Some say nay, it will never happen, but it dose.

Life is just something that goes with the flow, but my heartbreaks every day.

My family says it happens there nothing to do, but when you fell heartbreak it nothing but real.

My dad, my grandpa, died in a crash, my heart had stopped when I heard the metal break, and glass shattered around me.

Time stopped, it was nothing you could ever imagine, hearing the sirens, and people scream.

Your hearts breaks after all, they say it cant happen, but I have experience it all, I lost my family to what they say is nothing at all.

Life goes on every day but it never heals the ever so acing pain.

He died in the hospital in front of my eyes gone, no more heart break to Indore.

It never leaves no matter what they say, it never goes away. The loss and pain and heart break..

(This realy happend and is not a lie, it happen 3 years ago, but still the pain is real,)

((coming soon a new poem)


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 16.07.2010

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To my friends Glade, bravey, midnight, and my sister Moonshadow

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