"Dreams are necessary to life."
-Anais Nin

-Dream Fusion (Assimilation)-

Meets dream-me
Conscious to unconscious,
Self to inner-self,
Sunlight to dream-light
A journey into the deep
From awake to asleep
To bring to light that which is hidden,
To know the unknowable
We merge
I illuminate my own mysteries.

-A Silent Oasis-

To delve under dark, calm waters
Stillness and serenity all around
A mirror of the hidden self
Escape into an oasis of peace
The silence penetrates deep within
Exploring a cavern of the soul
When I break through to the surface
I leave tranquility behind
But I can always go back


A cave of fear
Deep within the unconscious
Time halted, frozen bodies surround
I stand in this dreary place
Darkness all around
What comes next, what does it mean?
A blank screen before me
Of mysterious content
In this cave, the silence penetrates into the walls
Within a secluded chamber of the mind
As the unknown creeps about
Sending chills down the spine
Dark chambers of the deep mind

-Foggy Horizons-

Twilight horizons to color several lifetimes
And foggy memories recede into the past
Reveries of forgotten realms
Pervade a starlit dream
Symbols and events unclear
Awaken from a deep sleep
And not know the journey you took


Cleaning up my mess
My emotions I suppress
Dealing with all my stress
Once again I sleep
Opening up doorways to places of mystique
The summer’s gotten cold
But throughout the nights,
The moon glistens with an ethereal glow
So I lie and sleep
So I lie and sleep
Still I hear singing, an unearthly tune from high up in the maple tree,
Perched, a blue jay
Never again will this monster darken my doorway


Image of birds in a mirror
I turn around but nothing’s there
Into another room I go
There I see what I have seen in the mirror
Giant blackbirds, guardians of some sort
Protecting something else as well
But I know not what
The scene fades
As I awaken in my room


I’m calling out to you,
In this misty land
I’m calling out to you,
In the dreamscape
Visions of confusion and wonder
Swirls of greens and blues,
As well as colors not named,
Twirl around me in the dreamscape
This place where mystery awaits
Trip into the unconscious,
Tipsy turvy, black and white,
But where shades of grey come together,
Coloring what is not
Cause it knows no black and white
Black and white scenes clouded with plumes of grey,
Colors enhance in the fifth stage of sleep
Echoes, scenes of a time long past,
Flit by like a ghostly mirage
The silvery moon,
A crystal ball in the palm of my hand,
Treads deeper, deeper still
Memories forgotten and imagined,
Come together like a mirage in the dreamscape
Existing where a portal in the sleeping mind is opened,
To realms of secrecy and faraway mystical ties
Out of body travel,
An image wrapped in the velvet lining,
Of dangerous mystery locked with a gold key
In the dreamscape,
Laughter and sadness enfold into one
A merry-go-round spinning, that inner child beckons,
Losing self where one dares to venture,
As visions of confusions and wonder,
Twirl around me
A moongate into a garden of perpetual love,
I stand, where I lose myself,
Yet at the same time,
I find myself,
In the abyss of the dreamscape.


The blood of dreams consumes forbidden fears
The crimson seas flow freely like wine
Roses of dreams alter trails of tears
Visions of distant memories entwine

I float along a peaceful stream
Drifting through heaven’s golden, timeless gates
Distant bright stars guide mystical mirages of dreams
Secure eternal vessel holds my fate

Upon waking in the cloudy haze of morn
The day begins to take realistic shape
Nightmares or fantasies during the night born
Follow my moments like a persistent drape

Indigo webs of fear take flights unknown
Mysterious soft dreams are seeds unsown

-Mystic Dreams-

Soaring through space
Adventures of intrigue
Secret lands to journey
Strange people I meet
Beautiful colors and sights
Deep secrets and landscapes
Symbols of the mind
A dream

-Chambers of the Subconscious-

The surface of the ocean is still
Whispers of a seashell
The deep water beckons …….
Far off, a mermaid’s song
Repose in the night
The moon shines on the surface
Reflecting…..a deep calm
Mirror of the soul
For everything is still and tranquil
In the silent, watery abyss
Is serenity………….


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