The mirror betrays my broken heart

My eyes say i'm fine

But therein begins my 1st tear

You dont see the hurt

The devastation

Hit me

Beat me, its what you have always done

I want to die

You never cared about me

I looked up to you and you shit in my eye

I probably deserved it

Because i was a fool for you

Because i loved you

Hate me

Break me

Shoot me

Crush my heart

Beneath your foot

I dont need it anyway

I'll never give it to anyone ever again


I wont die because i want to live

I want to whinge

I want to make the reader cringe

I finally rymed (sic)

I dont know why i picked this forum to unload

Instead of facebook


Where was i??

Oh yes, thats right

I want to cut myself

I want you to see me bleed

Feel my pain

Nobody else in the world

Has ever hurt as much as me

No one else's heart has ever been broken

In fact im prob the only one

We had sex 27 times

You said i was even better than Emily

Was that a lie too??

I saved myself for you

You were my 1st

Remember the time you were drunk?

You said you loved me

You said it was forever

You dont remember any of that?


Then you said you couldnt come around

coz you were sick

you even said you would get a doctor's certificate

To prove it


I saw you with my best friend Bella


how could you?

i hope youre both happy

Knowing what you've done

She'll never love you

Like i love you

I'm destroyed

im broken

I want to die

i know i said that already

But its true

Whats the point of living?

I'd be better off dead

Nobody wants me

Cut me and i bleed

Break me and i shatter

Like that egg.

Whats his name?

Humpy Dumpy?

I only wanted to be kissed

But all i got was dissed

Yes thats a real word

I heard it in a song


Badeep, badeep

Thats all folks

I'm gunna do it

I'm gunna end it all now

I hope youre both happy

It will be worth it knowing you'll blame yourselves

And feel gilty

For the rest of your lives

You'll be so sorry

Dont try to stop me

I mean it

Dont try to st-

Oh. I just heard my mom calling

Dinners ready

Meatloaf. My fav

I'll kill myself tomorrow

After i check for comments



Tag der Veröffentlichung: 26.09.2020

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