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These poems are memories in time that happened at one point in our life. Take a short read because these may also be true to you.

These memoirs are excerpts from my original poetry that have not yet been published.

This work is dedicated to my husband
who supported me in all my endeavors.

"Cherish every moment in your life
for you never know what will happen next."

A Face of Grace

An old man approached me one day
He handed a canister for some dime;
I gave him a dollar and he smiled.

As I watched him in a distance
He suddenly crossed the street
and slowly entered a store
Then came out with bread in his hand
and gave it to a child with one hand.

Then they both sat in a bench
As others marched towards them;
He shared to each a piece of bread
That made their face glow at peace.

I suddenly came to realize
God showed His amazing grace
Through this man’s act of unselfish face.

Only a Mother Can Do

It is a vocation
A calling from above;
With nine months of agony to delivery
Came a special gift to the family;
This bundle of joy laid rest in her arms,
In every sleepless night . . .
Her throbbing body felt like beaten;
Then twelve years of the journey
She made her preparation and sacrifices
To build a solid foundation;
Then came the teen years of adventure
A rugged road full of temptation
In this challenging world of reality;
As she let go of her child in good transition
While she only stood beside as a guide
Only a mother can do.

A Wedding Glimpse

As I walked down the aisle
I felt some tingling in my eyes;
As everybody gathered together
I knew there was no turning back
I bravely said, “It’s now or never”.

As we exchanged “I Do’s”
I heard my heart beating faster,
As we said, “until death do us part”
I felt those words meant from his heart.

When the reverend said,
“I pronounced you as husband and wife”,
He tightly held my hands
I saw in his eyes the sincerity
That showed true love never dies.

Just a glimpse of our wedding day
So vivid even at this time.

1 Timothy 6:18 - "Be rich in good works,
ready to give, willing to share."


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