The Metallic Bird
By Janice Abel

Not a single bird, not even a sparrow, had been by Natalie Summer’s garden for the last week and a half. It happened suddenly. One day a parade of winter birds -- cardinals, chickadees, and even some robins for spring but the next day, stark naked nothing.

Natalie stood looking out into her garden from windows running the full length of her home office for the first signs of spring, her down time before the rush of the day to come. Within the hour she would click on to the precise schedule that she and her colleagues in the Physics and Geology Departments had planned. This was the last day of the Science Institute on Discover of Space Life Forms that had so far been a huge success. Not only had Natalie had the opportunity to “press the flesh” with notable authorities, she was also sure she had scored some points with her department head for her upcoming tenure review.

The first hints of spring usually gave her the extra push she needed to get through to the end of the semester; however, this year was different. Not only couldn’t she find the slightest hint of spring in her garden, she found the emptiness of it was so strange it made her shiver. It was as if her garden had drawn its breath and was frozen on a haunting hold. Savoring a last quiet moment, she drew in the last of her mocha and was about to turn from her windows when a whirring drone cut into the frozen


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Texte: All rights reserved. Copyright 2011 by Janice Abel
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 21.12.2011
ISBN: 978-3-86479-055-3

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