Chapter 1

                                         The Nerds Secret

  • Ciera’s pov (Chapter 1)

I stared at myself in the mirror and sighed. The bruised were showing. I put some makeup so no one can notice if there was any bruise. After that, I where my nerd outfit, so that no one is going to notice me.

I’m Izabella Ciera Edward, a typical 17 years old girl with an ocean blue eyes and a natural dark brown curvy hair.

My parent died in an accident and left me with my younger little sister Jessica younger brother Jason.

Jessica is 16 year old, while ben is 11 years old me, being the eldest had work harder for them. And I love them, that I would sacrifice my life for them. I sighed again and walked in Jessica’s bedroom, walking up my baby sister that was asleep.

“Wake up baby girl. Come on. Time to go to school.” I called softly. Jess rubbed her eyes and yawed. Her face lit up as soon as she saw me, and jumped into my arms and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Before I ran to ben’s bedroom I told her to clean up and get ready to go school while I prepare breakfast. Jess obeyed me and went clean up herself. You may think Jessica is only one year younger than me. Why so babying her. Well, One, she is my baby sister. Two, I don’t want her to get hurt. Three, I’m very protective over them.

I went ben’s bedroom and wake him up and told him the same. He also obeyed me and before he ran, he gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek.

    They obeyed my word and I was glad for that, they aren’t naughty. I guess, they knew what kind of situation we were in. I made their breakfast, while they’re cleaning up. When they smelt the breakfast they ran down and thank me before eat. I ate breakfast with them.

   I took them to their school and they gave me hug before go to their school. After I took them to their school I slowly walked towards my destiny. Since I can’t afford a car, half an hour to walk to my school. I walked slowly, not that anyone care about me. I’m a nerd in the school. It’s not like I care actually. When I walked to the front gate. I show a non-familiar faces. Wow. They are really hot. There are five of them. ‘Ciera. Wake up. It’s not like they are going to notice you’ a voice said in my head. ‘It’s true they won’t notice me. I bet they are players too.’ I said to myself. ‘Aren’t I always right?’ That voice again said.


I walked in the school gate as soon as the bell rang. The boys were looking at my direction and I snapped my head up, meeting with the Yamany and her group flirting with them.

I rolled my eyes and walked the other direction. Yamany is the queen bee. No one had been able to reject her body. She’s practically the school sluts.

I opened my locker and dropped my books in. I pulled the one I needed and slammed it shut.

“Ciera?” As I turned I met a green eyes that belong to Ms. Jenna, my English teacher. She’ the only one who knew me and talked to me. She would always help me but I always reject her.

“I need to talk to you. Come with me.” As she said I shook my head and smile a little.

When she opened the doors, I met with the new boys. I sighed again. She ran through her things and she picked it up and tossed it to me.

“Can you help me with library today after the school?” She smiled. I nodded.

         “Thank you. Here is the pass. You can go now.” As she gave the pass note I quickly took my books and ran out. I don’t know though the new boys make me nervous inside even though I was calm and cool.

The day went by slowly as usual and soon, lunch came. I sat under the tree like normal and separated myself from the others. I loved the feeling of being outside the cafeteria. I took out my book and flipped through the pages and found where I left off. As I began to lean back to the tree, I began to read. Suddenly I felt someone’s gaze on me and looked up. My eyes were met with his eyes. He’s a one of new boy.

He got an unreadable facial on his face. It gave me weird feeling. And my stomach fluttered with butterflies and my heart skipped a beat. I smile softly at him and look down to my book. Ignoring his gaze and continued with the story.

My days went like usual. I pick my little sister and little brother. And it’s time for my job. I told jess, Jason to go into safe room not before kissing them at their forehead. They obeyed and ran into the safe room. The door slide open and they turned around to look at me one more time before waving me a goodbye. The door closed and after hearing a beep, I relaxed.

The safe room is built by our parent for our emergency and safety. Even buglers can’t get into this room. The room also has a small room that is connected to the outside of our house, just in case if there’s fire. I put them into that room while, I work and because there is no one I could trust. They knew every function and I’m glad for that. But I’m still get worried when I’m not around.

After went my job I walked into locker’s room to place my things and wear my working uniform. I worked as a waitress and I talked unlike school. I worked three to eight at night. I served the rest as normal as some of the customers even greeted me. They were old customers and most of them were married couple. I smiled and served them all.

Suddenly bunch of teenage group came. I greeted them with a smile though they really look familiar. After I serve I turned to return to go but a deep, husky, and sexy voice stop me. “What’s your name. I’m Harry?”  I don’t know the voice owner so I turned to see who the owner of the voice was. That was the boy who stared at me in the lunch time. I blink my eyes for sometimes then opened my mouth to say something.

