Love and Freedom


Israel and Palestine








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                                                                                ALI ANSAR ARMAN


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                                                                                 ALI ANSAR ARMAN


















I am a man of short knowledge. My little knowledge, judicial analysis, intellect and conscience are very weak, and an ancient. I am a domestic farmer in my village. My unconventional thinking and reality took me to the opposite two poles of life and livelihood.

My intention is to freedom the people of Palestine. The Palestine should accept the present reality and be pleased with it whatever the land they have. Because the rights that the Palestinians have lost can not be brought back with any force of the earth, or trying to bring them back is nothing more than the cause of loss. So, accepting the defeat like Japan is a good decision to think about the future.

In this writing, the love of a man and a woman has become the result of two independent states.

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Love and Freedom


Isreal and Palestine.


Lieutenant Colonel Daniel is an army officer in the Israeli army. Earlier he had successfully led several border areas of Palestine and successfully in Gaza attack. The campaign of the Palestinian killings on the west bank of Palestine is currently underway. The Commanding Officer (C.O) of a parachute army team equipped with modern and advanced technology of one thousand skilled brave soldiers.

According to the predicted Israeli Prime Minister's declare, construction of 1,000 new settlements or buildings in the border city of Palestine is going on. It is the day-night guard of the entire army forces, the security of the security forces.

The Palestinian people are protesting every day on the street, throwing stones; placards hold hands in silent human beings, and dies in unprofitable movements. The result is increasing the number of visitors and readers of the world media and the pages of the newspapers are being condemned. With regard to their own soil, who killed them, wounded them, captured them and captured the lands of the Palestinians. The silent role of the world community, including injustice, crime, siege, and precocity, has fired Palestinian people forever. The protest of Palestinians means that they will throw stones, attack rockets, and embrace death; Protests mean that the destruction of homes, including women and children in Israel's military attack, will always be known all over the world.

UN Secretary General condemned Israel, and expressed its opinion that it will halt the peace process in the Middle East. In the Middle East, the peace process is well known to MIDDLE-EAST-PEACE is an ancient complex word. Is that what is the sound of peace process? Do it increase the beauty of the house if it is kept in the house; In the house, peace between husband and wife settles peace or it is a peace tree. But in the international conference, how many talks about the peace process in the Middle East, discussion, criticism, closed-door meeting, ban, condemnation, voting, and eating dinner with the food of 22 items, after meeting and eating and cleaning the mouth with the handkerchief, they talks that have been said have become fruitful. Peace shall be established now. Because we have now abducted the mother of peace in Abu Gharib Jail. From tomorrow everybody will see the result of the untouched trees, etc. What else is more?

But the settlement work is going on in full swing.

Protests have been going on since the beginning of the settlement process in Gaza and Palestine, throwing stones, slogans in the name of failed movement, everyday clashes between the Gaza blockade army members and Palestinian people and almost every day two or three 'Palestinian people killed.


Being injured, being many others are imprisoned and tortured by the Israelis. And the cost of Israel is only money and ammunition.

At around twelve o'clock in the West Bank, a rocket suddenly came from the Palestinian-inhabited area of ​​Jericho, and three soldiers were injured in the Israeli military checkpoint and 1 of them were admitted to a military hospital in critical condition.

In an immediate reaction, the Israeli Prime Minister sent a military message to the army commander, allowing the army to protect all the things they need to do to counter the Palestinian attack. Beginning at night, after the military operation in the West Bank and in Jericho, several rocket attacks, cannon fired, and missile attacks are seen in different settlements and structures. The silence of the night was shaken and the city of Jericho in the West Bank and some areas of Palestine burned fire into the fire. The city of Jericho turned into a fire. Blood flowed in the artificial light of the night. About three thousand were wounded, the number of the dead body exceeded 126. Most of the attacks were carried out in the city of Jericho in the West Bank, where the people moved away from it. It will be easy for the Israeli people to occupy a deserted land.

The next day, the condemnation and protests were going on in the country and abroad, and blood flowed in the newspapers. In some countries the Israeli embassy was surrounded. The government of several countries called on the Israeli prime minister to call off the attacks. And it is inhuman, it is alleged that the violation of the international law and the amount of military power applied to the crime is much more. But the attack was not stopped.

The US administration already said 'Israeli people have the right to self-defense. Israeli forces attacked for self-defense.

International human rights organization Amnesty International, aimed at Israel, said that what they are doing is a clear massacre and that Israel will face trial in an international court for this crime.

After the night, the Israeli troops entered into an open battle in the land raid. The innocent unarmed Palestinian people run away from fear, run away and die. In some of these Palestinian Hamas and Fatah warriors resisted, but they were defeated in front of the modernly equipped Israeli army and continued to make them alive. Once the Palestinians were retreating and escaping. The field of war becomes empty.

Now the Israeli army entered into the residential area's house, as if they were raping and killing young men, women and children. Because Israelis say that Palestinian children are the future of poisonous terrorist snakes, so to kill them means that the future path will be hazardous.

Now I'm Israeli C.O Leo. Colonel Daniel goes into Jericho town. I saw the buildings are destroyed broken the stairs, the tears and the wounded people are awe, and I was a little embarrassed to see their bloody bodies. I saw collapsed



the roads were closed once, the electricity poll broke with them, the gas pipe line

burst and the fire broke out. Now I entered the half-broken house of Israeli gunfight in one room. The desire was a bit of a rest after removing fatigue, in

response to the situation of warring soldiers, call the defense minister and take the next decision.

But I did not see anyone in the house, and I was a little surprised. I think all the residents of this house have been killed? Suddenly, I saw a lot of fresh blood in one of the rooms and the sound of tears was coming out in the slow voice from the next room. I am sure no one is injured here. I thought that there was a Palestinian fighter in the house, so I prepared to shoot out of arms and kept quietly behind a pillar. There was no sound of crying. After a while the shadow of a man came forward. I prepared arms and made weapons targets. Whenever there is a part of the head to hide from behind the wall I was immediately shot. At the same time a woman's body fell to the ground, and immediately after crying a young ladies and a boy came there and said mother, mother and wept on their mother. Mother only said you run away, kill them also. Then the woman fell asleep forever on the floor of the house. I saw that the left hand of the woman is bloody with some injuries, and the bullet shot from my revolver was taken on her head. The children began to quarrel and said ... mother ... mother…mother. But their mother is no more.

Mother where do you go? where will we go now? Who will be with us? Who will take care of us? the young girl said this question to the dead body.

After seeing all the facts and hearing the children of the dead woman, I was shocked to be as hard as stone. I felt deep pain in my mind, guilt caught me. Humanity awoke inside me. The strength of the military power and the aggressive power overrules me. Recently I considered myself as a murderer to take away the life of a civilian innocent mother. In the past I have led some operations, killed many people with bullets and missile attack, but they have happened outside the eyesight of my eyes, so killing them could not shock me, but also praised myself and rewarded me. And this reason I am a proud army commander in my country.

But today?

There was a tears in the eye of my own eyes. I told with a great sorrow that there was a warrior in the house, I thinking this and shot. But my intention was not to kill your innocent mother. If you wish, you can take revenge on your mother by killing me. I grabbed my arms forward towards them.

The young girl said in tears, "If we kill you, then we will not be able to get back our mother." There is no ruthless, inhuman act on the earth to kill people as humans. If you kill people, then one day you have to be killed.

By listening to her words my conscience opened a new level of conscience at the door. I started thinking that we were killing the Palestinians indiscriminately, wounding them, imprisoned them, and persistently pursued from their motherland, and we are always worried about being expelled from the new excuse.



And they say that killing man is the biggest sin. What could be the result of our sins? And what is the consequence? Because everybody must be face death. And we too believe in a religion and in our religion believe that there will be a resurrection after death. What will we answer there to the almighty Creator? This thought made me depressed.

If these innocent youth and unmarried ladies realize that killing people is a great sin. Then why should I be the commander of this sin?

Although they may not know anything about the past or future Israel Palestinian conflict. So they advised me not to retaliate. I acknowledged the crime again and told them to forgive me. The girl said that my father went to the second Intifada movement and got martyrdom. We have no other men than my younger brother in our house. My mother used to sew up the bark. Mother used to run our family through the income that was there. You killed her too. You kill us, and that will be the happy release for us.

