Chapter One: The Nothing

Near the centre of the salt, waters is an island, were a kingdom filled with unnatural creatures. In the kingdom, there was a protection against our enemies. The Shield forbids our enemies from destroying our kingdom. thousands of years back a king named Matt protected the kingdom from their enemies. when The King died there was no Spirit Whispers and kingdom fell into Darkness.

We waited for sprite whisper from man, but the man showed up it only brought darkness. We waited again for man, but this time man did not show up


It was dark when Christi woke up from her room. Christ’s is a young teenager with light brown straight hair, light crystal blue eyes, both of her eyebrows were thick and look like a v, a quite tan face, round nose , small mouth with perfect shaped upper limbs and bottom lip, small round face with a cherry chin, light pink lips, a long neck like a swan neck and a thin lady legs and a thin body in the middle of her forehead the hair descended . The dark wooden floors creaked.

The wind blew from the curtain, well the leaves scattered on the ground. A girl named Christi dashed through the room, well her feet began to ache. The sound of the animal pressed on through. Christi always wanted to see animals, she heard that the enemies were evil and they can not change . And you can never trust them, but that never stop her. Her brother, named Jesse had the same belief as the others. Jesse saw Christi as a bird that needs, to learn how to fly.

Jesse was a 20-year-old man who was 6 foot with the colour hair of Ash blond and the hair structure of curly. Dark blue ocean eyes, his forehead covered with curls, which almost covered his eyes. The eyebrows on his left side were thick and on the right side look like a worm with a mouth open crossed with a bee sting on the end, medium round nose, medium red lips, nice moustache, a gouty, nice bread with nice sideburns, messy scurfy hair. On the top were curls dangling down from top to bottom covering the ears, wide board face with straight line chin, a muscular body he was wearing a red leather tee shirt with a white padded shirt underneath, black boots and brown pants.


“get ready dad want me to teach how to hunt,” said Jesse banging on the door


Christie placed a plain old green top over her head, she heard a robin singing a tune, but could not see it. Christi interest was the wildlife. Christie placed her black pants and put on her brown boots which happened to be under her bed

the bang happen again, which got Christi attention

‘’Are you ready’’said Jesse

‘’Yes’’ said Christi

Rushing to reach the archery arrow and putting the arrows on her back, and leaving everything trashed. Christi and Jesse walked beside each other. Jesse made sure she had enough arrows.

It was snowing over the buildings their single grass left uncovered, the sun gleamed and the dead bird laid on the ground with an arrow hole in their neck. Christi was so shocked, she runs to the nearest bird, she touched the broken wings gently. Jesse rolled his eyes. He gripped hand tight. Pressed his nail, until she was a foot away from the dead bird.

‘’ Are you crazy’’ pointing to the bird

‘’ no’’ in a soft voice, so innocent and pure, she felt so guilty. She couldn’t bring up her courage, instead, she just fiddled with her fingers.

‘’you know you’re going to be hunter do you?’’ in a small irritated voice his hand clenched into a fist.

‘’Why’’ bursting into tears said, Christi

‘’because we’re running out of knights’’, ‘’ and don’t ask me another question’’ said Jesse a bit louder

The road becomes darker for Christi, in 16 years her mum died, which brought sadness to the family heart, including hers, and now Christi feels like a murder if she stabbed an animal. The big forest came near and they're no snow trails left. Green big strong trees, with blooming flower, light flickers. The sky was covered by branches and leaves. Then a dark shadow of a deer came close, on the right was a bush. The deer was in a meadow. Jesse walked up to the bush slowly

‘’ walk slowly be careful’ said Arran

We came near the leafy bush were my brother grabbed my archery and took aim. Christi closed her eye’s hoping that the nightmare would go away as sit down on the soft grass.

Jesse brined back the brown string with his right hand holding on the second finger and the third finger. He holds the archery bow and with the other, he hold the arrow firmly, then he let go of the brown string and fired at the innocent creature. The deer eats the grass and looked up the horizon, 1 arrow came and missed the deer.

‘’Stupid’’ whispered Jesse, as Christi began to peek

The deer looked but saw no one. Jesse aimed the arrow again making sure the arrow was closer to the deer head.

’’ Bang ‘’ and the arrow hit the deer in the heart, it wobbled around until it went on the ground

‘’ooh’’, and died. Jesse got out of the bush, but he didn’t hear peering noise because beneath the grass was a leopard.

