I'm Sorry about your Parrot

I was walking to the ugly yellow apartment were I lived, and I snuck into the building going to the pretty much empty lobby. Where I met the person I was trying to avoid Antonio, he wanted me to get rid of my beloved cat Pancho.
"When are you getting rid of that ugly fat cat."
"Cuando tu pinche puto va intenderas que tu no puedes decicir nada cuando tu tienes la mas feo cara en el mundo."
"What? Say that in English."
"HEHEHEHE, and you call yourself a Mexican. Oh well it means that when will you understand that you can't tell me what to do since you have the ugliest face in the world... talk about my cat again and I will pimp slap you."
"Awwwww, really princess you know you want me."
"You better not say that again or I'll tell Ivan to jump you again."
"Pish Posh"
"Wow, you sound so white right now."
"Don't say that."
"Awwww did I hurt feeling poor loser who has no social life."
"I do to."
"Being in the chess club doesn't count as a sport you know"
I walked to my room petted Pancho that is when I noticed the very dead parrot on the floor.
"Bad Pancho" I said that because there was only one person in this apartment complex with a Parrot evil Miss Jones.
"I know that your stupid fat cat killed my bird, I've called animal control and they are going to put that horrendous creature down...Mwaahahahahahah."
"No please pancho is the only thing have left of my parents she was there cat."
"Then you should of taken better care of that ugly cat.

Alexus and Friends to the rescue

This was not going to happen i thought to myself i need to email my posse, so i go to my ancient computer and message my friends telling them what happened. When they messaged back saying they're coming over star thinking of a plan....
Then it came to me we are going to have to break in the Pound and get Pancho out of there and let my distant cousin who is coming to visit tomorrow and take me with him to L.A.
"Hey Phillipe I need your help my friends and i are breaking Pancho out of the Pound and i need to take him with us."
Then I call John he was an expert in breaking into banks and he owes me for not ratting him out. "Hey John come to my place we need to talk"
"Isn't that what you say to someone your breaking up with, i don't remember asking you out."
"I'm series they're going to put Pancho down for eating a parrot, i need your help you owe me."
"Fine I'll go break out your cat be up at 10:50 to let me in your house,"
"Don't you think that you should come and plan it out."
"If you must know I was already planning to break in."
"A lot of people are paying me money to get animals."
"Ten dollars a piece and i have list of fifteen animals to get."
At ten-fifty exactly John brought Pancho.
"Don't tell people about this, it's bad for my image.
"So how are things with Ivan?"
"Ummmm, we weren't together i was just trying to get you jealous."
"Well it worked" then he kissed me like we were never going to see each other again.
"This won't work I'm a criminal you would never live honestly, leave this neighborhood before it changes and corrupts you."
"Okay, if I can have another kiss."
He brings me kissing me so passionately I'm out of breath, when I look up he is gone.


Texte: me
Bildmaterialien: me
Lektorat/Korrektorat: Kristina
Übersetzung: Kistina
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 10.10.2012

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