Part One

I walked through the hallway to my friend’s locker dodging some kids who were standing in a group talking. It was a tight fit because they were taking up most of the hallway but I made it through before I was cut off by cross traffic. The crowded hallways, bright lighting, white walls and floor set a good stage for what might happen in a few minutes.

I clutched my books to my chest as I passed my chemistry teacher waving at her enthusiastically. The idea of what would happen soon had me practically bouncing out of my shoes. If I didn’t get there soon things were going to get bad and who knew what would happen to my friend.

“Lux!” Someone shouted at me.

Looking around I finally found who had called my name. It was my friend Skylar and I was already too late Pablo was closing in on her too. Forcing my feet to pick up the pace I eased my way past a teacher in the hall turning into the Spanish room as I jogged to Skylar. I finally made it to her smiling at her black lips and crazy hair style. Once she made the comment it looked like a crab on her head when she dyed some of her raven black hear red. Of course it kind of did but she pulled the look off easily.

Today she still wore her cosmetology outfit, a black cover shirt and matching pants, but there was a bit of purple visible under her Cosmo shirt. My smile faded as Pablo made it to the locker he looked unhappy but upbeat somehow. He totally disregarded me practically shoving me away from Skylar as he stepped close to her talking low.

“Why do you want me to stop texting you? I still like you I even lo-“

“Don’t say it!” Skylar said cutting him off, “were not together and I don’t like you just leave me alone!”

She was clearly uncomfortable even binging close to him let alone shoved against a locker with no way out and him just standing there within arm’s reach. He was tall and pale with short brown hair ok from the back but Skylar and I both knew he wasn’t. Her eyes flashed to me pleading for help I nodded my head that’s why I was here,

Intervening time.

I stepped forward putting my body in the small space left between them.

I put my books on Pablo’s chest forcing him to take a step back almost walking in to Brandi who passed by. She looked at me and saw there was something going to go down. A wicked smile spread across her face as she took a spot on the next locker leaning against it for a good view. I shook my head at her of course Brandi would be here to watch a fight.

“What Lux?” Pablo said to me making me turn back.

I glared daggers at him I might have loved him at one time but I learned my lesson. He was a total asshole and a liar I never should have dated him let alone twice. I grimaced at the memories that flashed through my head as he tried to side step me. My face pulled into an angry glare as I shoved him back in front of me. Skylar put her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear.

‘Lux, take it easy I just want him to leave me alone’ I nodded my head breathing the words ‘Don’t worry Pixie I’ll take care of it’ back to her using her nickname. Pablo frowned at us he might have heard me and been confused but that didn’t matter I was going to tell him right now and he was going to listen or else.

“Pablo, Skylar wants you to leave her alone.”

“I don’t understand why we can’t talk.”

“Because she doesn’t want to she WANTS TO BE LEFT ALONE.” I raised my voice.

“She can tell me herself I-“

“She has and you” I jabbed his chest with my finger, “won’t listen so I’ll give you a choice. Leave her alone or get your ass kicked by me.”

“But I care too much to make us fight.”

He laughed under his breath seeming to think I was bluffing and trying to fuck with me again. His lies about loving me might have sent me over the deep end before but not now. Breaking up with me because he said he was gay then he was bi. And when I told him I didn’t care I still loved him he said he loved me to but he couldn’t date me. I never gave in and I got depressed all because of his lie, he never loved me after we broke up he just said he did for three years.

I felt a Cheshire smile spread across my face as I threw down my books causing a loud thud to echo through the hallway, but it seemed to disappear beneath the sound of people talking and walking. Pablo’s eyes widened slightly as he rethought his last statement clearly he didn’t know me to well. I stepped closer to him balling my hands.

“Bullshit, I’m on antidepressants cuse of your lies” I clenched my fists harder digging my nails in and raising my voice again, “DO NOT FUCK WITH ME. Leave her alone or I will keep my promise to her, so you better choose wisely,

“Were in school and I can talk to who I want.”

“Wrong answer!”

Part Two

I slammed my fist dead center in his face making him fall back as a loud crack echoed down the hall. He gasped as blood ran down his broken nose, holding it as his eyes widened to the point he looked like a deer in head lights. People near us cleared back forming the stereotypical circle and shouting fight over and over again. It egged me on building my anger I wanted to do this fast and easy without a fight. But he wouldn’t give up and now this mob was going to cut my fun short.

I moved in closer to Pablo I had to cause as much damage as I could before I was dragged off. I pulled back my right arm past my head and let it fly at his face again. He moved at the last second missing another shot for his nose but my fist caught his cheek. Before it shot off past his head I shifted my weight bringing my fist in line with his jaw. A distorted pop came from the right side of his jaw as he stumbled into the ring of people.

“Wohoooo! Go Lux! Kick his ass good!” I heard Brandi shout.

I realized she was right behind Pablo just as she shoved him hard back to me. I smiled at her giving a thumbs up in time to slap his face when I lowered my hand. I must have finally made him mad or something because he surprised me with a punch to my left eye. I was so stunned that I flew back losing my balance and falling to the cold hard tiled floor. I managed to keep my head up so I didn’t knock myself out but my left eye was useless. The pain was bad I’d never had a black eye from being punched and the last one I got was when I was a toddler.

