacher said as he wrote on his little technical board in his hands.

I then got out my notebook and started to write the problem that he was writing on his little board. After I wrote the problem, I got bored and started to doodle on the next page. Then Mr. Sync went around giving a board marker so we can try it on our own on the board.

I swear some people were dumb if they just paid attention to how to do the math problem they would not have to write, “I don’t know” or “whatever” and “I quit”.

Then the bell finally rang. Everyone packed there things and left class.

“Hey Veronique” Brenda said from behind me.

I looked back and waved. Then kept on walking.

“Wait!” she said as she ran up to next to me “you walk fast man your like a spider monkey your just like vroom” she said panting and laughing a little.

“Ha ha sorry Brenda” I said with a smile.
Then we walked up the stairs together chatting about Constantine.

“So are you going to ask him to be your valentine?”



“I don’t know who he is!”

“Ok I’ll tell you about him ok so he made a video game when he was in 4th grade, he loves to draw, he likes being weird, he loves that black jacket he is always wearing , and he is cool, funny, and nice really sweet! What else do you want to know?”

“Ok…” I said looking at her awkwardly and quietly.

Then we walked to class.

“I’ll think about it,” I said to Brenda.

“Ok” she said with a smile.

Then we walked into class.

“Ok guys get your silent reading books out” Mrs. Ace said as she took her glasses off.

Then we all took out a book to read.

“This class is boring,” Brenda, said putting the book to her face to hide her mouth.

“You think everything is boring!” I whispered back with a smile.

“Brenda Vero is quiet,” Mrs. Ace said with a smile.

Then we read our books. I could not help but think about Constantine. I did not know if I should ask him I mean I did not even know the kid! But oh well.

Later after our 20 minutes of reading, we worked in our workbooks.

Nothing really happens in third period so let us just proceed.

I got a little nervous.

“Constantine is in this class,” Brenda said smiling.

“Shut up!”

Then I walked up the ramp and entered the class when I entered the class I saw Constantine. When I saw him close up I realized that I did know who he was he was the one that loved my best friend Suzuki Kiowa.

“Hey” said someone from the back.

When I turned, I saw that it was my friend Ki Ki.

“Hey Ki Ki” I said waving back at her and smiling.

“Hey girl what’s up with you?” she said with wonder.

“Nothing just a little nervous”


“Just reasons”

“Oh ok…”

Then she sat down in her seat. I sat down as well. As I sat down, I was thinking of a way of asking Constantine to go out with me to the winter formal as a friend. It was the only way I could probably ask him to be my Valentine.

“Hey Vero can I have paper?”

I turned to the seat next to me and saw Constantine.

“Oh yeah sure” I said as I grabbed the paper out of my folder.

Then I gave him the paper nervously.

“So um… Veronique can I talk to you after class?” he said as he took the paper from me.

“Sure” I said smiling.

“Ok guys class has begun start doing your entry task,” Mrs. Durrer said as she wrote on the overhead.

The class was freshman seminar. We usually just did some writing, math, and maybe even have a little time to do a read aloud. When we the teacher started to read aloud, Constantine just kept staring at me.

“Hey can I see your sketching pad?” Constantine whispered to me.

“Sure” I whispered back as I gave him the sketching bad.


He started drawing a weird little critter on the sketching paper. Then he handed it back to me.
It had a little weird cartoon character. It said, “I’m going bananas!” then started to sing” banana nana nana banana nana Na banana nana Na!”

I laughed in my mind and smiled. Then I looked at Constantine and smiled. He smiled back and laughed a little. Then the teacher stopped reading.

“Ok well we have to stop on this chapter because class is almost over” she said as she closed the book and put on the overhead.

The class moaned and started packing there stuff. Then the bell rang, everyone got quiet.

“Class dismissed.” the teacher said as she walked to her desk.

Then everyone got up left the room. Constantine got up and went around my row to meet up with me.

“So hey um… can I ask you something?” he said looking down on me. He was just a little taller than I was, with thick brown eyes. He looked good for an odd 14 year old.

“What?” I said looking up at him.

“Do you think maybe you get a valentine gram for a friend of mine for me? Because I don’t want anyone that I’m getting it for her so put secret admirer.”

“Oh yeah sure!”

“Ok thanks…”

“Hey um…what’s her name?”

“Oh it’s Cheyenne.”

“Oh… I know who you‘re talking about ok! I‘ll do it”

“Thanks again”

Then he turned and walked away.

“Hey want to walk to P.E. together?” I asked him.


We then started to walk out of class and down to P.E.

When we got we said our goodbyes and went the opposite locker rooms.

“Hey Abby” I said as I walked to my locker.

“Hey Ronnie!” Abby said as she pulled her shorts up to her waist.

“You know what sucks!”

“Vampires!” my friend Sarah said as she showed up to my locker.

“Ha ha very funny no!” I said sarcastically “what sucks is that everyone has a valentine and I don’t!”

“Oh calm down girl you’ll get a guy,” Abby said smiling me and hugging me. Abby was also taller than me.

“So anyways who’s your valentine?”

“Jerise” she said with a smile.

“Oh… I don’t like him he is annoying”

“No he is not he is sexy like Constantine”

“Ha ha no” I said sarcastically “I don’t even like Constantine because 1st of all I don’t know him so much and 2nd of all Constantine looks like the type I would like as friend” then I turned to Sarah “So anyways who’s your valentine?”


“Oh…I don’t like him either”


“Because he’s annoying the only thing I like about him is his voice because he has a lisp moment sometimes.”

“Oh wow…”

After we dressed out for P.E. my completely little friend group went up to the weight room.

Taylor was in my class so I was happy because I could talk to her about everything that just happened earlier.

“Hey Taylor!” I said happily.

“Hey!” she responded with a happy bark.

“Remember Constantine?”

“Who?” she said as she made a curious face.

“You know the kid with the weird curly hair, bout an inch tall with deep brown eyes?” I said with hand signaling.