Since the beginning of the 1940 A.D the massacre has continued till today. Can you say that how much millions of people have killed by Jews? You have almost all the parts of our birthplace Occupied. Gaza blockade, whoever wants to kill him, who is willing to rape her, there is no gas, electricity, water supply and food Gaza is now a living graveyard. If there is any talk about the matter, you will start a new settlement at our different border. Do you know when it will end? You do not know. It may will be known by your next generation.

I was shocked at the girl's words, thinking that the girl was just a young woman and without a house-worker, maybe there is nothing else to know. But it is so well aware and knows all about the history of the Palestinian conflict.

I asked what is your name?

The girl said Sultana.

Have you studied up to a class?

Running B.A (Hon's) third year of political science.

At that time my ideas about the girl changed slightly. I thought the girl was an educated young woman, and in her message it was understood that she is a wise woman, and a young man with humanity.

Suddenly, two bullets hit the room in a loud voice. At the same time, Sultana pushed me with one hands and pushed her brother with other hand and she fell down and said, fall down.

After the bullets got stuck, I was convinced from the nature of the firing that my soldiers operated it. Don't waste any time I came out the Israeli flag out of my pocket.

I came out and saw two soldiers are waiting under my camp and standing outside the house. They saw me as soon as they saw me, sir! Here? Sir, are you all right?



Sir, we thought Hamas was staying in the broken house. So we…

I said I am resting in the house. You go to the camp. I'm fine, come back to camp at night. And the operation is closed for now. The soldiers went away.

I wonder about the Sultana. Those with whom our bloody history, the history of the dead, and she is a learned, aware about past history of their homeland, a girl whose father was killed by our soldiers, whose mother has died for my bullets, could be so much humanly.

I asked Sultana, did not have any harm to your brother? No.

If you not saved my life today, otherwise may be my life could have been fired by the fire of our soldiers? We are your enemies, especially I am and also our troops have fired. If we were to blame, our soldiers would have been there. Then why did you save my life?

Sultana said I have not only saved you but also saved hundreds of Palestinians.

I said actually I did not understand your words ?

Sultana looked at my face and said, if you had been died on this bullet, then the fault would have fallen on the Palestinian Authority. The new operation was started on this reason. As the news was released, tensions started to spread again. The night sky would have been colored by the Palestinians' blood, like the light of daylight by Israeli ammunition and missiles. You had to take our land again, new restrictions would be imposed, would you like to hear more? I said no, no I understand it.

I thought that due to the murder of Sultana's mother, the creator miraculously wanted to shoot me with my soldiers, but my good fortune was that Sultana saved me. So I thought that if I dedicate this life to the Sultana, I would be thankful to her and that's what I should do.

I started to be commanded only in the ideals of Sultan's intellect, reality, and humanity.

I asked the boy what is your name?


Do you study ?

Yakub said yes, read in the ninth grade in the United Nations-run school.

What do you want to do in the future after studying?

Yakub looked at my mouth for a long time. Then, leaving a sigh and said, "Never fruitful the dreams of the Palestinian youth, somebody must be prison to the Israeli side, someone wounded, lives in a crippled life, someone is killed, someone is lost everything and another's is fleeing to another country goes away". And the rest of the people continued to live a life of dying and die while agitating in the movement. Yet I have a dream I would be a doctor, so that I can provide treatment to the wounded Palestinians. To me the services of human being are the biggest task. I hate the victorious culture that will carry the procession carrying the flag of the winner over the bloody dead body and carry the procession.



I enjoy to give food for the hunger, I get the taste of the winner in the release of the prisoner, I struggled to overcome the obstacles, I love to forgive the defeated soldier, I think the use of force on helpless is an offense, I am the best creature, I am a man in the service of humanity, I am Yakub.

Brave Yakub, brave I respect you to tell your enchanted spirit, the right thinking of the future and the unlimited courage to take decisions of humanity.

I just started to think that these two brother and sister have lost their parents. Those who have their mother's body lying in front of them, there is no good future in front of them, yet the knowledge, thinking, humanity, and generosity of these two siblings that I have already received, they are the people of the highest rank. And I feel ashamed of myself as a killer.

In front of a bloody body Sultana and her brother Yakub all behavior seemed to me a little uneasy about my mind. I asked at one point that your usual behavior in front of your mother's body surprised me. Sultana said mournful news, seeing the body, caring the body on the shoulders, these are the everyday events of our country, we are always ready for these things. We can not cry anymore, our tears have dried up. After all, we just hope that we will be happy in Paradise after death. This world is a hell of hell for us. Our favorite motherland Palestine is a great living graveyard. Not to be born here for create, but for the purpose of birth is death here.

I'm hungry.

Sultana said there was no food in the house. After the meal at the end of the meal, when my mother said to go out to bring food, just a few minutes later your war campaign started. Do not go to the store again.

What a misfortune my mother, she told me about my safety, the mother forbade me to go outside the shop, but in the first place, she was injured by concrete injuries, and then died after being shot. And we have two brothers and sisters living in the ocean of pain and suffering.

Sultana was crying with sadness and said that there is no one else more in such a big world. How our livelihood will work, how our education will continue, all the future depends on our misery.

I kept pressing my tears very hard and repeatedly saying, 'Sultana', forgive me. Today I or our country is responsible for the consequences of this.

Sultana said simply removing eyes, you are directly responsible, and indirectly our country's leaders are also responsible. Of course, this is my personal opinion, may be my country's leaders will not accept it.

How? I said.

Sultana said that my opinion is that the world moves for power and money. They have survived in this world who struggle with military power and money. And those who struggled with powerless, they were buried in a futile life and buried in the coffin of defeat. Struggling to establish right to fair claims is



essential, but if I realize that defeat is surety before I struggle. Why should I give

life to a fail struggle? I would rather be able to acquire the strength to struggle with patience or try to acquire the right to a different tactic with intelligence.

In the words of Sultan, I see the colorful line of golden light in the new horizon. I wanted to talk to her. Her intelligence, reality and future thinking impressed me. My eyes were filled with charmed and beauty. After looking at the face of my military dress, and looking her with soft mind on her face. My eyes were repeatedly desired to look at her. An unknown happiness began to flow in my mind. I started enjoying this with joy and happiness.

She's so beautiful. By joining the form with her reality and qualification, she took place in my mind forever. Inside the chest of love rose awake. Humanity and love started working in my mind. In the first generation, I was drunk in the spring when I was a young boy, just as the spring seemed to have come back to my life. Many thoughts, many words, many plans, many hopes, many dreams were collected in my mind.

Yakub said, I have to bury my mother. Sultana said yes. Khalil uncle and the Imam should send the news.

Yakub said, I'm doing all the work, you just call uncle, but do not say anything about Daniel's presence. Seeing my name on the nameplate on my military dress, he remembers that my name is Daniel.

According to Muslim religious customs, all the processes of burial began to be completed. And I was hiding in the abandoned house of the staircase. While carrying the body, I was clearly listening to the neighboring Israeli chanting slogans. Slowly the sound of the slogans was reduced to the wind. Sultana's mother went to the grave and I (the enemy) inside the house. It seemed to me painful to myself.

I come down from the roof and saw the Sultana standing on the yard and was seeing the coffin bearer party. I went ahead to her as a criminal and said that Sultana apologized to you again for my crimes. And one thing, if you don't mind then I want to say.

Sultana did not give any answer. Not getting the answer, I was a little distraught in my mind. I thought everyone would come back to this house after the burial, so I decided to leave before they came back. And if I leave, Sultana may also get a little comfort in mind. I think he could not express his sadness or anger or anger to me because of fear or thinking about future. I said that I'm going to the camp, and come again tomorrow, I want to say many words.

Tears down his eyes she just said okay.

I went out of the house after a few steps and stood behind me and looked back and saw Sultana looking at me. I started walking again, I thought I was heading in front and Sultana's tears were fluttering over my back and she cried out.



Just coming back to the camp, I am thinking of getting the pain of Sultana alone, and in the minds of her reflection she has always been in it. And we are actually thinking of the aggressive operation of the Palestinians on power and power, how can they be supported from the human perspective?

At that time my second in-command Major Michael Harry entered the tent. Said that Sir was out so much time! any problem somewhere? I did not. Major Harry is my very faithful, trustworthy and courageous brave army officer. He can deal with any situation very efficiently and at any time.

Well, Harry, we're running the campaign, where's the end? When will it end? What is the amount of Palestine occupying the place will meet our demand?

