Start with a Bad Reputation

First Day of School- 1 year ago


            The day was crispy and cold the air a fresh breeze and the sky a dark gold as the sun slowly ascended, the school was bustling with young teenagers ready to begin their first day of school. Most of the hallways were full of confused freshmen and friends just hanging around waiting for the bell to announce the next period.

            In the middle of all this chaos walked a beauty with a sorrow expression set on her pale face and a silent voice who was unaffected by all the shoving and loud student body. Her whole atmosphere was implementing sadness and negativity; it wasn’t surprising that many male and female students paused for a moment just to glance her way.

But she didn’t notice, her attention was focused on the dark floor and finding the direction of her second period. The schedule in her hand was crumpled and held tightly as she maneuvered herself through the hallway.

            She seemed like a gentle girl with concern toward people, and a selfless attitude under her exterior. Her light brown hair with golden strands swayed just three inches down her slender shoulders, her body petite and fragile.

            Just a few paces behind walked a tough, young man with a muscular toned body, and a cold front attitude toward anyone who so much as glanced his way. His dark black bangs swayed over his forehead parting to show a pair of onyx eyes that could kill. His whole demeanor expressed a complicated and tough lifestyle, not to mention the deadly glare. One would glance at him and instantly assume he is a delinquent, a guy you didn’t want to mess with.

            The bell rang through the school, alerting the teenagers of the beginning of first semester and the start of second period. Everyone had their schedules that they received in first period, and were ready to start fresh. In the first hall all the way to the back was the English classroom, which had an amount of twenty-four students all seated and silent.

            The sorrowful beauty was seated at the front, her eyes darting over the room her whole body trembling out of nervousness. The English teacher was introducing herself from the front, her loud cheerful voice making her feel calmer every second.

            Just when Natalie had felt like this school year would be normal and easy, the door abruptly opened. She glanced at the criminal and flinched at his scary expression, he was like a wild man for a sixteen year old. Everyone had to have lived in the dessert if they didn’t know the infamous gangster, John Mathew.

            “Your name, please?” The teacher asked her voice was laced with irritation at the self-centered boy. Her eyes narrowing as she looked up and down at the long-haired, tanned barbarian who stood tall and proud.

            “John Mathew,” he answered his eyes looking down at her, the teacher seemed threatened by his atmosphere, just like everyone else.

            “Okay…well I hope you won’t arrive late again, I’ll be keeping an eye on you,” she declared with a deep frown. “You can sit all the way in the back,” the teacher directed, her long finger pointing at a lone seat near the window.

            He shrugged and walked casually over to his seat, everyone he passed was either too frightened to breath or shifting their eyes away from him. Natalie felt her heart accelerate when he passed, not because of how good-looking he was but because he was scary and had a cold glare.

            John sat down and glanced outside absentminded, he was used to the way people looked at him but it was just damn ridiculous. Rumors were very interesting and amusing especially when it centered about him.

            Why he has heard so many that he was sure he couldn’t count them all, most were terrifying disgusting while others made him laugh at how they perceived him to be. Yes it was true he was bad, but that was in the past he has gotten over the dark side of being a gangster. Now he did it for fun and amusement, instead of doing it to hurt and destroy people’s lives’.

            In the front Natalie was dismayed to find out she was in the same classroom as the notorious Bad Boy, the one who ruined people’s mood by bullying. He was someone she absolutely could despise, and that’s saying something because she wasn’t one to hate anyone. But John was an exception he could beat up a mob with ease, and had most of the girls around his finger. It was a question to why they would like someone so mean and horrible like him, she in the most would never fall for someone like him. Ever.

            And that’s how the first year began, the two of them vowing their own goals, one to ruin anyone who was close to him, and the other vowing never to fall in love again. Both with uncertain feelings ignoring the pull they had to each other, the attraction that was so obvious…if they only paid attention. 

Troublesome Excuse

Troublesome excuse~



Natalie Parker is a very gentle, petite girl who is always standing in the side her expression sorrowful and silent. At school she sat quietly and listened to her teachers and paid attention, rejecting anyone who came close enough to form some kind of relationship. She preferred spending her time with a book at hand or taking care of the flowers and plants that resided in the first floor of her home.