“…OH! I think I know who you’re talking about now the weird kid that was in love with Suzuki right?”


“What about him?”

“He wants to me to send Cheyenne a valentine a gram for him and he wants me to put that it’s from a secret admirer.”

“Are you serious?”


“Oh no! He is taking our jobs away!” Taylor said sarcasm.

“You really need to get rid of that mouth cupid”

“Come on get in your lines and up against the fence!” Mrs. Tammy yelled as she walked toward the first person in my line.

She started walking down my line and checking of dressed and non-dressed people. Then she got to me.

“Hey Veronique how are you doing today” she said as she looked me up and down.

“Eh…good I guess…”

“Why what’s wrong?”

“Eh… I feel like really weak and kind of heartbroken,” I said as I looked down to my nice black vans.

“Oh…well you’ll cheer up.”

I shrugged then put my head against the fence and closed my eyes.

She kept on moving on down the line.

When she got to Sheronn and saw that she was not dressed, she yelled “Why!” like always.

When she was done with checking off, everyone who was dressed and non- dressed she yelled out “ok take a lap around the building and met me back at this spot ok! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!”

The whole class started to walk then jog and finally running. Some people went around like there supposed to, but some people just hid in between the building and waited till a big group of a kids came running and started to run a little behind them.

We then entered the weight room. The scent of rubber and sweat came to my nose. The air and boringness hit me as soon as I walked into the room.

“Ok take a seat everyone,” The teacher said as she took out some notes “ok so today you guys are doing a non stop working out period.”

The class groaned.

“If you guys are going to be lazy I’ll make you run the perimeter!”

The class then yelled “No!”

“Ok then shut up and listen.”

“Ok” said the class.

“The guys are working on the exercise balls and the girls are working on the jump ropes and then you are going to use the equipments CAREFULLY…Understood?” she said demandingly.

“Yes” the class said in little fear.

“Ok go start working out.”

Then she walked to the door and opened it so she can have a chat with the non - suits.

“So let’s get going on the jump ropes,” I said as I grabbed a jump rope of the rack.

“Ugh…” Taylor moaned.

“Taylor you need the exercise!” I said as I pat her stomach.

“Ah…stop,” she said as she tried to slap my hand off.
Then she picked up a jump rope and finally started jumping.

“Oh my gosh this is tiring” Taylor said as she jumped.

“You barely started jumping,” I said jumping as well.

“Yeah well I’m lazy and have asthma,” Taylor said as she started slowing down.

“You can’t use asthma as an excuse for everything you know.”

“Yes I can,” she said as she put the jump rope down and walked to the water fountain.

“55” Sarah said as she jumping.

I am good at jump roping. I can jump fast. Of coarse, there was no doubt that in time I will eventually forget how to do my jump rope tricks. I knew so many tricks.

“So are you going to the winter formal?” Sarah asked me as she put down her jump rope.

“What me no…” I replied.
“Come on you know you want to go.”

“I don’t know?”

“Who or what you thinking about?”


“Awe….the one that liked Suzuki?”


“He’s weird do you like him?”

“I don’t know maybe… Brenda is trying to get me with him for Valentines Day.”

“Oh well maybe you should take him to the winter formal as a friend!”



“I don’t know Sarah…”

“Come on”

“I think about it.”
“Ok now switch! Go to the machines now girls and boys!” the teacher yelled.

The class listened and went to the machines.

Then out of nowhere, a big bang came from the left back corner. We all turned. It was the idiot class clown Tender.

“TENDER!” the teacher yelled.

“What?” he said with fear.


“Ugh…” he said as he got of the machine and walked to the door.

Mrs. Tammy just stared at him as he walked out the door. Not only was he the class clown but the clumsiest out of the whole class. Everyone started to smile and hide there laughs with there hands. One stupid idiot said “Oh….” from the back in an ’you just got caught’ way and the teacher turned, raised her eye brow and said, “You can go to if your going to be an idiot”

“No I’m good,” the kid said as he held his head down.

Then the whole class turned there attention back to the workout session.

“So yeah anyways… Who goes first?” Sharp said as she pointed at the machine. Sharp was a little tall. She had brown eyes, skinny, and was always arguing with my other friend Sheronn.

“Not me” Sheronn as she backed away from the group and then walked away.

“I’ll go “Sarah said as she sat down on the seat of the machine “so what do I do?”

“Well this is leg press machine,” I said as I read the directions.


After I read the directions, I told her what to do. After 10 minutes, it was time to go.

“Ok so it’s time to go put up the weights, clean up and go to the locker rooms bye see you tomorrow,” the teacher said as she checked the room for any mistakes.

After my little group and me cleaned up. Sarah and I walked down to the locker room together as we talked and laughed.

“Hey Constantine” I said waving to Constantine.

“Hi!” he said waving with both of his hands.

“Suzuki!” I said as I ran to hug her.

“Hi” Suzuki said as she hugged me “and I’m Mordici remember that” she said as she pointed at me smiling.

“Anyways wait for me k I need to change” I said walking to my locker.

“Of course” Suzuki said. Suzuki is my best friend we did many things together. We loved the soma shows and doing the same thing. We called each other Mordici and Rigby because of our favorite show called “The Regular Show” it was an awesome funny show.

“Veronique” Suzuki said as she put her jacket on.

“What?” I responded.

“I failed to keep your promise.”

“What!” I said as I picked up my backpack.

“Ha ha no no no wait! It goes awe what…. Aha ha” she said laughing.

“Wait I’m stupid I forgot the promise what was it?” I said as I tried to put on my shoes.

“Oh…I think it was that…um…oh great now I forgot!” she said stomping her foot “ugh…great now it’s going to bug me all day!”

“Ha ha oh well lets just go” I said as I got up from the bench I was sitting on.

“So did you see that kid that ran into the wall at the prep rally?” Suzuki said as she began to laugh.

“No what happened?”

“He…” she paused and started to laugh.