Suddenly you have a question like that as a C.O of Israel? Sir, what exactly has happened to you? Sir if would say a little open ...

I told Harry all the events that happened at Sultan's house.

Harry expressed regret over the incident's story. Harry said Sir, we can express sorrow individually for them personally but something that benefits them we are unable to do Sir, you must remember former President Isaac Robin. He reached the edge of Israel's end to the Palestinian conflict. But the Jews of our country people considered it as an insult and harm to the state, and a student named Elan killed the president.

I said that the 'Oslo' agreement was not officially canceled yet. Can we implement that agreement?

Harry said how it is possible. After that agreement, we have re-established thousands of settlements in many occupied lands of the Palestinians.

I said that if we could reach an agreement with our existing occupied land and the establishment of our own rights, then perhaps 73 years of bloody history would have finished.

Harry said will the Palestinian people accept it? And who will risk to solve such a big international problem? I said that I'll take it.

Sir you? Do you have that right?

I said right to take it, right to achieve it.

Harry said Sir, it will be a military coup and state repression.

If my state's rebellion for nearly hundred years of the bloodshed history has stopped, so what is bad? Harry, you just say that you're always on my side as a auxiliary verb. To keep secret all the matter, for world humanity, welfare and peace.

Harry said Sir, as long as your body is covered in this country's army cloth, I am legally your faithful and helpful. Besides, if you want to walk the path that is right, then by my life I will be with your great goal. But sir be very careful.

The next morning I just told Harry to breakfast and started the first step of establishing peace from today. It is my military command and you are also a comrade in this mission.

I went straight to the house of Sultana. Seeing Yakub's sketching a picture of his mom with a pencil, the scene of bloodshed remains visible. It was sad to see the first scene. Sultana sat in the other side of the house and looked forward to seeing her father's blood-stained Punjabi(wearing cloth). My heart became worse. Standing silently, I washed my silence with a little cough and quietly said that in the low voice I feel very sad in you. In fact your grief is unlimited. If I could be a partner in your sadness, I would have considered myself happy.

Sultana said pain and trouble is our constant companion. I do not remember when I spent the last day with a smile. Every day somewhere no one is injured or killed. Barriers to distraction, school attacks, hospital attacks, shops-market destroys, kidnappings, sudden missile attacks can not breathe a single day of free life. Those who die are passing through the eternal triumph of death, from the earth to the seven heavens. There is no dispute with ownership, there is no smell of gunpowder, no thunderstorms. They have much peace. As soon as we die, with the words, I stopped the words with her face and said your humanity, the message of peace, and the deep of love for the people of the country, took you to another respectable place. You have to fight for the freedom and liberation of the Palestinians, and in this I will help you to success the mission.

Sultana, you are not a ordinary man. I see the golden sun in the middle of you, you are the morning dawn, you are an ambassador of peace between a terrible land, and no one knows you but I've just known you. Your consciousness, your conscience, your nationalism, yours reality introduced me to the world humanity. Your intellectual strength, realization and courage will be the release of humanity. I will be your pioneer in the path of light. You are not only my companion but also my life companion.

Sultan's face became colorful. She asked for the meaning of the words of life partner. I remained quiet without answering her. By the crack of broken windows, the bright light of the morning sunlight increased her beauty. I looked dazed and saw her golden face. From the thought of future, the love born to the Sultana began to show me the dream of a better life. I told the Sultana that I want to work with Israel to end the Palestinian conflict. And for this job you will help me all time.

Sultana said that you are here to lead the war. The compromise is beyond your jurisdiction. Israel has shouted millions of Palestinian martyrs in the era of eradicating this bloody history of the Palestinian conflict, beating and crippling lives. Sultana said how many rivers are bleeding, then the country gets freedom, peace and comfort? I and my brother are ready to give life to the question of independence, because our parent's are martyred in this war.

So there is no need to alive us, there is no shortage or no shortage of courage.

I said that power or jurisdiction does not automatically depend on anyone, they have to achieve or exclude subject to environmental conditions. Please give me your phone number and take my phone number.

Sultana's first job is to introduce me to a local leader or parliament member of Hamas or Fatah in your area.

Sultana said that when my father was martyred in the intifada movement he was the leader of our region who was elected MP from the Hamas party. He was a close friend of my father. After my father death he look after our family. His name is Sheikh Khalil and we call him Khalil uncle and respect him. I said that I meet your uncle in his house secretly and you will be always with me.

At first to keep secret my identity. I opened military clothes and came to the house of Sheikh Khalil in Panjabi. He was deciding the amount of damage to the city of Jericho after the war. Seeing us, told the sultana, mother-mom suddenly you?

Sultana said uncle came to a guest. The guest wants to talk to you about something.

I said uncle, I am a Muslim Palestinian warrior in a Jewish neighborhood. I have escaped to your land for the safety. Uncle, I want to make a successful end to the Palestinian conflict with Israel, with some important information in the presence of the Prime Minister, the President and the top national leaders, including your parliament member.

Sheikh Khalil said are you mad? your head is okay? You know what you're talking about. It is the history of bloody dead bodies of 70 to 72 years. Do you know that there is no oxygen in the air of Palestine, there is only the mourning cry of the Palestinian people, and the last breath of too much painful death.

I said uncle, I have worked with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the International Arms Act, the United Nations Quorum, and Israel's knowledge of the future plans and their military capabilities. Uncle organized a meeting with you all in a short time. Uncle though I'm younger than you do not neglect me. Otherwise, if the current Israeli operation is closed for now, it may begin again anymore. Uncle looked at me with a little perspective and said, 'Well, let's think.'

On coming out of uncle's house, Sultana said, "I can not understand anything, what are you really trying to do or what is your plan?"

I said, I am trying to justify the crime that I have committed to you. Aothing else more.

Do you understand the fact that I am a man formed by blood and humanity works inside me?

Yes I can she said. So what do you know about your reaction?

In fact, I do not have any such thoughts in my mind. But the reality is that I am Muslim and you are Jewish. And the birth and history of Palestine-Israel and all the fall of the rise and fall of the pillar slit in blood. I do not have the courage to

rise up, but the conscience prevents me from going down. But if you take any bold action as a compromise, then there will be my presence and involvement.

I do not see Yakub returning to the Sultan's house but his paintings have been completed and he kept it on the wall. My turn to turn Sultana can you drink a little water? Immediately she brought a glass of water. Sudden I unknowingly caught the hand of the Sultana. I said I want to live and die with you. You keep me in the power of your love and when I get the strength of your love, I can succeed by struggling to fight for the sake of changing the history of the Palestinian conflict. But without you, I will not get encouraged and motivated in such a way. Because of your love I have handled this peace establishment.

And the question you raised regarding religion is not a big obstacle, because our religion is human religion, the victory of humanity is a big win. You are your religion in the belief of God and I will keep my religion. There is no compulsion here.

Sultana stood silently without answering any questions. I waited for a while, and said, 'I am leaving' you take decision. I'll be back tomorrow.

Do not spend time on returning to the tent, do not feel good on anything, just started thinking that all the happiness is in her heart, that girl is so good and most beautiful and I want her at any cost. The heart became absolutely indifferent.

Invite Major Harry to remove depression. Saluting Harry come into the tent. Where did sir go today? I said that the emotional expression of the mind of the Sultana. Harry is very interested, said Sir, what is the result? I said the results will be revealed tomorrow. Only Sheikh Khalil's conversation was secret and the meeting that will be held in the near future.

Harry said, Sir you are waiting for a glimpse into the fire. Understand and decide.

Sheikh Khalil began communicating with other members of the Palestine, and the Hamas leaders were also informed that because of this, it is a national issue and the guest specifically requested them to attend the meeting. The national level leaders sat in the meeting at a scheduled date. Most leaders questioned the man's true identity? Why does he so much for us? It is necessary to monitor his motives and movements.

One Hamas leader said that because he is an Israelite resident, we can not all be present in one place, depending on his words. Because we were all gathered together and attacked the same place and killed all our leaders together. And it is not impossible by them. All the leaders have said that the matter should be considered in real fact. Then everyone went to the Sultan's gate.

Khalil uncle came to the house at Sultana's house, to know what is the name of the guest of residence? Sultana said Daniel.


Yes. Is he Jewish?

Sultana intellectually said that the Jews were now converted Muslims. How about you? he was taking care of the patients in the hospital from there. But I know that he is a good man. He dedicated himself to the Palestinians. You can trust him completely and I will be with him myself.

