(Based on the Native American butterfly wish legend)

A wish that I hold inside
I search for a way to make it come true
There I see,
The flutter of gossamer wings
Wings of beautiful lavender and green,
Land on my outstretched hand
Wings flapping quietly, waiting
Waiting for my whispered wish
I bend my head low
To tell my sacred secret
To this silent exquisite creature
Once I finish telling it my wish
Its wings flutter in response, understanding
I let it go
And off it flies,
To release my prayer to the Great Spirit
This divine messenger of the soul
For my secret is safe
As butterflies cannot speak
It carries my thoughtful prayer
High into the heavens
I sit back in relief
For a moment of peace has come over me
As my wish will soon be granted
And that I was deemed worthy enough
To hold in my hand,
If just for a moment of time
Such a creature of beauty and grace
That stopped for a second
Its pattern of flight
To hear what I had to say to it
And for it to carry a wish of mine
Something that I have yearned for
Up high above, past the sky
To that realm of light and love
A wish to be answered
Sent by a winged messenger so sublime.


(Based on the Native American legend of the dreamcatcher)

Hoop of feathers, twine and beads
That hangs over the bed
A vessel of maintaining peaceful nights
Nightmares captured in its intricate web of blue and white
To filter out the bad dreams
And let only the good dreams remain
The nightmares are snuffed out,
Burnt by the light of day,
As the sun rays touch them
You awaken,
To the chirping of birds
Good dreams remembered
A dreamcatcher hangs above the bed
To block out the bad dreams
And keep only the good dreams
In one's subconscious landscape
Catcher of nightmares,
Keeper of dreams,
The Legend of the Dreamcatcher.


Texte: (c)2011 Spirit of the Stars
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 02.05.2011

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