“What happened?”

“He volunteered to be in the game pin the rabbit tail and…” then she paused and laughed again “instead of going to the board that girl was holding he ran into the wall” she said laughing. When Suzuki laughed, it was as if she was a hyena she could not stop laughing.

“Wow” I said as I started to laugh “calm down Suzuki dang”

“I’m sorry,” she said with claming and still laughing a little.

When we were in the cafeteria we went in line for lunch.

“Man I am starving” Suzuki said as she held her stomach.

“Like always” I said with a sarcastic look.

“Man the prep rally was so boring! The whole time I just sat there doing nothing because he hasn’t even taught us how to play that stupid song yet!” she said angrily.

“What song the theme song?”


“Oh… well I think the prep rally is boring I mean no one ever has any school spirit they just sit there and go ’wow’ all lazy”

“I know right!”

“Next!” the lunch person yelled “what you having?”

“Pizza” I said raising my voice a little.

“What to drink?” she yelled.

“Orange juice!” I yelled back.

After Suzuki and I got lunch, we sat down and ate.

Constantine kept staring at me.

“Hello!” Taylor said she plopped next to me on the lunch bench.

“HI” Suzuki and I said.

“So guess what?”

“What?” I said as I took a sip from my orange juice.

“I’m bringing cookies for Valentine’s Day!”
“COOKIES!” I yelled as I threw my head back.

“Ha Ha your crazy Vero!” Taylor said laughing.

“So anyways guys winter formal and girls choice who you taking!”

“Wait wait girl’s choice?” I said confused.

“Yeah that’s what they want to do instead of winter formal this year.”




“Anyways I’m going to bring my home school boy” Taylor said smiling.

“I’m not going I don’t like dances” Suzuki said calmly.

“What!” me and Taylor yelled.

“Dances are like the most important part of high school!” I yelled.

“Yeah! What she said!” Taylor said as she pointed at me.

“Sorry but I don’t like dances”

“Ok whatever… you know what I don’t even think I’m going either” I said throwing away my paper tray.

“I thought you said that a dance was the most important thing about high school!” Suzuki said sarcastically.

“You know what shut up Mordici” I said yelling at Suzuki.

“Oh! Ok you know what Rigby!” Suzuki said pointing at me. It was weird that Suzuki and I called each other cartoon names like Mordici and Rigby but it was fun and hilarious.

“Ok guys both of you just shut up!” Taylor yelled, “Ok just tell me why you can’t or your lame excuse of not wanting to go.”

“Because first of all I don’t have a date and second of all I don’t have a dress.”

“Ok first of all you are coming with me and Abby and second of all you have three days to go shopping for a dress with me, Monica, and Abby.”

“Ok fine what ever…”

“I’m bored,” Taylor said as she put her head down. Then she flinged it back up and said, “I’m going to the library! Bye.”

Then she got up and a note fell from her backpack.

“Um… I think your note fell Tay Tay,” I said as I pointed at the note on the ground.

“Note?” she said curiously.

She picked it up. She then came back to the seat she was sitting in and sat right back down.

“What does it say?” Suzuki and I asked.

“It says I’m your valentine…” Taylor stopped and looked at me “Ha ha very funny Veronique stop playing with me cupid.”

“What? Why the heck what I do that for I’m straight girl I promise you that,” I said putting my hand up “anyways just keep reading I want to hear what it says!”

She then looked back down at the note and started to read again.

“I’m your valentine but you won’t know who I am till Valentines Day I love you bye” Taylor paused “What the Heck?”

“Oh well it looks like someone is competing against us secret cupids” I said as I got up out of my seat.

“Whatever” she said as she put the note in her pocket.

Then we walked to the library. While we walked to the library, I saw Constantine hanging out by himself and it made me felt bad. He was always hanging out by himself at lunch. Sometimes he is with his friends but not all the time I do not know why that kid was weird.

“You know what I just remembered guys!” I said as I stopped and smiled.

“What?” Suzuki and Taylor said as they turned and stopped.

“That I did well actually the correct word is do…” I said walking back at them.

“Yeah Yeah just tell us!” Taylor yelled.

“Ok ok geez…like I was saying I actually do know Constantine because of the first day of school man I can just remember it like if it was yesterday…” I said as I looked up at the sky.

(Flashback time!)

We were in forth period. My freshman seminar class. I remember when all the desks were facing each other like if we were going to began a war.
The teacher was doing attendance.

“Veronique?” she said curiously “did I say it right?”

“Yeah but you can just call me Vero” I said as I raised my hand up to my shoulder.

“Oh ok” she said looking back down at the attendance sheet.

Constantine was sitting behind me.

“Vero…Vero…Vero” Constantine said as he kept poking me in the back.
His friend started to laugh a little.
I started to get angry and irritated.
Then I turned around.

“What?” I yelled in a whisper voice.

“Hi” he said smiling.

“Hi” I said irritated and smiling in an irritating way. Then I turned back around.

He started to laugh quietly with his friend.

(Flashback over)

“Wow…” Suzuki said staring at me with a surprised look “that’s what you had to say that was stupid…you just wasted half of my reading time! Dude!”

“Oh yeah 5 minutes five dang precious minutes! Is the time you take to look for a dang book!”

“Ok you know what!”

“No I don’t know what,” I said smiling.

“Shut up you got that from me” she said as she pointed at me.

I laughed and Taylor did as well.

“So anyways let’s go in the library,” Taylor said as she opened the door for Suzuki and me.

“Thank you Taylor” I said as I walked into the library.

The library was big. With many books from A down to Z. Science Fiction, Fairytales, Information, and other book genres.

The bell rang.

“Awe…see that is why I got mad that made us stop to hear stupid story about how you met your boyfriend”

“He is not my boyfriend!”

“Aha ha ok whatever” she said raising her eyebrows and laughing.