For the sake of safety, everyone decided that arms will be kept on Daniel's head during the meeting so that he can not betray any kind of betrayal.



The Khalil uncle asked Sultana to give him the condition and after three days, if he agreed to the condition, then let him come to our Ramallah headquarters. And one thing is that the top Hamas leaders can not join, because they are the Gaza blockade, tell Daniel.

Suddenly Sultana's phone came to me at night. I was amazed, it started to thrive, my heart and soul. After receiving the phone reception, after knowing the Sultana, Sultana suddenly you call a special reason? Sultana said Khalel uncle asked about your details. I said all, but?

But what?

He wanted to know about religion by saying your name. I said you are converted Muslims.

I said quite well. From now on I will give that identity.

And one thing is that the Hamas leaders of Gaza can not come to the meeting due to Gaza blockade. I said that you talk to the uncle that some leaders of Gaza want to take part in the meeting, give me a list of their names, and I will arrange for them to attend the meeting. All the best, best of good luck.

In my mind, Sultana kept my phone number and then saved it. All day long the desire to love is waiting. And started thinking why it is not fast tonight. Is today's tonight so long or longer than the usual day? At night out of the tent, the dreams of the sky, in the dream of the Sultana. For me, life seemed to be very moody and colorful, it seems like I am going to endless happiness with the Sultana on the sea of ​​love and love.

I have been awarded many prizes because of military expertise, I have achieved the highest honor due to being successful in the war. I felt valiant but it is more joy than heroism, and happily does not cut the night anymore. Suddenly, the birds of the night, getting alerted by the call of darkness, cut the darkness of the eastern sky, so that the sky is enlightened. It was a while in the morning.

In the morning, I told Harry that I was going to Sultana's house. Be careful. Reaching home, I saw Yakub was preparing to go to school. He greeted me and said that the brother sit here please. Today we'll have snacks together. I agreed to be very fun.

we sat together to eat breakfast, but Sultana stayed a little while beside me so I felt a little sad. I started feeling pain in my mind, hoping for the whole night, in the open sky, I dreamed down in the sky, and in the morning her little negligence caused me to suffer. I told my heart not to disappointed, thinking that maybe her younger brother was present so she did not sit near me for shame.

After leaving Yakub to school, I feel unrest, and panic seized me. What to say, what to do, what to do. The fear started in the mind. Fighting in the war with hundreds of cannons, tanks, ammunition fire, I never knew what the fear was, and today feeling nervous is talking to a woman. Probably this is called love.

However, with courage I asked Sultana to end my expectation. I would like to hear the answer to my proposal. Sultana said that there is no need so many


opinions to get a Palestinian woman's body. You can do whatever you want. You are overwhelming, who can protest to you? Perhaps within your country there may be some work permit, but you do not have permission to oppress Palestine, torture, kill, rape and take possession of the land. Permission for permanent torture was given in 1948. The royal crown of your country is the one that gets more persecution against Palestine. If you get hurt in my words, then I think that is true, because truth always hurt people and lies give false relief.

I said Sultana your words are true but I have planned for a lasting solution in that matter and accordingly there is a time and place for discussion. I came here to finish my mental question. Want to know if you can make me a place in your heart? I would like you to go happily on top of heaven can not you? I came to know the answer to that question. But in yours word my heart became sad. Actually I'm not ready to answer your questions. But yes, all your questions I have the answer and I will answer these questions in front of everyone in the meeting. But you can not answer the question in the meeting because it is only heart to heart.


Sultana looked at my face and said, I know you are well, I believe you, I welcome your future plan, but it is that you are really trying if you can prove it in practice, then I will meet with you all together with victory and defeat. It will be in my promise. I also say that I am always ready for success in your efforts even till life. And I love you really, but it has the condition .

At the last moment of my mind, the pain of my mind was reduced considerably. I began to scream and said, "Oh people of Israel, you leave your arms and love your beloved because the real happiness lies in the pure love."

I said Sultana I will never be able to hit my nationalism, but by my country no Palestinian death, and so that no Palestinian land is occupied, I am against it both sides of the bullet from the ground to the sky; I will try to make it resistant walls. Only your love has inspired me today in my state-rebellious activities and humanity's religion.

I told the Sultana you are with me in the next day's meeting. And your patriot will express valuable feedback. I'm going, felicitated me with a little smile. Sultana gave a little smile but she did not give a smile from heart; Just got to understand. She Just kept my word.

"I do not go out of the house" Sultana said C.O Sir, this is the first time she called me by a name. I said something? She handed a paper in my hand. It says there are five Hamas leaders who are blocked in Gaza and want to meet in a meeting with me.

Come to the camp and summoned Major Harry. Harry said with salute, Sir called me? Yes, sit down.

Call the blockade C.O in Gaza, and I will speak with him.

Harry Gaza blockade C.O Calling on the Colonel Cruise, he handed the phone to Daniel Sir. I told Cruise that your Hamas leader in Gaza will send commander Jamil, Ekram, Jihadis, Salman and Rashid to Ramalla tomorrow, I will hold peace talks with them there.

Lt. Colonel Cruz, though he's Daniel Jr. He told Daniel that no one in Gaza can be allowed to go outside without the directive of the Defense Minister.

I said it's my military order. Moreover, they need the purpose of a peace process. Do not think that I release them forever.

The next day, the five leaders were brought to Ramalla through security. Lt. Colonel Cruz called them and told the Defense Minister to leave the matter.

The Defense Minister, with the Prime Minister, immediately conveyed the matter. The Defense Minister called Major Harry and asked, "What do you know about Ramalla?" Harry said Sir, I do not know much about it, but I know that in today Daniel Sir will talk about peace with the top leaders of Palestine.

They decided that without any prior permission, one of the jurisdictions to hold peace talks since the colonel does not have him, he should first keep him under surveillance and know that he is sitting in the discussion without any permission from the state and monitor everything in Ramallah. Later, he and his activities will be first to know later we take decission.

At around 10.00 am, there were about 25 leaders of Hamas and Fatah sitting in Ramalla. At that time Daniel and Sultana entered the house with a bag in Daniel's hand and wearing a Muslim dress. Daniel said that I gathered you by telling you to end Israel-Palestine conflict. I have filled you with my call, welcome to everyone and welcome everyone to the peace talks. According to the condition, a Hamas warrior stood behind me with weapons.

Hamas commander Jamil said we want to know about your purpose.

I'm l Colonel Daniel, now I'm the commanding officer or C.O who heads the operations in the West Bank border city. I hid my identity to you because you thought of taking a different issue or attempting to kill me, or forced Sultana to do something wrong, or did not agree to sit with a Israeli CO.

Everyone will listen to my words with a little attention. If you have any questions then ask I will answer.

On May 14, 1948, at 12.01 am, an independent state of Israel was declared. Within 10 minutes of the state announcement, the United States recognizes us. Later at present 170 countries have recognized us for giving recognition to different states at different times. Then our land area was 20,770 sq km. And the size of Palestine was 26,323 square kilometers. Due to continued occupation, the


size of the Israeli area is approximately 33,230 square kilometers and the size of Palestine is currently only 6,700 sq km. That means, in the last 70 years, we have occupied almost 13,000 sq km of Palestine. Although we have a dispute with the remaining 8,000 sq km, we are still in control. We continued the process of occupying Palestine land even during the Palestinian rights movement.

In 1948, the population of Palestine was approximately 10 million, of which only 4 million were rescued, and some 6 million were martyred, some were forced to leave in the country, some refugees, and others were imprisoned in Israeli prisons. Of these 4 million, 1.5 million in Gaza and 2.5 million in the West Bank, Ramalla, Bethel Ham and Hebron. Though population growth is an ongoing process, but it is a negative process for Palestine. One of the reasons is to force our aggression, kill and forced to leave the country.

Gaza City has been blocked for almost 14 years, there is no electricity, no water supply, no access to food from outside, roads are damage, hospital infrastructure has been broken, on the basis of which the Israeli military expedition is without precaution. At Gaza dying people always. Gaza is another name for living graveyard. It is said that it is the largest prison in the world.

Already a Fatah leader said that you have gathered us to listen to our condolences.

