The beginning

My name is Tasha I am 13 I have a hard life I live in a trailer my dad only can get temporary jobs so, yes that means I am broke. My mom has had three different husbands, lets just hope this one sticks, so far he has been good, I mean he is 21 and my mom is 33 so its kind of hard but we try so you no about me how about you live my life.
April 22, 2011, I am on my laptop top talking to my friends, Tasha my mom says in rage, what mother? Get in here! Did you do this? No mom just because that one time does not mean I am always gonna do that it was one time. GOSH... listen young lady don't get that tone with your mother. Whatever... ! Just because we aren't rich does not mean that you have to be a brat. I am not mad that we aren't rich mom I am mad because I wont a normal life!!!
Ugh... boom, the door slams. I hate her I wish that I had different parents she is such a bitch!!! So school is tomorrow I need to get my clothes out. I wake up to yelling like usual but I just ignore it! The bus is here! I get on the bus like every morning. The bus makes this terrible noise and I am at school.
I go in the cafeteria because I don't ever have time to eat at home. Hey Tasha, Lindsey said, shes one of my friends. So I go and get my food they had rectangle left over pizza from yesterday!!! I sit down with my boyfriend, his name is Hunter I don't know if I love him hes sweat and we tell each other we love each other. The bell rings and I go to choir. Mrs. Jenkins is a bitch. She is always yelling and shes always getting on to everybody, especially me because somthing is wrong with my voice so I don't sing sometimes.
So I get called to the principals office!!! What does she want now>>> Ms. Murphy get your butt in here. What do you want? I was told that you was making out with Sabastian, is it true? Yea, so what? So what, its against school rules. Oh, yea so y'all are going to stop kids from showing how they feel, that is stupid, I think that the rules are a bitch. Nobody cares what you think.

So on!!!


Texte: Devon Bridges
Bildmaterialien: Devon Brides
Lektorat/Korrektorat: Alexis White
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 22.04.2012

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