In addition, we walked out of the library.
We said our goodbyes and went to class.
It was finally the end of the day well kind of. Six period was next. The last class of the day. English with Mr. Erna well ha let me tell you it’s not very fun. When you get on his bad side he’ll start throwing books and cussing which he always he always cuss. Even if he were not mad, the class would be annoying by always speaking and never shutting up. Man they get so talkative they even make the teacher start talking to himself.
Sometimes I feel like we do not even learn anything in that class.

“Veronique!” Brenda said running up to me.


“Did you ask him?”


“Ok sorry anyways look!” then she showed me a picture of one of her drawings that has Constantine in it.

“Alright I um…got the warm-up on here on the bored for you guys,” Mr. Erna said as he walked to his desk with his head town. Sometimes it seemed like the T.A. and old people were the only people who could ever be his friends.

Now that I think about it, I do not really think anything interesting happens in this class. It is usually boring. Anyways after sixth period, I dashed out of class and met up with my friend Maria like always do after school.

“Hey Maria” I said as I caught up with Maria.

“Hey” she said in her depressing voice like always.

“Why so depressed?”

“I’m not depressed i'm tired,” she said wiping her eyes.

“Oh...” there was a pause “anyways so what are you going to do for Valentines Day?”

“I don’t know” she shrugged.

“Oh... I don’t know either,” I said as I sighed.

When we got to the parent pick up area, we said goodbye and to our separate transportation.
“Hey” I said to my dad as I threw my backpack in the back seat of the car.

“Hey so how was your day today?”

“Ugh…” I said as I threw my head back “annoying and boring like always” then I looked back at my dad.


“Yes” I said annoyed and throwing head back again. I felt like something was pulling me back.

Dad pulled the car in reverse and left the parking lot.

I turned on the radio and listened to my favorite station 99.1 K.G.G.I. the song “Proud” by Nicki Minaj ft. Drake came on. The song was a hit. Everyday I would hear one of my friends sing some of it or just say that they love the song.

“So how was your day dad?”

“Well the stocks were empty even the mannequins were empty” my dad said as he switched from one lane to the other.

My dad worked at the mall. In Macys, it is always busy on Valentine’s Day. They had nice clothes and perfumes. Everything was expensive! If you bought three shirts and a perfume, it was like buying a new smart phone! Because of how expensive it was. Not all Macy’s were like that though.

We got home finally. I walked in and in to my room. With out any hi’s or anything. I threw myself on the bed and threw my backpack on the floor. I sat there staring at the wall. I fell into my world were nothing was complicated and everything was awesome. My world has gray skies not to cold not to hot days. Sometimes it would rain. My subconscious people were always happy. Everyday was a good day. That was my world hey but doesn’t everybody have a world like that were there was never any problems in life. I feel asleep while daydreaming.

Chapter 2: (Tuesday) Cupid’s Valentine

I woke up early today. Like around 3:30 a.m. but it is only because I went to sleep at 3:00 p.m. the day before. Anyways today I was going to hang out with Constantine I guess I just finally realized that I love him. Well I have a little crush on him. Not so much *smile. It’s only because of Brenda though!

My phone binged with a text. I picked it up. It was Constantine! How did he get my number?

Constantine: Hi, it is I Constantine: D

Me: How did you get my number!
I said surprised.
Constantine: Brenda 

Me: Of coarse… 

Constantine: ha-ha!

Me: What are you doing up this early?

Constantine: I couldn’t sleep. :/

Me: Oh…

Constantine: Why are you up so early?

Me: same thing…

Constantine: Oh…

Me: awkward…

Constantine: Yeah…

Me: so…I like the drawing you drew in my sketch pad

Constantine: Thanks… are you going to the girls choice dance?

Me: no I don’t know any guy that would go with me :/

Constantine: I’ll go with you I mean only if you want to ask me…

Me: ha- ha :D that’s kind of cute sure we can go as friends :P

Constantine:  okayk

Me: kk well i’m going to try to sleep again

Constantine: awe your going to leave me 

Me: ugh… fine I’ll stay up a little more but if I fall asleep don’t get mad! :P

Constantine: ok 

We stayed up almost all night until we fell asleep at 4:50 a.m.

My alarm clock went off.

I screamed and fell off my bed.

“Vero!” my mom yelled.

“What!” I yelled back with an ache in my voice.
“It’s time for school!” my mom yelled back at me.

“I think I would no that” I said to myself. I shut off the alarm, got dressed for school and walked into the kitchen.

“Hello!” My dad said happily.

“Hi” I said as I sat down at the table and put my backpack on the floor.

“Here’s some pancakes” my mom said as she put a plate of big, rich brown, and fat pancakes on the table in front of me.
My eyes widen.

“Those are big!” I said as I picked at the pancakes with my fork.

My mom lifted my chin.

“Why are your eyes like that did you go to sleep last night!” my mom said worried “Why do you have bags.”

“No mom I couldn’t sleep… but i’m awake now and fine. They’re not so bad either mom.

“What ever” then my mom turned to the sink and started to wash the dish’s.

I looked at my watch.

“I got to go now bye!” I said as I got up from my chair and grabbed my backpack off the floor.

“I’ll give you a ride!” my dad said standing up.

“No dad i’m fine but thank you anyways” I grabbed my skate board, my “cupid bubbles” and walked out the door.

I put the skateboard on the floor and started to skate to school. The school wasn’t so far from home so I really didn’t mind walking, biking, or boarding to school by myself. While I was skateboarding I heard my phone ring and stopped. I looked at it. It was my old buddy from elementary school Marlin A.K.A. Chale it was her favorite nick name.

“Hey sis!” Chale yelled.

“Owe!” I yelled back.

“Sorry…” Chale apologized.

“It’s ok so anyways i’m doing fine how is middle school?” I said as I started to continue skating.

“Cool but not as awesome as elementary…yeah I miss those days.”

“yeah I miss those days to” I replied.

“What are you doing? What’s that noise?” she said curiously.

“Skating to school.”

“I thought you hated skating! You lied to me” she said playfully.

