Dear diary,
Edward took me back to isle esme! We left Renesmee back at Cullen's house ,and while we were there I hind from Edward wait for him to find me.I got a call from rose saying to come back as soon as posable because Renesmee was sick with the flu.
We got back to the house Renesmee was not sick at all. Renesmee only wanted to come with us.I thought Jacob was going to stay with her until we got back. I asked Edward to give his cell phone? Edward pulled out the cell phone.I walked off look for Jake number. I found it and press talk he answer ,and said hi Edward whats up ? I said it's nice that you think i'm my husand i laugh then yelled at him for leave Renesmee at home with Alice , and rose. Edward was at my side trying to clam me , but I was pissed.
Edward took the phone out my hand as I ran my mouth. Edward said bye Jacob.snaped the phone shut put in his pocket , and took his hands between face ,and kissed me the way were it should be illegal. Before I could pull a way I was in his arms he was running full speed he was going to our house .
Before I knew it I was in bed with Edward he was kissing me. pulled away from him and got up put my clothes on and ran to the door of couse he blocked my way.Edward said why must you? I wanted to see Renesmee before you did that Edward. I scream at him.Edward pulled me to him ,and kissed me I screamed at him again he stopped and said sorry my love!ran to the bedroom put his clothes on ,and came down pick up ran to see Renesmee.
Renesmee was in jake lap when me and Edward walk in ran over to her pick her up ,and left with her to go to on a walk , but Edward was with us so I told Edward to tell jake to go home because renesmee was going to spend two weeks with us not him because I wanted her to myself.
Edward was running to go tell Jake.Jake was calling my phone while Renesmee slept in my arms. I anwsered my phone said what Jake? Jake asked why pulled Nessie out of his lap? I told him you spend 24/7 with her Jake so you don't get to see her for t-w-o w-e-e-k-s I said slowly , but one call every other for one hour okay Jake.Jake said okay.
Jake called three times in a day it made me mad, then he comes over for two hours.I almost lost my temper , but Edward tried to clam me.I ran way for six days Edward try to find me, but he never did he even tried calling my cell it never work then i came home Edward asked me if i was okay , if i was fine ,and to never run away again like that then he pick me up carried me to Renesmee room where she was playing she saw me run toward me.Edward sat me down in his lap i pick up Renesmee she showed me all the thing that happen while i was gone.

I put Renesmee to bed and went to are room beacause i told Edward go to our room i said i be in there in 3 minutes he said okay!I was in the bed room with my bra and underwear on! Before I took a step Edward was there in front of me hold me in his arm carring me to the bed. I kissed him and said I am sorry,for running away can I make it up for you? Edward said yes, but how will u do that love? I said I'll give you what you want! Edward said I think you know what I want!,love.
Edward was kissing me all over my body! I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him like there was no tommrow!
The next morning Renesmee was crying Edward got up and got he still didn't know what she wanted Edward handed her to me thats all she wanted. Edward sat next to me looking at our daughter I look up at him he had notice that my mood had change that where i wanted to cry but could not.Edward held my face between his hands and kissed me for long time until Renesmee started to cry! I was bouncing her up in down in my lap! I looked up at Edward and kissed him for couple of seconds until Jacob called asked if he could take Renesmee for couple of days? I said yes of course! I be there in couple of hours he said to me.I said Okay see you then Jake!
After I press end Edward Yelled at me you trust him after what he did to you,Renesmee,and me! I took off running to the main house with Renesmee.Edward was chasing after me. I drop Renesmee off in Rose lap with note say to pack up her clothes so Jake could get her!
Edward called my phone I answered He told me to stop running so he could talk to me about what he said. I said Okay and stopped he grab me by my waist an turned me around and said I thought I told you t never run away like that again on me! I said Iknow but you made me mad by saying that about Jake he is like my brother! Edward notice that my mood had change again but this tie it was where i was bout to hit him! Edward pick me up carried me back to our house lay me in bed and said stay here until your mood has change please and you need a break from are crazy life! I said fine but kiss me before you leave also bring me down Renesmee for me i want her to lay next to me to clam me down! Edward leaned down kissed me and went off to get her.Edward came back with Renesmee in his arms put her right next to me.I said thank you now i want you to tell Jake I wanted her to myself please! Edward said yes, I will bend down to kiss me i kissed him back!


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