Christi stood up and walked to the deer with Jesse, who was amazed by his shot,

’’Ha, ha, did you see that I got that beast down’’, said Jesse.

Christi was angry but didn’t want to show it instead, she a feeling a bit of fear like something was after them. Jesse kept bragging on about his shot, well Christi examined the grass, and heard strange whisper something unusual.

‘’let them die’’, ‘’ kill them with fangs’’ then it stopped.

‘’Christi’’ said Jessie searching

’’Here’’ said Christi,

‘’Jesse, I think it time to go’’ said Christi

‘’ why- we just got here’’

Christi started to cry

‘’ there a creature out there, that want to kill as’’

‘’what creature’’, said Jesse. Christi screamed


‘’leave that deer and let's go before, we end up bait’’

‘’but I can’t just leave this and not show dad’’ said Jesse

‘’ trust me’’ said Christi touching her heart.

‘’ this isn’t about the animal, I killed is it?’’ said Jesse

‘’Grrrrr, Grrrrr’’ yellow eyes flick up from the grass

Christi saw it and started to run, but Jesse thought she was just fooling around with him

’’why are you running” said Jesse

Something big leaped on Jesse, with the great big bump, Jesse was on the ground with his arrow in his hand trying to block it like a shield. His arrow flange off his hand Christi grabbed the arrow '' shoot'' said Jesse screaming “what you want me to shoot” said Christi

Christi took aim but before she could pull the trigger the leopard spoke

'' please don't kill me, I am the last of my kind'' said the leopard

Christi so confused Whether to strike it down or to leave it alone as the leopard started with innocent begging eyes. Christi dropped the crossbow on the ground. Well, Jesse was speechless trying to figure out what going on

''Do you speak English'' said Christi

''no'' said the leopard

''why were you trying to kill my brother'' said Christi

' I was trying to protect you from something '' said Leopard

''who '' said Christi

''I can not tell''

The leopard sniffed in the air and fingered out they were not alone

'' quickly you must go ''. Christi grabbed her brother and almost left. A Thousands of Footstep came closer on the grass. Christi and Jesse started running. The leopard growled and started fighting an invisible object. Soon he was surrounded with a thousand of feet and vanished into thin air. Christi and Arran ran faster. Christi looked and saw thousand of people wearing black cloaks riding a black panther

'' were not going to make it '' Said Christi behind Jesse

''I saw something '' said Christi

''what'' said Jesse

something faster, stronger, than a horse, climbs trees’’ said Christi, keeping her eyes on the path ‘’ Are you say it a big cat’’ said Jesse over exaggerating.

‘’ Well, yes’’ said Christi,

‘’ what do we do, they will catch up?’’ Said Christi

‘’keep running’’ said Jesse

‘’what’’, and let them kill as’’ said Christi

‘’just trust me’’ said Jesse

The forest becomes least a forest. They turned left In the horizon was a 13 feet cliff.

‘’Ah, Jesse were heading towards a cliff’’ said Christi

‘’Yeah, I know that my plan was going to jump the cliff’’ said, Jesse

‘’ what’’ said Christi

‘’ Christi did you, Patrice, your swan dive?’’

‘’ Ha, ha very funny’’

The air becomes colder and the cliff was straight close to them. Jesse Jumped off the cliff didn’t a front flip and dived into the river.

‘’ Now, you’’ said Jesse

‘’Jesse I CAN’T DIVE’’ said, Christi

‘’well, Jump’’ said Jesse

‘’I can’t, I am scared’’ said Christi

Christi was so scared, her leg started to shake. She looked back and saw a thousand footprints 3 foot away. Christi looks at the floating clouds and the dot, and the cold freezing water, but didn’t jump. Christi kept tossing her head, back and forth. Well, footprint came closer, with no choice she closed her eyes and did a pin drop, hoping not to smash on the rock. There was a big splash, and Christi felt the cold frizzing water.

Chapter Two: The Freezing Water

Her face rose from the dripping rain, as the slick brown hair dripped on her neck. ‘’ how do you like it?’’ said Jesse


‘’burr’’ it cold


‘’Jesse, do you think they were gone’’ said, Christi


Both look at cliff and saw nothing


‘’ let go’’ said Jesse doing freestyle


‘’are there any crocodiles or hippopotamus in this water’’ said, Christi


‘’Ah‘’, ‘’ Christi you’re always so worried’’


‘’I should be worried when I with you?’’