Her life was a normal, boring span of nothingness. She was mature for her age but she was unhappy and slowly suffering inside as she grieved for her loved one. Her innocence wiped away by darkness, and her pureness intact. Such a lovely girl would be expected to have fun and go shopping, spending time with her boyfriend.

But she wasn’t interested in all that stuff anymore, Natalie was just a puppet left to wander aimlessly through a shadowed world. She didn’t know this but deep inside herself she craved to be loved and cherished just like any other girl.

She and her mother lived in a two story building with the first floor being a small flower shop that sold well. While the second floor consisted of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and three small rooms with enough space to move around. On some days Natalie would help her mother sell well, wasting her blossoming years working for no pay.   

And this was one of those days when Natalie was all alone in the shop trying to sell flowers. Her mother had just left to buy some groceries, and had left Natalie in charge.

Natalie tied her chestnut hair up into a ponytail, and put on the shop’s apron on top of her jeans, and blue blouse. The shop’s white apron had her family’s name, “Parker flower shop”. After she was done she went to the front of the store to wait for customers.

At first there was just people walking past the shop admiring the flowers, but they didn’t buy any. But then Natalie got her first customer, a young middle-aged woman with short blonde hair.

“Um, excuse me but do you have any yellow roses?” The woman asked Natalie politely. Natalie nodded, and went to fetch a beautiful yellow rose wrapped up from the bottom in paper.

“How beautiful, but I think I have changed my mind. Can you get me a red rose,” she said as Natalie showed her the rose.

Natalie nodded, and went to go get a red rose. But when she got back the lady seemed to have a hard time trying to choose which flower to get. Natalie stood by her hand still holding both roses waiting patiently for the woman’s answer.

“Which one do you recommend? The red or yellow rose?” The woman asked her as she eyed the roses in thought.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t really know,” Natalie answered honestly.

And with that her only customer left without even buying anything.

Natalie inhaled and then exhaled as her eyes darted over all the people passing the shop. No one seemed interested in buying at the shop today. So she went inside, and sat down behind the counter on a plastic stool.

Cling, Cling,” she heard the front door open, and she immediately stood up from her seat walking to the entrance.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw who the customer was.

There stood a tall, toned, tough delinquent with a pained expression underlining his perfect chiseled face. His long dark, black hair fell just over his shoulders, sticking to his sweaty face and his bangs falling above his scary eyes.

His shirt was ripped in sharp lines, exposing a tanned olive complexion underneath the black shirt. He was holding his shoulder in anguish, crimson blood dribbling down the arm. 

John Mathew, the delinquent that ruled the school with arrogance and brute strength. She was shocked to find her classmate standing right before her with a weak defenseless expression.

Their eyes stayed still and unwavering for a minute, before he glanced at her demeanor with narrowed eyes. She felt nervous under his gaze; it was as if she was an albino tiger at a zoo.

“Hide me,” he declared suddenly, his deep voice sending a shiver up her spine. 

Natalie swallowed nervously, and nodded frightened. Heaven knows what he will do to her if she ignored his command; maybe she would be the target of bullying or worse get beaten up by this mad man.

 Without asking any questions as to how he got injured, she went over to him and with trembling fingers wrapped her left arm over his waist and led him to the back of the store where he slid down the wall and inhaled deeply.

Natalie wandered back to the front and before she could open the glass door, it suddenly opened by itself. A group of three men came in looking out of breath; all held a bad atmosphere and wore gangster clothes. One of the men with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail noticed her and glared at her.

“Have you seen a guy running around here with an injury?” He questioned with narrowed eyes.

             She shook her head, and hoped he wouldn’t find John in the back.  He looked disappointed, but didn’t look convinced. He signaled the other two to examine the shop and she stood shaking in fear hoping they would just leave.

             Natalie took a huge gulp in, and stared at the bushes nervous he would find John. Hopefully the guy didn’t get near John’s hiding’s spot. But as hard as they searched they couldn’t find a trace of him, to their disappointment. And to her relief they gave up after a few minutes.

