Chapter 1

Doctor's POV


"So you made a new friend then Doctor" Yas asked as her Ryan and Graham joined me on the TARDIS for another adventure I flushed lightly refusing to meet her gaze instead glancing at the woman sitting off to the side reading a book "I guess" I mumbled embarrassed the woman glanced over sending me a soft smile "woah she's georgous" Ryan whispered "probably why the Doc's acting all weird" Graham agreed I rolled my eyes both myself and the woman letting out a small laugh "almost as bad not quite as bad as you said they'd be" the woman teased I turned facing her fully with a smile "I only implied how bad they'd be I never gave a definitive scale" I replied cheekily she laughed softly and I lost all interest in my teasing banter with her "what are you reading" I asked curiously "The Lost Angels" she replied closing the book but keeping her finger in the page as she stood coming to stand just in front of me she hesitated her fingers reaching for me before she went to turn away "hey what's wrong" I asked worry in my voice as I reached for her wrist she pulled it away and shook her head "it's nothing" she lied with a smile "Jenna please don't start the lying just tell me I want to help you" I half sighed half pleaded she hesitated her eyes flickering to my companions I realized what was wrong and why she wasn't saying it "oh" I said surprised "i'll be in your room" she murmured pressing a kiss to my forehead she was slightly taller than I was which was a welcome change to previous lovers i'd had my wife included "okay i'll be there shortly" I whispered leaning into her kiss a little silence fell over the group as she pulled away touching my cheek and shaking her head "don't rush I can wait you're only just seeing them again after a while" she said with a smile I went to reply but she turned and walked away I listened to her soft footfalls until I couldn't hear them anymore lost in the vastness of the TARDIS I let out a heavy breath not knowing how long her problem would actually allow her to wait.


Yas's POV


I sensed that the Doctor wanted to go after the Jenna woman but was torn between wanting to go after her and wanting to listen to her "I missed the pretty stars in space anyone else" I declared it was a sort of lie and I really hoped the boys would catch on thankfully they did "yeah me too got any more of those pretty star cluster things to show us Doc" Graham asked Ryan just nodded in agreement I silently let out my breath when the Doctor smiled "yeah I might just have one you guys haven't seen" she said getting a bit excited I tuned out to what she was saying and waited until the doors opened so as the look out at the mix of blue, purple, red, pink and orange swirling around in the stars "wow" I whispered "will you guys be alright for a bit" the Doctor asked nervously we nodded and she left.


Doctor's POV


I entered my room quietly wincing when I seen Jenna curled up on my bed obviously in pain just too stubborn to do anything "Jenna" I said quietly she sat up and turned to me I hurriedly locked the door before I felt myself slam against it I winced "Jenna not so hard" I said a whimper in my voice her grip on my shoulders eased one hand letting go completely to instead wrap around my waist her lips brushed my neck I tilted my head to give her better access clutching her arm tightly at a sharp pain before loosening my grip as a kind of pleasurable tingling ran through me instead I tangled my fingers in her long dark brown waves holding her closer and closing my eyes the hand on my shoulder moved slightly curling around my neck tilting my head a little more as she drank deeper I started to feel a little light-headed "Jenna..." I murmured "Jen honey" I said softly a low growl vibrated against my throat "Jenna honey I can't-" my words were cut off as I slumped forward just feeling her pull away and catch me before I passed out.


Jenna's POV


"Damn it, lightweight" I muttered half jokingly as I scooped her into my arms and laid her on the bed pulling the blankets halfway up her body she let out a soft sound curling up with her head facing towards my side of the bed her nose resting against my pillow I rolled my eyes licked my lips and left the room "where's the Doctor" the female human asked right away "oh she was exhausted so I talked her into having a little sleep before going on an actual adventure and no doubt getting into trouble" I lied easily she nodded seeing satisfied with my answer "so who are you" the younger man asked "and what was that noise before" the older man asked "first off who are you three if you don't mind me asking" I asked curiously I leaned against the TARDIS console smiling when she hummed beneath me "i'm Yasmin but everyone just calls me Yas" the woman said giving me a wave "i'm Ryan" the younger man said "and i'm Graham" the older man said I nodded "okay my name is Jenna i'm a sorta friend of the Doctor's" I answered one of the questions "and the noise" Graham asked confused "I accidently knocked against a table" I lied again I had a habit of doing that even to my Doctor in the beginning of our relationship I stayed around talking with the three of them for a long time before my Doctor woke up and came out looking still a bit tired "next time a fair warning might be nice Jenna" she grumbled rubbing her shoulder I winced "sorry I couldn't help it" I apologized "still not quite so hard in future please" she asked "you know how those promises work out for us" I reminded her she hadn't yet noticed her companions so I was being particularly cryptic but she wasn't quite so cautious "I passed out Jenna I tried giving you warning but you let it get the best of you and I actually collapsed" she said frustration lacing her voice I sighed grabbing her hand and pulling her against me lightly pressing my thighs against her hips my hands moved to cup her cheeks "hey i'm sorry okay I wasn't thinking clearly" I murmured softly she sighed "i'm sorry" I repeated and we both knew I would keep repeating it until I knew it was okay "it's fine Jen i'm fine okay just a little nap and i'm good as new" she soothed pressing a light fleeting kiss on my lips I moved my head down brushing my nose against her neck sweetly before she stepped away "now get off the console before she gets mad at us both" she complained I moved laughing "again you mean" I teased ducking out of her reach she gave me a half hearted glare "yes I mean again but it wasn't completely my fault I was slightly distracted at the time" she complained "i'm not that distracting and I wasn't doing that much" I laughed "oh really like your han-" I cut her off by placing my hand over her mouth nodding off to the side her eyes flickered where I gestured and she blushed dark red when she seen her companions watching us suddenly the TARDIS jerked and we all crashed to the ground as sparks began flying around "this time is not my fault" I said standing and reaching for the controls "wanna bet" she growled a hint of teasing in her voice as she stood as well working with me to get us landed somewhere "why won't she get a lock on anywhere" my Doctor asked annoyed "she has a lock but i'm not sure if you're going to like it very much" I warned just before we actually landed "where are we" she asked me in a warning voice I hesitated "Jenna now is not the time for hesitation just tell me" she huffed "my home" I admitted she stopped "oh well then we're either being told something by the universe or the TARDIS" she said I paused before going over to the doors "wait here with them" I said glancing back "what no i'm coming with you" she demanded "no you're not they don't understand I will not risk your life again now for once in your life listen and do as your told and stay here" I commanded she fell silent though I could see the defience in her eyes "don't not put me through it again please" I asked she sighed "fine" she resigned taking a seat on the stairs I hesitated before quickly going over and leaning down kissing her "I love you" I whispered I knew she'd heard me but the humans hadn't and with that I went outside.


"Jenna" I was instantly greeted with a man's voice when I got to the city nearby "father" I said quietly "have you finally given up on that little timelord of yours and decided to come home" he asked sternly "no" I said shaking my head "woah" I turned seeing Ryan standing there looking around I growled grabbing his arm and pulling him behind me as several of my kind surrounded us "back off now" I warned they stayed where they were thankfully "what is this place" Ryan asked "you should have stayed in the TARDIS it's not safe for humans here" I muttered "I was curious" he grinned unaware of the danger he'd put himself in one particular boy took a step forward I hesitated with my instinct but gave in when he stepped forward again I bared my fangs and growled warning him away "I will not give you warning again Christian stay away from the human" I warned he smirked "or what it isn't as if your strong enough to harm me your precious brother" he said speeding forward I met him halfway and slammed us both again a nearby wall "RYAN RUN" I yelled I heard his pounding footsteps while I kept my grip around my brother's throat my occasional growls warning the others to stay put "do not test me Christian" I warned "how do you have this amount of strength I thought you refused to feed" he asked shocked "I just refused to feed if I didn't have to I have on the other hand fed just a few hours ago so do not push me or you will get hurt" I warned he held his hands up but the second I let him go he ran after Ryan I muttered a few choice words using speed to go after them both I caught him just as he went inside the TARDIS "Christian don't" I called warningly as I entered he was the opposite side of the console room "you chose to run away you betrayed your kind Jenna I am mearly showing you the consequences of those actions" he sneered his gaze turned to the Doctor, my Doctor "no Christian don't touch her" I warned getting ready to fight him "or what" he taunted "they came to our home first they offered themselves to us" he said I ran forward just a blur as my hand closed around his throat "I said don't touch her" I snarled dragging him out of the spaceship I blocked the doorway back in from him "let me in little sis" he taunted I ignored him closing the door and leaning back against it "get us out of here" I said "but" the Doctor began "do not argue with me right now Riley just get us out of here now" I demanded she stared at me for a moment before doing as I had said and overriding the TARDIS getting us back into space "what were they, what are you" Ryan asked backing away from me "if I was going to hurt you Ryan don't you think I would have already or else just not bothered stopping my brother" I asked tensely the Doctor began walking out of the room "Doc-" I started "don't Jenna I just need a bit to calm down" she said anger in her voice before she walked out "why is she so mad at you" Yas asked "because of what I called her" I said quietly "and as to what they were and what I am we're known as Baitala a race of people that are stronger, faster and smarter than most races but our downside is we need blood to survive" I explained "so you're vampires then" she asked I nodded "yes you humans know our kind as vampires in fact most races in the universe do" I answered "so earlier today when you and the Doctor were alone......" Graham trailed off realizing "yes she gave me blood" I confirmed "what did you mean by what you called her" Yas asked "Riley it's the human translation of her Gallifray name she trusted me to keep it a secret when she told me but today when my brother kept trying to go after Ryan I just wanted her to do as she was told so I said the name" I explained "do you need blood a lot" Ryan asked slowly coming closer I nodded "yes and after using so much energy to keep my brother controlled I really should find something to sate the hunger" I said excusing myself unfortuately I misjudged just how much energy i'd used and got as far as the base of the stairs before I began feeling the effects I faintly seen Riley come out again.


Doctor's POV


I seen the dizziness pass in my lover as I came out "Jenna" I gasped going over to her quickly she was on her knees holding her stomach "she said something about needing blood" Ryan said I glanced at them questions waiting on the tip of my tongue but decided they could wait I used one hand to raise Jenna's eyes to meet mine a silent exchange passing between us eventually she shook her head so I moved a little closer to her shifting my short blonde hair to one side she hesitated I sighed gently cupping the back of her head moving her closer she gave in and a few seconds later I felt the sharp sting for the second time today I bit my lip against the inital pain but settled as the tingling ran through me again she fed for a little while before pulling away looking a lot less glassy eyed than she had before "you really shouldn't offer yourself up like that" she said wiping away the droplets of blood on my neck I shook my head righting my hair again "you're the only one i'd ever offer for" I murmured she kissed my cheek "did you want some help to your room" she asked I shook my head "a little woozy but otherwise i'm fine this time promise" I calmed her we stood together myself having to instantly grab onto her arm to keep steady "a little woozy huh" she playfully teased I rolled my eyes "i'm fine now honest" I said stepping away I held onto things as I made my way up to the console "would you stop doing that please" she asked "doing what" I replied "faking that your fine when you need to lay down" she sighed "i'm not" I said it came out a little more breathy than what I meant I was trying not to worry her so far no such luck it seemed "and I just took a lot of blood please would you stop being so stubborn and just go lay down Ril-Doctor" she corrected herself I gave in sitting down on the stairs I didn't even care in the other three heard what I was about to say "i'm scared" I admitted "of what" Jenna asked confused "you know my past every bit of it everyone i've ever loved has gone in some way Rose gone to save the universe from collapsing my family from Gallifray gone with my entire home River gone sacrificed herself to save me i'm scared of losing you too" I confessed in a quiet voice "oh honey" she sighed gently I felt her arms go around me as she sat down next to me "i'm not going anywhere no matter what I promise" she whispered "you can't promise that bad things happen to people I fall in love with Jenna it's just the way my life is" I said my hand clenching her shirt she eased my fingers loose sliding hers through mine her thumb brushing the back of my hand "it's okay to be scared everyone is baby" she calmly soothed me in a quiet voice I fell silent "you know you two have a slight habit of forgetting everyone around you" Yas pointed out no bite in her voice I pulled away having calmed down and the sit down having helped as well "sorry" I apologized getting up "so where should we go then" I asked "can we learn a little about your past" Ryan asked I paused "sure why not" I answered giving in quickly I didn't particularly focus on a time and place letting the TARDIS choose for me.