The cold breeze fell. The trees swayed, as they swam. The river grew swallow, and Christi's arm began to ache. Her body had kept her on top of the water. Coiffing out water.


Christi become worried’


“How long will it take to get there?’’ exhausted.


Christi entire body dripped with sweat, her muscles pumped like her heart, no response. The clear calm waters turned to small waves. A slimy thing touched their shoe’s, which were filled with water. Then a black shadow of fish/human turned the water dark blue. Jesse was intense, grinding his teeth together.


He spoke so coldly


‘’ I think were being followed, by a mermaid.’’ said Jesse


As soon as the word left his mouth, Christi felt pin and needle around her feet and dunked her head in the freezing waters. Christi peaked, her eye’s shocked with irritating water, that flared on her eye’s like stinging bees. It was black pitch-water, with a huge green fin, which turned blue as the moonlight shined, her fin moved back and forth leaving trails of bubbles behind popping.


She kept on circling around in the dark, as if she can’t find her prey, maybe it best, Christi kept still knowing that if she makes her move, she will be her next victim, if she swims she will be heard. Her hair was orange, which flamed as fire from the sun, and her eyes were hazel which buried with the ocean. Christi felt her feet tickle as if bugs were crawling on her, then she saw something weird, which was glowing on the mermaid face, her eyes were like light bolts. How freaky thought Christi. Jesse felt worried, intense trying to find a solution to the problem, Jesse gazed at nearby land and thought it was his salvation, it didn’t take long to hear the splashing of Jesse' feet kicking to shore. Christi tried to block him but ended up thinking about the mermaid.


Then a fast flipper that was fast as a jet boat,grabbed Jesse, before he yelp, sinking deep leaving a trail of bubbles. Christi took a deep breath and let her eye’s sting, it was burly and dark, as Christi swam down she didn’t know the way up. A torch was shining bright whispered to Jesse


‘’Now, I got you and I am going to kill you.’’said the mermaid


Christi swam closer knowing death was hanging to her, she saw a glimpse but ended up banging her head on the dirt.


The mermaid notices the sound and drops Jesse. Christi managed to catch Jesse in time before he sunk down the depth of the water, but when her hands touched Jesse, it created a thumping noise. The Mermaid turned and blocked her. Her eyes were bright as the sun, but it was quite dim in the water. Christi vision blurred her heart rate increase, realising she was trapped into endless death.


Christi made her move going up and down, but the mermaid blocked each move, like a snake trapping a mouse. Christi headed up to the surface, but the serpent was de-stoned to strike her prey. Using extreme force to grab Christi by the throat, as the water followed her trail. All of them were heading towards the sandy shores. The mermaid grabbed her throat, as Christi felt a knife inside her pocket. Gently she stabbed the knife on the mermaid fins. The Mermaid screeched with pain, and Christi and Jesse both released. Christi tumbled down the sandy shores letting go of Jesse. Christi woke up spitting sand, which absorbed a little of saliva. He tongue felt like a bowl of rice and the taste was similar to flour.


She scratched her hair. As the sand on the nose trickled down her mouth and the brown hair down the neck. The sun rose, and the fog almost vanished. Jesse woke up rubbing his eyes, as his entire face was buried, as Numbness stroked his legs. He sits down on the sand held back by stoned legs, confused and puzzled. He inhaled air in and out. Christi stood up quickly and grabbed her knife, she wanted to check if Jesse was ok, or if mermaid was near him. She shivered when walking. Her arms wrapped around her chest like a coat, as her hair tickled down her neck. She noticed Jesse, and immediately


Jesse will be relieved


'' oh'', it about time you came'' said Jesse


'' Don't worry I will help you up” said Christi


She gently grabbed the dead piece of the body under the armpit and used all her force. Suddenly Jesse stood up, but he was leaping. Christi glazed at his pants, they were stained with blood. Jesse kept biting his lip, trying to relive his pain. She noticed the mermaid sit down staring at her behind her. She was no longer a mermaid but a human. Christi was amazed, but she was determined even if it means picking the mermaid throat with a knife.


Pin and needle feel through her right-hand. As she clenched her fist. Mermaid was terror-stricken, as the young girl walked towards her. Her heart increased, well her eye's almost pop out. See was no longer blind, which was bad news for her. Christi grabbed the knife tight around her fist, giving the knife what she feels.


Jesse was puzzled and confused and uptight.


''Christi you don't have to do it '' screaming as if it was a life or death situation.