         “Bitch, you know what happens if you’re lying, right?” He questioned his cold icy eyes unnerving as they locked with hers.

Natalie nodded.

         “You better be saying the truth, or I will make sure we come after you next,” he threatened with a hidden intent behind his low tone. She was too scared to reply so she stood silently as they left running like predators out for a prey.

         John emerged out of the bushes when the coast was clear, he was staggering weakly. Natalie was somewhat worried of the pale delinquent, but in the same time she wanted him to leave. What if they came back and decided to do the same to her?

         The thought frightened her and she glanced at the out of breath classmate her feelings conflictive on the two choices. Should she help him?

         Her mother gasped from behind her and stared with wide eyes at John, her bags dropping to the floor. Natalie turned sharply and went over to her mother, noticing the way her mother’s eyes wandered to the wound he had on his shoulder.  

         “Are you alright young-man?” Her mother asked him in a concerned voice. 

         “It’s alright, I’m already leaving,” he told her, his lips tugging into a forced smile.

         “Nonsense! You are hurt and need to be treated,” Natalie’s mother yelled. “Natalie go get the first aid kit,” she told Natalie with urgency. Natalie gripped her mother’s shoulder disapproving of helping the delinquent. She shook her trembling head, and looked at John with a disapproving disgusted expression.

         “Natalie what’s wrong?” Her mother asked her, noting the obvious hate in her child’s eyes. Natalie shook her head terrified to tell her mother out loud that she wanted him to leave immediately.

“It’s okay Miss, I can do it myself,” he said as he limped to the entrance. Her mother had to be held back as John left, and finally released her when he was out of sight. It was weird because she honestly wanted to help him too, for some strange reason she felt ashamed.  

        “Honestly Natalie you were very rude to that handsome young man, he was badly hurt yet you didn’t want to help him,” her mother said disapprovingly.

        “But mother, you don’t know the type of guy he is,” Natalie complained, her hands tightening into fists.

        “Of course, you can tell by looking he is a bright young man,” her mother told her with a dazed look and gentle smile.

        Natalie didn’t want to tell her mother what type of guy he really was, the type who would beat you up for whatever you did. He was the most popular guy not only because of his brute fighting techniques but because he was strikingly dashing. John Mathew was just someone you didn’t want to mess with; hopefully he didn’t recognize her at the slightest.




       John slid against the wall in the dark alley, his heart hammering from the beauty he had just witnessed. He hadn’t expected an angel to be surrounded by so many beautiful flowers to appear before him, it had made him stunned when he entered the shop.

       “Just who exactly is she?” He questioned aloud, his breathing coming out heavy and rough from exhaustion. She seemed familiar but he just couldn’t recall from where he had seen here before. Maybe he had witnessed her at school?

She was really beautiful with pure white skin that seemed to tease him, and flowing light brown hair that looked like spun silk. He pondered about her for a few more minutes almost forgetting that he had a serious wound on his shoulder, which is how much she affected him.

There was just something interesting about her, the way her eyes made him feel like if he was falling into a deep dark hole of loneliness and sadness. She was depressing but somehow still managed to put a fake smile and hide her inner feelings.

Was he overreacting too much? Thinking about a girl who he had just met for a few brief minutes, has caused him to think too much.

But he couldn’t help it, there seemed to be an invisible rope pulling him straight at her. Was it possible?

He didn’t know, but now he was fascinated by that girl he wanted to know more about her and figure out what made her act so cold toward him. There had to be a reason why she openly despised him, yet she helped even though she didn’t want to in the first place.

John chuckled lowly; his eyes glinted in the darkness with intent to play with his new toy. He winced from the pain the wound was inflicting on him, and decided to go to the hospital. Bruce his best friend would probably yell at him for taking on a pack of guys, but it didn’t matter.

He found something interesting and cute to play with…          




        “Hey that’s strange John came today,” one of the girl’s who sat behind Natalie squirmed in surprise, her face turning flustered as the Bad Boy entered the room. “He is so hot!” They all squealed their tails wagging back and forth in adoration.