I told, my brother to finish my words and then I will answer all of your questions. In addition to regular operations in Gaza and Palestine, various operations are run by different names; The operation of many names such as Operation Hot Winter, Operation Defensive, Operation Pillar of Defense, Operation Protective Age, etc. In the name of the murder of three Israeli teenage children, by the operation of Mivotsa Suk, killing 2,143 Palestinians and 10,895 were wounded and nearly a thousand were captured, many villages were destroyed. In the town of Hebron, the Muslim was killed by burning brushes while performing Fajr prayers inside the mosque, which is known as the Hebron killer. Thus, for 70 years this destruction is going on and when there will be no calamity in this age of destruction.

Suddenly a few bombs were thrown out of the office, all the earthquakes shaken. Meanwhile, Hamas warrior, armed with arms, pressed my throat and asked for permission to fire the revolver. But everyone was scared and nobody listened to permission. Without permission, Hamas fighter hit my head with a solid piece of lower revolver. I'm bloody in it. Sultana freed me from dragging the warrior from behind.

Surprisingly, a leader of Hamas and Fatah was not even afraid, nor did anyone escape from their position. After the closure of the attack, I told you why nobody tried to flee, if there was an attack inside. One Hamas leader said that we knew beforehand that these attacks would happen because your bigger identity is that you are the Israeli army officer. You can never wish us good luck. It was your strategy to kill us.

War is our constant companion. With whom we live, we live. The people who are doing politics in this country roam around the clothes of the kafan.

Sultana said that there is no heroism in delivering life while showing courage. It is mere silliness. My blood was bleeding from my forehead, I erased it by tissue. I found out that the part of the artillery shot from Israel.



At the same time my phone started ringing and I saw the defense minister's phone. I was astonished. He ordered me to go to a safe shelter and said more attacks would be done. I said, Sir, this is the fight of the C.O. In the presence of me, this attack is about the attempt to kill me. My unidentified attack in my commanding areas does not agree with the right law. Anyway, I will give you feedback after finishing the meeting and ask for the closure of the attack till then.

When the meeting was unfinished, everyone came out and found that many civilians were injured and killed. Immediately the ambulance and fire service came under fire and the casualties were taken to the hospital. That day are not sitting in the meeting.

The next time the meeting was scheduled at the time. Everyone went away.

I went to house with the Sultana and found that Yakub is identifying the boundary between Israel and Palestine. The border that he is marking it is before in the 1967 Arab-Israel war painted the same boundary. I fixed the border with the sketch map from his hand and according to the current settlement. I said that from now on your map and it is the real conditions.

After a while Sultana came and told me in the next room and bandaged the forehead. Said I did not understand that you came to work actually to stop the killing of Palestine. I said that since the murder of your mother, I feel a change in myself. I am responding to the call of conscience, and the rest has changed in your love. I want to give myself up for the sake of world humanity.

Sultana looked at my face for a while and said that now I do not have to go to the camp? I said why? Sultana said different situations could arise when they saw the bandage at your forehead, in this condition. Moreover, I want to spend a little time with you just gossiping about Israel Palestine conflict.

This is first time Sultana noticed interest in me. I grabbed his hands, pulled his hand towards the chest and said, "My heart is cold, the world is full of humanity and love, it's all about your contribution." Welcome you to my heart" be happy with me, my life may be successful. May be Success our struggle and success our love. Free my country from conflict.

I said that Ramalla was attacked during the day, the Defense Minister called the phone so it is a special requirement to go to the camp. It seems to me that the matter complex has occupied the size. My presence is urgent there. I have to know if there is a problem. Sultana stood silently. I felt that my absence was hurting her, thinking that happiness was felt within the mind. Do not interrupt. I got out and said ," Sultana I will come once at any time, now have to go".


Reaching the camp, I informed Major Harry. Major Harry came in. I said Harry what happened, why was Ramallah attacked?

Sir, the war minister ordered me to attack Ramallah by phone. You were present there, so the attack was not carried out inside the meeting. Only attacks and panic attacks have been carried out outside the office to stop the meeting.


Sir, the war minister ordered you to call him.

After giving a call to the Defense Minister, he asked why I was secretly meeting Hamas and Fatah leaders. I said, Sir, this is the fight of the C.O. If I can negotiate a solution to free bloodshed by protecting Israel's interests through negotiation, it is good for my country. If I fight my soldiers can also die can you return their life? Military equipment damage, bullets, fuel, wartime allowance, these are your personal money? or state money. Patriotism is good but sometime too much patriotism is may brought out danger. My job is not just to fight, to protect the lives of our soldiers, to set up a new settlement, and if it is free and bloodless, why would I not accept it? Heroism can not be expressed on aggression. Sir, until I am the CO of this war I will fight or stop at my plan.

Is there any need to apply force to the Palestinians who are very weak? When we settled, they stopped hurling stones. But we are one of the world's most powerful nuclear powers and a large arms manufacturer and arms exporter. They are despised by our military power.

During the Arab-Israel War of 1967, we have defatted a number of countries together. After 51 years of our war, our military capabilities have multiplied. I organized this meeting with the head of military spending and humanitarianism. But yes, I did this without your permission. This is my unintentional mistake. So you can blame me.

The meeting was not completed due to the attack. Tomorrow I am asking permission to sit with them again. The Defense Minister said that you can meet but you can not make any decision or compromise. Keep listening to their suggestions. Afterwards we will discuss and decide.

Yes, thank you, sir.

After lunch, fatigue fell asleep a bit. On the other side, Hamas and Fatah leaders sat in a meeting to discuss the issue. Fatah said the leader is no longer able to believe Daniel. Here's his evil motive. The C.O showed Sultana was trapped in love and he was in the mission to kill us. So there is no discussion with him.

But the Hamas leader disagrees, he said that the confessional statement of crime against his own country seems like he really wants to move forward towards the real peace process. I may be optimistic that we can reach a better understanding. But if he make an exception, we'll take him hostage. But the discussion should be end, because we can not say anything to him. He did not even finish his speech.

Another Hamas leader said that the world's biggest powers have not been able to establish any peace till now. One Lt. colonel or a general military officer he will establish an independent state. Throughout the ages, blood of Palestinian flowed through the river but we did not get freedom, we did not get the freedom of our land and in a bloodless meeting you are hopeful of getting independence. How many such talks have been held in the era, how many peace



talks, how important meetings have been held in the United Nations, but its results are zero. Another Fatah leader said that ordinary people became extraordinary through action. And we are helpless, who can help us? How much blood we will give, and how many bodies will be removed. Be patient all of you; Let's see what happens. We do not see anything other than blood, we can not hear anything other than the noise of the bombardment.

But in other ways, all the other leaders did not agree to resume talks. The Sultana was informed about the matter. There will be no discussion with Daniel.

I woke up in the afternoon. I went straight to the house of Sultana. Yakub is throwing concrete waste down from the roof top. I asked where is Sultana? Yakub said sister went to Khalil uncle's house. Come on now, you sit down I come down.

Yakub said, "Can you bring us freedom of Palestine, stop killing?" If you need blood I will give my life. But over the ages we are poisoned to pull the dead body on every day. Please do something for us. You are the commanding leader of this war. The colonel has many capabilities

I feel the young - impressed with the political intellectuals of the young student and the practical knowledge of the future about the state, Yakub, one day you will become a great leader and become the state's leader. Sultana came back from behind and said when Mr. C.O came?

Just came here. I was waiting for you.


That's why I feel lonely, so I thought it was time to talk to you. Sultana said that I wanted to call you but you came to yourself personally. I said why? What's the matter?

Sultana said the Palestinian leaders will not discuss with you again.

I said why! The discussion is not finished?

Sultana said that they do not believe in you because of the attempts to assassinate the military attack leaders during the meeting. I said that discussions are unfinished, and they should know exactly what I'm trying to do.

Sultana let's go talk with Khalil uncle and they will have to agree. Otherwise, our dream will not be fulfilled. And this war will not stop. I know it but they don't know it.

I sat at the house of Khalil uncle and told the uncle that the peace process always ends in a state of turmoil, to be strong in order to establish a stste, needs sacrifice and patience. Do you disbelieve me? If you are attacked in the meeting, you will die once and I will die twice. First time in the hands of the warrior, then in the attack.

During the meeting, I accepted the fact that I was held hostage, I did not protest, I was wounded on my head by hamas but nothing to say anything. Do they




know what an Israeli C.O means? You have no idea about my power. If I wish I can occupy all Palestine within two hours time, I can flatten all the houses with a bulldozer.

