chapter one What's going on??

Hi my name is Skylar and i am 17 years old. I have a secret that no one knows about, and that's how i want it to stay. I live near the beach in Sunnyvaile. My life was ruined when my parents were killed in a  car accident. We were coming home from a holiday in Monti Carlow when another car sped out in front of us. Dad couldn't stop the car in time. The person in the other car survived just like i did but only just. The memory still haunts me today. I am now in a house with my brother and his three friends. I hate is when your brother says "Sky can you bring some of your sexy friends over?" I say to him "No the girls and i are going some where so they are busy okay?" As i went on that day the girls and i went to a party in one of the pubs. The girls and i were walking home after three hours of partying and drinking we fianlly all got home but i still had a bit of a walk.... As i kept going towards home i could tell that some one was following me very closely but i kept going.


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where is this going to take Skyla ???????

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