Natalie didn’t spare a glance at him, hoping he still hasn’t noticed they have the same classroom together. It would be troublesome if he realized it was her and decided to bully her or worse torture her until senior year.

         She forced her eyes to not stray to his tall figure and tried to study her neat notes once again before the teacher arrived and gave the test out. But as much as she tried she couldn’t concentrate at all. Her thoughts somehow seemed to drift toward him, and just when she lifted her eyes they instantly locked with his.

Her face drained from color and she dropped the pencil she had been holding. Inside she was hoping he hadn’t noticed her, but it was now clear he did. His dark chocolate eyes were focused on her only, to her great dismay.

“What’s your name?” He questioned suddenly, his head tilted to the side and his eyes narrowing at her. She was shaking in fear her eyes felt tearful, but somehow she managed to answer rather calmly.

“N-Natalie…Natalie Parker,” she answered weakly.

“I see, you were that girl from the shop,” he stated one of his hands slammed against her desk making her gasp and jump slightly from her seat. He brought his hand up to bring her chin up, and he took in her features. Her doe eyes were an endless pool of crystal clear water, her nose small, and her lips full and tempting enough to kiss. John leaned in unconsciously his eyelids slowly closing as the distance decreased.

“What are you doing?” An obnoxious voice interrupted, as he pulled Natalie away from John. He opened his eyes and glared at the blonde, tall, pretty boy that had his arms around Natalie protectively.

“Nathan,” he said sourly, he stood straight and looked at his enemy with ferocious eyes. He wasn’t very fond of the Perfect Goody Two-shoes; Nathan was everything his parents wanted him to be.

“John, why can’t you leave everyone alone?” He questioned in a stern, mature voice his arm still around Natalie’s shoulders. This somehow irked him for some reason, he didn’t like the way he touched her.

“Why don’t you stay out of my fucking business?” John replied with his own question, his eyes turning a dark shade. He was really pissed off that this blonde, skinny boy was talking back at him with so much confidence.

“I am the Class President, and it’s my duty to keep the class in check,” Nathan said his icy sapphire eyes locked with his, it was a silent battle. Both were itching to cut each other’s throats and finish the other once and for all, but this was school. Nathan couldn’t risk his pride and good behavior for some stupid delinquent, while John couldn’t risk getting into another fight.

“Um…excuse me?” Natalie said from between them, her cheeks had turned a beet red from embarrassment. Nathan’s arm was still held around her, his temperature seeping into her chest, and everyone in class was watching in shock.

“Oh, I’m sorry Natalie,” Nathan released his hold on her and took a step away with a flustered face. John smirked at the silly expression, but then felt anger replace it when she blushed also. “It’s okay,” she replied lowly.

What the hell is wrong with me? Getting so emotional over a girl I barely met a few days ago… He shook his head and went over to the seat next to hers; the boy was practically sweating bullets as he stared down at him.

“Move,” is all he said to make the small teenager scramble out of his seat with his backpack. He took the seat and turned to face Natalie, his eyes trained on her face. “Don’t mind me, President I just can’t see well from all the way in the back,” John explained with a mischievous smirk.

Nathan was taken aback by John’s strange mood, usually he came late and sat down and did nothing but stare out the window. If anyone so much as bothered him he wouldn’t hesitate to beat the crap out of them, this was certainly strange.

 “I’m keeping an eye on you John. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but don’t lay a hand on Natalie,” he said his eyes glancing at the poor, trembling girl. It was obvious she didn’t want anything to do with John, but it was just like John to make her suffer more.

“Is that a threat, Pretty Boy?”

“It won’t be if you keep on bothering Natalie,” he answered with a smile. John chuckled at the bold threat; he never knew the Perfect Nice President could be so mean and rude.

 “You better not go out off your word,” he smirked giving Nathan a cold shiver, at the way his dangerous eyes glinted. John was certainly acting strange, what did he want from Natalie exactly?

“If you need me Natalie, don’t hesitate to call for me,” Nathan suggested giving her a small pat on the shoulder. He smiled kindly at her and she nodded her eyes glancing at the figure beside her. 