“Yeah…well no I did hate it but now it’s kind of awesome!”

“Ha ha it is” she laughed.

“So anyways I got to go k I feel like i’m going to fall cause i’m kind of losing balance”

“Ok…Oh wait before you go I wanted to ask if you went to Mecuz wedding?”

“Um…no wait she had a wedding?”


“Veronique!” someone yelled from behind me.

I screamed and lost balance. The skateboard hit a pebble and stopped. I fell off (and no I did not go flying. )

“Vero are you ok!” Chale yelled from the phone “What happened!”

“i’m fine! Just I got to go bye”

“Ok bye…” she hung up.

“Oh my gosh” I said achingly and threw my head to the floor. I closed my eyes.

“Are you ok!” said a voice.

I opened my eyes. It was Constantine well that made everything embarrassing.

“I’m fine” I said as I tried to get up.

“Here I’ll help” he said reaching his hand out for mine. He pulled me up.

“Thanks” I said flashing him a smile.

“Your welcome…I’m sorry if I startled you” he said with a sorry look on his face.

“It’s ok”

“Want to walk together?”

“Sure” when I took a step a sharp pain came into my ankle “Owe!”

“What’s wrong?” Constantine said worried.

“I think I sprang my ankle or something I don’t know but it hurts!”

“Here hold on to me” he put my arm around him and started to walk “It’ll get better later that happened to me last time.”

“Really?” I said trying to moan.

“Yeah you just need to hold on to some one”

“Thanks Cons” I smiled “ is it ok if I call you that it’s because your name is to long”

“Sure that’s ok with me”

As we walked we talked about movies, shows and other things. We even laughed a little. My ankle finally began to feel better. We got to school.

“Thanks again Cons” I said as I pulled my arm away “I feel a little better now like you said you just got to hold on to someone” then I smiled.

“Yeah…well you’re welcome and are you sure you can go on for the rest of the day like that do you need the nurse?” he said with worry.

“Yes! i’m fine”

“Ok” he said as he shrugged. Then he gave me a hug and walked towards his group of friends.

“Hi!” Brenda yelled from behind me.

“Ah!” I said startled.

“Did you ask him yet?” she smiled.

“BRENDA!” I yelled with a little of anger.

“Sorry I just wanted to know!” she said putting her folder up to protect her self.

“No I asked him to girls choice.”

“Really?!” she said as she began to get excited like a dog for a bone.

“Yeah” I smiled.

“Yay!” she said with excitement and a smile.

“But as friend!”

“Oh…” her excitement dropped, and her smile faded.

“What? Ok you know what I’ll ask him at the dance if it makes you happy!”

“You will” she said getting all worked up again.


“Ok” she smiled.

The bell rang.

We walked to class together.

“Hey hey” Taylor yelled from behind us.

“Hi” I said as I turned and gave her a hug.

“So what is up girl? I saw you hanging on to Constacutie” she said smiling.


“I know what I said!” she said as she bobbed her head.

“And I was hanging on to him because I sprang my ankle which I don’t know how and I couldn’t walk so much.”

“Mhm…” she hummed.

“It’s true!”

“Yeah ok whatever girl anyways gots to go bye!”

Then I walked into class.

“Vero!” Brenda yelled.

“What!” I said angry.

“Look at my little dinosaur!” she said as she put up a little dinosaur.

“Awe…cute” I said as I admired the little cute thing.

“OK class yesterday we went to the prep rally so we got some notes to take and lots of them”

The class groaned.

I got a headache from staying up last night. I felt a little tired. I put my head down and closed my eyes for a little while just up until we had to take notes, or at least a little more. Nothing really ever happened in my first period class we were just always taking notes or talking about the earth. Sometimes we would watch videos, or maybe even a little experiment but not really. I guess maybe I should get to the end of the class. Anyways when the bell rang I sprang out of my seat and dashed out the door like I usually door every morning.

“Vero! Wait for me gosh you always do that SPIDER MONKEY!”

I laughed and apologized.

“I’ll wait for you tomorrow ok” I said smiling.

“Ok so what class you have again?” she said panting.

“Syncs” I said with boredom in my voice.

“Oh well bye”

“Ok bye”

She ran to her friend Ilene.

I walked alone to Sync’s class and checked the time on my phone. I walked into class.

“Vero!” Taylor yelled.

“Hi!” I yelled back “owe!” I said with ache.

“What?” she yelled with a little of fear.

“I told you my ankle hurts I can hardly walk!” I said angry and aching.

“Oh… sorry for denying you then” she said as she looked at her phone.

I looked at Suzuki.

“Suzuki!! Best friend how are you!” I said as went to hug her.

“I am doing fine how about you?” she said as she hugged me back.

“Kind of good not so much” I said pulling away.

“Why do you say that?” she replied with curiosity.

“Because I-”

“Because she sprang her ankle” Taylor said as she cut me off.

“Thanks for answering for me!” I yelled angry at Taylor.

“Your welcome” she said with a smile.

I rolled my eyes.

“How did you do that?” Suzuki asked.

“Well I was riding my skateboard and Constantine startled me when he yelled out my name so I lost balance and fell off.”

“Oh but then how did your ankle get sprained?”

“I don’t know I guess I just twisted it when I got up or something” I shrugged.

“Ok guys sit down and do the warm-up” Mr. Sync said as he walked to the pencil sharpener.

“Well I guess I’ll see you after class” Suzuki said as she walked back to her desk.

“Ok” I then turned carefully and limped to my desk.

“What happened to you?” Lana asked.

“I sprained my ankle” I said with ache still.

“Oh…” then she turned to the bored.

I put my head down and rested for a little.

“Ok guys today we’re working in partners so go sit next to someone.” Mr. Sync said aloud.

“Suzuki!’ I yelled in a whisper voice.

She turned and looked at me. “What?”

“Come sit over here” I said as I patted the empty seat next to me.