We landed quickly and I opened the door slamming it shut just as quickly bright red covering my face "what's wrong with you today old girl" I complained to thin air "where are you" Jenna asked curiously "your memories" was all I could mumbled she thought looking confused before remembering something realization dawned on her face and she burst out laughing "that was you" she asked "yes but how was I supposed to know she'd choose right now to take us" I sighed "what's going on" Graham asked "well we are in my past alright mine and Jenna's and well we're a little otherwise occupied" I tried to explain letting out a wince as a cry of my name travelled through the door "I could have sworn you did that on purpose" Jenna grumbled embarrassed herself now as well "I wasn't paying much attention to what was around me only in front of me so I didn't notice like you did" I defended "uh what" Ryan asked confused "sex Ryan they're having sex" Yas sighed rolling her eyes "oh" the nineteen year old realized "well i'm taking us somewhere different because i've been through it once more i'd rather not again" I stated moving away from the door too late to do anything I wasn't able to stop my lover from ducking out "Jenna" I groaned "stay here we'll be back in a second" I said to the others they nodded while I slipped out instantly met with a silence and the past Jenna and I staring at the present Jenna I sighed drawing attention to myself "uh what's going on" past Jenna asked "time travel remember" past and present me said together "you come with me" I said grabbing onto my Jenna's hand "aw I was only curious" she complained teasingly "no way bad things happen when i'm caught in my own timestream every single time" I said going to pull her away not quite as successfully as i'd hoped as in not at all because she ended up pulling me back into her I flushed "Jenna what are you-" that was a far as I got when I felt her lips press against my neck just below my ear I fell silent a soft moan slipping out "relax they won't notice" she murmured I completely forgot about the other people in the room as her hand dropped slowly down my torso pausing at the hem of my shirt I thought she was about to take it off until her hand slipped down a little further undoing the button on the jeans I was wearing today the zip slipped undone next I could feel the whole thing unplaying in my mind even though I had my eyes closed I could see myself with my hand in Jenna's hair holding her to my neck her hand slipping into my jeans I let out a quiet groan shifting towards her hand a little and when I heard an echo of my groan that seemed to jolt me back to reality I disentangled myself from Jenna and quickly did my jeans up again pulling her into the TARDIS "you're infuriating" I said slightly breathless "what" she asked I got us set for the next lot of travel and turned to her meaning to glare at her and tell her off but the sight of seeing her lick her finger clean almost made me come undone right there "stop it Jenna" I complained "what i'm not doing anything" she said I walked closer leaning up to her ear what I wanted to say I didn't want the others hearing "maybe next time you decide to try getting me off in front of our past selves I might just have to return the favor only with a hell of a lot more longer teasing involved" I whispered I heard her breathing quicken "oh but you'd like that maybe I just wouldn't touch you at all" I murmured my hand resting on her abdomen just above her pants line she let out a low groan folding her arms with a pout as I stepped away "might teach you to think about teasing me next time" I said normally she leaned against the doors now ignoring me the TARDIS landed and she was the first one out "you know just because you're immortal doesn't mean you can't be killed in some way Jenna" I sighed "actually it does Riley" she teased turning back with a grin "where are we then" I asked leaning against the doorframe a distant squeal sounded through the air and I glanced past her seeing a beach "I picked a random date and time I swear" I defended I glanced back "coming you lot" I asked we all left together I noticed Ryan and Yas a little closer than they used to be I smiled "so where are we" Yas asked "it's called Lover's Cove" Jenna said glancing at me "is this going to lead to another awkward argument back on the TARDIS" Yas asked I shook my head "it's not like that couples of sorts come here for an escape to have time to spend with just each other Jenna and I came here on a bad day because I ended up crossing timelines with myself with a completely different regen" I explained "who" she asked "my 11th" I said "the one with the wife" she asked confused I nodded "her name was River it was one of the rare times that we were actually very close together in our timestreams instead of far into each others past or future" I replied speaking of them I seen them coming up the beach looking at something between them River glanced up and seen us "for these trips just call me Riley i'd rather not have my past selves know" I said to the others they nodded "come on then" Jenna said pulling me over "came back for more you two" River asked it took me a minute to remember that Jenna and I from past had spent a while talking with them "yeah it's so pretty down here and Riley over there couldn't help herself" Jenna chuckled gesturing to me "hey" I defended my past self and past wife both laughed "oh I know he can't seem to either just keeps on wanting to come down again" River laughed "I thought you two had decided to go back to the hotel when she had a few too many of the drinks and couldn't keep her hands to herself" River teased pointing at me "yeah she looks really sober now" the doctor realized "fast matablisiam" I lied quickly "oh okay then" he said grinning and turning back to the paper in his hands "so changed your minds then" River asked "yeah but probably should be going though would want to miss dinnertime" Jenna said trying her hardest to stifle her laugh we waved bye to them and watched as they walked further down the beach Jenna burst out laughing "I completely forgot about the drinks it took you hours to calm down" she giggled "oh hush it's not as if you were any better Jen I was sore for hours afterwards" I complained lightly shoving her she quietened down with her laughing taking a little look around "you guys want to explore a little" I asked my friends they nodded "come on back to the TARDIS for a few minutes so we can change then" I said.


By the time we'd changed and got back to the beach i'd had a chance to see what everyone chose to wear Ryan was wear a pair of dark blue boardshorts with a blue short sleeve t-shirt Graham was dressed similarly but in dark green instead Yas was wearing a two peice bikini that was pale pink I was wearing a two peice as well but in TARDIS blue and Jenna had decided on a bikini as well but a deep red, the boys pulled their shirts off and ran for the water Yas close behind all of them laughing Jenna and I just took our time swimming a little ways away from the others my hands tangled together behind Jenna's head as I leaned forward and kissed her she easily returned my kiss her hands grasping my hips pulling me closer "thank you" she murmured pulling away "for what" I asked kissing her neck "everything you've given me even after you found out what I was" she replied "it's fine Jen I love you, you know that right" I asked I felt her nod against the top of my head as my kisses grew slightly lower down her chest pausing just above her breasts "course I know and I love you too Riley" she murmured I moved up again kissing her lips again parting my lips to allow her to deepen the kiss I let out a soft moan into the kiss shifting slightly closer she moved my legs around her waist putting me just a little higher than she was her kisses trailed down my neck she pasing her burning trail of hot kisses to make a mark on my breast just out of sight as she nudged my bikini top aside "Jenna" I moaned quietly she paused her grip loosening slightly I caught the hint and dropped my legs now floating just below her height "the others" she murmured leaning down to kiss my neck again my breathing was quick and ragged as I felt myself getting lost in her hot kisses "we need to stop Jen" I mumbled out "why" she asked her fangs grazing against my neck "Jen just wait till tonight i'll make it up to you I promise" I breathed but yet I pressed closer to her "your mouth says one thing but your body tells me something much more desirable" she whispered her voice was low and seductive by my ear "and the others are probably wondering what's taking so long" I said softly she pulled away slightly "come on let's all go get something to eat" I coaxed swimming away a little I felt the water move as she came after me.


"You two vanished quickly" Yas said grinning "sorry about that there's just a little place away from where you guys were swimming that we went" I explained as we ate Jenna sat next to me quietly just a glass of what looked to most like red wine but I knew it was blood the people in charge of the hotel catered to a lot of races hers included "are we staying the night" Ryan asked excited I glanced at Jenna "we should have left by now" she shrugged "yes we can stay" I answered Ryan "yes" he grinned and started talking with Yas and Graham my hand found Jenna's under the table she gave it a little squeeze and sent me a smile I returned her smile as we listened to the others for a bit while they finished eating.


"Night Do-Riley" Yas said tiredly she was leaning against Ryan looking well and truly worn out from our day "uh excuse me ma'am" I turned seeing a hotel worker coming up to us with a pair behind her "i'm very sorry to ask this of you but this brother and sister just got here and we're completely booked except for the honeymoon suite...." she trailed off nervously a pleading in her eyes I smiled warmly "no worries they can take my room i'll take the other one" I said handing her my key Jenna and I would have shared a bed anyways so it didn't really make much difference where we slept "Riley" Jenna asked "two big beds Jenna we probably wouldn't use one of them" I replied the hotel worker gratefully traded the key with me and went about showing the siblings to their room just down the hall "I guess we're up a little further then" Jenna murmured resting her chin on my head I leaned back into her slightly "night you lot" I said to my companions.


The second the door closed to the honeymoon suite I was pressed up against it Jenna kissing me I moaned "impatient much" I teased "i've been waiting all day to have you" she growled against my throat "well can we at least make it to the bed please Jenna" I groaned she effortlessly lifted me still kissing my neck trailing down towards the top of the dress i'd been talked into wearing for dinner my ankles crossed behind her back as the loose skirt lifted she soon helped it along pushing it up to my hips "Jenna bed" I panted she easily walked over to the bed laying me down with her leaning over me at this point she finally pulled back slightly her fingers tracing my cheek I grinned cheekily "what" she asked slightly confused "love me later fuck me now" I demanded teasingly she groaned I knew exactly what dirty talk did to her and I loved it "then get that dress off because it refuses to come undone" she answered I could see the debate in her eyes "just rip it it's not as if i'll be needing this one again" I replied she smirked her hand coming up and hesitating at the lace on my dress I moved my own hand covering hers and placing it against my dress "take me Jenna I mean it make me lose all sense of thought and push me into the heavens just take me" I murmured she smiled softly "i'll do so much more than that baby" she whispered finally managing to get the dress undone.

Chapter 2

Doctor's POV


I woke up cuddled against Jenna and hearing whispers "do you think they'll want breakfast anytime soon" Ryan asked "I don't even know if they'll wake up anytime soon" Yas replied I heard a soft groan from my lover "oh crap they're waking up" Ryan muttered "stop" I said as I heard them going to leave "Doctor" Yas said at least sounding embarrassed to have been caught I ignored her i'd get to them after I knew Jenna was all good "morning" she mumbled tiredly "morning sleep okay" I asked sort of sitting up while holding the sheets to my body she nodded her arm going over her face "yeah though probably should have gotten more than a couple a hours" she joked "not my fault you kept me up most of the night" I said playing with her hair well the tips of it "says the woman with an insatiable sex appetite" she pointed out I flushed "jerk" I muttered "beautiful" she shot back instantly I flushed darker "shut up" I said leaning in for a kiss she only gave me a quick on which confused me slightly but I understood when her lips parted showing her canines now slightly longer as she was hungry "shortly" I promised glancing to the floor groaning when I seen my things "I managed to get the dress off eventually but the rest just got in the way" she said shrugging "Jenna" I groaned I didn't have any other clothes up here they were all in the TARDIS "Doctor" Yas said I glanced over seeing her holding up a bag "I kinda figured you'd want something else to wear" she admitted "thank you" I replied she tossed the bag over I flicked through grabbing out mine and Jenna's spare clothes we both had a pair of faded blue jeans each and I had a jade green blouse but Jenna had a white t-shirt I silently thanked the TARDIS before we quickly got dressed after the other two turned away "did you two want to get Graham and we can eat up here" I asked as Jenna cleaned up the things from last night "sure thanks" Ryan said taking off to go find his gramps "Riley" Jenna said I caught the silent note to her voice "I know that's why I said about eating up here Jenna" I said calmly she settled back on the bed behind me "you guys can order what you want i'll probably just pick at whatever" I said Yas smiled and called the main desk setting the order up while I felt Jenna move my hair aside I gave a very slight nod and a second later I felt the sting then the pleasure I relaxed against her the order showed up a few minutes later Jenna wasn't so much feeding anymore as occasionally taking small droplets of blood wherever her teeth pricked against my neck I let out a soft laugh "would you stop that already" I asked she held her arm around my waist a little tighter "why" she asked pressing a kiss to my neck "because although they may not I know the meaning behind what you're doing" I said softly "well" she asked "we'll see if you can try asking normally" I teased "Riley that is normal for me" she whined I laughed moving away from her "relax Jenna I was only teasing besides it's not as if we don't have time" I pointed out she fell silent and started watching out the window I sighed "what was that about" Yas asked "it's nothing i'll explain another time" I said shaking my head Jenna suddenly got up the suddeness knocking me backwards "hey Jenna...." I trailed off questiongly when I seen the look in her eyes "i'm going for a walk" she said leaving the room I stared for a moment at the open door "wait Jenna" I called getting up quickly I winced as I fell off the side of the bed my leg connecting hardly with the ground.