Christi didn't respond


She wrapped her right arm around her neck, and drew the knife closer.Christi's mouth was small and tight, eyebrows close to her nose, wrinkles from the forehead appeared.


'' Now, tell me why did you want to kill me'' puffing and threatening the mermaid, said Christi


No respond


''TELL ME'' pushing the knife closer


''no'' groaning, crying, choke up and bursting into tears said the mermaid




Jesse was alarmed, overwhelmed, afraid and anxious at his sister and what she was acting like

'' Christi this, not you'' said Jesse


''SILENCE'' said Christi


interrupting Jesse from his sentence


Jesse kept his mouth shut


Mermaid breathed and spoke '' do you know your mum?''


''yes, go on'' calming down said, Christi


''well, your mum can speak to animal, as well''


“yes” said Christi


'' and she died'' said the mermaid


'' ye, how'' said Christi


'' I can't tell you that'' said mermaid


'' why'' her almost drawing closer to her throat


'' alright, she was killed by the invisible creature, that almost killed you, no one knows where she was buried, but my point is that if I don't kill you, our world will die in front of you and all the animals around that you see will perish along with humanity.''


'' That it'' said Christi expecting more


'' yes'' said the mermaid putting her head down


'' so who sent you to kill me'' said Christi


'' I can't say'' lowering her head down


'' can you stand up'' said Christi


' No'' said the mermaid


'' I am used to the sea more than the land” said the mermaid


'' well, my brother will help you and on the way, we will find some clothes for you'' said Christi


''Thank you'' said the mermaid


'' aren't you forgetting something I am wounded, I can not assist her'' whining about the pain.


No responds


A sound of trotting was heard 3 horses Chestnut, black and white and on the horses from the distance were 3 knights who names were Burk, Bandar, and Lenny. They came in our direction when we need help the most. Christi smiled and so did Jesse. All the horses circled around as. All of them were wearing silver helmets that covered their nose and head but not their eyes or mouth. The symbol was a yellow eagle. Burk came closer to Christi with a happy smile and confused


'' what are you doing here princess'' said Burk


''I was out hunting with Jesse said, Christi


'' Then who this'' said Lenny


'' she looks charming'' said, Lenny


'' Oh we found her in a village that's right''


'' ok'' said Lenny


'' Anyway, can we get a lift home, Jesse is wounded and the lady Emma is fatigue''


''Oh of course'' said Burk


'' Hi Jesse ride on my black horse'' said, Lenny


so Lenny gets off his horse and holds the reins.


''Thanks, Lenny'' said Jesse


''There only one problem '' said Jesse


''what that's''confused


''My leg said Jesse I can't climb up '' 'well I could give you a push '' said Lenny


both of them stand near the horse who was munching grass. Jesse came closer to the horse he put his hands on the horse and Lenny bend down and pushed Jesse good leg.


'' on the count of 3 1,2, 3'' As that happened Jesse was on the horse and Lenny put his leg over the left arm on the main and the other on the but with that, he lifted his body and sat on the horse


“my princess'' said Burk you can ride next to me on my chestnut horse


''Thank you'' said Christi jumping on


The mermaid was shy fiddling with her hand '' well looks like I will be on my way''


'' no came with as'' said Christi


'' you can ride with Bandar'' said, Christi


Bandar was a teenager in his 16 learning how to become a knight. He was friendly and nice, however, is fond of ladies.


''came on Emma I won't bite, right guys''


''ye'' all said


Bandar Jumped from his horse and gave the mermaid a push on the right leg on the horse, however, Emma lost balance and fell the other side face planted in the dirt.


All the knight looked at her shocked expect for Bandar who was starting to like her


Emma stood up dirt all over her face, she wiped it off with her hand, as they started to laugh. Her eyes were so watery as if she was going to cry. Emma thought it was best to leave she already made a complete fool of herself. Just as she about to leave Bandar came


'' Don't cry came with me you can lie down on the horse instead'' said Bandar


surprised, Emma, smiled and came on his horse


All of them went off it was a quiet trip. No one made a fiddled with paper, nails, and rails Bandar was holding on the rains overjoyed by Emma presence. His blue eyes glittered with the sun, as it shined on his face. It was boiling and blazing hot day Bandar gentle reached his helmet threw it on the ground and pulled it off his side fringe almost covered his eyes, as he swayed his glittering Ash blond hair around. He smiled at Emma who was lying on her tummy on the horse hoping she will smile back. The sound of trotting was like hearing a nut getting smashed with a rock.


