I love animals. I have always had a love for animals. Maybe that's why I am a vegetarian today. People might not expect me to be the one to have the type of cat that I do.
My feline's name is tiger. Tiger is the fattest and laziest cat you will ever set your eyes on.
He has bright orange fur, . Brighter than the sun on a hot summer's day. Tiger has but three legs as when he was younger much younger than today he was in a bad accident. I always wondered maybe since he has three legs perhaps that is why my brother gave him the name “tiger?
Right when I awake from my nightly slummer tiger is waiting there for his first morning serving of his dry cats food, and gobbles it up like a big monster just to give a warning with a loud roar for more food and gobbles up his second serving of dry cat food.
When tiger is through with his poison he limps to my bedroom and lies down on my bed in which I sit there and pet him for the minutes I have until I am off to school. Tiger awaits for me until I return from my prison. When I return he will reserve his last serve of cat food.
I wonder possibly the reason he is so over wait may be the reason I spoil him with so much food? Any how tiger is my cat whom I love very much, if it is possible to love a cat and I would not like to change him for any reason in this world.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 23.03.2011

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