Jenna's POV


I ignored the Doctor's calls for me as I moved away from the room I ducked around a corner having heard her come out I waited until I faintly heard her talking with the others before leaving and heading outside.


"So it finally happened did it little sis with who" I turned seeing my brother standing behind me my hands clenched into fists "what are you doing here" I asked angrily "why i'm here for you of course" he said his voice was sickeningly sweet I glared at him "and to do some serious damage to the woman of yours" he said grinning sadistically "stay away from her Christian" I warned.


We ended up fighting I was trying my hardest to stop him from getting into the hotel but then I sensed something I took my eyes off my brother for a second looking up to see Riley outside with her friends and a bunch of other guests I coughed blood dripping from my lips as my brother shoved me to the side and into a large white column he started towrds Riley and my full instinct kicked in I growled under my breath forcing myself to stand "get the hell away from her she's mine" I yelled he gazed over me his dark eyes looking black in this moment my hand pressed tightly against my side as I moved forward at blinding speed his hand caught me by my throat I didn't even look the slightest bit fazed "stay away from my partner" I warned in a low voice my hand grasped his and twisted I heard his yell of pain as a loud crunch was heard when I used his twisted arm to shove him down to the ground harshly "tell the others if they ever come near Riley again i'll kill them" I warned by his ear "die" he sneered until I twisted his arm further he cried out again "fine i'll do it just let me go" he said I did so pulling away a second too late though I realized he was up to something when he stood his gaze peircing before I could move I heard Riley cry out then he was gone I moved quickly catching Riley as she fell "what did he do to her" Yas asked worried "I have an idea" I said picking Riley up and standing I moved with the others as we headed for the TARDIS.


"Don't you dare fall asleep on me not now" I said quietly to my lover "so now that we're here what did he do to her" Yas asked "tried to kill her" I snapped frustrated Riley's eyes slipped closed as she whimpered curling in on herself more "what's happening to her" Ryan asked "i'm going to need to drop you guys home you can't be around her at the moment" I said "why not" Ryan asked "because for the next few days she could kill you without even realizing" I said looking up at him "tell us what's going on at least" Yas asked "my kind we can give a toxin I guess you could call it to another person and can change them into one of us but once the change has started you can't reverse it once the change is completed Riley will want blood mine will sate her hunger fine but if there is humans on board for the first few days she'll go for the humans" I explained laying Riley down and setting the TARDIS up to go back to the humans homes Yas hesitated at the door but left.


"Jenna" I glanced up from the book I was reading in my partner's room meeting her gaze "why am I so hungry what happened and why are my teeth sharp" she asked panicked I took a breath and explained everything to her "every one of us has a partner they don't always have to be of our kind and mine was you much to my family's displeasure" I finished after a while she was silent for a moment "so in other words what I want to eat is more like drink and it's blood" she asked "yeah" I admitted rubbing a hand on my neck "how can I make it go away" she asked "the same way I do" I answered going over to the bed and sitting next to her "from you" she asked though her voice said she already knew the answer "yes but i'll be fine no matter how much you take I promise" I said "in the end I wasn't really given a choice but to change huh" she laughed softly I joined her when I remembered what I had been silently asking her in the hotel room "yeah i'm sorry I honestly didn't think my brother would go this far" I said she moved kneeling over my lap her lips moving to my neck she hesitated "i'm fine Riley" I said gently she bit down a soft moan slipping out as the blood would have washed over her tongue.


It's been about a week now and we just picked up the humans ready for an adventure but for some reason the TARDIS was playing up and it was taking forever to get anywhere a few hours at least so after the first adventure we all learned to find something to do in the control room while waiting.


"Riley" I asked my girlfriend as she sat down beside me "does it ever really go away" she grumbled "not really you have it for long enough and you learn to live with it" I said shrugging she groaned dropping her head onto my shoulder I caught the slight change in her body as she caught the scent of blood I glanced at the others as my arm went around her waist holding her next to me "damn it" Ryan muttered "would you go clean that up" I called gently he glanced over with a nod "sure thing sorry" he said Graham followed after him and Yas was busy reading "Riley" I said softly she was shaking slightly against my side "can I" she whispered "sure" I murmured I felt her lips against my neck before the sharp peirce of her canines.


Doctor's POV


I calmed slightly as the sweet blood leaked into my mouth I forced the moan back well aware of Yas reading nearby "Doctor" I heard "she's fine just when you cut yourself it had a bit of an effect on her" Jenna explained one of my hands was near Jenna's neck my fingers through her hair as I fed the other was resting on the rail behind her I pulled back slightly my hand moving to rest on her shoulder as my head hung down and I tried to even my breathing "not as bad now" she asked I shook my head and stood licking my lips clean the TARDIS jolted and landed I turned "right who's ready to explore" I asked smiling.


 We ended up like normal getting ourselves into trouble and that's when the people of the little village found out about Jenna and I in total we were kept there for a week before we were able to escape to the TARDIS "again really that makes three times we've been caught because of you two" Yas panted after all our running "sorry" I apologized setting the TARDIS for mordern day but in space to give us a chance to calm down my stomach and throat felt like they were on fire but I ignored it for now.


Jenna's POV


I could see that Riley was obviously in pain but with my own body lacking blood I wouldn't be much help to her at the moment "Riley" I said she didn't hear me "Riley" I repeated a little louder she looked over "set a course for Lovers Cove" I said she hesitated "we don't exactly have much other choice Riley we both need blood so stop being stubborn" I sighed "do you need it really badly" Yas asked "i'll put it this way I may be able to control myself but Riley will have to stay in our room until we get there" I answered "so you don't need a lot of blood then" she asked "not really just a bit my own body should begin to heal me properly after that" I answered "take mine" she said "you do know what you're offering right and it may not be the last time it happens" I asked "well we might not make it in time right I mean something's going on with the TARDIS and we don't know how long it's going to take to get there" she pointed out "what about your friends i'd rather not get into trouble from them" I said "it's fine" the guys said together "okay" I agreed stepping forward I walked Yas back into the railing "it's to keep you steady so you don't fall" I said to her questioning gaze and with that I leaned down sinking my canines into the left side of her throat she let out a slightly pained gasp at first her hand grasping my arm tightly "why is it affecting the doctor more than you" Ryan asked "you realize she can't talk right now Ryan" Graham asked I allowed the blood to wash over my tongue and slide down my throat for a couple more seconds before I pulled away Yas looked slightly dizzy but otherwise fine it took ten seconds before I felt the effects of the blood in my system in that time I leaned next to Yas watching my girlfriend lean opposite me on the other side of the console her eyes closing as she took a deep breath through her nose "what's she doing" Yas asked "it's the hunger she can smell the blood" I answered watching Riley carefully she didn't seem to be moving so that was a good sign.


"Jenna" she asked a little while later "yeah" I asked "how are you feeling" she asked I could hear a slight pleading in her voice "i'm fine you can feed Riley" I said she looked over at me her blue eyes dark she walked over not saying anything else as her head leaned forward and she bit me.


Doctor's POV


I didn't hold back taking mouthfuls at a time I felt some leak from the corner of my mouth running down my chin but at the moment I didn't care all I wanted was for the hunger to be sated I stepped closer to Jenna feeding I sucked a little harder drawing more blood out finally the burning eased and I pulled back letting my head drop forward onto her shoulder as my breathing tried to steady itself instead of the soft pants it was now "and as to why it's affecting Riley more than me it's because one it isn't my first time experiencing hunger and two i'm older than Riley she's only just recently been changed" Jenna explained she looked down as my fingers threaded through her hair and I leaned up to kiss her not at all caring about the blood on my lips when I pulled away I licked my lips and wiped my mouth with my hand "better" she asked "much though if that's going to keep happening we might have to work on some way to deal with it" I said glancing away as her tongue ran over her own lips cleaning the blood from them "well it's your fault we got captured in the first place all because you couldn't restrain yourself" she said "I know sorry" I muttered folding my arms.


Things began to ease up since then we haven't been caught since then but I noticed recently Jenna began acting different than normal more distant "so where are we going this time Doc" Graham asked I thought for a moment "did you lot want to go see your families and friends" I asked they seemed surprised for a moment "sure" Yas said grinning Ryan and Graham smiled as well I set the day to a couple of weeks after we left the last time before getting us going.


"Did you want to come for tea Doctor" Yas asked "no thank you there's something I need to take care of first" I said politely "oh really we'll come with you" Ryan said starting to smile "no" I said instantly all three of them stepped back in surprise "sorry but it's on Jenna's home world and that place is dangerous for you three humans" I said shaking my head "Riley" Jenna asked "i'll explain shortly" I said leaning against the TARDIS Yas looked hesitant but she still pulled her boyfriend back "if the Doctor needs to do this then we'd be better off staying here or did you already forget what almost happened last time" she pointed out Ryan looked away "no but-" he started "the Doctor will be fine she's the same as them now" Yas cut him off "thank you Yas I won't be long I just need to find something out" I said gratefully she nodded and let us leave.


"So do you care to explain yet" Jenna asked as we walked to the city "you've been distant lately and I don't know how but I just know that it's supposed to happen I just want to know why" I explained as we came into the city people mostly ignored us except a few gave us looks and started whispering "and how do you know" she asked "I just said I don't know how Jen please" I sighed "fine" she huffed folding her arms someone stood in front of us "Jenna" he said "Christian" Jenna greeted tensely he looked to me "so you changed then" he asked "yes" I replied shortly he nodded "I assume that the reason you're here is because you have question about something" he asked folding his arms "yes" I answered lacing my fingers through Jenna's he continued watching me for a moment before he looked surprised "it's about Jenna" he guessed "yes" I answered again "come with me you'd be better off speaking to our mother" he said leading us towards a house I followed after him Jenna falling into step beside me.


"Jenna" a woman greeted smiling Jenna hugged her tightly "mother" she murmured the woman turned to me "hello who might you be" she asked "Riley" I said she held out her hand I took it and returned her shake "Adele it's a pleasure my dear" she said gently "have you happened to tell her who Riley is yet" Jenna asked Christian he shook his head "I did what I did for you because I knew you wouldn't be able to but that information is not mine to share" he said shaking his head Jenna hesitated then pressed a light kiss to her brother's cheek "thank you and you were right I probably wouldn't have been able to change her" she said "who she is" Adele asked curiously "she's my partner mother" Jenna said glancing at me "oh, my this is a surprise" Adele said looking between us all I flushed lightly under the attention "where abouts do you come from" she asked I looked away "my home is gone" was all I said about the subject "Gallifrey" she guessed I nodded "well I do hope my children haven't caused you too much trouble" she replied a playful note in her voice "they certainately have a bit of an interesting relationship" I laughed "they've been like that their whole lives what can I do for you time child" she asked me "I have a question about Jenna" I admitted "is she okay" she asked "she's fine but acting different lately rather distant if I had to say and i'm not completely sure why" I admitted "uh that would be because there is a part of her that belongs here and a part that belongs to you the two halves are to put it simply at war within her Jenna herself doesn't know how to deal with it so closes herself off had she have only come home sometimes the feeling would go away" Adele explained "so Jenna is distancing herself because i'm keeping her from her home" I asked quietly "no my dear the feud going on between her father and herself is what's keeping her from home I assume the reason for her being here today was because of you" she asked I nodded "Jenna stay here with your brother I need to speak with your partner for a while" she said to her daughter before taking my wrist and gently tugging me out of the room I easily kept pace with her until we got to a beautiful garden.


