'He sings his lullaby in the twilight for the one he loves. The magic is over powering to the ones resting beneath his open wings.'


"Isn't that just a bit depressing?" Jessica asked her brother Jake.
"What?" I asked them.
"No!" Jake answered Jessica's question, but they were both ignoring me.
"Hello!!!" I said.
"I mean it is sweet, but it makes me want to cry cause it sounds like he would never get the girl which is a bit depressing." Jessica commented.
"Ohhh." I realized they were talking about Jakes book.
"He doesn't think he will!" Jake defended. Maybe I should explain, if it wasn't completely obvious Jake is writing a book. He won't let me see it until it's done. it makes me so mad, so I try not to think about it. Just so you know I am Tabby. I have Short brownish-red hair, I am a little chubby and medium height. My best friend Jessica is tall with long Brown hair and is as skinny as a rod (well maybe not that skinny but close). Her twin brother Jake has short dirty blonde hair, tall and almost as skinny as his sister. They both have bright blue eyes.
"Kids it's time to go to school!" Sally there mom who looks a lot like her daughter called.
"Are you going to take the bus or the limo?" Sally asked when we came down the stairs. They are a rich family. It is so cool.
"Bus." We all said together.
"Okay. See you guys later." Their Mom said. Then she kissed us on the forehead. I have been staying here because my house is being remodeled and the apartment was super stuffed, So Sally invited me to stay.
Later during my last period class (I'm in 8th grade) Math Literacy I got this Brilliant Idea. I was going to write a book!
After school I told Jessica my of brilliant plan and she said I should go for it. So that day I Decided when I got home I would start to write the book. But when I got home I couldn't think of a single thing to write about, I'm not very creative. So about an hour later I decided that I would write a journal with my thoughts in it so I could write a book. Here is the first month and all the events that happen, which it starts on the first of January. This year we only got Christmas off because we had too many snow days except during the time when it was supposed to be winter break.

'The music plays as he sits alone wishing she was there. That beautiful site which is incomparable with anything else.'

Chapter 1

January 1st, 2010 Friday

I can't believe That Jake won't let me read his book! That makes me so mad! *sigh* just forget it Tabby. Today was so much fun. During Gym the guy I like played basket ball with me. The guy I like has Dark Brown hair and deep blue eyes. His name is Nick.

*Ring* He is such a great guy. I always have so much fun with Nick.

*Ring* I just wish he would ask me out. but even if he doesn't that's okay too.

*Mumble of people talking on the phone* At least I will still be able to have fun with him still.

"Tabby the phones for you!" Jake yelled down the hallway.
"Okay." I respond leaving my room. I went down the hall to the phone.
"Mushi-mushi." I answer the phone in Japanese.
"Would you like to stay with us for the night?" I hear Tammy's voice on the other end of the line. I start to smile really big and Jake gives me a strange look.
"Well of course! Why wouldn't I." I respond and Jakes strange look turns to a look of curiosity.
"See you soon!" I hear Tammy, Korina and Maggie's voice in the background. 'I guess they were all on the phone.'
"See ya!" I say my goodbyes and hang up the phone.
"What's going on?" Jake asks while I hang up the phone.
"I'm staying the night with Tammy." I stated as I started to go down the hall way to the kitchen.
"Shouldn't you ask my mom about this?" Jake asked as we went down the stairs.
"That's what I'm doing." I explained as we walked through the living room. Then we walked into the kitchen where Jessica and her mom where working on dinner.
"Can I stay the night at Tammy, Korina and Maggie's house tonight?"
I asked, "I mean I did finish my homework, it is the weekend, I have done my chores and it's not my turn to do the dishes! Please?"
"Of course! Sweetie." She answered.
"Thank you!" I said while hugging her. I started to go upstairs to my room to prepare when I noticed Jake had a look on his face like 'WHAT' I thought it was kinda funny.
I just got a phone call I get to go to my cousins house tonight. I get to stay somewhere other than here. Not that I don't like it here but Jake writing his story without showing me has really started to piss me off. But the look he had when I left the kitchen made me think. This is the first time I have been anywhere but here and school since I started living here. Now I really can't wait. It's going to be so much fun!