''we will reach the chaste at sunset'' said Burk look at the other who were trailing behind


'' Your father will be bitter with you Christi'' said Burk looking at the horizon


'' I know '' said Christi looking down


'' I just want dad to tell me about my mother'' said Christi grieved


'' your mother was kind lady '' said Burk


''you know about my mother '' please tell me said, Christi


''well, why don’t you ask Jesse, he might remember a few memories of his mother'' said, Burk


''Jesse'' hoping for an answer


'' don't remember that much,'' I remember getting picked up by mom and singing a nice tune, when all of a sudden a noise', no I can not say” Jesse felt shaken up


''please'' said Christi eager to hear more


'' no it might affect you'' said Jesse


''oh'' said Christi


Chapter Three: The Unknown Attack

The trees swayed and bend from side to side as they came closer to the chaste there were more trees, but with massive gigantic claw marks on the trees, as the breeze echoed on. There were 3 trees one in the middle one on the left and one on the right.


''stop'' said, Burk


'' why '' said Lenny and Bandar


Burk leaped off his horse and grabbed the rails firmly, the horse kept hitting his neck on Burk back, well the others stand by for his answer. Tied the rope on the left tree and looked closely at the middle tree mark. The cloud hovered around the forest and an owl flew by. Burk's mouth closed tightly he looked strangely at the mark The wind echoed and Emma was beginning to get worried


'' Guys we must go were not safe'' said Emma


Burk touched the mark, however, he didn't feel the pricking of the scar instead he felt a cold chill. Burk knew they had to leave and fast however he didn't want them to panic, these marks were done by the unusual creature. Christi leaned closer on the horse concentrating on the wind sound


'' you can run but you can not hide'', however, she was uncertain of the voice.


The leaves drop off the branch and then there was silence as if something was going to jolt out of no were. Burk stabilise his left leg on the tree roots and turn and walked to his horse, the ground felt wet however the water didn't shock through. Burk untied the horse from lower pricing branches and grabbed on the rains on the right hand and on the left, he grabbed the main and did a big push. The horse walked back and Burk pulled him back '' grab out your sword knights''. Lenny and Bandar removed their swords and kept on trotting. Christi was biting her nails, she knew who after her and so did Emma who was covering her face and hoping the nightmare will end. A thundering noise of thundering came in their direction


''what do we do '' said Lenny looking at Burk


''run'' said Burk


Burk kicked his horse and the horse went into a gallop, so did Lenny and Bandar. All of them were weaving through the trees not knowing who or what was behind them. Christi saw a glimpse of black dots following them.

'' hurry up there gaining on you'' said Christi


''Who'' said Lenny


''Don't listen to her I am the leader'' said Burk


A thundering noise of thundering came in their direction faster than a bullet. All of them weaved through the trees, as they kept on trotting there were less and fewer trees and more snow. The snow covered the horse's knees. Burk horse was neighing so loud, Christi knew she didn't like water as the ice began to crack around them.


The Chestnut horse stands up on two legs as it drops both of them and herself in the cold freezing water holding their breath in the icy depths. Christi swam up until her hands Numb her legs Numb so was Burk their clothes were soaked. The chestnut tired to make it to land, however, the ice each time cracked.


'' are you ok'' said Burk


'' fine''


'' listen Bandar and Lenny use the rope to pull her out'' said Burk


'' what about you '' said Lenny


''leave me'' said Burk


no responds


The wind shivered and hearts were worried. Lenny grabbed the rope from his pocket and throw it in the water. He felt upset, however, he had promised to the high chief that no harm will come to the princess or prince. Christi grabbed the rope very loosely and they both pulled her like a shield. Christi landed on the cold snow shivering her blood pressure was dropping. The chestnut horse swam back to the ice but each time the ice cracked. Burk float in the water helplessly saying his last goodbye. Christi sits down weakly unable to open her eye's. She crawled in a ball. Jesse jumps off his horse and leads the horse to Christi look in his bag he finds a blanket and gently cover her


'' Thanks, brother '' said, Christi sitting down on the snow


Jesse smiled and went back on the horse leaping


she tried to stand up, however, her legs brought her down. Bandar and Lenny put their hand on her shoulder and walk off. Christi walked behind. She was upset to leave such loyal friend behind especially when it was going to be her last words. They started walking with their heads down no one said a word.


