Things that people have

done to animals has convinced me to become a conservationist when I'm older. I will try to save endangered animals.
We're all animals, but humans don't act like it. We hunt them illegally and destroy thir population.
Animals will kill humans for three reasons: to protect themselves, to protect their young or others in their family, or if in need

of food. But most humans kill animals even when they don't need

to. Now if animals were your only food source in a situation then I understand but most of us have other options than to kill animals for our food source.

We have fruit, vegetables, wheat, grains, and more.
Some people also kill animals for their fur, tuskd, hooves, etc. I find that outrageously horrible that you would kill an innocent living being just for money. That is pure selfishness. Let alone that, they don't even use the other parts of the body! I mean if you're gonna kill, you best not waste one part of it!
There are 3 reasons why I thank the Indians: 1. They only killed animals because they were in need of food. 2. After they killed an animal they would pray and thank God for sacrificing an animal for them. 3. They used every single part of the animal they killed. For example, they used the skin for clothing and moccasins, they used the fur for coats, they used the meat to eat, and they used its liver for another use, and they would also use some of it for jewelry and decoration.
I hope that this book has convinced you to help these animals and stand up for them like they are part of our family, because they are. We're all animals.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 14.10.2010

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I dedicate this book to all my fellow animals and my lovely cats, Alpha and Blossom.

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