An Artist of a moment

An Artist of a moment


Art is a very interesting topic, that has always, since man’s existence been a riveting theme, a realm, where one could express one’s sentiments and individual creativity. Some say, that art is God’s gift, some even say, that it is a curse, which one should avoid because it is able to drive a person’s soul into sheer and utter madness.

Well, this short story is a testimony of someone, who was bestowed with a gift of painting images of his vexed mind, which was seeing many things, that it could not comprehend. Some say that the paintings and pictures of this person were a code a cryptic sign language, which was conveying something about the current state of the human mind, the human consciousness, which is sadly in a horrid state.

But let me commence to tell you the tale of this person, who was called Bernhard Weidlinger, a very timid and tacit person, who was being troubled by his schizophrenic condition, that really caused his life to be cumbersome. I must admit, that at times it was quite challenging to deal with such an estranged personality, that at the end of his life, did not really fit into the society


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Tag der Veröffentlichung: 27.06.2019
ISBN: 978-3-7487-0836-0

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