Chestnut horse paddled out for the third time hugging on the ice he used his entire strength, well Burk was holding on his main. The chestnut horse went out and shook Burk off. He felt pain in his stomach, as he fell down. The other saw him from a distance happy and relieved that he made it out. In a matter of time, an invisible wolf howled from the distance. All glanced back and saw nothing. Burk laid on the snow ground holding on his chest. His chestnut horse stayed next to him tossing his neck up and down near his head.A thousand Jaguar appeared from on top of a mountain with people wearing dark hoods.


Christi lost sight of words, her eye's popped open


'' guys we must help Burk '' Said Christi


and yet everyone thought she was mad

'' relax princess, you probably going nuts '' said Lenny


'' I believe her'' said Bandar flicking his eyebrows up


''you believe on appearance than what she telling you'' said Lenny snapping


they all trotted back leaving a hundred leopards on one man. Burk swords laid next to him. His horse neighed. He just realised he was not alone his hand gripped to the snow and his legs stand firm. His eyes closed then opened wanting to look at the unknown. His helmets made his head ten times heavier to lift.


'' show yourself'' said Burk sweated and taking deep breath


everyone stops trotting and looked at Burk instead of seeing what they normally saw they saw thousands of leopards.


''see I told you'' said Christi


Lenny and Bandar both mumbled to each other


'' so what have you decided'' said Christi expecting an answer


'' to leave Burk here and run'' said Lenny


Bandar just agreeing with him


''Ok, so you're both cowards''


'' Jesse'' said Christi hoping he will go on her side


''Sorry, but their right, we cannot defeat a thousand leopards without surviving'' said Jesse




Emma put her hand up ''Sorry, I agree with others''


Christi had to make a choice to save Burk and die and become a hero or just try to make it to the castle. She decided to do it Christie jumped off the horse and headed straight towards the thousands of leopards. The Leopards did not touch her but growled. She came closer to her enemy and Burk was whispering her to turn back. They all look at her and stayed. She came close to his back and peeked at leopards hoping none were after her. Goosebumps fell through her arm.


''Don't worry I won't let them kill you Christi'' said unknown man with Ash blond hair looking at Burk


Burk stood up face to face with the unknown man


''if you harm the princess you will face me '' threatening him.


His teeth showed and before Burk could take out his sword he froze. His mouth was open, his eye was fully open and blood came out from a dagger which was jammed into his heart


'' No'' screamed Christi


''why did you do that to him'' said Christi shocked


He turned and she saw a smile coming up.She saw a young man in his twenty with light blue crystal eyes with small round nose and pale face. He was wearing the black cloak with a black hood at the back, a belt with a sword and black leather boots. Burk holds his chest. He fell down on the floor next to a tree. Christi took notice and came. Burk's hands were full of blood and his hair was slimy, he was taking deep breaths and covered with his own blood. The sword was jammed into the right chest. His eyes only took notice when they want to. Christi lay there on her knee on the left side stroking his hair. She would hate to see a close friend of dad die.


''you can do it, I know you can make it'' said Christi crying whining. Christi grabbed the sword with both hand and Burk touched her hand telling her enough.


''just let me die in peace'' said Burk his eyes closed and his breath was gone.


''No'' '' Burk'' said Christi holding his head tighter around his chest and then letting go. And falling on the bloody chest crying whining.


''Oh Christi '' said unknown man. A hand touched her Christi look backward and dragging Burk closer to the tree like a gorilla.


''came now came with me'' said, unknown man, as he came closer to Christi. Christ’s heart began to drop. The light of hope came as the deadly beast came closer a force so strong pushed the unknown man and he fell into the snow.


The unknown man stands up and brushed the snow off his pants


''let go'' as the words left his mouth the leopards left and so did the other went back into the forest


Christi went back to Burk and wept. The other came to Christi on their horses the black horse came to


''Christi want were you thinking'' said Bandar


Christi stands up and gently stroked the horse neck stroking the horse's neck comforted her. She jumped on the black horse with her head down not responding to anyone. As they headed towards the castle.


Chapter Four: The Castle

rode back Bandar, Lenny, Jesse and Emma tried to cheer up Christi. Jesse was trotting behind along with Lenny who was at the front. Well, Bandar and Emma trotted were at the rear end. They came to a big and enormous white marble path on the horizon was a brown cinnamon wall and in the centre was a metal fence. On the top of the metal fence were guards. And midway the path


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