Show me how to get you

Show me how to get you~


Have I done anything wrong, to deserve this guy’s attention? Was the first thing Natalie thought as she was writing down her answers in the test. Her hand was trembling and she was appalled by the dark gaze right beside her, who wouldn’t be nervous when they had a delinquent glaring at you?

She finished the last sentence neatly, writing her full name perfectly on the sheet of paper. Her honey brown hair fell over her face as she bent lowly to hide her face from the fearless Bad Boy.

Was he still watching? She wanted to raise her head up high and proud, and stare him straight in the eye with confidence, but it was impossible for a timid girl like her. Natalie would admit that he had a handsome face and a body that has fought hard, but his attitude toward others terrified her. It was probably because it reminded her of them

Ring, Ring!” The bell rang and the teacher stood up, and told the students to turn in the tests to the front, on her desk.

Natalie stood up unexpectedly in the same moment as John; she glanced at him and met his eyes. It was a long second that made her hold her breath and forget that she was supposed to be cautious of him.

But there was something fascinating about his dark look that expressed aggression yet tenderness, he was just so male. Her cheeks became warm from the thought and she instantly broke the eye contact. She walked to the front and placed the paper on top of the pile.

She went back to her desk and picked up her school bag, without glancing at the delinquent she left in a hurry. Her feet carrying her to a place where it was secluded from everyone else.



 What was this emotion? John wondered as he watched the timid girl walk away, her school bag in hand. She was unlike any other girl he had ever met, she didn’t fight back or touched him with intimacy, rather than feeling enraged over her fearful expression he only seemed to become elated.

Was he one of those Sadists or was he just out of his mind? The question was irritating him, even though he held the answer. He was infatuated because of her innocent beauty that seemed to pull him in, how come he never noticed her before?

“What’s with that expression?” He glanced at his friend Bruce, who was standing in front of his desk with a raised dark eyebrow.

“Nothing,” John shrugged as he stood up and began to walk out of the empty class, everyone had already left to receive lunch. Bruce followed behind, pushing back his thick glasses back over his nose, “It doesn’t seem like nothing.”

“Do you know who Natalie Parker is?” John asked as they walked through the corridor, his long hair swaying back and forth.

“Pfft,” Bruce chuckled, and John furrowed his eyebrows in anger. “What’s so funny?” John demanded with a deep frown set on his handsome face, he grabbed Bruce’s collar and raised him off the floor with ease.

“Calm down John, it’s just that I’m surprised that you don’t know who the school beauty is,” Bruce explained, the smile on his face faltering as he saw the glare directed at him. “We have been in this school for two years and you barely got interested in Natalie?”

John set him down and leaned away with a puzzled look, he hadn’t known Natalie was that popular. He had just assumed she was new or from another school, it was odd for a guy like him not to notice a girl like her.

“That’s weird I usually go for girls like her, how come I never noticed her before?” She was beautiful but that was it, honestly he didn’t know why he was barely interested in her.

“That’s what I am asking,” Bruce huffed out in frustration; he crossed his arms over his chest and thought for a moment. “But even if you like her, there is no way you can get her to like you,” he stated with so much certainty that this made John more furious.

“Why?” He implored as he raked a hand through his dark hair, “Don’t tell me she has a boyfriend, because even then I would still get her.”

“You sure are confident, I’m sure the only thing you want is to have her in your bed,” Bruce chuckled when John glanced away with a mischievous grin. “But no she doesn’t have a boyfriend currently from what my sources have told me, it’s more like she can’t date anyone other than her ex-boyfriend,” he explained as he took out his cellphone and scrolled down some of the texts he just received.

“Oh? And who is this Ex-boyfriend that was so stupid as to leave her?”

“I don’t know for certain, but he doesn’t seem to be in this area and no one knows about whom he is, it’s a complete mystery,” Bruce answered as he slid the cellphone back into his pocket. “Natalie may be pretty to the eyes, but she is anti-social and barely utters a word when speaking with others,” he added.

