I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I'm not perfect,

I'm sorry I messed up,

I'm sorry I wouldn't be your toy,

I never wanted to lose you.


I'm sorry I cheated,

I was weak,

I couldnt hurt other poeple.

I'm sorry.


If you loved me you'd understand.

Understand that i never wanted to hurt anyone.

I wanted everyone to be happy.

If I knew it ment losing you I wouldn't have done it.


I'm sorry I hurt you,

I'm sorry for loving you.....

I love you

 I love you. 

You hate me.

I cry and you laugh.


I remember the past,

When you said we would last.

You left me broken and hopeless.


Why do I care,

It not fare that you were able to forget,

I'm still trying to fix what was broke.


I love you...

You were my everything.

I would do anything to have you in my life again.

If Only

 If only you were here,

To hold me,

To love me,

Make me feel loved again.


I will never let go,

Because it not only a dream.

I know you loved me,

But now...


You don't see me,

You can't hear me cry for help.

I need you to see me,

I want you to here me.


If only we never broke up,

If only I never cheated...


When you see me,

 You see a smile,

But I feel pain that stretches a mile.

I know you can’t see,

That’s kinda the point…

But I’m breaking inside.


Smile, smile, smile.

Until I finally fall…


Cry, cry, cry.

It hurts knowing he’s not mine.


A smile is a way I hide the pain.

But now it’s the end…

I don’t see me moving on,

But it’s time to find someone,


Someone new,

Someone nice,

Someone to hold me,

Make me feel new.


Someone like him,

Who loved me and cared.

Someone that’s different,

Who’s unique and fair.

Why Did You Go?

 I know I was never the "perfect" girl,

I know i made mistake.

I die inside when I see you in the the halls,

I die when I see your face.


Why did you leave?

What did I do?

All I ever wanted was you.

And now your gone.


I love you today,

I'll love you tomorrow,

I will love you tell my blade takes my life.

I will love you forever.


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