"At a certain time every pair of partners must go through a ceremony if you will a bonding ceremony that joins them together it's what we have in place of marriage of this world but the ceremony can only be completed here part of Jenna's distance lately is she wants that bond with you but she's afraid to come back because of an age old fight between her father and herself about the fact Jenna isn't like the rest of us" Adele explained as we walked slowly through the garden "isn't like the rest of you" I asked curiously "any other of our kind would take blood when we want it but Jenna she takes it when she needs it and refuses to unless given permission to take it she will ask and wait and explain everything if she has to just to make sure that the person she feeds off knows what's going to happen" she explained to me "I remember that she looked like she was in so much pain when we met and she told me what she was and what she needed but until I actually verbally said she could take my blood she wouldn't come near me" I remembered Adele nodded "our kind have rules to follow and the fact if a human steps onto this world it's a good as offering themselves to us but Jenna she will protect them to the point of her own brother hurting her but she will stand her ground for as long as possible to make sure the humans stay safe" she explained "she did that when one of my companions followed her into the city a little while ago" I said "well Jenna always hated herself because of what she was born as but with you I can for the first time in her life see that she is truly happy" she explained I blushed a little "i'm telling you all this because of the fact Jenna wouldn't have mostly not about the bonding ceremony she wouldn't have wanted you to feel pressured or forced into doing it with her" she explained "I would gladly it hurts that she won't come near me at the moment or pulls away when I try to touch her" I mumbled "it isn't me you need to explain that to it's Jenna I just thought you should at least know the reason behind her actions" Adele explained "how is the ceremony brought up among partners here" I asked "the same way others bring up about marriage it is essentially the same thing but with slightly different steps and a different name but wedding bands are still given the partner are still named husband and wife or in your case wife and wife" she said her voice turning teasing near the end I flushed again "thank you would it be okay if Jenna and I stayed for a couple of days" I asked "of course as I said the ceremony needs to be done here in front of the two's families" she explained "can you explain it all to me please" I asked she nodded then gestured to a nearby seat taking a seat on it as well.


"Wait consummate as in Jenna and I have to sleep together in front of everyone" I asked a while later she smiled "not everyone but there will be a couple of people in the same room" she said "like" I asked blushing darkly "only Jenna's father and I, normally the parents of both partners would be there but I have a feeling that would be a little difficult for you" she said I nodded "so I have to make love with Jenna while you watch" I asked my voice was quiet she gave a chuckle "that is all a part of the ceremony i'm afraid" she said "so Christian wouldn't be in there" I asked she shook her head I gave a breath of relief "you said a little bit ago about sharing blood what does that mean" I asked "during the consummation the couple take a little of the other's blood it's a sign of trust for one another the other time is during the part where they are actually joined in marriage I guess a bit of silk cloth is wrapped around a wrist each and a small slice is made on their wrists and allowed to soak into the cloth where the blood meets and how fast the cuts heal is a show of how strong their marriage will be" she explained "thank you" I said "it's fine my dear I look forward to you becoming a part of the family" she said "you realize though that my place is in the stars I am an explorer and I have sworn to protect Earth so I couldn't stay here" I said quietly looking down at my lap she tilted my head up again "I wouldn't dare ask you two to stay forever you have others waiting for you both yes" she asked I nodded "then all I ask is you stay and do the ceremony and then you may leave if you wish to" she said I smiled "of course" I said hugging her she returned the hug before we went back to where Jenna and Christian had been waiting.


"Is everything okay" Jenna asked worried I leaned up softly kissing her "it's fine though I really wish you would stop hiding things from me" I said she looked confused for a moment "the bonding ceremony mother spoke to you about it" she said I nodded "I didn't tell you because I didn't know how you would react" she said "if you had of asked me you would have found out that I want to Jenna I love you and that's never going to change" I murmured gently her hands rested on my waist as my own hands slid up her shoulders my fingers tangling together behind her neck "i'm sorry I didn't tell you" she said softly "no more hiding things please" I asked she nodded "deal" she said.


"I promise to always protect you and to love you to forever bare my heart to you" I said the last few words of the vow giving my whole self to Jenna the gold band slipped easily onto her finger before we both had to hold up our left hands next to each other side by side a white silk strip of cloth was lightly wrapped around our wrists just fractionally above where the cuts would be made well just above for me an technically just below for Jenna a small sharp knife was dragged across them both making two clean slices I gave a slight wince but instantly the blood pooled against the silk together not even a line of white between our wrist I tuned out to the next words said then I felt Jenna's lips against mine and hear clapping I heard some remark made from Christian the pain in my wrist was already gone.


At this point in the night I didn't even care the Jenna's parents were in the room as Jenna's hands and lips moved over my body seemingly causing fire to burn in my body growing hotter and hotter until I exploded crying out Jenna's name I had been nervous to touch her but had quickly focused all of my attention my pleasing my new wife and she'd just returned the favor she moved up my body again lightly kissing me "I love you" she whispered "I love you too" I murmured trailing my hands down her body once again I flipped us over slipping a hand between her thighs my fingers softly stroking her I watch the pleasure flicker across her face as her eyes slipped closed "can I" I asked leaning down to her neck "yes" she breathed my canines pierced the skin as I drank a little of the blood that flowed past my lips she had already been sensitive at that point so the heightened senses that came with it caused her to fall over into oblivion again her hands clenching the sheets beneath her.


"Doctor, Jenna" Yas greeted us we had gone back and were going to pick up Ryan and Graham before picking up Yas but it seemed they were all together "hey Doc" Graham greeted grinning "hello you three" I said smiling I felt Jenna's hand against my back as she leaned down to my ear "i'll be back in a moment" she whispered I nodded "okay" I said softly she kissed my cheek and slipped from the room "alright spill what happened" Yas asked "what do you mean" I asked "for one something's different about you and Jenna and two you're both wearing wedding rings" she pointed out I glanced down i'd actually forgotten about it Jenna and I had agreed that we'd tell the others after we'd all gotten back together and been on at least one adventure together but it seems both my wife and I had forgotten to take our wedding rings off I flushed "well it's complicated" I said "did you two get hitched or something" Ryan asked shock lining his voice "or something" I muttered embarrassed Jenna came back into the room stopping when the other three looked at her "we forgot to take our rings off" I said "huh" she asked "oh" she added realizing "I was just getting asked about it" I confessed "we got married is probably the easiest way to put it" she said to the others "what's the honest way to put it" Yas asked "we went through a ceremony on my home planet" Jenna explained "what kind of ceremony leads you to getting married" Graham asked so Jenna spent the next while explaining it to them so far I hadn't fed yet before coming to pick our friends up I could feel the hunger was there and being around the three humans certainately wasn't helping I glanced at Jenna from the corner of my eye seeing a small smirk was showing while she was talking "I was wondering how long it would take" she mused "huh" I asked "part of the bond is what's know as a shared connection feelings thoughts all that i've been listening to you think about your hunger for about half an hour now" she chuckled "jerk" I said lightly shoving her shoulder but I was smiling all the same "if you need to then just do so Riley it's not as if they haven't seen it before" she pointed out "i'm fine" I lied looking away from her "if you say so" she said resuming talking to the other three I made myself think about something else unfortuately my mind drifting to the ceremony night which caused Jenna to groan "if you're going to think about something else do so but not that Riley" she said "i'm sorry I can't control where my thoughts go to" I grumbled.

Chapter 3

Jenna's POV


" " means spoken outloud & ' ' means spoken in thoughts


We left for the adventure shortly after that my wife trying her hardest to ignore me which I found rather amusing as I leaned again the railing out of her way "is she okay" Yas asked as Riley paused her moving around the console "she stubborn that's all" I said to Yas "what's wrong with her" Ryan asked "she's hungry" I replied "are you" he asked "not as badly as she is" I replied shrugging "so shouldn't you be feeding as well" Graham asked confused I shook my head "my kind are pretty well always in need of blood but there are certain times we need it more than other times and those are the times we feed I fed just before coming to pick you three up but Riley didn't and now she's suffering through the consequences and refusing to allow me to help her" I explained "so she's like that because she hasn't fed" Yas asked I nodded my gaze not moving from my wife.


"Jesus Christ Riley just feed already or you're going to get us all killed" I groaned later that day when we got back to the TARDIS I winced as I found myself slammed back against the wall "ow Riley" I muttered as she fed she ignored me though I glanced at the humans seeing each of them for a moment had their own looks of pitying pain on their faces I relaxed as Riley pressed slightly closer drinking deeper for a second or two before pulling away she swallowed the last of the blood as I leaned down and kissed her tasting the blood in her mouth "better" I asked pulling away and licking my lips she licked her own lips clean and nodded "yeah sorry I didn't sooner" she apologized I shook my head "don't worry about it I ended up seriously weak as a kid a lot because I refused to feed a lot as well" I said "though next time try sooner so you aren't so rough with me" I added teasingly she flushed ducking her head down "is that because she waited so long" Ryan asked I glanced over "uh yeah kinda" I replied "will that happen a lot" Yas asked "it shouldn't now that she knows what she'll have to go through" I replied.


"Anywhere you lot want to go" Riley asked "bed" Yas suggested Riley looked over catching the tail end of three yawns "I didn't realize how much time had passed" Riley admitted letting out a yawn of her own "although we're immortal we do still need sleep to function properly Riley" I pointed out "I know that" she huffed "if we go home will you leave" Ryan asked though three looks said they didn't really want to go home yet "we could always stay on the TARDIS she's got bedrooms" Riley suggested they all looked to me "why look at me it's Riley's TARDIS" I said holding my hands up "because... actually i'm not sure why" Ryan said confused I smirked rolling my eyes "simple you're her wife so that means it's got to be okay with both of you" Yas reminded me "it's fine with me if it's fine with Riley though landing somewhere will probably get us into trouble" I pointed out "we could drift" Graham said the humans looked excited at getting to spend the night on the TARDIS I glanced at my wife with a soft shrug 'are you sure' I tried not to let me surprise show when her voice echoed in my mind 'you learn quick' I said 'Jen just answer me' she said I bit back the smile at my wife's growing frustration 'as I said i'm fine with it so long as you as are Riley honest and I don't think the humans could handle going home after being led up like this' I replied she gave me a dirty look I rolled my eyes "yes you can stay" I said to the three humans "what was that" Graham asked "huh" I asked "you two just spent like two minutes staring at each other" he said "connection remember can share our thoughts and all that" I reminded him.


"Right Yas you're in the room just down that hall there third door on your left" Riley said pointing to the left at hallway she had her back to the door "Ryan you're the door across from Yas and Graham your room is down the hall just there first door on your right- no sorry left" she said pointing right I gave her an amused look 'shut up' she quipped 'make me' I taunted 'oh i'll find a way to put your mouth to better use when we get to my room' she said although she showed no outward signs of it apart from a slight smirk I caught the desire from her 'oh yeah how are you going to do that' I asked "Yas you'll have to borrow something from me unfortuately" she said 'oh trust me i'm sure you'll catch on pretty quickly' she said at the same time "you boys shouldn't have too much trouble finding something in your rooms though" she said 'it wouldn't have anything to do with my head buried between your thighs as my mouth sucks on your-' "Jenna" she cut me off with flushed cheeks I grinned "what I didn't say anything" I defended "stop it" she said turning away from me 'stop what Riley merely thinking about what you have planned gets me hot in all sorts of places' I said "Jenna baby I love you but seriously go away" she complained "fine i'll stop I promise no more" I said laughing "stop what" Yas asked "nothing Yas" Riley said sending me a warning look I made a show of zipping my lips closed and tossing the key away.


