After running away from my home, I sat alone in a motel room. My eyes were closed, but I didn't sleep. Through the cold window one could make out the empty inner courtyard of a filthy motel. The humming of a motor, breaking the nightly silence made me open my eyes. Through the darkness I could make out a silhouette of a man. My heart was thumping like mad. Although I couldn't see the man's face, I knew who he was. My hands were shaking and a single tear ran down my cheek when my father came up to me.


Black clouds darkened the night sky. The forest was quiet just as though careful to watch the sinful doings of the intruders. Silence followed us like an invisible adherent. My daughter and I tried to be as noiseless as possible. Just one sound could reveal our hideout. The head of my daughter leant against my shoulder and I could hear her slight breathing, apparently she was asleep. ‘Dream my little beauty. When you wake up everything will be fine,' I thought desperately as a sound made me freeze. Gently, I pushed my daughter's head away and pulled out my gun.

A Stormy Christmas Party

It was supposed to be an ordinary Christmas party. Everybody looked happy, half of the people were a bit drunk and giggled. The Jenkins's house parties were famous for their glamour. The self-made dinner was delicious, the wine tasted marvelous and the conversations always scandalous. After dinner everybody had a coffee in the living room, talking to each other about daily occurrences. The mood changed as the light began to flicker and finally turned out. Everybody was starring out of the window silently: eying the big tornado that was coming up to them about to disturb the perfect feast.


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