I finished packing up when there was a knock on the door.
"Tabby, Tammy is at the door!" Jake said. The front door is at the bottom of the stairs. 'I bet he let Blake answer the door again.' Blake is there butler, and I think he does too much for Jake. I zip up my backpack and swing it onto my shoulder and head for the front door with Jake following me.
"She has come to take you away from us." Jessica says jokingly as I come down the stairs.
"It is only one night." I say as I walk up to her.
"It might be two." Jake exclaimed. I stopped right in front of Jessica.
"That is true." I said with so much excitement.
"In which case we want a hug." Jake and Jessica said together.
"Okay." I said with a sigh. after I hugged each of them I went and gave Tammy the biggest hug in the world. I almost made her fall over. Her long Brown hair flowed behind her. She was a little chunky with bluish-green eyes. She is one of my closest friends and closet cousin. We went out to the car where my aunt Rini was waiting.
"Hey Aunty! How have you been?" I asked.
"Great. Nice to see you. How have you been?" She said in a way that told me she missed me. When I got in the car Tammy took shotgun.
I ended up climbing over Maggie to get to the middle.
"Hey Maggie!" I said. I see Maggie and Korina every day at school we are all in the same grade. Technically Maggie isn't related to me but lives with Tammy and Korina. when we got to the house Korina's little bother and dad weren't there, and neither was Maggie's dad. Apparently they went camping for the weekend, which if you ask me is stupid.
Rini has a bath tub with jets so it's like a hot tub. We always have so much fun in that tub.
"Tonight you will be sleeping in Tammy's room." said Korina.
"Yeah because she actually built up the courage to call the house your staying at." Maggie said with a grunt.
"You guys were afraid of calling the Arone's?” I asked.
"Well I was able to call them." Tammy said.
"Yeah but we were going to ask you last weekend but we just couldn't call." Korina commented.
"Wow. I am aloud to get phone calls you know." I laughed.
"I told them it was okay but they wouldn't listen last weekend, Then Korina pretended to not feel well so they wouldn't have to call." Rini said with a giggle.
"What did you guys not want me to come over because you were too chicken to call a phone?" I said astonished, "Well now I don't feel loved that much.
"Have you had dinner yet?" Rini asked.
"No not yet." I replied.
"Good cause were having nachos." Tammy said.
"Okay. I will put my stuff in Tammy's room." I said smiling at that fact.
I went to Tammy's room which is the biggest room. She has an extra bed for me. So I put my stuff on the bed. It is just as I left it. The pink and black plaid blanket with a purple lace around the edge. The pillow partly covered by the blanket with the same pattern. It came as a set. I sat down on the bed and look around. It looks the same but different too. The blue and black plaid bed set with green lacing I got for her this last Christmas. I mailed it to her but Sally helped pay for it. I sent my phone number with it. It really matches the rest of the room. She panted it blue with black trimmings. She has posters of her favorite singers on the wall. Luna, Rini's bird, is in the corner. The only difference is the blanket set I got her.
"What's taking so long?" Tammy asked walking in.
"I was just enjoying being in your room again. Plus deciding whether I should put My stuff where it goes or not." I responded.
"You should put your stuff away, and I'll help." She answered. We started to put my stuff in my dresser drawer. Then she pulled out my journal. She looked at it for a second.
"Is this your diary?" She asked.
"Actually no it is not. It is just something to write down ideas for a book and a few thoughts. Nothing to personal is in there nothing that all my friends don't know." I explained.
"Oh so you're going to use this to write a book?" Tammy asked and said.
"Yep!" I replied.
"Cool." Then we finished putting my stuff in the dresser that she puts in her closet. Then we went down stairs to the kitchen. While we were waiting for the nachos Maggie came to the counter with the bar stools and sat on my other side. Korina then came in and handed us all cups of soda, and sat down on the other side of Maggie.
"What took you guys so long to get down here?" Maggie asked.
"We were putting my stuff away." I said.
"Oh!" Maggie and Korina said together. Then Rini came in and gave us all plates of nachos. Usually she would have us get our own plates but because I was a guest tonight she got us the plates.
"Thanks!" We all said together.
"Your welcome." She responded.
After dinner we all watched a movie then went to bed because it was super late and they wanted to take me to the horses the next day.
I had so much fun today. I got to stay the night with my cousins and friend. tomorrow I get to go to the horses. I can't wait. What if I do a story about a horse? No! There are too many books about horses already. While I got to go to sleep. Good Night.


January 2nd, 2010 Saturday

I can't wait to go to the horses. It's going to be so much fun. I know I will get to ride one because they said I would. I also get to see Mary. She works at the teen center. I haven't gone there in even longer than when I moved in with Jessica and Jake.

"Tabby its almost time to go." Rini said. Well got to go to the horses I will write later.

