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My thoughts to reader
Call me crazy to find love with a brush of my finger tips. I never thought I could till I met him. I know that sounds like what people said a thousand of times, but it's true. If you will hear me out, listen to my story.

The Invisible

   I tapped my pencil on my lower lip, thinking. Before I could even put my pen to the paper the bell rung in the cold silence. Great, homework. Just my luck. I packed my things together and walked out the door. I was heading to the girls bathroom just before the second bell. As I walked in I stopped dead in my tracks. Okay I could have handled a monster tarring the bathroom to shreds, since monsters or Dark Angels was pestering me my whole life, but this was beyond that. A boy was leaning on the wall looking gloom and out of it. "What are you doing here?" I asked and his head snapped up. I was staring right at him but still he looked back and forth as to have proof. His eyes rested on me.
   "You can see me?" He asked. I stared at him.
   "Yes I can see you. Now get out or I will throw you out."
   He stepped in front of the body mirror and I gasped then groaned. He had no reflection at all. "You people can't leave me alone, can you?" A look crossed his face then was gone.
"Listen I don't know what you are talking about, but people can't see or hear me but you can. Can you help me?" I bit my lip thinking. "And can you start by not biting your lip?" He asked. I looked back at him then behind me as the bell rang.
   "I got to go or I'm going to be late." I said turning around to walk away but was stopped by a hand gripping my wrist.
    "Please help me. I have no one else to turn to. Please." I looked back at him to see his pleading face. I sighed.
"Don't talk to me or touch me but stay close. Now I have to go." He smiled and my breath caught in my throat. He let go and I was on my way to class, the strange guy on my heels.
When I got to class everybody turned to me as I walked in. "Miss Wells what is it now that got you late?" I blinked.
   "Was I late?" I looked acting like I was thinking.
   "Say you ran into somebody by the girl’s bathroom and he needed your help and you have too much of a big heart to say no, so you said yes and helped him with his locker." Said the strange guy. I told her what the guy told me to say.
   "Fine just don't be late to my class next time." I took my seat and class began. The strange guy was standing by the black board looking bored and sad. I watched him as he stared at the floor, waiting for me to help him. I cocked my head to the side. How in the world am I going to make him visible? Someone tapped me on my shoulder.
    I looked up to see Miss Swanzon standing there, the teacher. "Maybe you like to share what is on your mind Miss Wells?" I nodded and stood up facing the class.
   "I was thinking that if a person was invisible could be visible again." I glanced at the board to see the guy looking at me and our eyes locked for a moment then my gaze was returned back to the class.
   "That is not what we are talking about. Now take your seat and pay attention." She said but I didn't move.
Instead I said, "But if it was to happen is it possible?"
   It's funny how one word could hurt so much. I felt like I could do something but I had to get the whole story first.
   We sat at lunch at the abandoned table that nobody sits at but me, the weird girl. Since I started school everybody thought nothing of me since I was running everywhere to fight demons, monsters, and other Dark Angels. Of course they never knew what I was up too, since I was nothing but a clumsy loner who just happened to be a nerd. So if you are reading this and you are like me you got nothing to worry about because you are not alone. But back to my story. I tried not to look any weirder than I already was as I talked to somebody who wasn't even here but was. "Okay so what is your name?" I asked him.
   "Shawn." He replied. I nodded at my plate and asked, "Tell me what happened." After that I said nothing and just ate and listened to his story.
   "To tell you the true, I don't know. I was in a car with my family and the next I'm at school where no one can see me, nor hear me. Can you see why I'm so eager for your help?" I rolled my neck and felt the it loosen a little. "I know why you are so eager for help, but have you thought that I might not be able to help you? I'm a link for the parnormal, but not ghost." As soon as I said it I knew two things: I made no sense there and I might have just affended him. To my surprise though, he didn't change at all. Not even a blink of an eye.


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To my family. Never give up, because you never know what might happen if you don't.

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