Pablo kicked out aiming for my side but I pulled my legs in before he made contact. My eye throbbed with pain and heat as I extended my legs blocking a kick with one and swiping Pablo’s legs out from under him with the other. I was down an eye but that didn’t mean I was out I was just getting started. He let out a weird sound as his head collided with the floor and let a wet cracking sound echo through the floor. I jumped up.

“Lux, Lux, Lux, Lux” The crowd cheered.

I felt my smile widen and I stratled the dazed Pablo. He shook his head slightly to clear it and winced from the pain he had from a probable concussion. I slapped his cheeks hard to wake him up I wanted a fight not a sand bag to punch. He snapped back to reality and tried to throw me off but I grabbed his wrist and jerked it over his other arm and held it down next to him, a makeshift way to hold his arms and still punch him.

I let my left fist fly over and over again in his face as he screamed in pain. A fleshy whacking sound was all I heard as my fist connected with his face. His head was jerking back and forth from the way I had his arms holding his shoulders up. People dispersed from in front of me and I instantly released my grip on Pablo trying to get off him. But he was retaliating too late he kicked me in the back weakly I would have grabbed his leg and twisted it but I was in trouble. I fell to the ground exhausted from the adrenalin rush and ecstasy from beating up my stupid ex.

“Break it up!” A teacher yelled too late, “Lux?!” he was shocked the quite good girl had done something like this, “What did you do?”

“Made my point clear” I laughed.

Mr. Barker clearly didn’t find this as funny as I did. Pablo who had been ignored up until now drunkenly got to his feet and kicked my side as hard as he could right where I had a hernia. I let a blood curtailing scream lose as I felt my insides mold to his foot and pop. Something was wrong my side felt like it was bleeding and I felt a lump make its self known where my hernia was. I was mad now adrenalin strengthened me so I could kick my legs out and land a blow right where it counted, in the nuts. He shrieked like a girl and went down on his side clutching his babies.

“Mother fucker if I have to get surgery for this I’m gona cut your nuts off instead of kick them next time!” I said between rasping breaths.

Mr. Barker yelled at me for language but I didn’t care. The pain was terrible like my gut was being stabbed over and over with an ice cold knife, it reverberated through my sides and back making it almost impossible to breath easily. I collapsed to my good side clutching the other one as I tried to slow my breathing. A few moments passed and Mr. Barker and the principal hauled me up off the floor it was agony but I managed to bit off my screams of pain.

The cheering mob had disappeared long before I stood up but the few who stayed smiled at me, gave me a long distance high five, or a thumbs up as I was marched off to the office. I ignored the scolding I was getting this was probably the worst thing I’d ever down but I didn’t want to hear it. I warned him three times and he made his choice and I mine it was done and nothing to do but take the punishment, I wasn’t going to cry over spilt blood.

Part Three

“Brandi!” Pixie yelled.

I spun around, nearly falling when my hernia protested. There where I had left him Pablo was against a wall being wailed on by Brandi. I smiled crookedly

trust her to pick up where I left off.

I broke off into a run away from the teachers to get to Brandi’s side, I envied her for being the one still drawing blood from him. I slid on the pearly white tile floor as I neared them when I glanced down I saw the floor had a lot of blood on it from my fight with Pablo.

This made me happy, it was all his. My blood dried hand went to clasp Brandi’s shoulder and ask for a pair of her brass knuckles so I could help but I was pulled away before it happened. Glancing back I noticed the school officer, Mr. Lemon, pulling me back.

Well crap the fun really has stopped.

I huffed holding my protesting side as I gave in to the pain falling to the floor butt first. At least I had a seat for the show this time which was funny.

“Brandi, get off him now!” officer Lemon yelled, “I said now!”

She ignored him punching Pablo’s face and stomach as much as she could. Every time she pulled back her left hand blood came back with it like he was squirting it at her. And then she would hit his stomach with both knuckles and make him gasp for air. I wondered if he could see the small skulls on her brass knuckler or if they were too obscured with his blood to notice them. Oh well who cared he was getting the crap beat out of him. Skylar sat down next to me smiling faintly at the show before us. I slung my free arm over her shoulders laughing.

“I think our work here is done he’ll leave you alone now Pixie.”

“Thanks Lux sorry you’re in trouble.”

“It’s ok least I got me some company in exile.”

I jabbed my thumb at Brandi who was torn off Pablo and being cuffed by officer Lemon. There was no doubt in my mind we were going to be expelled this year. At least we went out with a bang. I stood up looking at Brandi as she glared back at the bloodied face of Pablo slumped against the locker. Officer Lemon stopped in front of me and motioned me to turn around. I felt the touch of cold metal and clicking.


He allowed us to walk next to each other so I smiled at Brandi who held up her cuffed hands behind her back for a high five. I held my cuffed ones up to give her a well deserved high five. We’d party later after we got out of school for the rest of the year.

If you like this book look for the second one. Return For Round 2. If you thought it was over you were wrong. Lux still has another round in her. The question is why and does Pablo?


Texte: cover from Google. The rest is my very cool dream.
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To my friends Dianna (Pixie) and Brandi. hope you enjoy I know I did lol.

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