Once in a small village there lived a young boy named Luke who lived with his mother, father and 12 brothers.
“Mother, mother,”
“Yes darling” said Melinda in a sweet tone.
“Mother, remember you said that you’d take us to the axe and bow festival!” screamed John. John was Luke’s 4 year old brother.
“Luke, Peter, Andrew, Edward, Alfred, Matthew, William, Casper, David, Benjamin, Nicholas, Richard”, Melinda called.
“Ugh, what now” thought Luke. Luke’s family was very poor so Luke and his brothers had to work hard all day and night, they didn’t get much rest at all, every day they’d get up at 3:00am. Really it was quite exhausting.
“Come on off we go”
“Ugh, can this day get any worse” thought Luke miserably, but boy did he know what was awaiting him.

Chapter 1 -The Letter

“Come on we’re almost there” Melinda said as they were walking to the festival.
“Look at that note pinned on that tree” yelled John
“Well read it then David” shouted Richard, Richard was the oldest, he was 17 years old and he loved to be in charge. David cleared his throat and read
“Ladies and gentleman, I Sir Lancelot have opened a school for children ages 11-17. This school trains children how to become great heroes and wizards.
• Spell class
• Archery class
• Self defence class
• Duel class
• Slaying class
• Creature class
• Studies of the past class

Cost: 2 silver pieces”

“Well, we could do with that” muttered Nathaniel. Nathaniel was Luke’s father “Father I want to go!” shouted Richard “no we need someone young to go”
“Casper!” suggested John,
“Too chicken-hearted, ah Luke your going”.
“Who me” Luke was most astonished to find that he was the one going.
“What about the money? How can we afford the cost?” sighed Melinda
“Don’t worry about it”. They all went set off to the festival except Luke, who just stood frozen on the spot. Thoughts were swirling in his mind, “what would this school be like?” he thought again and again and again. Early the next day Luke and his brothers were having breakfast when… bang the door slamed open and in stepped Nathaniel
“Melinda you’ll never guess a local farmer came and bought all my wood for 30 pieces of silver” Melinda’s face lit up with excitement; finally they could afford to send Luke to Sir Lancelot’s school. Straight away Melinda picked up a quill and scribbled down a letter requesting that Luke could go to Sir. Lancelot’s school. Three days later a letter arrived saying that Luke was accepted, along with a long list of supplies:
• A weapon
• A pet that is not mythical e.g. rabbit, dog, cat, rat or any creatures like these.
• A wizard staff or wand of your choice
• A method of transport such as Horse or Tiger.
• A collection of the following books:
• Beginners potion manual
• A guide to slaying- first year creatures
• Other books shall be provided
“My gracious, this is all going to cost a lot” sighed Melinda
“Well what are we waiting for lets go, I know the perfect place” Nathaniel said heading to the door. They got on a wagon drawn by beautiful white stallions with peculiar looking horns on their heads. Eventually they arrived at Royal Lion close.
“So what should we get first” muttered Nathaniel miserably
“What about a pet first” suggested Melinda,
“Look there’s the pet shop” shouted Luke. In the window of the shop hung cages of all shapes and sizes, one of the creatures that hung in the cage nearest to them caught Luke’s eye, it was a very beautiful bat with bright, shiny, red eyes, but the most beautiful thing of all was a shinning crimson Ruby right in the centre of it’s chest.
“Let’s buy him” suggested Luke pointing at the peculiar Bat.
“Ok then” muttered Nathanial going into the shop
“We’ll meet you in Lion’s library, ok honey.” Melinda called after him. Melinda and Luke set off to ‘Transport Incorporated’
“Right, the bat cost three silver pieces, so don’t choose anything too expensive” shouted Melinda as Luke was stepping into the Stable like shop. In the stable there stood hundreds of Horses, Unicorns, Pegasus and all sorts of peculiar methods of Transport. A very strange type of unicorn he had never seen before stood in the middle of the stable; it was quite a funny site because it had gigantic griffin wings and a shining fiery horn. Around its neck there hung a label saying ‘Guphorjun-6 silver pieces’, Luke froze for a moment, the whole reason why he had done this was that Guphorjuns were one of the rarest creatures in existence and he couldn’t believe how cheap it was compared to how much it was supposed to cost. Luke ran straight up to a man dressed in rags and an old top hat and handed him six silver pieces,
“I would like that one please, sir” he said in a confident voice whilst pointing at the Guphorjun.
“Ok young man, you can have it, just go ahead and take it” said the man in a western accent. Luke came out of the shop cheerfully, were his mum was waiting for him, in his hand he held a rope.
“What did you get darling?” Luke tugged at the rope and out of the stable like shop came the Guphorjun. Luke’s mother froze with amazement
“How much did that cost? It must have been worth all our money, we still have to buy the rest of the supplies and pay the school fee”
“No mother, it only cost six silver pieces”
“Well that’s a relief, lets go” Melinda sighed with great relief. They went through the rest of the day buying each and every supply on the list; they got home very late indeed.


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