Chapter 1 The Club


I wake up straight away. I don't think it was a human scream though, it was much deeper and more of a growl. I roll on my side to check the time, oh god it's 8 o'clock, I am meeting my friend in half an hour. I get out of bed really quickly and run around the bedroom and get ready. I am ready and my bedroom is tidy. I start to walk down the hallway and stop at my parents door briefly to say goodbye so I am not late.

'Bye mum, bye dad.' I call out as I continue walking down the hallway to the door so I can grab my jacket and bag.

'Bye.' They both call out in unison and laugh because they said the same thing together. I am already half way there when a see a glimpse of something nothuman out of my peripheral vision. I decide to ignore it.

I finally make to our meeting place, our favourite cafe 'Cafe chat.' It is our favourite cafe in town well the only cafe in town because we have such a small town, our town is called Gulgong. It is a very old, antique town that has been around for a lot of years, but I have only been living here for 2 1/2 years. I have only one good friend but we have been friends ever since we were born and we follow each other everywhere so when one of us moves the other will beg their parents to move there. My friends name is Jem, well that's his nickname his real name is James. I am just older thanhim by one day but I always use it to my advantage.

I walk inside Cafe Chat and I already feel welcome by their colours and style it basically screams teenage heaven. It is a great place for teens to relax and chat or study.

I finally spot Jem easily in our favourite booth which is a window seat so we can see the beautiful countryside of Gulgong and all of its antique shops and houses.

'Hey Ace.' He calls out from the stall waveing me toward him.

'Hey Jem.' I reply to him as I get closer. 'How are you?.'

'I am well and how are you?' He says.

'I am also well, what's wrong you look down is something on your mind.' I ask.

'I was just wondering if you want to go to a club with me, a dance club before you ask and there is a strict no alcohol rule so what do you say?' He inquires.

'I would love to, so I would see you at around 7 o'clock, my place.' I anwer.

' See you then.' He says. I then walk back out of the cafe to get ready for tonight.


7 o'clock.

I hear a knock at our front door, then voices I can tell it is my mum and Jem. Then more footsteps coming towards my bedroom door. Then my mum knocks on my door.

'Ace you nearly ready, Jem is here.' She asks from behind my door.

'I'll be out in a minute.' I call out my reply.

I walk out about a minute later in my clean jeans, shirt and sneakers my typical clothes because I have girly clothes like dresses and heels and makeup ugh, it makes me feel sick just thinking about it. I meet up with Jem at the front door where I grab my jacket and shoulder bag off hooks.

'You ready?' Jem asks.

'As I'll ever be.' I reply.

So off we go after we say goodbye to my parents. We don't talk much on the way just Jem giving me directions for where to go. We finally arrive at this club it looks amazing from the outside I wonder what it looks like on the inside.

'Wow.' The word spills out of both of us at the exact same time, we glance at each other quickly then back at the club.

'Shall we?' Jem asks me and partly himself.

'We shall.' I reply and we enter the club.

Chapter 2 The Demon attack.

The club doors open and we walk in the hallway is painted black. It makes it feel very mysterious, but the goos thing is that at the end of the long hallway it opens up into a very large room with black walls and stage lights with all different colours splayed across them and moving in different directions some are flashing. There are also people with weird hair coulours along with tattoos and piercings all over their bodies,but there are also people like Jem and I mixed in here and there.

'This place gives me the chills.' I shout to Jem over the music.

'Just go with it for once for me please.' Jem shouts back but with a plea in his voice.

'Okay but only for you.' I reply.

'Thanks you are a great friend Ace.' Jem replies.

'I know i am.' I add with a smile.

We then start dancing to the upbeat music. Boy, do I suck at dancing, but I don't care because I am with Jem and he is much more worse than me. I then see a really pretty boy look at me then I look away quickly, but not quick enough for him to notice me blush, but Jem does not thank god.


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