"God woman you'll be the death of me I swear" Riley groaned rocking her hips up against my mouth I continued from where I had left off earlier my lips closing around her clit and sucking while two fingers slid inside her i'd been working her up to the brink for a while now so I knew she was close I pulled away slightly keeping my fingers moving inside her as I moved up her body pressing light kisses to sweat slicked skin occasionally my canines would lightly graze against her causing her to shift slightly a moan soon after following I stopped at her neck biting down 'I love you' I said softly she climaxed her whole body shuddering beneath mine as a soft moan of my name slipped out "I love you too" she breathed once her trembles had subsided slightly and I could pull my fingers out I sent her a wicked look before bringing my fingers to my mouth sucking them clean "you my love do not play fair" she growled seductively as she rolled us over her weight pressing onto my body slightly she kissed me her tongue slipping into my mouth tasting herself "it's no fun to always play fair though" I replied.


We ended up falling asleep against each other waking up pretty late the next morning "shower Jen" Riley murmured against my neck "I know soon" I said she breathed my name arching against me as my fingers pushed her into a climax I pulled my fingers out "I just wanted to do that first" I said heading into her bathroom and turning the water on once I was in I stepped completely under the water allowing it to soak me from head to toe I ran my hands through my hair pushing it from my face then Riley came in.


Yas's POV


I glanced up as the Doctor came out drying her hair with a towel Jenna soon following after pulling her damp hair into a ponytail "morning" Ryan greeted the two women "morning" the Doctor replied she glanced back at Jenna for a moment "knock it off you used to be bad I swear your sex drive is insatiable now" she sighed "not my fault beside you started it in the shower" Jenna defended rolling her eyes "still think about something else already" the Doctor said "that's going to be a constant argument between you two isn't it" Graham asked "probably not, maybe, I don't know, probably" the Doctor said Jenna rolled her eyes "no it won't we're just still getting used to some parts of the bond we'll be okay once we can both get a hold over our thoughts" she explained "okay" Graham said.


Doctor's POV


Jenna and I spent the day trying to stop our thoughts but it wasn't exactly easy thus how we ended up in our current situation my wife was who knows where with Graham and Ryan while I was stuck with Yas in a prison cell with some not exactly very nice people I winced as a hard slap landed across my face yet again I didn't fight back not sure what they'd do to Yas if I did "leave her alone" Yas yelled I held my hand up "stop it Yas" I commanded she fell silent "what are you" the guy asked the one who'd already hit me a couple of times "just passing through I didn't want any trouble" I said he slapped me again harder than the other times 'where are you' I heard my wife's voice 'not sure some sort of prison I guess Yas is with me' I replied spitting out blood 'what's going on talk to me Riley and don't even think about lying to me I can feel the pain' she said 'it's just some arrogant humans' I replied another slap landed against my cheek before a hand grabbed my jaw forcing me to look into light blue eyes "don't ignore me bitch" he sneered "Yas close your eyes" I said "why" the other woman asked my eyes flickered to her "because I don't want you seeing this now close your eyes" I demanded frustrated she sighed then closed her eyes "I warned you not to test my limits" I muttered to the man in front of me before my wrist yanked away from each other snapping the rope holding them together I shoved him away he landed against the wall before he could get up I had killed the three other men in the room and was crouched in front of him I could feel the warmth of the blood against my shirt although the men weren't the best of people the blood was sweet in my mouth "w-wh-what are you" the man stuttered scared "your nightmares" I whispered before leaning down and peircing his throat I pulled away roughly letting him drop to the ground I didn't like killing people but when they acted like these men had they weren't people anymore they were monsters "can I open my eyes yet Doctor" Yas asked I winced "no not yet just keep them closed a little longer" I said yanking the rope holding her own hands together it snapped easily and I tugged her from the room closing the door behind us I wiped the blood from my mouth turning just in time to see my wife and other two companions standing there "jesus what happened" Jenna asked I yanked my bloodied shirt off "none's mine" I muttered nodding back towards the closed door Yas finally opened her eyes blinking when she seen me standing there in my bra "um" she asked I rolled my eyes "it's complicated" was all I said I heard the door open I glanced back as Jenna peeked in giving a whistle "remind me not to piss you off" she said closing the door again "I didn't know what else to do you were god knows where at the time" I huffed she held her jacket out to me I took it gratefully and slipped it on doing the zip up "still that's some nasty work in the what happened" she asked "I don't know okay I just snapped" I muttered "your instincts you forget my kind by nature are hunters and a hunter always kills their prey" she reminded me "it's not like I wanted to it just happened" I said quietly I felt her kiss my forehead "it's fine you were protecting Yas" she murmured my mind thought about everything that had happened I felt her arms tighten around me as she swore under her breath "what" Ryan asked "nothing let's go" Jenna said "what happened in there" Graham asked I turned yanking him away from the door and pulling it closed "they attacked me I defended Yas and myself that's all you need to know" I said seriously Yas went quiet.


Things were tense on the TARDIS for a little while a few months to be exact enough time for everyone to notice when I started getting sick "you okay Doc" Graham asked "fine" I said I was leaning against the railing my hands clenched against my waist opposite sides of my waist as a sickening wrentching feeling went through my stomach over and over again "let me do the scan would you" Jenna sighed "no i'm fine" I said closing my eyes against the pain I heard a low groan from my wife "stop being so stubborn damn it I can feel everything you do" she reminded me irritated "fine do the fu-" I cut myself off forcing myself to take a breath "fine do the scan" I muttered I ignored her from then on until the scan was finished I wasn't able to give any warning as I leaned forward and threw up when I seen the result she turned it off quickly and came over to me "what" Ryan asked 'you're pregnant how' Jenna asked the day in the prison flash through both of our minds "I hate them" Jenna muttered angrily "is it what happened in the prison" Yas asked quietly "unfortuately yes" Jenna replied "so she's-" Yas started "pregnant almost fourteen weeks" I cut her off as I stood up properly "i'm sorry" she said "don't be it's not your fault" I said wiping my mouth "sit it'll do you good" Jenna said softly I didn't argue with her as I sat down on the steps behind me I faintly heard Jenna cleaning up as Ryan, Yas and Graham watched me worried "it's my own fault if I had of just given him the information he wanted all that probably wouldn't have happened" I sighed "it's not" Yas said annoyance in her voice "he would have raped you either way Riley" she said folding her arms "that's probably the first time one of you three have used my name willingly" I said "Doctor please" she sighed I shook my head "no it's fine I get it thanks Yas I just need a little while alone" I said sending her a small smile before getting up and going to mine and Jenna's shared room.


Jenna's POV


"Is there anyway for us to see your home without everyone there trying to kill us" Ryan asked "yeah if you came as guests under mine or Riley's protection you could" I said glancing after my wife for a moment before looking back and seeing three hopeful faces "fine" I sighed setting the coordinates and the date a few weeks after Riley and I had left the last time.


Riley had ended up coming with us but she was quiet the whole time "Jenna" my brother greeted "hey Christian" I said accepting his hug "why are the humans here" he asked glancing behind me "here under mine and Riley's protection Christian they wanted to see my homeworld" I said he nodded "alright i'll send out the word" he replied leaving it wouldn't take long so I allowed the others to wander looking around while I led Riley to my parents house "Jenna, Riley" my mother greeted with a smile it soon dropped when she seen the quiet state my wife was in "talk to me what happened she was so full of life the last time I seen her" my mother said so I did I explained about getting captured because we weren't focused we had been trying to control our own thoughts during the time we'd been seperated and Riley had been placed in a prison with Yas i'd stopped there having to even out my breathing from both the anger and sadness "I was attacked and now i'm pregnant because of it" Riley said simply my mother was silent for a little while "i'm so sorry you went through that and I wish there was something I could do" she said eventually "so there's nothing that can be done about it then" I asked "I hate seeing her like this she looks hollow" I added quietly I glanced at Riley 'stop it Jenna' she said 'I can't help it you won't talk to me otherwise' I snapped she sighed outloud "I know i'm sorry but I don't know what to say" she said quietly "anything you've barely spoken two words to me since you found out" I said frustration leaking into my voice she stood suddenly and walked out "Riley" I called "go after her this isn't something I can sort out" my mother said I hesitated then went to the garden the place I knew my wife would be sure enough she stood by the bench where my mother had first told her about the bonding ceremony "I want it and it makes me sick" she admitted "what the baby" I asked "yes Jen the baby I want to keep it and I feel sick knowing that" she said turning to face me "there's nothing wrong with that Riley it's your baby" I said gently "from being raped" she said her voice raising I was silent allowing her to calm down a little "maybe so but when my brother was born my mother didn't want him at first the pregnancy was an accident from the consummation night with my parents my mother wanted to wait before having children but a few months later she found out she was pregnant with Christian" I said awkwardly Riley was the only person outside of the family I grew up with that knew that now "everyone gets what they want how it happens doesn't matter if you want to keep the baby, your baby then keep them it's your choice" I said softly "but what about you i'm married to you" she asked I leaned down kissing her softly "seeing you happy is all I need to be happy Riley if having this baby and having our own family is what you want i'm there for you the whole way" I murmured my hand moving to rest against her stomach she hesiated and thought for a moment "I want it I want to keep the baby, our baby" she said quietly "then we'll keep the baby" I said she kissed me again deeper than I had her.


Two downsides to the pregnancy that we quickly found was one Riley tended to get angry easily so inturn tended to get slightly violent quickly and as I was the only one on board that she couldn't actually kill it was my job to calm her down quite often I ended up getting hurt myself resulting in many a times of my wife apologizing guiltily and the second was she was hungry a lot more.


I sighed when I heard yelling from the control room "I wonder who the poor bugger is this time" Graham joked I rolled my eyes going out with them seeing a man in a police uniform in a heated arguement with my wife I quickly recognized the thoughts currently going through her mind "Riley no" I said speeding up my pace a little and going over to them "he's the one who barged in he started telling me off first" she snapped I sighed taking her hand and pulling her away from him I winced as her hand hit me her nails drawing blood "ma'am" the police officer said shocked "with all due respect stay out of this or she'll hurt you a lot worse" I warned "Yas get him out of here before Riley gets to him" I said Yas nodded going over to the police officer and trying to leave Riley's hand gripped my wrist tightly trying to get me to let her go "ow damn it Riley calm down" I said grasping her wrist and tugging it away blood dripped onto my long sleeved top she stopped at the sight of the blood "Yas get him out of here" I said Ryan walked over to Yas and started helping her to get the guy out right as my wife's hunger took over and I found myself pressed against a wall her canines in my throat thankfully my wrist healed quickly finally they got the officer out then Riley pulled away "calm now" I asked wincing "I did it again didn't I" she sighed "it doesn't matter" I shook it off she seen the blood on my shirt both near my neck and by my wrist "sorry Jenna" she groaned "don't worry about it i'm used to it by now" I teased she gave me a dirty look 'that doesn't make it any better' she said 'you can't control it Riley your emotions are on a high lately because of the pregnancy' I replied she sighed "maybe it's time to drop them home for the duration of the pregnancy" she said nodding back towards our companions "huh why" Yas asked complaining slightly "I don't want to hurt you" Riley said looking at the three of them "you haven't yet and we all worked out a system" Yas said "yet is the key word I can't control myself at the moment I could hurt any one of you at any time" Riley reminded her "please you three both Riley and I would feel a lot better knowing you three were safe" I cut in before my wife could lose her temper three sighs echoed but they all nodded "alright" Yas agreed "thank you" I said.

Chapter 4

Riley's POV


Jenna and I stayed away for quite a few months after the pregnancy while my hormones went back to normal one thing my wife had explained was that children born in her kind was always born human and had to be changed but for some reason when my son was born it took us a little while but we figured out that he had Baitala in him because for the first few of months he had milk like any normal baby but when he got to about four months he stopped eating anything and just on a hunch i'd tried it.


