The Thirteenth Day of Febuary, in the Year of our Lord 1569

I am supposed to use this book to write all my prayers and meditations in. That's what Mrs Champernowne said when she gave it to me for my New Year's gift - and that I could make one of my beautiful embroideries for its cover, which I shall do, because I like making pictures with stitches. But why should I drone on like Lady Hoby about Improving Passages and Sorrowful Meditations on my sins? How boring!
Anyway, I don't commit any terrible sins, apart from once ruining my gown when I jumped off a log. And losing things. That's why I haven't written anything in tzhis before - I lost it under my bed for a while. But now I've found it I'm going to write everyting in it. It can be a book about me, Lady Grace Cavendish, Maid of Honour. And all my favourite person (apart from my mother, who is dead, God rest her soul) is Her Majesty the Queen. She's a bit old, which you're never supposed to say or she might throw a shoe at you. She is thirty-five! Even for a great lady, that is almost too old to get married and have children - as Mrs Champernowne complains when she thinks nobody is listening. I think Mrs Champernowne's pate is addled: why should a queen want to marry and gain a king she'd have to obey? In fact, why would anyone want to get married if they didn't have to?
Unfortunately, I have to. The Queen says so. The most exciting day of my life is probably tomorrow. The Queen's Majesty has arranged a St Valentine's Ball and I must choose one of the three suitors the Queen has selected for me, to be my wedded husband. We'll be handfasted once the lawyers have finished the contracts, and then I shall marry whoever it is properly when I'm sixteen. All three suitors are now at Court, ready for tomorrow.
I wish I didn't have to marry. I feel far too young to do so but, being an heiress, I must - though if I were commoner I could wait until I was as old as five and twenty!
Mary Shelton just came in and made a moan to me about Lady Srah not wanting to walk the dogs - even though it is her turn. I see an opportuinity. I must run!


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