talking is like walking
its never going to stop
not unless you shoot the person...

whats in the dark
when the dogs bark
lighting strikes
and i see the knife
thunder booms as it masks his steps
the knife glems in the night
this is not a fair fight
the silver flashes
fist clashes
he was drinking a ton
did he know he just killed his son?

(this was from Arron)

how far are you willing to go for love?
it doesnt count if you signed above
willing to hold him when he's been hit
when he feels like shit
can i ever bring him up?
he looks like a frail pup
can i be his knight in shiny armor?

(this is what i wrote back)

He goes so far for me
is this a dream?
He said he loved me
is this a dream?
said he never leave me
is this a dream?
said he protect me
is this a dream?
no...its love

(this is what he wrote back)

I hate what they do to him
hitting, beating, hurting him
making him bleed all over himself
comes to my house covered in blood
tells me that it's just cuz they could
I want to protect him
keep him safe from harm
cradel him in my arms
hold him close and never let go
i hate what they do to him

(i wrote)

Way of life
you cant stop it
i cant refuse it
it happens mostly every night
it always ends up in a fight
cant hit my mother
only yell at oneanother
cant hit my father
ill be killed...placed in a box,
6 feet under
not safe from the thunder
or the wrath from the storm
let the rain pour
maybe it will wash away the blood away
just dont tell kay?

(he wrote)

fuck him, fuck her
come live with me, away
from them, let me protect you, safe from harm

(i wrote)

i cry with tears
wish i could tell you my fears
im scared
help me Arron
im reliving my nightmare

(thats all i got till next time)


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 22.10.2010

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