"Riley" Jenna groaned as small cries filled the air "I know Jenna i'm trying okay" I half snapped half sighed I was tired and frustrated Jenna came over in time for me to bite my own wrist "I don't know what kind of effect tiredness is having on you but you can't use your own blood to feed yourself Riles" she said jokingly "I know" I said rolling my eyes and moving my wrist down just above my son's mouth it only took a couple of seconds for him to quieten as the blood dripped into his mouth "how did you know" Jenna asked "i'm his mother and it was a hunch he was refusing anything else" I murmured leaning against the edge of his crib the blood slowed as my wrist healed thankfully though the baby boy stayed calm this time soon drifting to sleep I wiped the excess blood from his mouth and turned to Jenna "see calm so far the Baitala haven't exactly been partnered with anyone outside your homeworld correct or at least with anyone that wasn't human before changing" I asked "correct" she replied wrapping her arms around my waist "i'm a timelord remember that didn't change just because I was changed i'm different from a human so i'd say when I fell pregnant with him he got all part human, time lord and Baitala" I explained "clever" Jenna praised smirking I leaned up kissing her "but seeing him feed now i'm hungry" she murmured kissing down my neck "so feed then i'm not stopping you" I said softly her canines bit down.


"Doctor, Jenna morning" Yas greeted us it was only a couple of weeks after we'd left them "how long have you two been gone for" Ryan asked I smiled "smart we've been gone for just under a year I needed time for my hormones to go back to normal after having Cody" I explained "a year how old is he and why Cody" Graham asked "because Cody is cute" I said grinning I got four eye rolls in unison to which I just poked my tongue out "and as to how old he is he's almost four months" I answered just as I finished cries were heard "speak of the devil" Jenna teased as I turned away "behave" I said playfully as I headed for our room picking the small baby up from the crib I soothed his fussing easily with a bite to my own wrist again "what are you doing" I looked up seeing Yas standing at my bedroom door "he's the same as Jenna and I in a way he needs both human food and blood to keep him healthy" I explained as Cody fed "well I suppose that way is a lot less embarrassing than breast feeding" she said smiling "that's true" I sai the blood stopped as my wrist healed I wiped the excess blood from Cody's mouth softly rocking him "you're a natural" Yas said "Cody isn't the first baby i've dealt with nor is he my own first child" I answered "okay" she said we went out to the others again.


Time passed quickly and before I knew it Cody was coming up on five for the most part we hadn't actually let him outside of the TARDIS because he was too young but it seemed he had my own passion for curiousity so Jenna and I had agreed that we would let him out when he turned five.


"Cody come here please" I called I heard the soft coming before the young boy ran out he had curly blonde hair and dark brown eyes it was a bit of an odd combination but on him it looked adorable "we're going to let you come out with us today but you have to promise me that you will always walk next to one of us" I said crouching to his height "but why can't I explore too like you and mommy do" he asked cutely "because at the moment you're still too little to go off on your own so it doesn't matter which one but always stay next to one of us five okay" I said seriously but with a small smile he pouted "okay mama" he agreed it didn't take long for the pout to go away once we stepped onto the planet.


Cody spent the trip darting between people holding their hand which ever one of us happened to be where he wanted to look that's who he'd go to but near the end I noticed he was getting tired "Cody" I said gently he looked back running back when I held my hands out I picked him up letting him look around from there which he seemed happy to do for a while eventually laying his head on my shoulder and falling asleep "it's beautiful here" Jenna said I smiled "I know the last time I came here I came with a couple they were my companions at the time" I said softly Yas looked back when I said that "what were they like" she asked "I could take you to meet them if you'd like" I offered she nodded smiling.


I'd only been to see the Ponds once since i'd changed into the woman so when I got there and wore a slap hard across my cheek I completely understood Amy's anger "where the hell have you been" she asked angrily "sorry how long has it been" I asked shifting Cody slightly in my arms "obviously too long for you" she said rolling her eyes "it's complicated" I muttered "it's been a couple of years" she said folding her arms "hey that's not that bad it's not like when you were little" I said the sting in my cheek was going away "I know that but still two years" she grumbled she looked past me "who are they your new companions" she asked "most yes one no" I replied "mama i'm hungry" Cody woke up mumbling "we'll get something to eat for you in a bit baby" I murmured he nodded tiredly "who is that" Amy asked "my son as I said complicated i'll explain in a little while" I sighed "fine" she said leading us all inside "Rory" I called "Doctor" he came out of the kitchen "Cody come here honey" Jenna said Cody looked at her shaking his head "uh-uh i'm hungry" was all he said I groaned under my breath "of course you would be now" I muttered "don't you have anything for him to eat" Amy asked "not in the way he's talking about" I replied cryptically "you always forget" Yas said before holding out a dark blue bottle to Cody he grabbed it quickly "manners Cody" I chiasted "thank you Yas" he said before beginning to drink Jenna grabbed him off me allowing me to accept Rory's hug "at least that's a better welcome than what your wife gave me" I teased Amy flushed lightly "shut up" she said "it's fine, Amy, Rory this is Yas, Ryan, Graham, Jenna and Cody" I said pointing to each person in turn "so which ones are you companions and which ones aren't" Amy asked "guys this is Amy and Rory I travelled with them for a while a couple of regenerations ago" I said slightly avoiding Amy's questions 'you can't avoid it forever' Jenna said 'I know that just for now I used to be married to their daughter so it's a little confusing as to how to tell them' I replied "Doctor you're doing it again" I heard Yas I glanced over "huh what" I asked "getting so caught up in your conversation with Jenna Amy asked you about who's who again" she pointed out teasingly I huffed "be quiet it's not like you can talk you get caught up with your whispers with Ryan all the time" I said a loud bang was heard I tured in time to see tears well in Cody's eyes as he stared down at his drink bottle now on the ground the blood within it now leaking on the ground "Cody" I groaned taking him and rubbing his back while Jenna picked the bottle up "I thought red cordial was bad for kids" Amy asked "he must have it pretty strong for it to be that dark" she added looking confused "not exactly there's something I should probably tell you two" I admitted.


I explained about the Baitala and my own change and the marriage and then Cody last "so he's a vampire" Amy asked "yes" I admitted "and you are as well" she asked "yes" I said quietly "and the others" she asked looking at my wife and companions "Jenna is but the others aren't" I answered "so your comment earlier Jenna is your wife and the others are your current companions" she asked I nodded sensing a growing agitation from Cody 'most of it spilled he hasn't had anywhere near enough to sate his hunger' Jenna said 'I seen that thank you Jenna but what do you expect me to do it's not as if I can just feed him myself in front of Amy and Rory' I answered slightly snappish 'sorry' I instantly apologized I caught the slight shake of her head 'don't be I understand how you feel but he could attack unless he gets his hunger under control' she pointed out 'I know' I said currently the only way Cody could feed off others would lead to them being killed so Jenna and I usually fed him we'd bite our own wrist and give it to him he could keep the marks open long enough for him to feed he just had trouble safely making them Cody shifted against me I sat down on the couch trying to calm him without feeding him "what's wrong" Amy asked pausing her converstation with Yas "he's hungry but she doesn't want to feed him in front of you and Rory" Yas explained "feed him I assume then it isn't human food" Amy asked I shook my head "no it's blood he wants" I admitted "go ahead then" she said looking back at Yas Rory shrugged following his wife's example and they began talking to Yas again Cody's hands clenched my shirt tightly "alright I get it" I said bringing my wrist up to my mouth and biting down I seen Amy and Rory glance over for a moment I waited until the first bit of blood touched my tongue before lowering my wrist Cody wasted no time in grabbing it and beginning to feed "slow down Cody" I murmured the pressure on my wrist became less insistant as he did as I said "so do you eat human food" Amy asked I looked up licking the blood from my lips "sorry no not anymore you five humans and Cody are the only ones who eat human food Jenna and I don't" I replied "what happened to Melody" she asked quietly I seen the confused looks from Yas and the others "Melody was their daughter and my wife during the time I knew them she left on a mission to a place called the Library and in the end sacrificed herself to save my life" I said quietly I felt Jenna wrap her arm around my placing a kiss on my temple "do you miss her at all" Rory asked I looked over "I loved your daughter very much and even though I have moved on I do still miss her a lot Rory" I said seriously he nodded "okay I was just asking" he said Cody's grip loosened on my wrist a little more just before he pulled away all together the mark healed quickly "stop using your sleeve" Jenna teased as he wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his t-shirt he poked his tongue out at her a gesture she returned "stop it both of you only one of you is a child" I sighed playfully "wait you don't eat human food so where do you get the blood from" Amy asked suddenly her gaze flickered to Yas, Ryan and Graham "not them we take from each other it can't kill us and it sates our hunger" I explained laughing "you can do that" she asked "yes" I answered "could you stay just for a little while we have some spare rooms you could sleep in" she asked hesitantly I looked to Jenna 'i'm okay with it if you are' she said casually 'I kind of want to it's been ages since I got to see them' I replied sheepishly she smiled leaning down to kiss me quickly "so we will" she said softly Cody moved off my lap going over to Graham "I want to share a room with Graham" Cody declared loudly "lower your voice Cody and if Graham says it's okay" I said he looked up pleadingly at the man "alright if you be good" Graham agreed "yay" Cody cheered happily Amy looked between us all "there's three" she mumbled I laughed "Ryan and Yas will share a room as well the have for quite some time now" I provided relief flickered across her face "wait how did you know that" Ryan asked while his girlfriend flushed darkly "it's my TARDIS you think I don't know when someone goes sneaking around after bed" I teased "plus the fact you two always come out of the same room" Jenna pointed out both Ryan and Yas were silent blushes on their cheeks.


Things were set up easily and for the first time in a while we all sat down to dinner together well they did Jenna and I just sat at the table playing around with everyone while having a silent conversation between ourselves I played with my wedding ring watching Cody laugh and have fun with Amy after dinner eventually it was close to his bedtime "come on young man bedtime" I said going over to him he looked up "aw but I was having fun" he complained Jenna held out a back pack "pj's Cody" she said he looked like he wanted to argue but with both his mothers telling him it was bed time he decided against it "but I can play more in the morning right" he asked as I led him from the room "yes Cody say goodnight" I said "night night" he said looking back and waving I heard various calls of night Cody back at him before I led him upstairs to the room him and Graham would be staying in for the night Jenna stood at the door "bath or no bath" I asked kneeling and pulling Cody t-shirt off "nuh-uh no bath" he said as his pants came off next "you sure" I asked taking a set of long sleeved pj's out of the bag for whatever reason they were Inside Out "I swear she loves to torment me" I groaned "who mama" Cody asked as I put the pj's on "the TARDIS honey come on in you you get" I said he climbed into the bed staying still as I tucked him in "the TARDIS is a girl" he said I nodded "uh-huh and she always knows when little boys don't go to sleep straight away" I teased softly as I pressed a kiss to his forehead "good night Cody" I said "night mama, night mommy" he said tiredly as he let out a yawn Jenna pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead as well before we left the room I mostly closed the door behind us and we went downstairs again "that was quick" Yas said glancing over "he went to bed easily tonight" I said shrugging and sitting down on the couch with Jenna.


We all stayed up for a while longer talking and messing around before going to bed ourselves "it was nice meeting them" Jenna said as we changed into some pj's of our own "yeah it was" I said softly her arms went around my waist as soon as I laid down so she was spooning me from behind I placed my hands over her hers falling asleep almost instantly.


