we meet again

i walk down the hall as i was heading for class but why me why was i the cursed one why did i have to be a vampire why did nobody or soul love me i hated my life i wasnt really paying attention and thats when our eyes met again
i said sorry but when i look at him his eyes were pretty i just sat their it was ukira tears came down my eyes i whispered in his ear and said i never stoped loving you he turned away from me i started to cry more it was like he didnt know me we met under the oak tree and we kissed but you soon moved and you said you will never forget me ukira i yell softly he still looked down then a girl came and kissed him i look at ukira and left i cryed and cryed and ukira just smiled and look at me in a sad way and left with the girl i felt like i was punched in the face

I thinked about how cursed i was and no wonder why he hates me i saw him again ukira was knocking on my door i opened the door
i sat and crossed my arms and said what do you want ukira and then he said you and i said no you dont you want that girl that kissed you i walk out the living room and said ukira you didnt even looked at me or tell me YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND SO GET OUT MY HOUSE i yelled but ukira said i was tring to tell you no you wasnt you just look down do you think in that stupid

you think im that easy to trick no so get out please but no buts ukira i pushed him out the door and left him in the rain oh no what did i do i look out side but no sign of ukira. UKIRA UKIRA UKIRA i sceamed but ukira was gone it was all ready dark so i want to sleep it felt like ukira was holding me like when we was kids it made me feel safe

at school i fainted i woke when school was over i run to talk to ukira the boy i always loved but he said i have no time for you yuki in my head i was say why is my life so cruddy guys their going to be another part in another book its called come back ukira


Texte: vampirebund
Bildmaterialien: vampirebund
Lektorat/Korrektorat: vampirebund
Übersetzung: english
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 11.03.2012

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