Chapter 1

Dead Center

Huff. Puff. Sweat dripped from the young black panther's face as she stared at the target, and narrowed her eyes. She held out her weapon as the scarf around her fluttered in the breeze of the training area. The young create was so foucused, that she didn't even notice a large, old owl walking towards her. Suddenly with a tap from the owl's staff, the panther blinked as she turned her head to face her.

"Mastertress Bellatrix!" The panther exclaimed. "Is there somethat you need?" She asked as she tilted her head, lowering her staff.

"You did well, Nightress, but you still lack the strength you need." The owl said, her eyes narrowing as she did. "Do it again."

"But- Mastertress!"

"Do what I said, Nightress, or else you will never be able to defeat your foes." Bellatrix said, using her staff to smack her again. The panther yelped as she backed up, and her ears flatten.

"Masteress Bellatrix, when can I go home?" Nightress asked, clutching the side that Bellatrix had whacked as she limped forawrd. Bellatrix's beak opened a bit, but before she could awnser, Nightress let out a lowkey growl. "Please tell me the truth this time. Just.. please."

Bellatrix turned around, her breathing ragged. Her dark eyes flickering from side to side, then she looked at her. "I'm sorry. You can't."

"Well why not?"

"It's unsafe for you. You don't belong here, nor there. You are the danger, and there is danger. Danger is everywhere." Bellatrix said quickly as she continued to walk, sand between her raptor like claws. But this made Nightress a bit mad, but no words were spoken. Nothing. 


Suppose, it's time for Nightress to learn.. Bellatrix thought, staring at the stone in the staff. It was glimmering red, as if it was speaking back at her. Bellatrix sighed and walked on, looking back at her apprentice training. Shaking her feathery head, Bellatrix grunted. No way was she gonna tell her the truth. Not yet.


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I dedicate this story to Destiny, who gave me this idea of Nightress and Bellatrix.

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