"They look cute together" I woke up to whispering my hunger instantly making it's self know I tried not to smirk as Jenna seemed to be having the same problem her nose drifting across my neck lightly "baby we probably aren't the only hungry ones" I murmured she let out a groan at the reminder "I know that" she muttered sitting up I sat up as well pressing a kiss to her lips quickly before Cody came running into the room climbing up onto the bed "morning mama" he said "hey what about me" Jenna teased tickling him he started laughing pushing at her hands "morning mommy" he giggled "that's better" she said mock seriousness he clambered onto my lap using that as extra height to poke Jenna in the cheek causing her to smile "alright forgiven hungry" she asked he nodded this time Jenna bit her own wrist holding it out to him he fed easily before pulling away after a few minutes and taking off again "god how he has that much energy this early in the morning I will never understand" I groaned taking Jenna's wrist she gave me an amused look but rather than feeding I just cleaned the excess blood from her skin "morning" I murmured kissing her "morning to you too doesn't mean my hunger's gone" she said "mine either but we have company" I said "if we go downstairs I can't promise i'll control myself" she murmured by my ear "Jen" I groaned but I still shifted allowing her to bite down "child" I grumbled my eyes flickered to the door "morning" Yas and Ryan said tiredly "morning we'll be down shortly" I said Amy peeked it stilling when she seen the position I was in I flushed lightly but didn't pull away though Jenna did a few moments later licking the blood from her lips only then did she realize that Amy was at the door a familiar pain settled over me and I barely held back the groan between wanting the blood and not wanting Amy to see me like that "Riley don't worry about it just take some already" Jenna said "huh Riley" Amy asked I hesitated for a moment more before kneeling over my wife's lap lowering my head to her neck and biting down a low groan slipped out as the blood wash over my tongue the sweetness a relief from the bitter taste in my mouth whenever I was hungry 'sorry' Jenna said 'no worries you can tell them' I replied feeding deeper taking more blood "Riley it's her name and what I prefer to call her" Jenna explained I almost pulled away as I felt a little blood leak past my lips from the corner of my mouth I knew no doubt Jenna's neck would now have a small trail of blood now I pulled back slightly having sated my hunger and cleaned the blood from her neck the wounds healed quickly Jenna smirked her thumb wiping the blood from beside my mouth 'not a single drop wasted' she said I laced my fingers through hers cleaning the blood from her thumb 'nope' I teased before pressing a chaste kiss to her lips and getting up.

Chapter 5

Jenna's POV


We decided to spend the day with Amy and Rory getting to know each other though I spent most of it with Cody or in a silent conversation with Riley much to Yas's amusement "okay knock it off you two" she laughed eventually Riley and I glanced to her "what" I asked "you two you've been speaking to each other all day through that connection of yours" she teased "it's not what you think" Riley replied flushing lightly "oh yeah so what is it then" Yas asked smirking "it's just.. well actually....." Riley trailed off I knew what she wanted to say but I also knew why she was having trouble saying it "there's something we have to do on my home planet" I sighed "huh" Yas asked confused "Cody currently my family doesn't know him and there's a thing that's done with all new members to a family it's had to describe" I said slightly awkwardly "oh" Yas said "the other problem is at the moment Riley and I are having to limit ourselves on the amount of blood we take from one another because of Cody and the only way to fix that is my home" I explained "so go then" she said confused "Riley doesn't want to leave because of Amy and Rory she's afraid of what's going to happen with her relationship with them if she leaves" I said "nothing we'll still be here when you get back" Amy said I thought for a moment before grabbing a peice of paper and writing down the location date and time about ten minutes from now "what are you doing" Riley asked "writing down the location date and time you have a bad habit of missing one of those three things this way we can come right back once we're done" I informed her "huh probably could have used that a lot in the past" she mumbled "mama are we going somewhere" Cody asked looking up at Riley "i'll explain in a little while okay" she replied he nodded and fell silent.


"Mother" I greeted my mother she smiled hugging me then looking past me at Riley and Cody "so is this him then" she asked "yes" I answered "you realize for the control he'll need to be alone" she reminded me I nodded "I remember how it works mother" I said she nodded and took Cody from Riley "mama, mommy" Cody said panicking slightly "calm down Cody she's my mother she's taking you to a place you can learn to control your hunger to make it easier" I soothed he relaxed "but why do I need to" he asked "because we can't keep doing it our way forever you need to learn to feed yourself honey the place will teach you how to safely so you won't hurt people anymore" I explained he nodded allowing her to lead him away "what's going to happen" Riley asked "remember how I said that humans come here as a kind of offering for my kind" I asked she nodded "well some of those humans get isolated and looked after to help newly changed control their thirst to feed without killing" I explained "does it take long" she asked "it depends on the changed some it takes a couple of humans before they learn others unfortuately it takes longer" I said quietly "he's five" she said "and we can't keep feeding him with our own blood Riley" I reminded her she sighed "I know" she said "come with me" I said taking her hand "where are we going" she asked "we need blood Riley more than we both feel safe taking from each other" I said she followed after me until we got to a sort of apartment kind of thing "I only just realized how much like Earth this place is" she mused as I walked over to a woman the woman took on look at Riley and I before handing me a key I nodded my thanks and walked away with my wife "would you say something" she asked "sorry I don't mean to ignore you it's just been a while" I said quietly "it's fine why only one key" she asked "two people in the room waiting it's on the second floor" I explained "I don't get it" she sighed on the elevator "a single person comes in they get sent to the first floor one person waiting second floor is for groups of two and there's two waiting third floor for groups of three and there's three waiting so on and so forth up to about five I think" I explained "oh okay" she said "these people come in here knowing that they'll be killed they come here because they feel they have nothing left for them in their lives they've lost their family and friends they have no-one and nothing left for them" I explained softly my fingers lacing through hers.


"One more thing it's easier if you don't talk to them for both us and them it doesn't feel as bad if you don't know anything about them" I said just outside the door as I unlocked it and opened the door "your race makes no sense to me" she sighed I smiled leading her into the room two men sat on a chair each quietly talking with each other "they know each other" Riley asked I shook my head "they wouldn't have before they got placed in this room if at anytime someone falls in love or makes friends with the person or people in their room they're given a choice to leave the world and return to another place together but the fact these two are talking so calmly and are still here they've been together for quite some time but chosen to stay here" I explained softly as my arms slid around her waist from behind her the men looked over surprised "evening" one of them said 'do we have to ignore them' Riley asked 'no for some it's just easier' I replied "do either of you ladies have a name" the guy asked curiously I smiled "Jenna and this is my wife Riley" I answered "pleasure i'm Mark and this is Tom" he said Tom nodded his head "nice to meet you though not for long" he joked neither one looked scared which made me curious "normally humans even though they offer themselves are at least somewhat scared of death but you two are just completely calm" I said "yeah well my wife and two daughters passed away a little before I came here so I figured if i'm going to join them can't I at least help some poor sucker out first" Mark explained sheepishly "my son was killed recently so I just want to be with him again" Tom answered "see always here for a reason" I murmured to Riley she glanced at me "both these men came here seeking death they're here for their own gain so as to join their families" I said gently "gotta say we've had a few of your kind in here before never any quite as confusing as you two" Tom said "my wife was fairly recently changed so she's not quite used to the way things work yet" I explained both men stood "well in that case please take your pick" Mark teased Riley smiled taking a step forward before hesitating "it's fine Riley that's why they're here" I said "it's not that" she said quietly "huh" I asked 'they're both fairly taller than I am' she said embarrassed I blinked before laughing "Jen it's not funny" she huffed "what's going on there" Mark asked "she's a shortie" I teased laughing at the hard smack it earned me "oh she could have just said something" Mark said sitting on the chair again "better" I asked Riley pausing to place a kiss on her cheek before going over to Tom "thank you for this" he said "it's fine thank you for coming here" I said quietly before backing him up until he sat again making it easier for me I sat over his lap leaning forward and sinking my canines into his neck 'this is weird feeding from someone who isn't you' Riley murmured 'you don't have to stop yourself you can just feed until you feel satisfied' I replied drinking deeper letting the blood slide down my throat easing the hunger bit by bit Tom was completely calm beneath me a feat I was grateful for i'd ended up severely hurting someone when I was a teenager and had been changed and they hadn't taken it quite so well.


"Mommy, mama I did it" Cody said happily we'd finished in the room and gone to see if Cody had finished only for him to find us first at where we had first split off this afternoon "that's great news Cody i'm so proud of you" Riley said crouching to his height he grinned 'are you okay' I asked my wife she gave a slight nod and a reassuring smile 'I am actually he gets to see his family again and I don't feel hungry it's a two win situation' she said "we should get back" I said holding out my hand she took it and stood.


"Hey" Yas greeted us first when we got back "guess what Yas I had some blood and I didn't really hurt them" Cody said "really that's great" Yas said hugging the small boy "well that's a fib but only a little one it took ages for to get it under control but my granma said that it was normal" Cody corrected Yas looked at me "it was to help him control the feeding urges so as he could feed safely all of us go through it even Riley did" I explained "huh" Riley asked me confused "those first few days of your change you and I were alone that was helping you to control it" I said "how do you two feel" Yas asked us as Cody ran into the living room to greet the others "our hunger is better but we both feel better knowing we can at least go back to feeding like normal" Riley said I smiled following Cody into the living room and leaning against the doorframe.


 Riley's POV


"Could we come with you just for one more adventure" Amy asked later that night Cody was already in bed asleep but the rest of us were up "I suppose one more wouldn't hurt anyone" I said she smiled happily "who wants to play a game" Yas asked "sure" we all agreed she moved a bottle to the center of out group "spin the bottle none of you are in high school last I checked" I said rolling my eyes "it's still a fun game" she countered grinning spinning the bottle it landed on Graham she leaned forward pressing a kiss to his cheek "it might be fun for you but not so much for me not when two people it could land on used to be my in laws" I grimaced but yet I spun the bottle anyway sighing when it landed on Ryan I pressed a light kiss to his cheek before leaning against Jenna as she spun the bottle it landed on Yas 'be nice' she said before pressing a kiss to the woman's lips 'Jenna' I huffed but outwardly I showed no signs of my annoyance 'it's just a game' she said as Graham spun the bottle it landed on Rory he let out a small groan but leaned forward kissing the other man's cheek as quickly as he could Amy was next to spin it landed on me 'great' I muttered she leaned forward pressing a kiss to my forehead "relax Doctor you're like a son no daughter to me I wouldn't kiss your lips" she laughed leaning back Rory spun next I almost groaned as it landed pointing to my wife but I bit the inside of my cheek as he leaned forward kissing her cheek "not a fan of kissing anyone's lips except my wife's" he said leaning back again Ryan was the last to spin and it landed on me "really a second time" I groaned I turned to face him as he leaned forward we ended up lip to lip instantly I caught the jealousy from my wife as Ryan leaned back 'I thought it was just a game' I teased her 'oh hush' she huffed Yas spun again and ended up having to kiss Amy then I spun again it landed on Jenna I leaned forward pressing my lips to hers she instantly responded to my kiss deepening it for a moment before we both pulled away "stop getting jealous for one you're the only one i'd kiss like that and two you kissed Yas first" I murmured pressing one last fleeting kiss to her lips before returning my attention to the game 'besides it was an accident' I said gently 'doesn't mean I have to like it' she replied.