"Coming!" I said. I walked down the stairs in my jeans and pink puffy shirt. I never wear skirts any more.
"Let's go have some fun." Tammy said reminding me of one of my favorite songs. We got to the horses really fast and I got to see bob, the horse they are leasing. 'I know I will have so much fun today.'
"Go get a helmet Tabby." Korina said. I went to go get a helmet and when I got to the shed it looked the same. I went in the door and turn to get a helmet and Nick was there.
"Hey." Nick said. "It's surprising to see you here."
"Yeah." I reply really surprised to see him here. I noticed he was getting a helmet too.
"Are you getting a helmet?" He asked.
"Yeah." I respond.
"Is that all you can say?" nick asked jokingly like he always does around me.
"No!" I say like it was obvious. Then he laughs at my response. "I'm just really surprised to see you here."
"Well I have been leasing a horse here." He said like it was obvious.
"Well I didn't know that!" I said with a huff.
"Now you do." He said with a half smile now and left. I grabbed a helmet that would fit me then went to Korina. Me and Korina both like Nick.
"Why didn't you warn me that Nick goes here." I asked Korina.
"Oh yeah!" She said. "Nick goes here from time to time."
"Thank you captain obvious." I say irritated. I got to ride Bob. On the way home the song Tammy reminded me of came on. The Name is disco stick. It is a really good song and very perverted. When we got back to the house Rini asked me if I had clothes for tomorrow too. Of course I did. So I get to stay another night.
Rini asked me to stay another night . YEAH! I can't wait to see what they have in store for me tomorrow. Oh and Nick was at the horses today. He is leasing a horse.

*Ring* I got a little mad at Korina for not telling me he might be there

*Ring* because I ended up looking like an idiot in front of him.

*Mumble of people Talking on the phone.* Now I have to call Sally and ask if I can stay another night cause it is my turn do the dishes tonight.

"Tiffiny Jessica's on the phone asking for you." Korina said. I was sitting on the couch and there was another line right next to me. I picked it up.
"Mushi-mushi." I answer the phone.
"Are you staying another night?" Jessica asked.
"Maybe, can I?" I responded.
"Duh." She said astonished that I would even ask.
"Then I am."
"Okay see you tomorrow."
"See ya." I hang up the phone. We had corn dogs for dinner.
I don't have any ideas or much to write except That I'm going back to Jessica's really soon. After lunch.


January 3rd, 2010 Sunday

We aren't doing anything but watching TV today. and it's already lunch time. Maybe I'll be able to swim in sally's indoor pool.

I had lunch then Rini took me back cause she had a job around there. I walk up to the door and walk in. As I do so Blake yells, "Tabby is home." His voice sounds so cool. He has short black hair and dark brown eyes the color of chocolate. He always wears a suit, even to clean a bathroom. Jessica runs in and says her hellos. Then Jake walks in the door. and behind him Sally walked in.
"Welcome back." Jessica said. "You know this was the first time you slept anywhere but here for about five months. It was so strange."
"He he. So you missed me?" I asked her. She pulled me into a hug and said, "Of course." then whispered into my ear, "So did Jake even if he doesn't show it." Jessica has been trying to get me and Jake together every since the day me and her became friends. She came to my school about a year ago, and we became friends like a week after that. So it's been quite a lot of effort on her part.
"I missed you too Jessica." I said. For some reason I don't believe her.
"Hi Tabby! How was your weekend?" Sally asked.
"Great! How was yours?" I responded.
"Really Boring!"Jake interrupted. He seems like he's in a bad mood. I wonder what happened while I was gone.
"Well that's too bad." I said with amazement.
"Yeah but that's okay we just couldn't think of anything to do." Jessica said Cheerfully.
"I think its cause your usually the one who comes up with stuff to do." Sally commented. "So when you weren't here they couldn't think of anything to do."
"Yeah that's it!" Jake said sarcastically under his breath. By this time I was standing close enough to hear what he says under his breath, but apparently Sally didn't notice.
"That just might be what it is." Jessica stated. Then Sally left.
"Hey you wanna go swimming?" I asked them.
"Yeah let's go to the pool!" Jessica said with excitement.
"No thanks." Jake said like it would kill him to hang out with him.
"Okay. See you later." I said like I didn't notice.
"Whatever." He said really rudely. That was the last straw.
"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!?!?!?" I yelled at him.
"Nothing!" He huffed, then walked up the stairs to his room.
I huffed all the way to the pool. We got there and put on our bathing suits and started to swim. I was still huffy at that time, but was ready to cry. When I fight with someone I am huffy for a little bit then I start to cry because I was huffy.
"Whats wrong?" Jessica asked.
"You said your brother missed me but it sure doesn't seem like it. It really feels like he hates my guts."
"That's not true. He has just been acting like that since yesterday." Jessica comforted. We ended up swimming until dinner time. Dinner was really quite. Jake still had that angry look on his face. After dinner it was my turn to do the dishes, cause Jessica switched days with me. I was the first one done so I thought I would start the dishes then so I could go to bed earlier. Then Jake came to put his dish in the sink. He rinsed it off and put it in the soapy water.
"Thanks for doing that." I said with a voice that sounds like it hasn't been used for awhile. It sounded kinda hoarse. For the first time today I noticed what he was wearing. It was a dark blue T-shirt with a skater imprinted on it. He was also wearing tan baggy pants with six pockets and a chain on it. It looked really good on him.
"Whatever." He said while rolling his eyes. I decided not to retort. The soap smelled like oranges. I went to bed pretty early that night right after I finished the dishes.




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