“Ok hold on” she said as she grabbed her things off the floor. She walked over to empty seat next me and sat down.

“Hi” she said smiling.

“Hello” I said looking down on my warm-up paper.

We then began our class work. We talked and laughed about a few things. Then Taylor came to sit next to us.

“So does cupid got a valentine yet?” Taylor said smiling.

“No but I will maybe after the dance”



“That weird kid that liked me?!” Suzuki said surprised.


“He’s weird you like him?”

“No!…well a little I don’t know I guess sure yeah?” I said confused.

“Wow…” Suzuki said. Then she started to laugh.

“Ok you know what?! You need to shut up!” I yelled at Suzuki.

She began to laugh even harder.

“Wow… you guys are crazy” said Taylor as she smiled.

“No she is crazy!’ I said pointing to Suzuki.

“Ok…” Taylor said as she put her hands up to protect herself.

Then Suzuki got up and her flute case fell with a note.

“A note!” I yelled as I pointed at the piece paper on the floor (note).

“Oh ok…” Suzuki said as she picked curiously “it says” she pauses then reads “I know you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but I think your awesome I would ask you to be my valentine but I can’t anyways I tried…oh and tell your friends that I’m the new secret cupid”

“Aw…uh….no” Taylor said as she shook her head from left to right.

“What who is this dude I mean first it was Taylor now it’s Suzuki!” I yelled. Then I sighed “oh we’ll get him Tay.”

Then Cons walked by our table with his friends looked at me and then walked back but backwards. Then he stopped and turned to look at me.

“So how is your ankle doing?” Cons asked with a smile.

“Eh…it still kind of hurts but it’s getting there” I replied.

“Are you sure?” he asked happily.


“Okayk” then he turned and kept walking towards the table him and his friends always eat at.

“Oh… some likes to check up on his friend” Taylor said sarcastically. Then giggled.

“Ha ha wow….” I said as I rolled my eyes.

Then Suzuki raised her eye brows and smiled.

“Wow… you guys are dumb” I said smiling and giggling. Then I looked at Constantine and he looked back. We flashed each other a smile.

The bell rang.

“Awe…come on are you serious I wanted to read!” Suzuki said as she slammed her folder on the table.

Me and Taylor laughed.

When I got up my ankle cracked and I fell. Taylor and Suzuki were stun. Taylor and Constantine ran up to me and helped me up.

“Are you ok?!?” Taylor and Constantine asked worried.

“Yeah a little” I said as I tried to take a step without them and I almost fell again and they both caught again before I fell.

“I’ll take her to class it’s ok Taylor” Cons said as he grabbed me from Taylor.

“Are you sure?” Taylor said worried.

“Yeah” Cons said with confidence.

“Ok” Taylor said with a worried face and then she looked “take care ok” then she hugged me.

“Ok…” I said with ache in voice.

“Maybe you should go see a doctor” Cons said convincingly.

“No!” I yelled and he stared at me curiously “I just don’t like doctors or there office’s I’ll probably get better later but anyways don’t worry about it ok.”

“Ok” Cons said as he helped me walk out the door.

“Thanks cons again!”

“It’s cool”

“Oh shoot!”

“What I forgot to get the gram for Cheyenne! Again i’m sorry”

“It’s ok I’ll do it!”

“Are you sure?” I said apologizing.


“Ok i’m sorry” I apologized.

“It’s fine” he said as we walked up the stairs.

“Hey are we still going to the dance together?” Cons asked sheepishly.

“Yeah of coarse we are” I said confidence.

“Are you going to be able walk in heels?” he said with a little chuckle.

“Shut up” I said as I punch him in the arm and laughed. In a playfully way.

“Well we’re her go… up the last pair of steps” cons said as we began to go up.

“Consty!” a girl yelled from the back.

He turned and it was Cheyenne my old buddy from my elementary school.

“Oh hey” he said as he held on to me so I wouldn’t fall.

“Hi Cheyenne” I said as I waved at her.

“Oh Hi! Oh my gosh I haven’t seen for like how long 3...4 years?” she said happy “so are you guys like going out or something? Why you holding on to each other like that?” she said curiously.

“Yeah she’s like my awesome girlfriend!” he said playfully. I looked at him surprised and said “What?!?”

“Calm down i’m just kidding” he said with a little laugh.

“Oh well anyways gots to go” Cheyenne said as she hugged me and Cons.

“Ok bye Cheyenne” Cons and I said as she began to back up and walk to class.

The minute bell rang.

“Well we better be going to class” Cons said as we walked me to my class and then let go. He leaned me against the wall, and backed up a little “are you going to be ok or i’m I going get an ‘F’ for today in my class just to help you get down to your car after school?”

“No how about you meet me here after school?”
I said as I made it look more obvious and easy.

“Ok we can do that to” he said as he had an epiphany.

“Yeah…well anyways go run get to class! Boy now!” I said as I shooed him off.

“Ok ok…” he said as he hugged me quickly. Then he ran off to class.

“Awe…” my friend Lana said putting a puppy love face on.

I just shook my head and entered class limping like a sick dog. Today we were learning drama. It was going to be fun! Not. I was put in the group with Andres, Reggie, and Pablo. To me they were the class clowns and sometimes the most annoying, but they were pretty cool. Anyways we had to read some weird play about some girl who don’t even want to get married and then does. After we read some of the play we had to take notes. It was so boring but me group actually mad it kind of fun. They put some action, feeling in to it you know. Anyways today in English nothing happened but my group making me laugh.

When it came to the last minute of class we just sat there. Then out of no where my group started making their own little scene. It was hilarious they were supposed to be like two bad idiot kids in class listening and rapping to loud music making Reggie was rapping to it. It was hilarious. Then the bell finally rang. I got up carefully and tried not to be as clumsy as I was all day. I walked well most likely limped out the class door carefully and slowly. Constantine came up to me.

“Ready to be led down to the parking lot mam”
He said as he put out his arm for me to go under.