However, I want to give my life in your hand in accordance with your condition and want to give you freedom. You disbelieve me? Say what condition you will agree to discuss with me. I am committed to stop the bloodshed of both the countries and I want to successful.

Khalil uncle said that I believe in your statement and I am organizing a meeting again tomorrow anyhow. I have the responsibility to convey all other leaders.

I returned to Sultan's house. I got a little comfort from the Sultana. I was disappointed whether they would agree or not. I am talking and Sultana looked at me. I could not even turn my eyes. After a while he went to the house with a smile. I went behind. Both of them shared a couple of times together with happy hands holding hands.

The next morning, I met with the leaders of Hamas and Fatah leaders. Sultana was beside me. I said Muslims living in Israel always have second grade Citizens, they never get the status of 1st class citizens. They even deprive many of the other governmental facilities. The Muslim Organization OIC, Arab League, supports our aggression only without Iran. Have you received direct support from any state that has fought with Palestine over the years? Did not get it? Our closest allies are the dominant countries in the world. But you have no close friends who can help you. You do not have the strength to stand in the face of our killings and aggression, and you do not even have any friends. I have not seen any such history in the past. They can call the highest condemnation and stop the attacks. When a proposal was received against us in the United Nations, it stopped interrupting our ally's veto.

So far, 18,000 Palestinian buildings have been destroyed in our attacks, about 200 new Jewish settlements have been built in your land and about 5 million units have been built in the Palestine area so that Jews are living in the present time. Our attack is at as many as 3,81,000 people have been martyred, 2,73,000 were injured, and 2,424,000 were crippled.

If you throw a rocket in Israel, we can resist it with our military technology but on that pretext we get ten missile attacks, when a demonstration is a procession, we issue land in the border area by issuing a red arc in the border.

Hamas fighters are fools and furious. They do not understand that they do not have the power to defeat Israel. Due to their unforeseen ignorance, innocent women, children and civilians have to give life early. Recognize these true and practical facts in the past with the past and present reality. Do not push the lives of innocent people in the same way as the emotional mind. Look at the past history.




Gaza's obstruction, land grabbing, attacks, new settlements, and all the consequences of Hamas's fruitless skirmish and anti-Israel activities the attempt to force them without power, the harsh message is the reason for their destruction.

Introduce with the sultana through a sad incident that happened to me. From there slowly to her and to respect her love and fulfill her condition, I invited you to the meeting to establish a peaceful Palestinian state.

From now on I am your fellow Israeli friends.

I have presented all the past reality in front of you so that you can accept the realization of the reality by avoiding the failures of vengeance and protest and accepting my proposed proposals to form two absolute peaceful independent states.

1. The size of the Gaza Strip of the independent Palestinian state will be 360 ​​square kilometers and the total area will be 8,000 sq km, along with the West Bank, Jericho, Bethlehem, Ramalla, and Hebron.

2. All Hamas and Fatah's armed fighters will submit their illegal weapons to the government office.

3. Three years after the formation of an independent Palestinian state, they will be able to form military forces and purchase weapons in the UN's periphery.

4. After setting the boundaries, the boundary walls should be provided so that there is no further complication in the future.

5. The bunkers and tunnels located in Gaza will be destroyed in Israel's presence.

6. Mosque ul Al Aqsa will be open to all religions.

7. To build independent Palestinian state for human habitation, funding from the world community will be to repair schools, colleges, hospitals, refugee camps, roads and houses.

8. All types of state facilities will be provided to Muslim nationals living in Israel.

9. Jews and Muslims living in two countries can be migrated to their preferred country within a fixed period of time. No state will force anyone to force the country to leave.

10. As a friend, two countries will recognize two countries. The head of state of the two countries will visit every year in two countries and will be free trade between them.

This is the new road map for the establishment of independent Palestinian and Israel state.

If you have any suggestions or questions you can ask?

A Hamas leader said all your proposals are anti-Palestine. We have to return the land according to the eastern border of the Arab Israel War of 1967, and we must explain to all the establishments on the land, to compensate for the destruction of all such structures, Israel must face trial in the International Court for the massacre . Moreover, we will never accept this proposal.


Sultana said, 14 years from the blocking, did you not understand what is the current situation? You have seen all the leader's, Ramallah headquaters and got a chance to the meeting after 14 year and it's the contribution of C.O Sir. You do not understand that the world is powered by power and money. And if you have so much power, why do not you release Gaza from the blockage? Rather, the reason for the death of innocent women and children in breaking the siege is the reason of death. If there were so much power, the streets of Palestine would not have been slippery with blood. Learn to respect and respect powerful authority. To be conscientious and wise to pursue such pursuit, the power to be powerful but to spend intelligence, pursuit and money, and these are also very valuable. If your claim is fair, but if it is lost, then it is necessary to have power and strength to establish it. But you are unable to power and strength, and to try it means that the life of civilians in the face of death. So, forgetting the past and accepting the present reality they are wise and the wise people always win.

Your arrogance the only reason for the behavior of innocent Palestinian women and children is death. Hamas is responsible for it. Why does Hamas struggle for powerless? Why they provide extremist statements to provoke terrorism? They do not realize that they have never been in power with military and diplomatic efforts. My parents, both of whom have been martyred in this war, have taken away our land, we are giving life every single day, but have we been able to take appropriate protest and retaliation? No, because we have neither the power nor the capability. You can think that I'm calling them by adopting Israel. But what is the way. In this way how long we will give unnecessary life in the name of struggle and lose the land. It is good to think of the future, respecting the power and accepting defeat. Because it will save lives of innocent Palestinians and get the strength and money to make future movements.

America was defeated in Vietnam war, but America has lost its honor? Rather they were now more powerful. We have to take lessons from history and accept the reality. On that day if the Israeli army was not attacked, then 126 people including my mother were killed; It would not have happened About 3 thousand people were injured, they would not have been bloodied and hundreds of homes were not destroyed. But what has happened to Israel, nothing is there. Does this require unnecessary attacks? My mother could not have died if this was not the attack. The killer who killed my mother is this C.O. Now I love her relationship with her soul today. And if I hated him as my mother's killer or wanted to take revenge, then maybe we could not have come here till today's peace talks. It seems to me my right decision. The effort to get back the lost is the meaning of bleeding which you are going through. It's just stupid.

Now I said that the only reason to raise the past is to explain the reason that Hamas and Fatah leaders will understand that the cause of their movement is reason for their destruction. But you are unconcerned and ignorant. You do not understand the reality. You want to live, want the right but do not want to lose.


But you do not even have the capability to win. And it is not possible for you to fight with us even today it is not possible in the future. If possible, you can go back 70 years in the past, you have to make a new earthworm of 1950. And in that world you may fight if you fight with Israel. This is the reality, and the one I am trying to do is humanity.

The Palestinian territories will be as short as the days are. At one time the Palestinian territories will become Israel's enclaves. And there will be a time when there will be no single person to demand an independent Palestinian state. But you do not understand, you will continue fighting, and you will die. It is called powerless terrorism.

Now a Fatah leader said that we would like to give a different opinion on our own. I said that you can discuss your friends in front of me so that there can be many issues or questionable solutions to the questions. Still, if you want to talk privately so I have no objection.

After being a little quiet, another Fatah leader said we would like to talk openly and in front of you. We believe in you and we realize that you are our truly friend.

In fact, we are very weak in military power and you are one of the most powerful nuclear powers in the world. If you wish, you can take over our country within just 10 minutes, but because of humanity only you have not yet done it. Our economy is destroyed.

We do not have a friend to help us, we are divided into conflicts within our country, infrastructure is all about demolition, we are not far behind in education, we do not have industrial factories in our country, famine, food crisis, water crisis, medical, electricity, living in inhuman life. And Gaza is now a blaze of fire, where living, hunger, poverty and unrestrained pain, which is worse than the torment of the fire. So we now want solutions for our future children, we do not want to remember the past anymore. In the past we have made the country and the country's population endangered. Now we want to uphold the reality. No war, no more blood, this is our hope. But we have some amendment on your proposal.

I am glad to understand his generous mind and reality. Tell me.

Palestinian leaders' first claim is that apart from Gaza, the remaining Palestine will have an area of ​​10,000 sq km. All Palestinian prisoners will be released free without any condition. After one year later we have to allow the formation of our armed forces. The destruction of the state of ruin Israel must play a significant role in forming adequate funding. For Palestine two universities must be established, one of which will be in Gaza, in Ramallah. The Jewish settlements in Gaza have to be left for the Palestinians.