“Ci...e..err..a”. I stuttered. I don’t know why though.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl”. As he said it I blushed.

“Thanks.. um.. Excuse me pl..ease. I ne..ed to get b..ack to wo..rrk”. Damn I stuttered again. I didn’t give him a chance to say anything I again continued with my work.

After times and hours of work my duty came to end. I change my usual outfit. And begin to go home. As on my way I kind a get a weird feeling, like someone was following. So I turned little. My feeling was true. So I started to walk fast. Until someone touch my shoulder my fist connect his or her face. Oh it was a male voice.

“Urggg”. He groaned in pain. I turned to see who he was…..

He was……………………..

Chapter 2

  • Harry'pov (Chapter 2)


“Hey man wake up… Come on wake up” I felt someone try to wake me up.

“Grrrg… Go away” I growled.

“Come on harry… It’s already time to go school. If you don’t wake up I’m going to call your mother.” Guess what now I’m fully wake up.

“Idiot” I muttered. My brother Edward always know how to threat me. He know I’m afraid of my mother. My mother. She is someone you can’t mess. Everyone afraid of her. Even my dad. I live with my brother and 3 of our friends. They are Aaron, Grey and Jared. We shared the house which is big like a mansion. You can tell our family is rich. And there is secret we keep from human. We are werewolf. We are from red blood pack. We are most powerful and strongest peck in this world. We don’t take any shit from anyone. Mostly from rogue. Since my dad is alpha. That’s make my brother to be next alpha. But he didn’t want become alpha. So he pass it me. So I’m the next alpha. When I find my mate my father will pass the alpha title to me.

“I will tell that too” he said before look my way. I playfully glared. He laugh before going out of my room.

I got up and went showered and got ready. As I walked downstairs I see everyone is ready.

“Hey bro. let’s go to café.” Aaron said. We drove our motorcycle to school.

After few minute we arrived to school. Everyone attention was on us. There are few people from our peck. Three girl came and introduce their self. One of them I think he name was Amany… no wait yeah Yamany. Its look like she is school queen bee and school slut. And there is her two followers. But I didn’t care until a sweet strawberry and milk smelled. I inhaled again. My mouth watered. My wolf was excited.

‘Our mate is here.’ Wolfie said happily in my head. My wolf name is Wolfie.

‘Can you shut up? I’m trying to find her.’ I said to him.

Suddenly my eyes caught a girl. She looked our way.  It was my mate. As our eyes met everything around me faded. Looks like there is only us. I wanted to run to her and tell her. Claim her. But I knew she is human. But I didn’t care right now. As I took one step. She turned herself away from us and walk towards to inside.

‘Hey bro. you okay? Is that your mate?’ My brother said in our mind link.

‘Yeah. She is.’ I replied.

‘But how? Isn’t she is a human?’ Jared said.

‘I don’t know. There is something off her.’ I replied.

‘Hey maybe there is some connection on her family and werewolf.’ Suddenly Gray said. We all look and nodded in agreement. We walked to office section. They told us to stay in a room that belong Ms. Jenna. Suddenly I smelled my mate. The door open and came a women and my mate following her. My wolf howl happily in my head. Our eyes met again but I couldn’t see any emotion. Then she look away and sighed.

“Can you help me with library today after the school?” Ms. Jenna smiled to her. She nod in agreement but didn’t say anything.

         “Thank you. Here is the pass. You can go now.” Ms. Jenna gave the pass note to my mate. My mate quickly took her books and ran out. I don’t know though there is something of her. She look sad and broken.

“You must be new boys. I’m Jenna. And I’m English teacher. Here is your schedule. And this is a school map so you won’t get lost.” She introduce herself and gave us our schedule and map of school. We thank her and find our locker. Since we are in same grade and same class things get easy. Day went like that, some girl gave us lust full stare. Some may throw their self to us but we always ignore them. When launch period came we went cafeteria. I try to find my mate. But she was nowhere. I excused myself from them and went find my mate.

I went outside I found my mate siting down under a tree and reading a book. I took my phone and took a picture. She look adorable. She must sense someone is looking at her coz she look up my way. Our eyes met and this time she smile softly and again continue reading. Unlike other girls she only smile. The day went on. And my mate she ignored me rest of day. She’s much different than others. After school I followed her. But fortunately she’s my neighbor she live next door to us. The rest of day went like that. I couldn’t take her away from my mind. My wolf also not helping. He always muttered how perfect she is how beautiful and how different than others. So I block him. I sat in my bedroom thinking about her. Suddenly my phone rang.