“Ok first of all i’m a young teen not a middle aged women! And yes I am thank you” I said playfully and a little disturbed.

“Ok…ok I didn’t mean to burst your bubble” he said in a toughly apologizing way.

I began to laugh.
“Just be quiet ok just be quiet” I said in a shy and laughing way.

“Ok” he said as we began to walk down stairs.

As we walked we talked about Valentines Day and other things that we liked to a lot over the weekend.

“Well here we are Miss Lady” Cons said playfully and mockingly.

“Shut up!” I said as I punched him playfully in the arm “thanks Cons for helping me out”

“No problem.” he said as he hugged me for quite a while.

“Ok…well bye see you tomorrow” I said as I pulled away from Constantine.

“Yeah bye… and stop being clumsy.”
He said with a smile.

“Ha ha I’ll try” then I closed the door and watched him walk away and disappear in the group of loud, annoying, obnoxious teens.

“Hi” my mom said.

“Hey” I said back.

“Before we get home we have to go to the store
So I have to go get some groceries ok” my mom said as she drove back out of the parking lot.

“Ok” I replied.

(Honk) I jumped.

“Come on people didn’t your mother teach you to look both ways!” my mom said angrily.

I giggled. It was kind of funny.

When we got to the store Food4Less. I went to the Valentines section I figured since we were going to be there for awhile I might as well enjoy myself by looking at some loving cuddle stuff. Ewe…luby duby stuff was not me. While I walked through the section I saw a teddy bear that reminded of Cons a lot. It was weird but I figured that since he might be my Valentine I should give him it. So picked up the little teddy bear, smiled and asked my mom if I could buy it. ( I know I said I didn’t like luby duby stuff but hey if something reminds me of someone I got to get).

I helped my mom to the car with the groceries.

“So who’s the valentine?” my mom said smiling.

“Maybe my valentine…and it’s that boy the helped me to the car Constantine is his name but I call him Cons” I said smiling.

“Oh…owe yeah speaking of him helping you what happen to your ankle? Why are you limping? Did you get in a fight?!?” My mom said worried and with anger.

“No! and I was riding my skateboard in the morning and Cons distracted well mostly like startled me….but still my skateboard got caught on a pebble and it got out of control and I fell and twisted it…please don’t take my skateboard away!” I said with worry.

“Ha that’s a nice Valentine…” my mom said sarcastically with her eyes on the road.

“Mom! He didn’t know…” I yelled angrily. (thoughts’ ‘) ‘ wait am I defending Cons?’ then I shook my head.
“Hum… now we have to go get it checked” my mom said as she shook her head in.

I threw my head back on my seat.

She parked at the doctors office.

“Ready?” she said as she opened her door.

I hesitated to answer but answered anyways.

“Yeah” I said annoyed.

We went up the ramp and walked right through the door. The office was empty. My mom went to sign in.

After 20 minutes the nurse came out yelled my name. Which I thought was pretty ridiculous to do since we were the only ones there.

We got up and walked towards the door.

“Ok so what are we here for today” the doctor said as he looked at me.

I looked at my mother like every other typical teenager would do when you’re at the doctors.

“She fell of her skateboard and twisted her ankle which I have no idea how you could do that when you fall off the skateboard” my mom said curiously.

The doctor looked at me I shrugged.

“Well lets check it” He said as he grabbed it. He turned it to left. It didn’t hurt. He looked at me “did that hurt?”

“No” I said shaking my head.

Then he turned it to the right.
“Owe!” I said with pain as I jumped a little.

“That hurt?” he asked.

‘No I thought I just felt like saying that to get attention’ I thought to myself.

“Yeah” I said annoyed and still with little pain.

“Ok well she didn’t break it” he said getting up from his knees. “I’ll give you a note and she can give it to her physical teacher.”

“So she can run or do anything but she ca still go to school like that?” my mom said surprised, curiously, and worried.
“Yes mam’ don’t worry she’ll be fine if she made it today she can make till the weekend I mean obviously she had someone to help her” he said confidently.

She looked at me. I smiled sarcastically.

“Ok” my mom said “thank you” then me and my mom walked out the door.

Chapter 3: (Wednesday) Cupid’s Gift

(Bling) I woke up to the sweet sound of my phone’s text message noise(sarcasm). It was Cons.

Cons: Good morning 

Me: GM 

Cons: Why such a straight face?

Me: i’m sorry I just woke up 

Cons: it’s ok…sorry if I woke you up 

Me: it’s ok 

Cons: well i’m eating breakfast what you up to?

Me: getting ready for school…

Cons: I know I see you…

Me: what?  o.o

Cons: Just kidding xD  (lol face)
Me: ok cause I was kind of freaked out for a minute…

Cons: 

Me: ok so what you eating Captain crunch? 

Cons: Yes! How did you know?!?

Me: side kick 

Cons: LOL…

Me: Seriously…

Cons:    …

Cons: so you going to walk again?

Me: Yup i’m going to beg my mom to let me walk since yesterday she took me to the doctor he said that I have to be careful at school because of my ankle…

Cons: oh well if you want we can walk to school together I can help you out like yesterday…

Me: oh no I couldn’t let you do that wouldn’t you be embarrassed I mean i’m a nerd and I watch cartoons all the time and i’m really weird!

Cons: I love being around you and your like a really good friend so I don’t really care about people say. 

Me: oh ok… awe thanks 

Cons: your welcome ;) (wink)

Cons: well I’ll probably be around like in 5minutes k… 

Me: k

After our text conversation I went to the dinning room to eat breakfast.

“Good morning honey” my mom said as she bored coffee into my dads cup.

“Hey Vero” my dad said as he skimmed the pages on the newspaper.

“Hi!” I said with my normal voice.

(Ding dong) I got up and went to open th door.

“HI” Cons said happily when I opened the door. He hugged me.

“Hi” I said as I smiled and hugged him back.

“Who is it?” my mom yelled from the kitchen.