Now I will try every effort to implement all your demands. Just in case of land, I want to amend some of my proposal and your proposal. 360 square



Kilometers of Gaza and 8,640 sq km of Palestine will be struggling to establish an independent Palestinian state of 9,000 sq km.

Now a senior Fatah leader stood up and said: "We all agreed to offer you, but who will implement it?"

I said that I and Sultana jointly discussed this proposal, but my state does not know anything about this. But my state knows that I am going to discuss peace with you. And my proposal will never be accepted by my country, because Israel wants Palestinian state to be in Israel's control as a state or province.

I will discuss our proposal today with Defense Minister and Prime Minister. If they do not agree on the discussion, then we all would want help to implement our draft proposals in the international community of the world internationally. I will find out the process and methods that you will only declare solidarity with my activity.

All of us have said that we will give our lives to implement this proposal. Our mother, father, brothers, sisters and children have given blood in the age to time. We are not afraid to be martyred.

I am very glad. Thank you everybody. After completing the meeting, I told "to meet you again tomorrow" and went to the house with Sultana.

In the afternoon, I started walking out with Sultana. Slowly she took my right hand and said, I think I have kept my hand in a faithful hand where there is so much love and power.

I told to acquiring your belief and love and stop human killing may I have to become a traitor.

Sultana said from a little silent, did I hurt you because of my love?

I said that in your love, today I have become humanitarian people, your love has introduced me to the world-humanity. In the touch of your love, my life is happily harmonious, flooding of happiness, springing in the drunken breeze of spring. I feel real happiness at every moment of my life for your love. I am the real evidence of love and love that can change people. In exchange for everything in the world, I want to keep this happiness given to you throughout life. And that's my last request to you.

I have to go to the camp for understanding the situation, then decide what to do.

Sultana said that if you understand the danger of the army rebellion, then come back at any way, anyhow. Are you understand that the army rebellion? She said yes, it is well known to me.

I sent a message to Harry after returning to the tent. After Saluting, Harry said Sir Defense Minister invited you to meet tomorrow. I told "are you know something else"? No sir, but the sound of his phone voice was rude, maybe something bad can happen. Sir, be careful.

Okay, then in the morning, I'll leave for Tel Aviv. You may go. I'm not left to understand that the bad things are waiting for me. In the middle of the night, Harry called me and said, sir, the minister called me again and told you to be kept under surveillance. I told him that he is in tent. He was kept under surveillance and in the morning he will leave for Tel Aviv.

I told Harry in the morning that I would not step in Israel's ground until my struggle was successful. And on the day I return, I will return to the hero. With your secret phone number, contact the sultana on the phone, and help me because we are working for peace.

You will be seen me in heroic coffins, or in the coffins of the dead body. I got off with my bag.

I told Harry that I went to meet the minister. Thank you, if I live, will be seen. Harry shrugged my words. He embraced me in the chest, and said the word goodbye is very painful, but everyone has to leave. Do not sorrow brother.

I thought Ramalla is no longer safe. So I met with the leaders of Hamas and Fatah at Sultan's house. I said that the reaction of the minister in my country has already started. We have to face tough challenges ahead. Present our 10-point proposals in written form and in favor of Palestine two of them are Hamas and Fatah leaders, and I and Harry will sign for Israel. The presence of parliament members will be signed. The sultan's signature will remain as the coordinator of both parties.

Now, for the implementation of this proposal, we will have the UN secretary-general, the Security Council of the United Nations to stop the ongoing bloody history of Palestine in Palestine by sending proposals to five permanent member states and ten temporary members, UNHCR, UNESCO, UNICEF, OIC, BRICS, Arab League, SAARC, EU all the organizations and all the countries and the head of the Israeli and Palestinian government. Under the circumstances, for taking necessary steps to declare two independent sovereign states we will request him to all. In addition, we will spread our proposals through all social communications around the world. In my decision, all the Palestinian leaders and Sultana became immersed. They never thought that I would offer such a landmark proposal in a broader way. Everyone said "we thought we would be successful immediately". This time I saw Hamas leaders quite happy. The leaders of both parties are kissing and embracing the joy of getting the taste of freedom.

Major Harry was informed. He came and signed the proposal paper and commented that Sir, so much better for both the countries, the solution for peaceful settlement. What's better than that?

While leaving, Harry said if the government do not accept this joint proposal and was refused it then I will not hesitate to bring up the army rebellion. We are also partners in the good and bad understanding of the country. I said maybe this will not need it. But be prepared mentally.

After Harry's departure, the news is that all home and foreign electronic and print media are available. At the press conference, a joint proposal to form an independent Israeli Palestinian state was presented. On that day, all the countries and organizations have been sent to the head office by post and e-mailed to take necessary steps for packaging the 10-point proposal letter.


In an instant reaction, the Israel government fired me from the job and accused me for sedition. Maj. Harry was questioned and concealed in connection with concealing information about me. But Harry has revealed only one issue by passing the questions that the collective proposal made by CO Sir and Palestinian leaders is not related to Israel's interests but also preserve everybody's interests. About 73 years ongoing but no Israeli leaders can not propose the such kind of joint peace proposal. That's why C.O Sir should be thanked.

On the next day, newspapers and TV channels across the globe began to argue against Israel-Palestinians' 10-point resolution on the issue of criticism. Twitter and face book was highly praised for Daniel and Palestinian leaders with TV and newspaper fame spread to take courage and collective gravitational steps.

The United Nations Secretary-General called for an emergency meeting with the permanent and temporary 15 member states of the Security Council.

At the meeting of the Security Council, the United Nations Secretary-General first read the joint proposal resolution. All countries agreed on the proposed proposal and for the implementation of it all agreed to work together, but the proposals were not shared by the United States without expressing any views. we asked a day for a better analysis, because it is a long-term problem, without a thorough review, it will be decided that immense work can be worse than the best. The meeting was ended.

On that day, the Secretary-General of the UN, chief of the United Nations associate organizations, media editors and human rights activists sat in the night meeting. All respected persons closely monitored the proposals. All of them confirmed that these proposals are a peaceful constitution because it contains good news for both the states and there is a message of peace and independence for the country instead of war. There can be no better solution than this, so all the countries and organizations told to Israel to accept it and not to veto America. UNESCO representative said that we had already recognized Palestine as an independent state by ignoring hundreds of obstacles.

On that day, the news of the meeting of the United Nations and the decision was prominently promulgated through news of all countries. America was shocked at the news of the news. The United States embarked with Israel's embassy and defense minister. Israel cleared the collective resolution that has been proposed, Israel has objection to two things, and that Israel will never leave the ownership of a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip. The second objection is that one of the jurisdiction of submitting a joint resolution the colonel did not. Because he is a government servant, he is the slave of the government. Israeli government will present the proposal. The joint offer will be good or bad, it will be from by Israel. Then the American said that the offer has been submitted and it has spread all over the world, there is no scope to present a new proposal. Now the opinion must be expressed on this proposal, because this proposal has now become a universally accepted universal proposal.


The Jewish people living inside Israel were divided into rejecting a collective offer. The people of Israel divided into two groups. Protests started gathering. Because all people seek peace, and Israel is not against peace.

The news of the UN's unfinished talks in TV channels and the newspaper started to spread the news about the barrier to the progress of peace talks, and urged the world to implement the quick suggestions.

At night, I called Harry a new phone number. What was the reaction of the people, leaders, and ministers of the country? Harry said Sir, the people of the country are very excited and happy because the people of our country do not want war anymore, and they want peace. But leaders want to keep the war alive forever. Sir, the actual fact is that the concurrent proposal has reached Hamas and Fatah by understanding, our ministers are jealous; they believe that all the powers of Israel, the power, and the military are their slaves. And by being slaves you are being ignored by the world leaders and they are opposed to not being able to tolerate it. Sir, the leaders are very angry with you. Warning me repeatedly to Harry made me depressed.


