You know the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood? Yeah, the girl in the red hood who travels to see her grandma who was eaten by a wolf? This tale is not what it seems to be. This tale shows Little Red Riding Hood in a new light.

One day, in a forest, Little Red Riding Hood was eating breakfast when her mother came up.
‘Red, can you deliver this basket of chocolate cupcakes to your grandmother who lives at the other side of the forest? She is very ill.’ She asked.
Little Red Riding Hood took the basket and nodded. Her mother gave her a kiss and then, the journey begun.

When Little Red Riding Hood was approaching the usual way of getting to her grandmother, there were several signs saying ‘ROAD CLOSED’ surrounding a large crater. In the crater, was a huge meteor. It was green and glowing, with slime all over the place.

Now Little Red Riding Hood was puzzled. She could either walk through the darker side of the forest or go home and eat the cupcakes to herself. And she was a bit peckish after not finishing her Belvita breakfast biscuits. But, it would be unfair to eat the cupcakes. They were for her grandmother, anyway, and she’d be grounded if she ate them. She decided to go down the darker side.

As she walked down, it grew dark and cold. The leaves were dead on the trees and instead of blue tits chirping there were crows cawing loudly. She was just halfway through the forest when…
Little Red Riding Hood screamed. Blocking her path was an alien, with little eyes on two green antennae’s, green skin, no lips, and incredibly slimy hands.

The alien looked in a book, closed it again and spoke.
‘Hello. I am Slop. You, Earthling, what’s in the little carrier?’
‘Cakes. They’re for my sick grandmother, so don’t even think about eating them! Now, why don’t you leave me alone and let me be on my way?’

Little Red Riding Hood started to walk forward, but Slop followed her. She tripped as soon as the house was near, so Slop was able to get ahead. He went in and ate the grandmother whole. He took some clothes out of the wardrobe and morphed into Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother just when she came in.
‘Hello, dear.’
‘Grandma!’ Little Red Riding Hood went and hugged her ‘grandmother’. She went off, though. There were some differences.
‘Why do you have no lips?’ Little Red Riding Hood asked.
‘All the better to eat cupcakes with, my dear.’
‘Why are your hands so slimy?’
‘All the better to take my injection with!’
The antennae’s were popping out of her ‘grandmother’s’ cap.
‘All the better to INVADE EARTH

!’ Slop morphed back into himself and called the other aliens.

Little Red Riding Hood ran out. An alien spaceship was right above her head. It was large and black, with green marks on it. She was beamed up to the spaceship and it flew away.

That was the last that anyone saw of Little Red Riding Hood...


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 06.09.2012

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