“It’s Cons mom!” I replied happily.

Me and Cons walked to the kitchen.

“Hi Vero’s mom” Cons said nicely.

“Hello” my mom said with a sarcastic smile.

“So Vero you ready to go to school i’m dropping you off” my mom said as she put her cup down on the counter.

“Umm…mom can I please walk I have Cons here to help me walk to school!” I begged “please mom”

She looks at me angrily and then finally replies.
“Fine but only for today ok!”

“Yes mom” I say happy.

“Take care of her!” my mom says as she snaps at Constantine.

“I will don’t worry” he says confident.

I smile and then he grabs hold of me.

We walk out the door.

(Beep) the bell rang for first period.

“Are you ok?” Cons asked. His eyes sparkled in the early born sun.

“Yeah” I say with such love dipping into my heart “thanks Cons but I can take it from here”

“Are you sure?” Cons wears a worried expression on his face.

“Yeah – I’m sure” I smile and pull away from Cons. I walk to class as I limp a little. My ankle got better after I saw the doctor yesterday but it was still in pain a little bit.

I walk in class and sat in my seat. While the teacher taught the class I dreamed of him. Constantine, then I shook my head. What am I thinking? He like someone else.

Later during the day after school my mom took me out to the store. As she walked around I looked down the Valentine aisle. As I walked around a teddy bear caught my eye and reminded me a lot of Constantine. So I took it down from the shelf and studied it wondering why it reminded me so much of Cons. Then I saw its little foot and the words in craved in it “LOVE” walked over to my mom turning at the corner in the end of aisle.

“Hey mom can I get this teddy bear” I smile.

“Who’s the valentine?” my mom smiles sarcastically “the lucky boy” she giggles.
I blush and my throat tightens.
“ummm….just a friend valentine mom” I look down as I blush even harder.

“No such thing as a friend valentine” she smiles.

“There is for me” I still continue to look down.

“Sure whatever” she pushes the cart.

I follow behind her as we get in line and I daydream of Cons’s smile when I gave the teddy bear.

Chapter 4 (Thursday) Cupids Epiphany:

The phone alarm goes off and I shoot up happily. Starring at the teddy bear as I get dressed, I look down at my ankle as I began to walk normal on it with a light pain in it.I smile and plop down to pull on some fresh caprice and nice red all star shoes.

“Are you ready to give your boyfriend his teddy bear?” my mom smiled and laughed.

I blush.
“He’s not my boyfriend! He’s my friend valentine!” I squeal.

My mom throws her head back and laughs.
“Sorry” she smiles.

Later on I walked to school without Cons or my mom on my back. I walked past all the huge houses and stores and into the school. I was walking so fast I bumped into my old friend…well actually my 5 year old boyfriend Cristobal.

“Whoa!” Cris said as his books fall down to the floor and he stares at them.

“Oh my god I’m sorry Cris” I get down on my hands and knees and help him pick up the books.

“Ha-ha it’s ok but why in such a hurry?” he said as he stares at me. He stands up and helps me up.

“Well I really wanted to give my valentine the teddy bear I bought” I say as I take out the teddy bear from my school bag and show him.

“Oh…” he blushes and begins to look upset.

“What’s wrong?” I say I stare at him with my big deep brown eyes.

“Nothing…well actually I wanted to ask you if you would’ve liked to be…” he was interrupted by the bell.

“Damn it!” I stomp the ground angrily “well I got to go now Cris don’t want to be late for my first class…haha…nice chatting with you again” I turned and walked toward my class. He gazed as I walked away, letting kids push past through him.

It was finally 4th period now! When I got to see my Constantine, my valentine.

“Hey Cons!” I say happy. Still kind of limping but lightly.

“Hey I’ve been looking for you where were you?!” Cons yells worried.
“Sorry! I can walk now!” I smile and give him a puppy look with it.

“Ha-ha I can see that…” he smiles and hugs me.

“Hey wanted to give you this” I say as I pull away, taking out the teddy bear and giving it to him.

“AWE!!!” he smiles and hugs really tight “IT’S SO CUTE!!!”

I giggle and blush.
“Early valentine gift!”

“Awe…thanks!” Cons smiles and hugs the teddy tighter then pulls away “I’m going to name you… CARLOS!”

I laugh and so does he. He flashes me a flirtatious smile and we walk into class.

“Oh cute teddy bear Con’s where’d you get him?” says the brat of all brats in this school “Gerrica”

Cons didn’t say anything he just looks at me.

“Oh you gave him the bear? Hey girl you like him?” she smiles and asks.

I blush and look down walking to my desk not answering her question. I felt Cons eyes stare at me and then evilly stare at Gerrica.

Later on after that we had P.E. and I waited outside for Suz like always!

“Well that’s Gerrica” Suz says sighing.

“Yup the beach will never learn” I say sarcastically but also angrily.

“So you want me to be your valentine?” Cons says from behind me.

I stop and turn to face him.
“Ummm….well yeah” I smirk.

“Ha-ha well ok only because you’re a really nice person though ok!” Cons laughs and blushes “and your kind of cute”

I giggle and blush.

“Well you’re cute and nice too! And ok thanks for accepting my Valentine request! Ha-ha” I smile but still blush.

"May I take you by the arm miss lady?" Cons smiles and laughs.

"Well sure why not walk to class with a nice gentleman like you" I smile and put my arm in his.

"Ha-ha" Cons smiles bright.

As we were in fith period I went to visit some of my friends on the benchs.

"Hey Alister!" my friend Sarai yells.

I laugh and smile wide.

"Girl you are just one thing that is YOLO!" my friend Abalay breaks open churro and watchs as the cream falls out.

"What is that supppose to mean?" I look at her questionably.

"I dont know..." she bites of the churro and licks the cream off.

I sit down next to my buddies Suz and Abalay. We giggle and laugh.We joke and we played but then we had to work after. Running two miles in ten minutes was just a tad bit to much to take in dont you think?


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