One by one everyone ended up dozing in the living room Jenna and I included only to be woken up by a tired crying young boy flinging himself against Jenna and I "Cody what's wrong" Jenna mumbled sleepily I had to remind myself not to focus on the heat that shot through my body at the sound "you were gone everyone was go I was alone and there was blood everywhere and all over me" Cody said crying I quietly shushed him my hand rubbing soothing circles on his back Yaz and Ryan sat up watching up quietly Amy and Rory soon after waking up wih Graham "sorry if we woke you" I apologized silently noting my own voice was heavily laden with sleep still "damn it I knew this would happen" Jenna murmured next to me "what" I asked "he seemed so happy so I thought he'd be okay one of the lucky ones but I was wrong" she sighed "tell me Jen what" I asked beginning to panic "the control ritual Riley he said it took him a while to gain his control how many died before he did" she coaxed me "and now the nightmares are because of those people" I asked "as a result of them dying from his lack of control his own mind is tormenting him with the nightmares this happens to about half of my kind that go through the ritual and it takes them a while but usually they come out so quiet and when he was as happy as he always is I thought- I just thought that-" she stopped her head dropping into her hands "don't Jen this isn't your fault" I said instantly "it is I pushed you into it I should have waited" she sighed as Cody settled into our laps I placed a couple of fingers under Jenna's chin tilting her face to face me her gaze was riddled with guilt leaning forward I kissed her slowly at first mainly because this was the simplest way i'd found to tap into our bond showing her everything I wanted all our time with Cody all my thoughts on the matter everything i'd thought before she could hear my thoughts as a dull pain settled in my head I felt her gasp against my lips I pulled away feeling a bit dizzy "it's not your fault" I assured her hesitant eyes met mine before she nodded "okay" she murmured the pain grew to a sharp pain my hand reached up to clutch at my head eyes squeezing shut against the pain "that was stupid Riley" Jenna murmured her wrist was lowered down in front of my mouth blood already pooling I grabbed it and began drinking greedily, hungrily eager just to make the pain go away eventually my head settled and I pulled away "sorry I didn't know how else to get you to understand" I said licking my lips and raising my head grateful that the dizziness had gone as well

Chapter 6

Yas's POV


Cody a few months later finally seemed to be sleeping through the night again Ryan and I got into a massive fight and ended up breaking up now things seemed awkward not so much about being around my ex more knowing the reason I couldn't be around him "Christian what's wrong" Jenna asked her brother he'd ended up following Jenna and the Doctor back to the TARDIS "not much just wanted a break wanted to go somewhere else" Christian said "mom and dad are pushing you to find a mate aren't they" Jenna asked grinning "shut up Jenna" he scowled annoyed "fine you can come if Riley says it's okay" Jenna said "if I say what's okay" the Doctor asked coming out Amy and Rory right behind her while the Doctor was holding her son "travelling with you please if I have to listen to my parents say about me finding a mate of my own for one more day I swear to god i'm goi...." he trailed off his gaze sweeping over me he had been looking between all of us but I was the last one in truth we'd never really met each other and he'd never actually looked at me I flushed under the attention "nope no way not happening Christian we travel with her" Jenna groaned "sorry Jenna" Christian said his voice sounded different a little distant then again was the world tilting maybe it was just me those were the last thoughts that went through my mind before I collapsed everything going black.


Christian's POV


I was the first person over to the woman's side Yas I think her name was i'd only ever heard Jenna and Riley say about her before i'd never actually seen her before like I knew she travelled with the i'd seen her back when she was behind Riley and Jenna a little while before Riley had my nephew thankfully she just seemed to have passed out "did you want me to take her to her room" I asked concern in my voice Jenna hesitated then nodded "alright down the hall it has her name on the door" she agreed I nodded and easily picked the unconscious woman up cradling her to my chest as I stood and followed Jenna's directions seeing a green door ahead with the name 'Yasmin' on it I breathed a sigh of relief and slipped into the room laying Yasmin down on the bed I pulled her covers over her I sat down next to the bed and waited for her to wake up my thoughts running a mile a minute.


"That hurt" I looked up seeing Yasmin had sat up I hurried to get up she looked over at me "hi you're Christian right Jenna's brother" she asked "yeah" I mumbled embarrassed "i'm Yasmin Khan it's nice to meet you" she said with a soft smile I shook my head to clear it of the thoughts running through my mind "sorry" she flinched "no sorry I wasn't shaking my head at you well not really at my thoughts of you and- i'm really being an idiot now" I groaned my cheeks flushing darker in embarrassment she giggled "it's okay it's kinda cute" she admitted my gaze snapped back to her "want to start again" I asked hopefully she nodded smiling "hi i'm Christian Jenna's my younger sister and i'm a vampire" I grinned she laughed "okay i'm Yasmin I prefer Yas though I travel with the Doctor and Jenna and i'm human" she said I gave a small chuckle "it's really nice to met you Yas" I said softly "you too Christian" she said "Chris" I said "huh" she asked "Chris it's a shortened version of my name you can use it if you want" I said embarrassed she smiled standing and leaning up to kiss my cheek "thank you" she said biting her lip "you're really beautiful" I found myself murmuring the soft words my fingers moving up to trail down her cheek she leaned into the touch her cheek warming as she blushed lightly "thank you you're not so bad yourself" she teased even through her shyness "can I kiss you" I blurted out instantly I blushed though "how old are you" she asked curiously as her arms slipped around my neck fingers tangling together behind my neck "twenty seven" I confessed "same age as me" she said "so can I kiss you" I asked "I didn't move like this for nothing" she murmured as her eyes slipped closed her lips were just barely parted inviting to kiss them so I did I leaned down pressing my lips to hers my hands moving my hand splayed across her lower back pushing her closer as we kissed while my free hand moved to cradle her jaw coaxing her to tilt her head allowing me to deepen the kiss "Christian" we pulled away and I turned seeing my sister and her wife "no it's fine I let him I wanted him to" Yas said quickly "not helping Yas" Riley groaned "maybe I should go" I said awkwardly as I left Yas grabbed my hand I sent her a smile before pulling away and leaving.


Yas's POV


"Christ of all the people why did it have to be my brother" Jenna asked as we ran into the TARDIS from another adventure yet another one i'd been almost completely silent through even now my thoughts wouldn't leave Christian which made for a pretty boring Yas on adventures "huh" I heard the Doctor asked "she's like this because of Christian once we found each other we've pretty well always been together Yas and Christian aren't" Jenna explained "i'm not sure I follow" Riley said confused "remember how I was before we went through the bonding ritual" Jenna asked "yeah" Riley replied "well Christian is probably going through that and what Yas looks like is what you would have been going through had I not of been there she misses him" Jenna explained with a sigh "they only knew each other for a day" Riley sounded so confused "so doesn't mean anything for us it could be an hour or it could be a century that we've known our partner when the need for the bond shows we can't stop it all we can do it go through with it and let ourselves be happy" Jenna explained I tuned out then choosing to go to my room.


"Yas come on we're going" Riley called reluctantly I dragged myself from the bed I had been asleep in I changed my clothes quickly having showered when we got back from our adventure I ran a brush through my hair quickly and pulled it into a ponytail as I went out "kay" I said quietly we left instantly I recognized the planet as Jenna's home "why don't you two boys go look around for a while Yas, Jenna and I have something to take care of" Riley said as her and her wife dragged me towards Jenna's parents house they pulled me inside and instantly I was greeted with a familiar sight of Christian I moved forward throwing my arms around his neck "I don't get it I thought you didn't want me around Yas" he asked Jenna "yeah well she's miserable without you around and boring so we figured what the heck" Jenna said "did you want me to go" I whispered arms wound around my waist firmly "never" he murmured hugging me back after a few minutes we finally pulled away "yeah I may not have taken the seperation well" I admitted "yeah I don't think either of us did" he said chuckling "I missed you" I said quietly "I missed you too Yas honestly" he said softly I allowed a smile to showed for a moment before leaning up pressing my lips to his he kissed me back instantly for about ten seconds before we pulled away only to be greeted by his parents watching us amused "sorry" I mumbled his mother laughed kindly "don't worry about it dear it's nice to see Chris happy" she said.


He did end up asking me to do the bonding ritual with him to which I instantly but shyly agreed to do a happy smile showing, my parents had been gotten by Jenna and the Doctor and everything had been explained to them they hadn't taken the part about consummation well but had at least calmed down quickly I hardly noticed anyone else in the room after the first kiss from Christian he seemed amused to learn I wasn't a virgin a fact I quickly blushed over "I won't tell" he'd whispered by my ear teasingly i'd soon after lost myself in the pleasure.


"Morning" came the soft murmur by my ear in the morning I admit I wasn't used to waking up with a man next to me and I may have panicked I let out a yelp landing on the floor beside the bed "Yas you okay" Christian laughed "it's not funny" I pouted the ground was cold "it's cold down here" I complained "so get back into bed then" he said "or you could always come down here and warm me up" I teased black hair peeked over the edge of the bed the handsome face I fell in love with following it a dark look in his green eyes "or you could come up here and we could warm up together" he suggested huskily I hurried to get up climbing onto the bed again and kneeling over his lap leaning down to kiss him deeply "definately like that plan better" I breathed.


"Finally you two were worse than Jenna and I" the Doctor complained "sorry it was cold" I said glancing at my husband a teasing smirk showing he stifled a laugh "I don't want to know what that means" Ryan said giving us a weird look.


The day was spent on the planet everyone seemed in high spirits after the wedding almost everywhere we went people would call out congratulations I stayed by Christian's side "I have a question" I asked shyly "mm" he hummed acknowledging my request "yesterday with the wedding" I started unsure how to phrase what I wanted "the blood" he asked I glanced up surprised "the bond remember" he reminded me "right" I realized an image flashed in my mind I could see myself watching seemingly watching myself it was a little confusing at first but I soon guessed that I was seeing it from Christian's point of view both of our wrists were sliced image mine much more carefully than Christian's the blood instantly seeking the other one's our touching as I came back to where Christian and I were walking through the city I finally realized the bandage over my wrist "I suppose that's one problem with doing the ritual with a human" I teased lightly he glanced at me with a smile "it's fine I don't want to change you not unless it's what you want as well" he said gently "i'm not really sure what I want except you at the moment" I admitted "that's fine there's no rush Yas" he said gently pulling us both to a stop turning my to face him "I love you for who you are it's got nothing to do with your race Yas it's your personality that I fell in love with whether you want to change right now, next week or even never it honestly doesn't matter to me because i'm going to make the most of my time with you no matter what" he said softly I smiled leaning up to kiss him sweetly "I love you too" I said.

Chapter 7

Christian's POV


Riley and Jenna allowed me to travel with them so as I could stay with Yas which I was extremely grateful for and Yas began finding out about the problems of being bonded with a vampire.


"Evening" I greeted Yas as she came into her room "hey, you okay" she asked quietly "yeah why" I asked she sat down on the edge of the bed my arms instantly slipping around her waist "because you've for the most part been avoiding me the past few days since we left you home" she said I could hear the pain in her voice "you noticed it's complicated Yas" I sighed "how is it complicated Christian i'm your wife for christ's sake" she huffed getting annoyed "because of the fact you're human Yas my body is craving blood and until I get the chance to have some i'm afraid i'll hurt you" I explained she watched me for a moment before leaning up to kiss me "you won't hurt me I trust you if you're that afraid then change me" she said quietly "Yas" I said she shook her head "don't I can't stand the way it is at the moment I can feel every bit of pain you put yourself through when you come near me and I can't stand it so please do one of the two either take my blood or change me" she murmured "you realize if I did change you, you'd have to stay away from Ryan and Graham at least for a while" I reminded her she nodded "yeah I know" she said.


"Hey where's Yas" Ryan asked as I went out to the control room I shared a look with my sister her expression turned to one of exasperation "I wouldn't have if she didn't want me to Jen" I said "I know that but the last thing we need is another vampire we get caught often enough as is" she huffed "i'm not fighting you over this Jenna Yas asked for it and just as you can't deny Riley I can't deny Yas what she wants" I said both Riley and Jenna let out twin groans of annoyance as Riley sent us to Earth "what's going on" Ryan asked confused "Yas needs an adjustment period so humans out" Jenna sighed "wait adjustment as in like what the Doctor had to go through" Graham asked Jenna nodded the men looked at each other before leaving.


"God" Yas woke up with a groan I winced at the spike of hunger that shot through my body "you okay there" I asked "shut up" she muttered annoyed "you want something" I asked a slight teasing in my voice Yas ended up sitting over my lap her lips against my throat before I could blink I smirked "go ahead" I said with that she bit down a groan of pleasure vibrating against my neck my hands rested on her hips as she fed.


"Morning" Jenna and Riley greeted us when we came into the control room "i'm surprised she has a lot of control for a newly changed" I said my arms slipping around my wife's waist she leaned back against me, Jenna, Riley and I looked to Yas when she suddenly laughed "sorry I was just thinking how many comments we'd be getting from Ryan and Graham if they seen us right now" Yas explained I smiled "fair point" I murmured.


Yas's POV


We ended travelling together for a while before going back to Ryan and Graham the day after we'd left them "hey Yas" Ryan greeted grinning


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