The face in the mirror, it is not my own. Who is this person who
stares back at me? She looks like someone I know... but I know she is
definitely NOT me. So, who is she? Is she one of the mirror people I
have heard stories of? I hope not, as they are said to have evil intentions.
The face in the mirror grins, as if she can read my thoughts. Why does she
look at me like that? She has a certain emotion on her face, but I cannot seem to
place it. No matter how hard I try, I am unable to determine her
feelings. I wonder if she gets lonely inside that mirror world?
Despite all of the terrible things I have heard about the mirror
people, I cannot help but pity her. Poor girl must feel so alone. Ah,
that is what the emotion that she is what she is trying so hard to hide. She is
lonely. I cannot help but reach my hand out to touch the mirror…
however, when my hand reaches the surface if the mirror, I receive a
shock. Instead of the cold, flat surface I was expecting, the surface
of the mirror moves like water beneath my hand. I reach further
forward and find that my hand can actually go THROUGH the mirror.
Amazing. I have had this mirror for years, but this is the first time
I have ever been able to do this. The girl in the mirror smiles and
beckons to me to come further into her mirror world. This must be her
doing. Why now though? Why has she not done this before? Of course, it
is useless to ask such questions. So, I step forward into the mirror,
and am finally able to see the girl face to face, not through a
mirror. She seems pleased that I have joined her. She speaks only two
words, but I know perfectly well what they mean. There is no going
back to my own world now. She said; “Welcome home.”


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 15.03.2012

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I dedicate this to all of my friends, for helping me through the hard times. I also dedicate this to my small little fan club that two of my friends got together. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! (and apparently, you guys love me too... lol)

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