I felt a lack of security in Palestine. We have to go to another country is an Intelligent decision. Because if I am detained or captured or assaulted in such circumstances then all my plans, dreams, hopes, and independence of 40 million Palestine the dream of being will be dust. I need to survive in order to protect Palestine. So I finalized the plan to move to America with Sultana. But being Israel's citizen and army officer, I got a visa, but Sultana was a Palestinian ordinary citizen, and he did not got the visa. And I do not agree to go to heaven without the Sultana. Anyway, I have to take with the Sultana. Then I found out that the only way to get a visa is to get married her. On that day I finished the marriage with Khalil uncle's house. It is granted permission for a civilian visa. Yakub's loneliness became a big problem when going. Who will take responsibility? I left him at Khalil uncle's house. Major Harry requested for help and look after about Yakub. And I told Yakub that we will soon take you to America. You do not feel bad he just cried crying. We bid farewell.

My eldest sister Elijah, who lives in New York, is a senior journalist in profession. I went to her house.

Being my sister is a journalist, he knows all about Israel's 10-point composite proposal. I just said that in the morning tomorrow, give me and Sultana a permission to join the United Nations as a coordinator, and you keep some journalists with you. My sister said why? I told her that when time is present you can understand everything.

The next morning, when I and Sultana was going to the United Nations building suddenly a revolver bullet hit me with a loud sound on my left leg and at that time I fell down and people started crying and running.



For this reason terrorist could not able to target me second time. They wanted to kill me but the target was not right, I survived for a little while. Even though they fled, I realized that it was our Jewish people. I took out white clothes from the bag and went to the roof of the UN building secretly. All of the honorable person are busy with their lives in the event of the shootings, none of us obstructs us on the roof or nobody has noticed. Those who saw us think that maybe we are getting on the roof due to safety.

I believe those who fired at me could attack me and Sultana again. So both of them embraced the UN flag and took hold of Israel's flag in my hands and Sultana so that they could not shoot a bully shotgun on us. Because the national and international flag will be fired at the target of international crimes, and for this, Israel must stand in the criminal court in international court. Now we started throwing hundreds of leaflets down from the top so that it was written the 10-point concurrent proposal is in conjunction with the adjacent Road Map for establishing an independent Israel and independent Palestine. If the UN does not accept the proposal we will commit suicide and the United Nations will be responsible for it.

I raised my bullets leg at the ending point in the roof and drops of blood drops from the legs, many stairs have become bloody due to fall in the bottom of the UN building. For the sake of establishing this peace, no political hero wanted to enter the United Nations building because of humanity and conscience on foot on the blood of martyrdom. Thousands of media workers, world leaders and millions of ordinary people started gathering outside. They gathered together and started watching the scene. Humanity wakes up among all over the world. Protests continued in almost all the countries of the world, the whole world became fired for freedom and humanity. The story of 10-point resolution, the unimaginable goal of establishing our peace and bravery of courage, was being circulated all over the world. And to know the current status of the United Nations, everyone started hitting on Google's Internet. Hundreds of millions of hits were slowed down due to internet speed. The UN House and its surrounding areas became the world's largest community in the history of remembrance to watch the facts.


The Palestinian people went to the streets and prayed for Daniel and Sultana. To accept their demands, the whole Palestinian people went to the streets to protest. Their demand is that we do not want to return the land we lost. Presently giving us bloodless freedom by explaining to us what we have. We no longer want to be killed, do not want to be hurt, and do not want to accept any Israeli strike. We want peace, want a free life, and go to the path of light from the confined prison. Their protests and demands began to circulate in the world media.


Political analysts of the world also expressed their views as they accept defeat and are campaigning for a collective proposal. In this case, Israel must be flexible and to agree to peace.

On this occasion, the ambassadors of all the countries, members of the United Nations, ministers of different country and other human rights activists came together to join the general public under the building to look into the sky and see that freedom and freedom of humanity have taken their lives to the end of the highest danger zone and they are struggling to establish the justice instead of dark justice.

The Israeli government was under attack by the international pressure and protests in the countryside. Neset (parliament) was called for the urgent session. The discussion continued.

United Nations Secretary General in the VIP lounge, after a press conference, announced that the government and the ambassador who came from different countries of the world, besides the members of the Security Council The United Nations General Assembly's invitation to invite fast seats in the hall. The emergency session of the general council was called in due circumstances.

And on the other side they are counting time for suicide. The UN Security Council is not able to provide security to anyone if it is actually happen a suicide, and then UN is considered as an ineffective organization. With the hand mike, it is repeatedly requested by various organizations and the United Nations to not commit suicide. Suddenly, Harry's phone came to Daniel's mobile phone, Harry asked for permission to make a army coup. He said that this coup will involve millions of young people of the country. Sir, you will remain steadfast in your decision. I'm preparing. Daniel said I'm fighting for humanity. Perhaps you do not have to be a coup. I think I have reached the edge of the success.

Daniel wrote on his white paper with blood of his body, "We will wait until the two countries have achieved independence and we will commit suicide if our proposal do not accept the demands within two hours". When this paper was thrown from the roof of the United Nations building, thousands of people began to rush to get the bloody letter in their own hands. The letter went towards the speed of the wind and moved from here to there. All the people ran towards the letter to catch it as like as a tide of water. Finally, the letter arrived at an old man's hand.

He was an old Israeli citizen. During the 1967 Arab Israel war, when his only son Captain Wasey died, he came to America in an agonized dilemma. Since then, he has been trying hard to reach the slogan of "no war in the world, war for human victory".

In the meantime, all were invited to the Secretary-General to sit in the emergency meeting. All the members are going up on the bloody stairs and color their shoe in the blood.

The secretary general sat in an emergency meeting with members of the General Assembly of the Security Council. As soon as the meeting began, the

United Kingdom said the proposal is now believed to be the Bible of establishing peace and independence in the Middle East. We think we can not delay anymore. We should take decision regarding their independence. Otherwise, the two great men standing above the head may cause an unpleasantness, and in addition Daniel is also injured in the bullet.

China said that the First World War has started and it has ended, World War II has also ended. That is why Israel will not end the war in Palestine. Palestine donated more blood than the amount of blood needed for a country to become independent. Dead Sea was colored in Palestine's blood. And how many lives do we want, and how much blood do we want to tell, will we just paint our shoes with blood of innocent people on earth, and we will drag the burden of living dead body. We know freedom comes from the ladder of martyrdom. And the ladder of martyrdom still stemmed in blood.

America sees the speech that China has and the current situation prevails and the global wave of protest has not been opposed to Palestine. Moreover, the people of Israel want to give independence and want to take it so it is better not to oppose it.

Rather, we present strongly the role of establishing an independent state in the meeting. The United States expressly expressed the opinion that the independent Israel will cooperate fully in the formation of the sovereign Palestinian state and the resolution and support that both countries are independent and sovereign and the two countries to be fully member of the United Nations. Apart from the members of the present assembly, all the other states agreed with it. At the same time, an eclectic atmosphere was created in all the meetings. Everyone began to shout, "today Israeli and Palestine are fully independent states. The United Nations Secretary-General offered the state to vote for the United Nations, according to the rules, all agreed. In the history page, the letters has written in the form of independent Israel and the Palestinians of independent Palestine.

America said that in the past, the United States has been supporting financial support of Israel and Palestine every year and now more help will be provided. United States announces all kinds of help to establish Palestine as a developed state especially

The Secretary-General spoke to the world and said that the Palestinian conflict has ended. From today, they will spread the message of peace in the world as an independent state.

The news of the proposal was received and we were informed invited to come down. As soon as we came down, we were given a warm welcome.

Israel and the Palestinian President were invited to the United Nations. The UN Secretary-General gave Israel's flag to Palestinian and the Palestinian flag to Israel president then the President of both the countries exchanged flags among them and tasted with tears, as well as presenting them all through the grip love.

Became sweet and it has been recognized as the most distinguished photograph in the history of the past 50 years.

I (Lieutenant Colonel Daniel) honored Palestine citizenship and respected Sultana Israeli citizenship. Both of us were nominated as the Goodwill Ambassador of United Nations.

The Israeli president said my country will establish a full-fledged university in the newly formed Palestine of the Gaza Strip.

America announced immediate financial assistance of $ 200 million for the development of the Palestinian infrastructure.

Out of the United Nations building, I saw Major Harry standing by Yakub's hand. I ran and pulled the two of them in the chest. Sultana stood beside her and raised her hand and embraced her brother and said, "If we have our parents, they would be happy with the joy of independence today". Two mighty heroes of the great freedom walk forward.

After setting the boundaries, a beautiful building built in nomansland on the east Jerusalem border was built for Daniel couple. On the opposite side of the roof of the building, two countries were allowed to hoist the flag. On the same building, the flag of the two countries started spreading the peace of independence in both countries.















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