“Hello” I answered without looking who I am talking.

“Harry William. How dare you not informing me when you found your mate.” My mother yelled at me. ‘Shit how did she found out. Edward must be informed them. That little brat.’

“Mom I was going to tell you. But since she isn’t a wolf that will be hard to bring her and introduced.” I said. I’m worried coz what If they doesn’t accept her as my mate.

“Oh dear. Try and win her heart. Since she is your mate we will accept her. You know we love you. Since it was moon goddess who paired. Then it means she is capable of being Luna.”  Mom said sweetly.

“Is that mean you all are okay?” I said hoping this isn’t a dream.

“Of course dear” Mom replied.

“Thanks mom. I will talk you later. Love you.” I said happily. My wolf is happy since our parent accept her.

“Love you too. Bring her when she is ready.” My mom said before hung upping the phone.

Later that night we decided to eat in small restaurant. We heard there service was good. As we arrived I started to smell my mate scent. There is she. She greet us. She dress perfectly. I got myself excited. She showed us a table and took our order. When she left for our order I took a deep breath and calm myself.

“Wow. That our Luna. She will be perfect.” Aaron comment. I smile I know she is perfect for me.

“She look different. Don’t you think?” my brother Edward said. Everyone nod in agreement.

“Yeah she looked mystery.” Gray said. I raised one eyebrow. I didn’t know what he meant. As I open my mouth she came with our orders.

“What’s your name? I’m Harry.”  I introduced myself before she go. She turned to me and blink her eyes little.

“Ci...e..err..a”. She stuttered. Cute.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl”. As I said she blushed.

‘Our mate is Adorable.’ My wolf purred.

“Thanks.. um.. Excuse me pl..ease. I ne..ed to get b..ack to wo..rrk”. She stuttered again. Before I can stop her she went to work. We sat there and talk. But all time I stared to her. After we finised wi walk after we played to counter. They left me. I sat outside. After hours she walked outside with her regular dress. I followed her. She must sense someone is following her so started to walk fast. I use my werewolf power and next I was behind her. I touch her shoulder then something hit me in the face really hard. And I fell to ground.

Chapter 3

  • Ciera’s pov (Chapter 3)

“Harry… what the hell?” I yelled.

“For a girl you can really punch. Anyway, I really didn’t mean to scare you.” He said rubbing his face. ‘Oops... I guess I really hit him hard’.

“Yes you really did”. He said. Did I say that loud? I guess I did.

“Oh... Umm I didn’t mean to hit you hard. I mean I was just trying to save myself from bad people. Umm you know what I mean right?” I said feeling little guilty I don’t know why I’m feeling guilty.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry.” He said.

“Okay. I need go. So, good night.” I gave him a glance before heading toward my home direction.

“Wait.” He again stopped me. I turned around face him.

“Let’s go then.” As he said I got little confused.


“Home. Duh.” He said with a duh tone.

“What I’m not going to your home.” I almost yelled. Who does he think I am? He started to laugh.

“Oh god. Damn princess. You didn’t know I live next door with you? You really doesn’t pay attention to others right?” he said while controlling his laugh.

“What. You have to be kidding me. Don’t call me that name. My name is Ciera.” I said getting frustrating. I started to walk towards home.

“Oh don’t worry I know you love that name. Aren’t you going to welcome me?” he said with a smirk.

“Oh sure darling. Welcome to new home.” I said with a sarcasm.

“Thank you princess. That was very nice of you.” He said with a sarcasm too. As we arrived to my home I

“Finally my sweet sweet home.” As we arrived to my home I smiled.

“You really are something don’t you?” He said with an amused.

“Maybe. Good night” I said while unlocking my home.

“Okay princess good night.” He said walking to his house while waving his hand. Wow. He’s really something. I really never had that much conversation with any one after ‘he’ died. Why am I thinking about him again? A flash of pain goes to my heart. I shouldn’t think about him now, but harry really remind of him. I don’t know why though whenever I see harry, it feel like I’m seen him. Whenever I made eye contact him my heart started beat fast. I feel attracted towards him. I like to hear his voice. What’s happening to me?

I shook all these things in my mind and headed towards safe room. When open the door I was attacked by my little brother.

“Sis I miss you.” He mumbled while hugging me.

“I miss you too little chipmunk.” I said softly and kiss his cheek.

“How was your day sis? I miss you too.” Jess came and hug me.

“The same always. I miss you too” I kiss her cheek too.

“Let’s eat. I have bring some food for you. Come on.”

After eat we all went sleep to our room. And for some reason I slept with harry on my mind.


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