“Sounds like my type of girl,” John smirked as they opened the doors outside and were instantly hit by the mild cold wind, the sun was set up in the sky barely warming them up with its sunlight.

“Speak of the girl, there she is,” Bruce pointed out; John followed his gaze and paused when he saw her sitting all alone in a picnic table. She had a book in hand and was consuming a sandwich with the other hand, her brown hair was pulled to the side and her lips set into a thin line. “Doesn’t she ever smile?”

“That would be a miracle, the girl is too quiet to the point where most guys give up on her,” Bruce let out a sigh and leaned against the wall. “My advice is move on; there is no hope on going out with a Shallow girl like her.”

“That may be true, but I’m sure she would be really good in bed,” John chuckled, already imagining what it would feel like to have a virgin, innocent girl being taken by a guy like him. “Might as well start now, because sooner or later I will get her,” John assured with a confident front.

“Good luck with that,” Bruce muttered lowly as his friend walked toward the girl, his back straight and his stance determined. He knew John and always knew he got his way, but there is no way he could make a girl like her his, it was just too cliché.



        Natalie felt a shiver of fear climb up her spine as John came up from behind her, his presence was too hard to ignore. She felt like a spider was crawling over her arms, her face losing color.

“Hey,” he greeted with an intent tone, his eyes making her glance away. “We didn’t really get to speak in class, my name is John,” he gave her one of his infamous half-smiles that made girls melt into a puddle.

“What do you want from me?” She questioned her voice weak from nervousness.

“Oh,” John smiled at her small frown; she certainly looked cute with an angry expression. “I just wanted to talk, and maybe get an apology for being so rude when I was injured,” he had the pleasure of seeing her frown deepen.

“I don’t think I owe you an apology…if anything you should be the one giving me gratitude for helping you hide,” Natalie turned around to face him, only to realize he was super close. His arms came around her and settled against the table, his nose brushing with hers as he leaned in, she felt cornered.

“I don’t like girls that talk back,” his smirk had disappeared and his face became cold. “Why is it that you act so fearful with me when you don’t even fucking know me? You might have a pretty face, but that’s the only good thing you have,” he reckoned as one of his hands came up to bring her chin up.

Natalie swallowed the lump in her throat, her eyes feeling teary as she felt the memories flash through her mind. She didn’t like the way he was so close, his skin on hers, or the way those eyes glinted.

“You sure have nice skin,” the man’s voice whispered in her mind, his touch made her feel nauseated and full of disgust. She could feel those men cornering her and pushing against her, the rain pouring down on her…drowning out her cries of pleads.

Their sadistic smiles playing on their faces, all their eyes glinting with determination and desire. Her body felt numb, yet still she could feel their disgusting hands caressing her skin.

“Get away from me!” She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away, her face was stricken with fear. Her body was trembling, her heart hammering inside her chest at the nightmare.

John’s eyes widened at her expression, he didn’t mean to scare her. That wasn’t his intention at all, but it resulted in that. He felt a trickle of guilt in his heart, but dismissed it when she glared at him.

“Leave me alone! I don’t want to associate with a person like you!” She proclaimed before grabbing her bag and book and leaving him frozen in place. She could easily ignore his handsome face and body, if it meant that she could run away from her past.

It was too frightening returning to that dark room full of lopsided smirks and evil desires, from that bloody scene that never seemed to waver out of her mind. The memory was too clear to recall that she could feel the bile rise up her throat.

John gritted his teeth in frustration, his leg coming up to kick the wooden table in anger. The sound rebounded and everyone glanced at the tantrum he had just caused, he was pissed off at the abnormal behavior she displayed.

What did that girl think of him? She looked at him like if he was a monster, a dangerous disease that would infect with one touch. Was he that hideous or repulsive?

He was becoming irritated by that expression; he has claimed girls like her before. He has captured innocent, naïve, nice girl’s hearts, and has taken their virginity only to later drop them once he got what he wanted.

Yet this stubborn girl didn’t get flustered or seemed even mildly interested in him, she was rather challenging. And he liked that, it made the chase much better. “Just you wait, Natalie,” he murmured out through clenched teeth. 


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